Albertsons Deals & Delivery Reviews

Albertsons Deals & Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with up to $300 in
weekly discounts. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next
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Worst “Update” to Date

This used to be a simple, straightforward app. You could look at the weekly ad by categories or by the actual image, and simply tap to add an item to your shopping list. Same with coupons and other savings. Clip it, then look at your collection and Tsp to add to your list. Those days are LONG gone! And each successive “improvement” only makes it worse. The latest is a whole app overhaul and it’s practically unusable. Primarily, if you ever manage to get items to your list, they are placed in drop-down categories requiring extras steps to check what you need. But that’s once you get there. No matter how you view the weekly ad, you can’t add anything to your list. You have to remember what you looked at and then go to Deals to find it. Of course you can just start in Deals and forget the ad, because it claims to have those deals under that tab, too. But they don’t. MANY times I have actually remembered what I looked at and it doesn’t show up anywhere! If I do a search it will come up, but nowhere else. And then there are items in the ad where that’s the only place they exist and you just have to deal with. Their work-around is to go to your browser, then to the web site, and only from there can you add everything. AlbertsonsDealsDelivery is complete junk. A massive time waster, and probably a money waster as well with the convoluted and scattered and incoherent “organization.” My work-around? A complete different store that respects me as a customer.


Aug 2021 App Change

2021 update: I thought the last big UI update was bad. This is even worse. My last complaint was that users have to do multiple clicks to navigate. And now you’ve added more steps no navigate. …I have to tap on each category to see what is in my list instead of showing the entire list. Also you removed the ability to custom categories. I don’t have a baby, never had a baby, and never plan to have a baby yet that useless category is on the top of every page. And there is no ability to delete an item from my list. Maybe it’ll disappear when expired??? List seems useless if you can’t change your mind and delete stuff. I can keep rambling but what’s the use. I’m sure you don’t care since we have no choice but to use this bad change to get J4U deals. Old review: Why did you change the weekly ad tab? Now I need to do soooo much more navigating to get to the sale items by category. I get that there is a filter by category, but now there are too many clicks back and forth, and I see categories that I would never shop for and removed from the old version The old way, similar to the Just4U, worked. Now it is over complicated!


Worst Update Ever

EDIT: AlbertsonsDealsDelivery continues to make the items advertised in the weekly ad extremely difficult to locate and offers items at different prices from what is advertised. It was only a dollar this week, but it is happening almost every week. I have to review the receipt for correct pricing before leaving the store every time I shop. Please bring back the old app. What used to be a simple process scrolling through deals has become an ordeal. I can’t find things that are in the weekly ad and have to spend an inordinate amount of time searching to find them and add them to my cart. Not sure whose idea it was to merge the Just for U app and the delivery app, but I have had nothing but issues with it since this last update first launched. The Kroger app is much more user-friendly so I may have to start shopping there instead. It’s a little farther from me, but I avoid the need to spend so much frustrating time in the Albertsons app and having to check my receipt every time I visit the store and make a trip to the Customer Service desk to get it fixed while my cold and frozen items warm up. Please bring back the old, simpler app.


Leave it alone

I just wish you’d leave it alone in one way. STOP the changing. Right now, it’s not too bad. I’ve been ordering online from SW and Albertson’s for 16 yrs. There seems to be one person? in charge of thinking up all the changes they can make to frustrate us! I’m over 81, not thinking as sharp. I’m sure a lot of online customers are older. One concern lately is I’m not being given substitutes for unavailable items ( I did not check the box where it gives permission to not sub) We order because we need it. Another concern is TIPPING. For 16 yrs Albertson’s said there is a strict No tipping rule. Once in awhile, I left one they did not take. Then, suddenly, a driver texted me, bawled me out because I left no tip! She (?) was rude! I emailed Albertson’s to ask about this, NO RESPONSE! For the last 3x I’ve left a tip. I’m running out of cash! Someone explain. Do I dare leave a check as a tip?? Whoever is doing the online shopping changes could answ emails instead of thinking up ways to frustrate us more!


