Chime – Mobile Banking Reviews

Chime – Mobile Banking Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-14

Chime is the banking app that has your back. Keep your money safe with security
features, overdraft up to $200 fee-free*, and get paid up to 2 days early with
direct deposit^, with no hidden fees‡. Chime is a financial technology
company, not a bank. Banking services provided by The Ba...

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Chime – Mobile Banking Reviews

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    Happy customer!

    Very happy customer! Even though there is no stand-alone bank, I have had an excellent experience with Chime. 1) I like getting paid early 2) No overdraft fees, love the Spotme feature 3) Ease of use 4) I love that I view my card in the app, it sounds lazy, but I’m tired of pulling out my card every time I want to buy something online (lol). 5) I love that my mom and I both got $50 when she referred me to sign up for an account. What an awesome referral program for everyone. 6) You can turn your debit card transactions on/off with the click of an app. (I forget to turn it back on sometimes! I’ve embarrassed myself at a store a time or two.) Also, there are many ATM locations near me that are free of charge. I like that I can “round-up” to save if I’d like, or set 10% of my direct deposit aside. Chime has been compatible with PayPal and Apple Pay to send money to people. With that being said, I use cash at most restaurants / gas stations / stores, I don’t like my card number being out there. I had debit card fraud with my old bank account. I have not had that incident happen with chime and I hope that it never does. Not revenant to the app or bank- but cashiers at the store always say the card is a cute color lol.

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    The best bank I’ve ever used!

    I have been using Chime for years now. My favorite things about this service are spotme (lets you spend 20 dollars past your 0 balance to hold you over in a pinch) sms notifications (texts you whenever money is spent - perfect for tracking automatic payments that come out randomly!) and the UI (easy to read menu/ overall transparency. I have it set up with direct deposit so I get my money 2 days earlier than my co-workers. I can transfer money from this account to any of my other accounts (credit union, PayPal, Venmo) with no fees. I’m just blown away. Haven’t had an overdraft fee since I started using chime. I tell all my friends about it and I hope chime grows to change the way we manage all financial aspects of our lives. I would love a feature that acts as a savings account but locks the money in until you have reached your goal amount. I tend to transfer my savings to my checking regularly but end up with no money at the end of the week. Would love to not have the option to spend my savings! Overall great bank - 5 stars - will continue using for the foreseeable future! Why can’t every bank be like this?

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    Best decision I was forced to make!!

    Unfortunately due to a career loss, having to start over and struggling financially for 3 years I had no other choice but to file bankruptcy. I was told by my legal counsel that the bank account I had would potentially freeze my limited funds because one of my credit cards was linked to my checking. They encouraged me to seek a new checking account so I could maintain what money I had. Because my credit was now poor, I was denied by two other banks a checking account. Most big banks now run your credit along with Check Systems to deem you a desirable customer. I researched my options and found Chime on a tech blog. I’m so very glad I found it! It is no frills checking and savings with a super simple app. It’s a traditional debit card in every sense. It’s Visa so you can use it virtually anywhere! Get cash back with groceries. Tons of ATM’s through money pass with NO fees! I know it may not be for everyone, but if you are sick of big banks and all their fees and tactics, I encourage you to give Chime a try. I’m very grateful to have an option like Chime. It saved me a lot of grief at a time when I’m already feeling insurmountable pressure.

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    Innovative and valuable

    I’ve had an account with Chime since they began. And I have yet to have a complaint. The app is kept updated and runs very smoothly. I like the auto savings feature. I do wish there was an interest gathering savings and more banking features like loans etc but it’ll come I’m sure. Many companies have followed Chime to online banking (which I believe will take over banking and do away with brick and mortar banking eventually)but none of the others are quite as well established. I’ve referred many people to chime and they’ve done away with their banks and rely solely on chime too. I haven’t seen rewards and bonuses lately like once would surprise me. But there are offers and a few discounts available. And I dislike how I have to enter my pin every time I move away from the chime screen. Even to go back n forth to copy/enter routing number account number on another app and go back to chime, even when I didn’t close it out. But it’s fine also. Their customer service is outstanding. And security has never been an issue. I have nothing negative to say about Chime.

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    Services have improved

    It used to be such a hassle to use a home, getting a new card — they wouldn’t expedite a new card, and since it’s an online bank, you were screwed until it came. And customer service, multiple times, when asked what recourse I had would say, “it’s probably a good idea to keep a back up bank account.” But now, they’ve gotten a lot better about the process of getting a new card reissued. They now accept mobile check deposits, at least up to a certain amount. And the Spot Me feature they’ve just come out with is really cool, since Chime doesn’t usually work with the other apps that will front you money when you need it. Also, there’s no withdrawal limit on ATMs which is really cool. It looks like they’re finally starting to get their act together. The only thing I’m still annoyed by is that my card is issued in my nickname, so if I get a check written out to my legal name, they won’t cash it. Other than that, they’ve fixed most of the issues I used to have with them. I appreciate it!

