GoBank - Mobile Banking Reviews

GoBank - Mobile Banking Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Huge free ATM network. No surprise fees.No worries. Try GoBank’s award-winning
mobile app now! GoBank is a checking account made for people who are fed up
with big banks and their big fees, and designed to be accessed on a mobile
phone. It’s fast (works like your other favorite apps), f...

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GoBank - Mobile Banking Reviews

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    Best Prepaid and Mobile Bank Available

    I see bad reviews for petty reasons what more do you want for a easy banking experience with no fees or penalties: if you’re looking for all the luxuries of a expensive bank with a checking and SAVINGS well than go irl and go through the hassle! And to complain about the stash and unstash functionality is ridiculous maybe you need to have more self control on your own money handling issues because all the reasons that this bank does is to protect you and you’re money from theft!! Now for my reasons is quite simple I can load free at wal mart or a simple 5 dollar fee at other locations; yes there’s a fee for atm withdrawals but another simple way around that is to get cash back at a register which is amazing since all other cards I tried before run as credit! Gobank gives u a real pin and debit function; also my gf goes out of state once a year and now she has a account so we can send money from each other in the matter of minutes and for free! Now I don’t have to go to all the headaches of western union it’s as easy as sending a text message and bam she has money and I don’t have to worry about her and my son being without any! I can say lots of other Positive reasons but I’ll keep this short as I can cause other than expensive banks and other horrible prepaid “banking” the Choice is easy this a Winner Of A Mobile Banking option A++

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    It’s okay but the maintenance is a PAIN

    My wife and I use this card all the time. Transferring money to family and each other is a breeze and a real convenience. HOWEVER, the fact that they do “maintenance” on such a frequent cadence is a real inconvenience for us. Due to the fact that we have money stashed that we don’t want to over use while we do our daily spending. But whenever GoBank is doing “maintenance” we are unable to unstash our money. And that feature of unstashing is down for HOURS!! When we called customer service about this in the past, they give us the generic answer of “there is nothing we can do due to our system performing it’s routine maintenance”. If customer service had some kind of work around while this “maintenance” was going on, such as having the ability to unstash our money for us from the back end, then this wouldn’t make this such a huge deal for us. But because of the ability of unstashing is down during their “maintenance” we’ve found ourselves stuck at grocery stores, restaurants, and other places of business not being able to leave because we can’t pay for our bill. PLEASE FIX THIS AND THIS WOULD BE A FLAWLESS APP!!

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    This is a good bank if you’re trying to have a secondary account. As a primary account, it’s very inconvenient. 500$ limit daily is a bit annoying unless you don’t use cash much. Also, if you’re waiting for a new card, they don’t give you alternative ways to access your money. With that being said, there should be expedited card shipping. I appreciate the security but not when the security prevents ME from accessing MY money. I sacrificed 5 years for this country and you won’t let me access my disability. Like, am I supposed to go stand on a corner so I can eat today? I can’t wait to close this account. Customer service is terrible, they make no effort to help solve the problem. I guess I can feel comfortable knowing my money is safe but I can’t put food on the table for my family. Even if I go out and do some Uber, I can’t access any of that money either. Poor preparation on my part, but, that doesn’t take away the fact that this bank is standing in the way of my money. Please, save yourself the headache and choose a bank that works with you on your problems, not against you. They haven’t offered a single solution to the problem. “Just wait for your card sir.” “There’s nothing we can do sir.” This bank doesn’t even deserve one star. Yeah, I’m mad. Wouldn’t you be if you’re bank prevented you from accessing it when you need it the most?

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    ⚠️ Mobile Deposit takes 10 days, unauthorized charges takes 15 days

    ⚠️ Please read this review clearly as I would never use this bank ever again❗️This bank is dangerous❗️This is a warning❗️I used the mobile deposit feature to deposit a $300 check because GoBank promise most checks usually clear within the next or 5 business days. I trusted GoBank, but it has been 10 days!! The checks still have not cleared! I called GoBank 4 times to try to cancel and they won’t. I keep getting an error when trying to send an in-app message. This is extremely excessive and very frustrating! My local publix would have cleared my checks within minutes! This was absolutely the worse mistake I have ever done. I would NEVER wait 10+ days for a check to clear, this is not 1996! This is 2018!! I’m fed up of this bank! ⚠️ Another terrible incident I was in: I had an unauthorized transaction for $400 in March. I had to dispute through a paper form which I had to mail. It took two entire weeks to get my money back!! I was literally out of $400 for 15 days! I was scared they weren’t going to give my money back. Unbelievable! Please stay away from this bank. The moment my checks clear I am immediately deleting this app... 10 days for a check to clear and 2 weeks to get your money back? No thank you. Please avoid GoBank, unless you want to wait weeks for your money.