The one star is only for the app, not the employees

Your app is the worst, most user unfriendly app ever! In scrolling through the reviews and hearing from my neighbors on my Nextdoor app, I now realize I’m not alone in this assessment. I like some of the money saving deals but my time is also valuable and navigating AlbertsonsDealsDelivery is time consuming (not to mention having to check each receipt for app errors and then having to wait for someone in customer service to resolve the errors) I’m finding that just shopping the Friday $5 specials that don’t require using AlbertsonsDealsDelivery is much easier. I’m older but not tech illiterate by any means. Your app is just too cumbersome and requires way too much effort to save a few bucks. Why is it Stater of your biggest competitors in my neighborhood...can offer their digital deals by just having you enter your phone number at checkout? No clunky app to deal with. Btw no need to apologize to me for your horrible app. ..I’ll just read all the apologies already provided in these reviews. Instead, please spend your time fixing the customer-hating app. Cheers, A soon-to-be-former customer


Outstanding Customer Service & Prices

I’ve shopped at Albertsons for over 25 yrs & they just keep getting better every year. Love Love Love the delivery service, every single item I shop for is available or else it’s requested for my approval to substitute, most gro stores don’t offer this. Well worth the monthly $14 fee for delivery & I receive my items in less than 2 hours if I need them. Thank You Albertsons for always going over & above with customer service. Great prices, great products, our one stop-shop for meat & seafood. Produce is always healthy & not so ripe or wilted that you can’t eat it. App is super easy to use, the reward earning & using the points are wonderful, helps out with the gro bills. Weekly Sales seem to be tailored for my household, 85% of sale items are products we actually use weekly, Albee is always spot on with Sale Items!


Nice app, wish it worked correctly

AlbertsonsDealsDelivery is fine for looking at the weekly ads but you have to click, click again, then find it on your list then click again to use it next time you check out. Too many steps involved, and lately AlbertsonsDealsDelivery coupons are not working at check out. No one at the store knows why, no one can solve this problem. I’ve lost out on 2 rewards points because of it. Very frustrating. And I’m not the only person who’s experienced these issues. AlbertsonsDealsDelivery needs a redesign, streamline the process, let the customer use AlbertsonsDealsDelivery coupons at every store without having to reset which store you want to use each time. This is supposed to make shopping more convenient. It’s not having the desired effect.


Updated version does NOT work

Most of the time AlbertsonsDealsDelivery will tell me it has a service error. Recently, I just placed an order, and you are allowed to edit your order until 11:59 pm on the same day that your order was placed. I got a confirmation email, with a link to edit my order, when I followed the link and logged in, the order I had just placed that day did not show up under ‘orders’. I was unable to edit this order although I am supposed to be able to. I was not contacted before or when my order was ready. In AlbertsonsDealsDelivery I could not tell them I am on my way, or that I was here for the order, because it didn’t show it as current. It just showed it as the last order but I couldn’t interact with it. (Interact as in edit the order or tell them I’m on my way and my pick up spot.) This is very disappointing as I have used AlbertsonsDealsDelivery for a long time. It is very apparent that something different was done to AlbertsonsDealsDelivery , and and it no longer works well. I noticed a change almost immediately. Please fix these bugs.


This app is designed to send customers to the competition

Like most people, grocery shopping is not my favorite weekend experience. Albertson’s app makes going to the grocery a necessary evil. AlbertsonsDealsDelivery is fraught with data entry errors, rarely works in scan mode, and is the most user unfriendly program I’ve ever seen. Five other women shoppers, two of whom are millennials, were as frustrated with AlbertsonsDealsDelivery as I was today. One poor lady said she thought it was her fault that AlbertsonsDealsDelivery didn’t work. When I complained to the manager, he said I had to talk to “Corporate,” since he couldn’t do anything. I hope that the marketing geniuses who dreamed up this multi-layered pricing system based on how much time you’re willing to waste online listen to their customer base. At this point I’ve decided to shop at Albertson’s as infrequently as possible, although I’ve been a loyal customer for 28 years. The cost benefit trade off between Albertsons and a combination of Walmart, Sprouts and Whole Foods has moved to Albertson’s competition. Why can’t you offer fair prices and loss leader incentives in a transparent and easy fashion?


