GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Reviews

GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-07

Life is full of lane changes. Some expected. Some not as much. No problem,
because the GEICO Mobile app is here to lend a hand if you ever need a quote,
policy update, tow, or you just need to change your address. Now, when life
changes lanes we’ll be right there because we’re always hea...

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GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Reviews

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    Horrible service

    I’ve been a Geico customer off and on for 15 years I never filed a claim until last month when I find myself with an adjusters in the claims representatives give me the runaround and giving me actual decision or explaining their decision And then I got a voicemail from Bo claims rep saying he wants to have a recorded conversation when I call him back I and we went through the normal identity Verification process he proceeded to tell me that we’re going to have a record a conversation after the conversation was over with the recording and then we’ll go from there after I told him that he was also being recorded by me he started to get nervous and asked me why I was recording him and I told him if you gonna Record me I’m going to record you and then he proceeded to tell me that he did not want to be recorded after a little back-and-forth he hung up the phone I called the customer service Claims Department and I told the operator I don’t understand why The claims adjuster has an issue with me recording him if he’s recording me if there’s nothing wrong with what he’s about to do he should have no problem With me recording him that we recording the same conversation if everything is above board both recordings just sound the same I never had an issue with Geico until I need it there assistance with my claim before this with them they have no problem taking your money but they have a problem giving you the money to your claim

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    Blatantly lied to make a sale

    I bought a new car about a month ago, my old insurance was going to go a little higher so I called a few places to get quotes on insurance. I informed the lady I spoke with a few weeks ago what other companies offered and she gave me two quotes that sounded awesome. They came under what any other company had quoted me. What's extremely disappointing is that when she asked about my driving record, I informed her that I had a motorcycle accident about 2-3 years ago. She told me that since it was a motorcycle accident it didn't count towards automobile insurance because of the way Geico works their insurance, and I thought that was weird but since it helped me, I was glad to hear it. Now my insurance has jumped up from being told it would be 111 initially, my first payment was 117 and I figured 6 dollars was absolutely no issue to complain about. Now it has jumped up to 137 a month because my motorcycle accident counts, as I thought it should. 137 is higher than what other companies offered me for very similar packages, while including that motorcycle history. Your employee blatantly lied to me in order to make a sale, by telling me that Geico treats motorcycle history differently.

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    My mind is honestly blown. I called because of a incredibly minor error on our policy, my last name didn’t reflect my name change after getting married, and I wanted to make sure it matched my license. I called Geico’s number from the mobile app, due to me calling from the app all of my info was automatically available to the representative, SUPER convenient. There was no wait time (I known thats not always possible but I’m very happy about it) the representative was professional, knowledgeable, and quick. Most importantly he was in a fantastic mood, and really seemed to enjoy his job, from a customer standpoint this was my favorite thing about this call, it was so refreshing. He changed my last name to the correct name and sent out new Vehicle ID cards and I was off the phone within 3 min. I have honestly never experienced customer service this helpful and efficient!!!! I only wish I asked his name because if I knew it I would be calling Geico to talk to a manager to tell them how great this employee is! I am new to Geico, and all I have to say is so far so good!! Thank you so much for making this easy!

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    Thank You

    After getting into a very serious accident, which can be so upsetting, the professionals at Geico took extra care to make sure I was ok, did I need any help, any services before even discussing my coverage and the next steps. And the concern was genuine; some times it sounds as though a company rep is reading from a script; with Geico staff, it seemed like I was talking to a concerned friend. And at a time like this, when your head is spinning and you don’t know which way is up, a kind, gentle approach like Geico’s makes all the difference in the world. Every other aspect of the process was just as professional and I can’t say enough about Chloe, John and everyone I had the pleasure of working with. But it was the human warmth and genuine kindness offered at such a frightening and upsetting time that really stands out. And please know that I am very grateful, and hope I can pass on the kindness to another who may need a helping hand. Warm regards, Joe Fitzpatrick

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    GEICO is horrible

    GEICO is horrible. I have had a glass damage claim (for the windshield of my car) open for weeks, and I have not been able to make any progress beyond the initial declaration of the damage, given the many roadblocks GEICO laid on my way. It is the phone number from the mobile app that tells me to send a written message, and then the reply to the written message that tells me to call the same phone number. The “dog trying to eat its own tail” madness. In the meantime, my safety is being endangered while I am forced, by this bad quality, to drive a car with a damaged windshield. Also, at the same time and while all of this is going on, my dealership, the glass repair shop and GEICO are all playing to pass the ball to each other about who should take the next step. They all seem to think I am responsible for it. For sure, I am responsible for it, that is out of the question, but how can I really be responsible and be able to take care of it, if every time I try to make this claim move forward, one of the three stakeholders refers me to the two others? Absolute madness again. They are a bunch of irresponsible men and women brats catching me in the middle. Help! And fast!