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    Just a little help here...

    I lost my card and I reported it lost but I just got locked out of my account for changing my address and cell phone number. I received an email to send a picture of my ID to verify who I say I am but they want my card number... how am I supposed to give them my card number when I lost my card? Or do they mean the new card #? I tried calling customer support but I only get a machine which is frustrating!!!! I want to talk to a HUMAN!!! There’s no email support address or anything so I’m just sitting here wondering what the right thing to do is.. Other than this incident i really like using GoBank. Both my husband and my self use GoBank I like that we can stash money and transfer money to each other through the app hassle free it’s nice.

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    VAULT DISAPPEARING.. I will never recommend

    I wouldn’t recommend this bank to any one at all.. I like to transfer all my money to my savings which they call the vault and whatever I need to spend I will transfer back over to my checkings, so sometimes the vault will disappear and you can’t transfer your money, when this first happen I was so upset I was stuck on the road trying to purchase a Uber and I couldn’t transfer my money from my vault to my checking because the vault wasn’t there it just disappeared which was weird I thought the bank took all my money so I called them and they said it was nothing they can do about it I should check later to see if it’s fixed it wasn’t fixed until the next day.. I’m canceling this bank because of that I was stuck outside trying to find a ride for 3 hours what if something happened to me during those 3 hours I had money in my account that I couldn’t use because of this bank I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS BANK it’s stressful wondering everyday if your vault disappeared again with all your money and what your going to do if you can’t use it... and there customers service do not care about you they will tell you anything get you off the phone so if you still want to get this bank just be prepared for ALOT of issues...

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    Still Unable to Check Balance or Log in to App

    Update 2: I still cannot access the account through the app. Worst customer service I have experienced yet. Update: I cannot access the website or use the app at all. Not sure how to "contact" you other than giving this app its justly deserved 1 star. It's unfortunate that a copy/paste response from you clearly demonstrates your lack of concern for a working product. Will be sure to tell every person I can how bad the app is so that others will NEVER have to deal with you and your terrible product. Very disappointed that I even have to leave a review like this for any service! Initially the app worked very well. I was able to check my balance and transaction history quite quickly and easily. Now the app simply hangs on startup. The app loads up as if I am a new member, and the only button "Get Started" is greyed out and does not work. I have been unable to access my account for over a week now. Extremely frustrating and inconvenient. Also, previously I would get almost instant notification that a purchase had been made, now the app sends me a notification up to 24 hours later! Half of my transactions aren't notified through the app.

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    Stay FAR AWAY

    So I’ve been uberkng part time for a year and a half, and I have my real jobs paychecks sent to this account because I can get them on Friday instead of Tuesday, great right? Well that’s where it ends. Customer service is useless. I called them three times about the same issue, it sounds like they are in an Internet cafe or a loud cafeteria. You can hear the other employees in the back ground. Well I call them because I usually transfer my real job paycheck into my chase account (for bills and such) and leave my Uber money in my go bank account (for going out), but suddenly after a year they get rid of the PayPal option when you send money. I tried sending it to my boyfriend and he even went as far as signing up for the bank to try to get my money so we could pay our rent, but it said my account was frozen. I called them and they said there was nothing they could do and I would have to wait a week to get my hard earned money. So now I have -1027 in my Chase account because they won’t let me have my paycheck. And they may or may not fix it. Do not under any circumstance use this bank. They will steal from you like they have me and many other reviews on this page.

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    Terrible Customer Service!! Don’t do it!!! Not worth the incompetence!!!

    Update... over 3 weeks and the “technical department” is still unable to fix my issue of not being able to use the app to make check deposits... no one calls back “ever” with any info or possible resolutions.... the only time I hear from anyone is when I call and get the runaround for 20 minutes while I ask for a manager who I’m eventually allowed to speak to which still has no idea or information on how to fix the issue!! This is an “online” bank correct?? How are we to use an online bank when the “app” which is their brick and mortar isn’t working correctly??? Absolutely unbelievable and belligerent!!! App does not allow me to do a check deposit... Took screenshots of msg and sent it to customer service as requested.... never got a call back... called and was told “the issue has been resolved”, uninstall and reinstall app and it should work”... did that and it does not work!! Was hung up on 2x, the last of which was ”Jonathan” who was utterly incompetent!! Whatever your reason for considering getting this account, don’t do it they can’t / won’t help you once you have an actual issue, it’s not worth the aggression!!!