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    Convenient, gets the job done.

    It is true that people write a bad review before a good one. Overall I enjoy chime, I get paid early and with it being a holiday week I got paid EXTRA early which was a pleasant surprise. They did have a recent shut down that did decline our cards when we tried to use them for 2 days which was inconvenient and kind of embarrassing but the issue was fixed and they continued to show remorse. My only suggestion is I wish it showed the ending balance as purchases are made on the statement. I don’t like not being able to look back on purchases of deposits and not see what it brought my balance to at that time. I work at financial institutions and sometimes that’s what we require for proof of payment, so the fact that my bank doesn’t provided that is something that definitely sticks out for me; and in general it would help me keep track of my spending a lot better to know what I keep my balances at throughout the weeks. They seem good at looking at reviews, not sure if this is a concern for anyone else to make it a change but it would be nice if that be involved in a near future update.

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    This was the first time I opened an account at a bank I could not physically attend. This was a brand new account. Decided to have our refund deposited into it. BIG MISTAKE. They started asking for proof of refund which we sent. They pushed the funds through. We had access to the funds in the account for over 2 weeks after the fact....Then, I try to log in to check the balance and pay a bill...account suspended. The only explanation I was given is that something (that something could never be fully explained) was falling outside of their banking terms? They asked for a bunch of other info (License, SS cards, Utility Bill) to unsuspend the account. I’m like REALLY?? Can someone tell me what is happening? Nothing. Me thinking it’s just some kind of misunderstanding I sent in the necessary documents and still no answer. I’m now feeling like my money is being stolen and we’re being defrauded! They have over $2k frozen that we can’t get an answer as to why! I’m so upset I could cry. I have no idea what happened, I’m getting no explanation and I’m in the process of seeking an attorney! This bank takes people’s money and suspends accounts for no reason and provides no explanation. Do not trust them with your money!! 8 years I’ve done the same transaction with my regular bank and I’ve never had this issue. NEVER.

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    Don’t bank here- zero stars if I could

    Chime has some of the worst customer experience, and that’s compared to notoriously bad companies like Bank of America. I closed my account to quickly after I requested all my funds be transferred out, and so my bank kicked them back to Chime, who had already closed my account. I got an email saying I needed to provide a written statement from my bank, into why the transaction was sent back and a list of other identification items in order to re-open my account. I’ve called three days in a row now to try and avoid having to do that. The first person didn’t know I could re-open and account and said I had to wait 30 days for a check for the amount that was kicked back. I asked for this in writing in an email that never came. The next two times I had the same conversation, each time being told a check would come and an email confirmation would be sent, still no email. This bank is a fraud and uses the ridiculous “perk” of getting paid not two days early, but usually 1 day before payday (it’s up to two days early, so no guarantee that happens, mine was only one). That does nothing and I would rather get paid on a normal cycle then have my bank make it impossible to get a straight answer and give me my money back.

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    I opened a Chime account after seeing it was so highly rated. Big mistake. I had $450 deposited into my account. The terms say that you can do one transaction before you get your debit card. Not true. I emailed the company to ask why I was not getting my one transaction. They kept sending me the same response that had nothing to do with my question. I tried transferring the money to my PayPal account. I’ve verified the account with PayPal. Chime still would not send my money to me. Or to my PayPal. I bet I sent them over 10 messages. And then all of the sudden I get an email saying that my account has been closed. With no mention of the $450 that I deposited. If you were looking for a quick alternative to PayPal, this is not the answer. You never get to talk to live person in customer service. What a joke. I wish I knew how to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I wish that I could post screenshots of the conversations I have had with their “customer service”. What a joke. They’ll take your money (instantly), freeze your account (30 days except they’ll tell you you can have one transaction which isn’t true), then they can close your account for any reason they deem okay. To top it off, you’ll have to wait 30 days to get your money back. (In the form of a check.)

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    Worst EVER

    You are the worst! All of you should do yourself a favor and dip out ASAP. I am dealing with a fraud and it is taking more then 60 days for them to complete. Every time I try to get a hold of them they keep telling me 45days on the 47th day and 45days after. Always 45 days. They refuse to return my funds and never have a live representative to talk too. Their Resolution department does not have a phone number and refuses to talk to anyone. Their HORRIBLE. I just went out and got a new bank account. This bank can ruin someone’s life with all the loop holes you have to go through if 1 thing goes wrong. You have no protection on your card and info. Good luck if your trying to speak to someone who speaks proper English. Your dealing with someone else’s money you should know how to talk so they understand. I was also lied too and told by A representative that I would have my money back into my account on November 30. I saw that it was never there so I called back and was told again, 45 days. I will never use them again. I had the case reopen and been waiting with PROOF and all. I refuse to put any money into that account until it’s solved. But I just went out and got another bank account that is much better. Do yourself a favor don’t deal with the hassle and get something that will protect you.