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    Statement about GEICO’s service and my need to change payment date

    First, thank you for your change of date opportunity. Secondly, Overall, GEICO has been very helpful to me. However, I experienced a theft of my car and received poor service from one of GEICO’s claims adjuster. Also, I did not receive the total amount due to me for a rental car. I had to rent for two months, while seeking assistance in repairing the minor damage to my car (per the police report and visible observation). I need to change my payment to ensure that I will have funds in my account. I’m still struggling with my car. The thieves affected my car’s fueling sending system, fuel pump, water control valve, thermostat, and other things. I was told that they were planning to take my Corvette 5.7 engine. My trust level has been altered by mechanics and the GEICO claims adjuster. Thanks for permitting me provide comments.

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    Unexplained Jump In Rate

    I'm a 52 year old educated woman who has been driving for 35 years WITH ZERO tickets or accidents or claims...homeowner since 29 years old, steadily employed full time, divorced, solely raised and put two daughters through college (Clemson, UMD)... been with GEICO for 15 years! Yet, my auto insurance for a 2015 Camaro LT was $126/mo. but jumped to $199/mo. without explanation! Again... no accidents, tickets, or claims... EVER!! Having raised two girls by myself, I have struggled financially at times, but my driving record has never reflected anything but a safe and defensive driver! Why am I paying such an outrageous amount for auto insurance? Although financial issues have forced me to be reinstated a few times over the years, I have never had an unpaid balance with Geico. I'm currently seeking coverage from another carriers. If my insurance does not decrease, I will be forced to permanently change carriers. My financial situation has recently improved. I refuse to pay unwarranted amounts of money for auto insurance when I have never asked for it in return! Regards.

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    Geico Coverage

    I have maintained insurance (full coverage) on my vehicles for many years. Recently my vehicle was vandalized. Passenger side window busted out, windshield punched or hit, passenger side rear kicked or backed into. This happened in a public place and several other vehicles were vandalized, as well. Police came out and made a report. All steps were properly followed. Geico did NOTHING for me. I had to pay for a new passenger window 251$. New windshield 223$. Repair the dent 312$ and amongst all the struggle, a foot of snow came. I had to have a rental car while my vehicle was being fixed. Geico refused to extend my rental for the duration. I had rented a Kia Soul. I reached out and informed them the car was stuck and I was unable to move it. I could not even get my own vehicle. I had to pay out of pocket for the rental for each additional day. With having comprehensive, collision, etc. nobody should ever have to pay over a thousand dollars. What’s the point of paying for full coverage if it isn’t provided? The adjuster treated me very poorly. The entire situation was traumatic. I will be finding insurance elsewhere. I would advise any policy holder to do the same.

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    App and customer support outstanding

    The app is great and super easy to use have not had any problems once so ever and when I did have a problem the GEICO team members were absolutely great and very very helpful. Just wanted to tell about my experience over the phone one time, they were very nice and very helpful and worked with me on what I needed. I called about postponing my payment because I wouldn’t have enough money until my next paycheck and they came up with a way to help me out even when it seemed hopeless they made sure I didn’t lose my insurance for being too far past due. There’s a bunch more but I just wanted to say GEICO has given me a great experience and I recommend GEICO for anybody else. Top notch service and very friendly and helpful skilled staff. Amazing work guys, really. Keep up the great work best experience I’ve had with customer service and wonderful app!