It feels like App Cheats

App consistently fails - resulting in you having to go to Customer Service counter after checking-out to get the price ‘corrected’ if you want the same price. In the past, when scanners and computers used to make a mistake the company stood by its technology and gave you the item free. Now it makes you stand in line just to get a refund. IMHO AlbertsonsDealsDelivery is Albertsons scamming the public by making AlbertsonsDealsDelivery as convoluted as possible and highly unreliable. Most people don’t check and/or have the time to waste seeking a correction/refund from customer service. It feels like Albertsons knows this… and avoids giving savings/deals. Why make you find the item, clip the deal, and add it to your cart. AlbertsonsDealsDelivery is a worse game then the company’s inane Monopoly game promotion. At least in the monopoly you have known odds. This week AlbertsonsDealsDelivery wouldn’t recognize a digital coupon only product. The staff said it was a glitch and would work. I checked my receipt after and it failed. Customer service couldn’t explain it and I just skipped the items. And went elsewhere to shop where the sale price didn’t require gimmicks and the checkout was accurate. Really frustrating and angering. I limit my shopping at Albertsons because I feel like it is, at best, highly unreliable. Customer Service and app developer responses feel disingenuous and fake to me, especially because the ‘errors’ keep happening. Please stop the games.


Updated app is terrible

The new app is terrible. I don’t like having to look at pictures of the paper add. When I click on the scroll down menu for the separate departments is never works. I always have to leave back to the paper add and go back into the category to maybe bring up what’s on sale for that department. When I add items to the list from certain departments like the meat department is doesn’t show up on my list. When I go back to double check that I added it it shows I did but it’s still not on my list. So now rather then having my list in AlbertsonsDealsDelivery I have to make a separate one just so I can make sure I get every thing I need. I wish there was a way to go back to the old format. This new one is inconvenient and never works properly. It’s much easier to be able to view the add by category then looking at the images. It might be ok if the category list worked all the time but it very rarely works properly and all my items that I add to me list should be on my list but they are not.


Love the savings I find through their app!

I am very happy with AlbertsonsDealsDelivery . I like the way the items are organized by category and you can collapse each category when you are done with it. It makes it much simpler to find what you're looking for next. I have used it consistently ever since I downloaded it. One complaint I have is not exactly about AlbertsonsDealsDelivery but the signage in the store. It's not always clear that you have to select the item in AlbertsonsDealsDelivery in order to receive the deal listed on the shelf with the item. This is something that I believe should be addressed as soon as possible because I can't be the only person who missed a discount because we didn't realize we needed to add the item in AlbertsonsDealsDelivery


Terrible upgrade!!! 😡

I used to enjoy using AlbertsonsDealsDelivery. Now I can’t stand it. It is difficult to navigate and confusing to use. Half the time my rewards don’t transfer and then get lost when I try use them in the store. It’s getting to the point where I don’t see the point in having AlbertsonsDealsDelivery and don’t want to use it at all. I’d rather have the savings of my time and frustration than the few cents I save on the items I do purchase that are on AlbertsonsDealsDelivery . But maybe that’s how Albertsons makes it money, because when there aren’t many stores to choose from where you live, you still have to shop somewhere and so they lure you to their store with an app full of empty promises. Not many healthy food choices are included in the savings anyway (there used to be more), so unless you live on prepackaged boxed food (cereal, chips, etc) and lots of beer and wine, there really aren’t many savings to be found here. No wonder America is obese!