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    Uber Drivers Beware

    I received my card within the time specified, but the perks you are supposed to get like cash back on fuel, car maintenance etc. is not going to happen. I have called both Uber and GoBank and Uber tells the GoBank rep that I am eligible GoBank says I’m not yet eligible for the perks? The perks are the only reason I got the card in the first place. But even worse is the customer service by GoBank which should be a negative 100. They are many online banks that operates as a true bank that works like Ally Bank or Aspiration Bank which I have before I ever Got a GoBank account. Since I work in Information Technology Security we know that numerous scams are facilitated using the green dot banking system, all you have to do is search google for green dot MoneyPak scams. So it does not surprise me of all the people making claims that money is missing from there accounts. All the people that is having a good experience with Greendot or GoBank we hope continue to have good experiences. The bottom line is be aware if you use them but don’t expect this to remain a good experience for the long haul. GoBank and it practices are nothing more than a payday loan type of company capitalizing on the misfortunate of people.

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    App has stopped working...

    So, I have GoBank Visa Debit card via Uber and I have been using the GoBank app on my iPhone for the past 6 months or so and it has been working fine. However, as of last week I can no longer use the app successfully. The app has stopped allowing me to log in during the first attempt. However, it will let me log in on the second attempt. Once I have logged into the app after the second or third attempt, it will not show me my account balance, account number, or transactions. However, if I log in on the website everything works fine. I have attempted to delete the app and reinstall it, and the issue continues to happen repeatedly. I tried to reach out to customer service and was told they were going to “check compatibility” for my iPhone and wasn’t really provided with any other information. It’s quite upsetting that this is happening because honestly before all this started happening I was actually really liking this app and the service.

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    Great App

    I’ve been using this app for three weeks now and have been quite impressed with the options available and how easy they have made it to use. I do wish that they had a separate feature for Uber drivers, One that would allow any and all additional savings that you earn to go into a separate savings section, such as the 5% you save on gas and the additional savings from grocery stores, etc. it would be nice to have all those additional savings to go into a separate account to build just like a regular savings account. Why am I mentioning this here, because unless I missed it that is one feature that they do not have on their app, a suggestion box or any area where you can provide questions or feedback of any kind. Other than that, great app!

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    Cash deposits are confusing

    I moved to a place that doesn’t have branches of my primary bank so I opened this account as a backup to transfer money. It’s not terrible, my only complaint so far is that depositing cash is a pain. I went to a Walgreens and CVS location that were listed as GoBank retailers and none of them knew what I was talking about when I tried to deposit cash. I had to go to a Walmart to finally do it. It would be nice if you could skip dealing with clerks that don’t know what you’re talking about and just deposit the cash via the ATM like a normal bank. But this isn’t a normal bank so oh well. Also, it would be nice if the app gave you an actual address of the retailers they partner with as opposed to GPS coordinates. I don’t need directions, I just need to know it’s the CVS at 123 Main Street versus 133 Main Street because there are so many within the same vicinity.

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    Unprofessional, unreliable, bootleg bank!!!

    I’m so sick of this bank! Their system is always crashing and it’s so hard to get a hold of your own money! When you try calling them it’s like a 40-60 minute wait to get on the phone with someone and it seems like I always talk to the same lady!!! Also don’t loose your card!! This bank isn’t supported by Apple Pay so you have no way of using your money. I claimed my card stolen on aug 22 And I’m not getting it till sept 2nd! Other banks only take 2-3 days to get a new replacement. They don’t care about you not having your hands on your own money! The only good thing about this bank is you get early direct deposit but even that is starting to act up and they say it’s supposedly due to my “employer” so I don’t get my money till later. This bank is crap idk how a company like Uber can partner up with this unprofessional; unorganized bootleg bank! You’re better off getting a real branch that is professional and reliable with your money!!!!

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    Bad App with Bad Support

    This app looks nice, looks like it would all be simple to set up and interact with. However If you experience issues you will not get them resolved, because they don’t know how to resolve them. In trying to set up mobile deposit, I could not get my id to be recognized by the app (despite taking clear photos on a dark surface without glare) I deleted app and re-downloaded it a few times, got either could not verify ID or unable to access the feature. So I then Tried to reach out to their support thru the app-1st on phone, then on browser-both times while logged in to my account- got Error messages there too! So I reached out via Facebook. Absolutely no support and was told to deposit my check elsewhere. Which to me translates to “we can’t help, we are not going to try to help, we want your business but we can’t offer any redeeming qualities to why you should want to do business with us.” I will indeed take my business elsewhere.

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Is GoBank - Mobile Banking Safe?

No. GoBank - Mobile Banking does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,647 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GoBank - Mobile Banking Is 15.3/100.

Is GoBank - Mobile Banking Legit?

No. GoBank - Mobile Banking does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,647 GoBank - Mobile Banking User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GoBank - Mobile Banking Is 15.3/100.

Is GoBank - Mobile Banking not working?

GoBank - Mobile Banking works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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