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    11 years of awesomeness

    This review is for more than just this app, but for Geico's commitment of making my insurance experience one of the best for so long. I've been with Geico for quite some time and I haven't had any negative encounters since I started as a new customer. A lot of my family and friends ask me why wouldn't I choose USAA since I am in the military, I told them well, Geico has never given me a reason to. Whenever I needed help (roadside assistance, claims, quotes..), every Geico rep was very professional, courteous, and showed great customer service. This app only contributes to that great Geico experience. Real easy to use and super convenient. I never had to call a rep to explain charges or had any technical difficulties paying my bill through the app. Keep up the great work Geico, your dedication to your customers are what keeps us Geiconians (I just made that word up lol) for life.

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    👍🏽✌🏻😊we love Geico....

    We came to Geico a couple of years ago because my parents recommendation.....customer service is so easy and thorough. Unfortunately, I have had a couple of claims, but they were handled with the greatest of ease. Get calls all the time from agencies claiming they can beat my current rates. When I tell them I am happy with my current insurer and the experience I get every time I have a question or concern. They throw out a quote and we giggle at it because they can’t meet or come close to topping Geico....we appreciate all of the staff we have worked with. Nick in Mechanicsville is great to deal with. I was kept informed and all I had to do was show up. Everything happened on time and just how he explained it. Even if another company could save me $10 a month, I doubt they could get me to change. Keep up the good work!! Thanks for always providing great service...

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    Road Assistance

    Last night, I was in a very hard situation. One tire got flat in the middle of an interstate, very heavy traffic, sunset about to be gone, I was by myself, and over 50 miles away from home! I pray for an angel! I called Geico road assistance, I can’t remember her name, but this lady went above and beyond to help me out. While we were connected, she was searching for help and so I was! Nothing was opened, Sunday late afternoon, almost night. Finally and after several minutes, I told her: “thank you, let me see if I can figure it out myself”. She said: “let me put you in a brief hold” and went she came back, she help me find a towing truck and one time exception for me, due to the situation I was in. My prayer was answered! At that time, she was the help I needed and God sent her to help! Thank you for being a dedicated employee and help your customer going an extra mile for them!

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    Jennifer was so helpful

    I called my insurance company (Geico) after someone hit my car in a parking lot at a church carnival and knocked my front bumper 3/4 of the way off my 2008 Jeep Commander. Jennifer was the representative that took my call and walked me through the process of filing a claim through the offender’s insurance company (progressive). After our conversation she even contacted progressive to start my claim through them. Finally, she called me back about an hour later and told me my claim number w/ progressive as well as the main phone number for their claims department. She told me that an adjuster would be assigned the next morning and that I would be contacted by my assigned adjuster by the end of the next day. Every single thing she told me happened just as she said it would. Plus she was incredibly helpful, patient, and pleasant to deal with. Thank you Jennifer! Leslie TAMPA, FL

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    They harass away any claim

    Geico has started a new policy of attempting to harass away any claim so they can avoid paying per the obligation of the insurance agreement. Imagine the fit they would have if customers could demand inspections first only to be guaranteed results of overcharging customers. So much for the windshield policy just for AZ that Geico started to make AZ replacements of rock shattered windshields easier. They have also started to seriously jack up my rates $100 every six months despite me still having no tickets nor wrecks on my record. I shopped around and found major big name competitors quoting nearly half of the price gouging insult from Geico. I emailed Geico and asked for them match these prices for a 7 year customer and was only told all other companies are scams and leave if I don’t like it. I’m taking your advice and clues from how you mistreat and gouge customers and taking my business elsewhere. You can also count on me using every available opportunity to educate your potential victims and show them to your competitors. Geico has become a garbage insurance company that is not to be trusted.

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    Of all the apps

    Finally an app with a user friendly interface. Really, I’d least expect an insurance company to have the best app experience I have ever had. I don’t write reviews normally, but this feels justified. From the log-in experience to getting/reviewing info., to just getting my ID cards, I can maneuver quickly, everything is organized - and it’s professional in appearance, formatted to my iPhone. You’re app development team, or if outsourced -whomever they are, they did a phenomenal job. You need to diversify your income into app development for orherS!! I just reset my password and log-in info in <2 min. Now I’m in front of my computer and have my phone in hand, which makes things easier, but still the GUI and organization, from tabs to ID cart landscape view - 100% satisfaction & by far the best app I have used

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Is GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Safe?

Yes. GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,756,673 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Is 22.8/100.

Is GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Legit?

Yes. GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,756,673 GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance Is 22.8/100.

Is GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance not working?

GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance.

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