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    It sooo easy to get caught up in the whole getting paid two days early thing but other than that.. Chime is pretty much a joke. They’re WAY too relaxed when it comes to your money and take pride in dragging their feet with everything they do. I called Nov 8,2018 for a dispute and a month later after their Customer Service rep said that he had taken care of everything, I had yet to get my money back. After spending days trying to get a human on their customer support line I was told to use the app for my issue. Why have a customer service number if you don’t want people to call? I also lost my card Dec 10 and have yet to even see my new card. My account has been locked for almost a month now. When I call, I get the same generic answer “Your card should arrive in 7-10 business days.” Again... it’s been almost a month. At this point, I’ve already transferred all of my money to my new bank account elsewhere and I’m not thinking twice about closing out this card. Be careful if you’re tech savvy as well, The whole communications and control of your account through the app seems promising at first but given this company seems to be more for show than doing their actual job you may benefit the traditional banking like Chase or TD Bank. Hope this helps!

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    It’s ok!

    If your looking for a mobile bank this is what I recommend. I have tried other ones and so far this is the one I have stuck with. I get paid two days early, wich I love. The app is great and easy to work. I did have an issue with withdrawing money from an ATM machine at US BANK, which is where I go withdraw cash from. I withdrew $400 it gave them to me with that transaction I chose “Print Receipt” so I found out the limit to withdraw is $500. I then started to withdraw $100 more I chose “Not to Print a Receipt” bad idea because then the machine sounded like it was pulling the money and it was ready to dispense. When I get an error message on the screen saying “There was an error dispensing my money to please call my financial institution.” Which I did I called them they asked me for the receipt number which I didn’t have because I chose not to print a receipt. If I had a receipt they could of helped me faster. What happened next was they filed a dispute. I had to print out some forms, fill them out and fax them to them. Then it took 15 business days for them to review and finally credit me back those $100. The good thing is I did get my money back it just took some time.

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    Warm and Fuzzy Feelings for a bank!

    Their slogan is “banking as it should be” and it really is. I made an account here in a whim and didn’t activate my debit card or put money in the account for a while after I had it. I totally regret that now! I’ve been using my account for around a month now and Chime is just so amazingly helpful. The app makes me feel so much more in the know and Chime as a bank does make me feel financially cared for. Sending alerts that easy/quick to read, even including little emojis, something you wouldn’t think would make much difference right? It does. Little details like this (for me anyways) made it so it’s not as scary or daunting to get alerts where with other big banks I would turn them off. Another sweet little thing is if you go to a restaurant or salon, somewhere where a tip is required, as soon as the merchant swipes your card you get your update but Chime includes what the 15% tip would be. So simple, such a huge difference. Gah they give me all the warm and fuzzies. Making banking and finances so approachable. Love this.

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    Highly recommend to ANYONE

    I absolutely love Chime! Opening an account was one of the best things I’ve done. My two favorite things about chime: 1. The round up feature that automatically rounds your transaction to the nearest dollar and puts the remainder in your savings account. You don’t even realize it’s happening until you have a good amount of money in your savings account that you didn’t physically put in there. 2. GETTING PAID EARLY!!!! Yes, it’s true! You do get paid early! Depending on your employer you may get paid one day early or even two!! Chime has made it very simple to get a direct deposit form/find you account & routing numbers. You also get $50 for referring someone who receives a direct deposit total of $200 in 60 days... which is pretty easy. Your referral gets $50 too! There’s ATMs literally EVERYWHERE that you can grab cash out without any fees. You can also get cash back at most stores as well. I highly recommend getting a Chime account. I have no complaints whatsoever, only positive things to say! Oh and it’s FREE!!!

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    Highly Recommend to Anyone Who Receives Direct Deposit

    Honestly, I was a little skeptical that the “get paid three days early” thing would work, but I took a risk and I was not disappointed at all! I got paid two days in advance which is still amazing. When I first got my card I called their call center to ask some questions about their direct deposit and how it worked so I could feel confident in my decision, they were very easy to reach and also friendly and helpful. I love that it sends me notifications when I spend money and that it gives me balance updates. I also love that they include an ATM map which I found myself using and being quite helpful. Also, the refer-a-friend program is genius and anyone who has the app should definitely take advantage of that! The app is super simple and easy to use and I prefer it over my own banks app. If your skeptical just give it a try anyways and you will see for yourself that it works and that it is truly better than your own bank.

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Is Chime – Mobile Banking Safe?

No. Chime – Mobile Banking does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 273,000 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Chime – Mobile Banking Is 18.4/100.

Is Chime – Mobile Banking Legit?

No. Chime – Mobile Banking does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 273,000 Chime – Mobile Banking User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Chime – Mobile Banking Is 18.4/100.

Is Chime – Mobile Banking not working?

Chime – Mobile Banking works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Chime – Mobile Banking customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Chime – Mobile Banking.

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