Just4you app

Ok , So I shop every week, and the points earned I do get several things for free, ( and everyone likes something for FREE, I do find my self buying a lot for Signature brand items just because the value is great, and I have to say the quality of that brand runs neck and neck, there are a few named brand things I MUST HAVE THOUGH, So when I the only thing I wish you valued do is open AlbertsonsDealsDelivery and click a button to chose everything in each category, because I find my self at the store already have chosen the items on AlbertsonsDealsDelivery , and then when shopping I find a dozen mor items on sale I want to buy, But to have to go back into AlbertsonsDealsDelivery and find that item is a pain in the B***, so I by pass it, ADD A CHOSE ALL BUTTON TO AlbertsonsDealsDelivery , people will spend so much more, just knowing , “ Oh I have the chosen already ! “


Our Challenge

I want to let you are my answer to our prayer since my husbands diagnosis of stomach cancer in Feb, 2017. He had to have the entire stomach removed and in order for him to survive, he has to have 2160 calories per day. This is no easy job and between multiple doctor, therapist and hospital visits, it’s been rough on us to even fit grocery shopping in the schedule. We are doing the best we can and without family around makes it tough but between our Albertsons and our faith, we will do what needs to b done. Thank You to each and every one of the Albertsons chain. We usually shop at Overland & Five Mile roads but our delivery has been from Ustick and Five Mile, God Bless You!!! The O’ Dell family


Screen Rotation

I like AlbertsonsDealsDelivery . It does make you work to get the coupons if you're not buying online for pick up or delivery, but it's for the most part easy to use; with the exceptions of digital deals, and syncing. You have to play a game of Memory or clue. And when it comes to syncing AlbertsonsDealsDelivery to your card, there is no information, instructions, or clues as to where to go . I just had to search until I found it. Not nice guys. (It's under member, list, then last bottom option, push sync.) However,the screen rotation block is probably the worst feature of AlbertsonsDealsDelivery . I mean,all the other grocery store apps rotate for my ipad, why does this wonderful app still feel so antiquated? If you fix these issues, I'm sure it would only improve on its usefulness. Thanks :)


So frustrating

I am a list person; this shopping list is too cumbersome. So I use my regular list app to make my grocery list…it remembers what I like. But then I have to make sure to either scan,clip whatever coupon in the store… and then add it to my basket (app) in real life so far, you still just pick up an item and put it in the cart. And make sure you add everything before you put your phone number in at the checkout! Then one has to pay very close attention to the receipt because some discounts show up on the scroll with the item and some come off at the end. Then you get the longest paper receipt in the history of mankind, seriously you could write your next novel on there. Maybe next trip while you are waiting behind another poor shopper trying to get the scanner to work. And don’t get me started on the must buy three crap. Sometimes gives you the discount on less than three and sometimes doesn’t, it’s a crapshoot. I don’t want three, thanks. I have tried scanning items I need at home…AlbertsonsDealsDelivery cannot ever find them. That would be the ONE decent feature…if it worked. I hate AlbertsonsDealsDelivery. Hate it. Not to mention it isn’t very SR friendly…the fonts are minute and it’s hard to click on the description.


App doesn’t work, no way to report outage

Today I signed into AlbertsonsDealsDelivery and installed the required update. Nothing was updated since last week’s coupons, so I couldn’t clip anything from this week. I restarted my phone to try to fix it. Still not working. I deleted AlbertsonsDealsDelivery and reinstalled, and it asked me to sign in again. When I enter my information (phone OR email since I have both) there is a “network error” and it asks me to try again. I install both apps (Albertsons and Safeway) and try to log in from either one, still network errors. Finally I go to AlbertsonsDealsDelivery page - here - to look for a way to report an outage. The link for support takes me to….the grocery store page. Since this is the only way to report anything I’m trying this now. Thanks for putting everything on AlbertsonsDealsDelivery and then breaking AlbertsonsDealsDelivery so it’s useless and I have to go to Walmart for my groceries!


The worst update of an app I think I’ve ever seen

Yeah, let’s have an app that had strike through text on the offers I’M USING in the moment in my “cart” and aren’t working to have another long discussion with the self check out clerk about it not working and getting told “Well it’s crossed out, so you used it” I don’t get how you can “clip” a coupon and then it’s not able to be used until you literally click two buttons more to put in your cart As a former banker, we were told to push digital options to make banking “easier”. You know who had trouble? Older people. I’ve seen older folks struggle with using AlbertsonsDealsDelivery while shopping and not understanding some tasks to get deals now you’ve made the harder for those people. It has striking parallels to unbanked older people because of technology. Why even have a password if I don’t use it ever? What if someone compromised my email and signed in to my Albertsons to use my pay option? Again as a banker, that is a real issue that can happen. 2FA is great until you realize that it’s only 1FA as my password is never used I’ve got so many problems with these updates and I hope you do go back to the other app version otherwise I’m done. The amount of “work” to save a few pennies is not worth it with Walmart right down the street


This ap is not great

I had hopes for this ap. I have used it faithfully thinking I was getting the discounts I was supposed to be getting. I scanned every item I put into my cart. The second time I did not get the $5 off I finally asked why and they told me it wasn’t checked off in the ap. What’s the point of scanning if it doesn’t check it off. I have waisted so much money in the store due to this ap. I have even stopped shopping at Albertsons because when I did bring it to their attention they didn’t apologize or even try to make it right for the order I had just completed. I am not happy and will not waist my time or money with the ap again.


The higher-ups be including management

I love the store in the new changes but I can honestly say I fear for the employees here. They seem to be stressed more than usual and asked to do things that they’re not accustomed to. Or they’re asked to do cashiering and only do it part time so that they don’t get the cashier pay which I think is bad. If the store wants to continue to be great they need to treat their employees better a lot better. I came to the store because Walmart didn’t have customer service and I wanted to stick to the store now I’m finding it’s turning into Walmart as far as customer service is concerned. It is the management that needs to be worked on and I would any steel am I praying for the store to survive. If the employees don’t get treated fairly they will look for other jobs and that’s gonna be the Shane and a matter how the store looks it will bring down The store. If you want loyal employees you have to be loyal to them.


Update: Horrible weekly ad

Reduced to 2 stars because AlbertsonsDealsDelivery just completely failed in store and does not ad the items on sale in the weekly circular. That means you still need to cut out the paper ad and take it to the store because it isn’t listed on sale in AlbertsonsDealsDelivery ! Useless Trying to navigate through the weekly ads is a nightmare. If you click on an item to find out the details of the offer, you find out the hard way that if you don’t use the “X” button to close the item but instead do what any other app or website would do and use the back button, you reset and reload the weekly ads forcing you to start over from the beginning. It takes hours to sort through all the ads and that alone makes AlbertsonsDealsDelivery very challenging to use. I love the savings but this design is making me think twice about spending 5 hours trying to sort through the ads. The old way of navigating the ads was far faster and this is a serious setback to trying to use AlbertsonsDealsDelivery.


Easier app

Great app but reward for eggs wasn’t on it for free I tried on the internet it wasn’t accessible either for the week of Christmas Also when viewing coupons and switching back to advertisement I have to start all over again to open it to page 1. I forgot when I have to look up coupons go back to advertisement and start all over again. @@@@@@@@@@@ Still same problems, also viewing the weekly ad is confusing since there is no print view. I look at the paper one and mark it but very confusing on the digital app separately shows it compartmentalized ...I can't remember what I chose on printed ad. @@@@@@@@@ These apps are great for disabled making what I use to do attainable ...but confusion over Safeway and Albertsons coupons I have cannot be used for other without switching from one store to the other for coupons and realtime shopping. I have to switch stores in AlbertsonsDealsDelivery because it only is usable in each location...I use the same phone # . Sometimes digital coupons at Albertsons don't register at the register. It would make my life easier if you could figure this out to make it work better.


Confusing weekly ads

I use AlbertsonsDealsDelivery a lot - for the most part I usually like it - however, this last update, especially with the weekly ad section is absolutely horrible. Why are the newspaper ads in the same category/section where we add products? And why change the format? And I have to constantly start over from the top again if I look at a product as it doesn’t maintain your place in the list of products when you click the “x” and completely takes you out of it when back out with the arrow and brings you back to the ads screen. Plus, rewards doesn’t always work and you’re stuck with clipped rewards that either don’t process through during the check out and there’s no unclip if you decide you don’t want to get that reward product or if you’ve made a mistake on your selection.


Albertsons is worth the drive

I live in New Town, North Dakota, and a good friend of mine told me Albertsons and their prices plus their verity of products almost a year ago. Well, I had to check the place out for myself and I was amazed!, I really like the baked goods that they have especially their bagels! During the weekend I leave New Town and I enjoy going to the Albertsons in Williston!, I look forward to going there and the staff there are very helpful and friendly plus, Albertsons has very good prices and I love their rewards program, it pays off! Albertsons has some very good prices, and it is worth the drive from were I live!


Added waste of time

I’m not sure how we were lucky enough to get rid of a rewards card and then get this ;-) I’m not sure whether I’m clicking on things and adding a coupon or if just adding things to the list. I’m scared I’ll miss something so I just go to a different store. As an app it works okay. It glitches here and there. Apologies to AlbertsonsDealsDelivery developers since this is not your fault. The whole purpose of having to go in and click on something to get the savings, after I’ve given Albertsons my personal phone number and information is irritating for me. I think if I’m a loyal enough customer to give you my phone number and name and you can track my buying habits, I should just automatically get the savings. Like Brookshire’s or even the old Albertsons. Having to give you info AND go in several times a week to “catch sales” is not a way to grow your customer base.


Version 7.5 a downgrade

This used to be a 5 star app. Then version 7.5 came along. The changes made to the weekly ad section have made it impossible to use. They have replaced the list of ad items with a digital copy of the paper ad. You can’t view that on a cell phone screen. When you try to view by category, you get a message that there aren’t any items for most of the categories. Also, you no longer have the option to filter out the categories that you aren’t interested in. When you do get items to appear, if you try to add them to your list they pileup at the top instead of under the proper category. They need to revert back to version 7.4. That version was much more user friendly. I just don’t understand why they would create an update that would destroy the user friendliness of AlbertsonsDealsDelivery .


Albertsons is so lame and unpleasant

I don’t have anything against the company; the Tom Thumb stones and the market-type stores can be delightful. But Albertsons: sigh. Dark. Unpleasant. Badly marked navigation. No self checkout. Dirty and hard to find restrooms. Some stores tend to be so dark that you can’t tell if they are clean. I have been to Albertsons stores with - get this - no bottled water on the shelves. Yeah. Really. - Allow me to repeat: dirty and nearly impossible to locate restrooms. And no self checkout. - I downloaded AlbertsonsDealsDelivery because I often accompany an elderly “someone else” who likes to shop at Albertson. She doesn’t mind Albertsons because she is highly disabled and I have to “do everything” when I am with her. But I mind. A lot. If I didn’t care deeply for this person. I would never visit one of these stores if I could help it. I got AlbertsonsDealsDelivery hoping at least for an “in-store map” of items and store arrangement. But no. That’s Albertsons for you. Why make it easy or nice for the customers when you can make it awful instead? - Exception: the pharmacy department can be very helpful. Otherwise, don’t shop at Albertsons if you have a choice. And AlbertsonsDealsDelivery is awful. To match up with the stores. Repeat: Tom Thumb stores are fine.


Time is Money

Why not stop all the time consumer gimmicks that are costly as well as confusing. Costing the company and employees more time waiting on customers causing frustration for both parties. Why not just keep prices low, fair and run specials without all the rig-a- ma-roll. What happened to good old do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be honest and fair. Everyone loves that. Caring about people and not just making a buck! It’s about people caring about people! Prices go up because of the COST of Marketing Gimmicks! Word to the wise, Keep It Simple And Be Fair! Thank you!

Is Albertsons Deals Delivery Safe?

Yes. Albertsons Deals & Delivery is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 240,450 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Albertsons Deals & Delivery Is 40.4/100.

Is Albertsons Deals Delivery Legit?

Yes. Albertsons Deals & Delivery is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 240,450 Albertsons Deals & Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Albertsons Deals & Delivery Is 40.4/100.

Is Albertsons Deals & Delivery not working?

Albertsons Deals & Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Abby
Aug 22 2022

I have my points rewards showing on my receipt but not showing on my Albertsons account 😟

By Magdalena Gonzalez
Jul 21 2022

I got another cell divice, I'm trying to install the app, and I can't, it's goes to install field again and again, and by the way, I tried to cash my 2 rewards before and it didn't go thru my account when I paid.

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