DreamMapper Reviews

DreamMapper Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-13

Achieving a great night’s sleep with CPAP therapy happens when you take an
active role in your own therapy. That means being in tune with how your therapy
and equipment are performing – and how they should be performing – from
night to night. DreamMapper is a mobile and web application t...

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DreamMapper Reviews

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    A Necessary Tool for the Phillips CPAP

    I have found the Phillips Dreamware app to be a necessary diagnostic tool for helping me understand the quality of my sleep each night. I have been using it for many months now. The application indicates how long you wore the mask, the effectiveness of the seal it had with your face, and the overall AHI sleep index with a breakdown for the number of occurrences of obstructive apnea, clear airway apnea, and hypopnea during the sleep period. You can also generate column chart graphs for up to 90 days that show how long the mask was worn, the effectiveness of the seal, and the overall AHI index for each sleep period during the chosen span of days. Note: the breakdown of the AHI index is only shown for each sleep period. The only bug I have observed with the app is when it pops up an error message saying it failed to connect via Bluetooth, and yet when you click "OK" the data usually transfers despite the error warning (false error). One nice additional feature would be to download the sleep data as a CSV or tab delimited file so that you can better look at the raw data in Excel or some other spreadsheet tool of choice (for those who are more analytically minded).

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    Bluetooth Gliches

    This app is an excellent idea and very useful. The resources are great. The one and only thing preventing me from giving this a 5-star rating is the repeated failure of the Bluetooth updates to my iPad. Sometimes it takes a day or two for the data to show up on the iPad even though the data is clearly on the DreamStation. I refresh and attempt to update many times each morning. Sometimes the data shows up after a couple of attempts; other times it is delay for up to 48 hours. Makes no sense at all. Update: The recent update failed to fix the problem with missing data. I have verified with my provider that the data IS in the machine on the SD card; but frequently fails to download to this app. The problem is random. Sometimes the data arrives after a few days, sometimes never at all. I will say that data arrives better than 90% of the time; but this problem makes the reports out of the app useless. Very disappointing...

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    Annoying app, but useful...

    First off, I do use this app daily to view the quality and the direction of my sleep each day. I have used that information to train myself to sleep more and understand the quality of my sleep. The interface presents little information beyond the basics, and the Bluetooth connection is difficult on my iPhone 5. This is one of the few apps that I have difficulty with and that creates much annoyance. It will not stay paired with my iPhone and requires a re-pairing frequently. I know it's the app because the apps for my cars stay paired pretty much permanently even when I am away from the car for long periods. I am surprised that this has been missed by the Phillips engineers but nonetheless it is so. Because the CPAP machine is mounted permanently at a lower level than my bed it is difficult to turn the knobs and dials and the machine has to be restarted frequently to get the readings, but the information it provides is worth it even if annoying.

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    Dream mapping app

    Gotta say new to CPAP this App has been a lifesaver allowing me to work through the largely difficult job of attempting to locate a mask that fit correctly. After several meetings with sleep doctor, it was determined I was a mouth breather as such even though given a few different styles/sizes was pretty much left on my own. Were it not for the machine read out I would have NEVER known using what appeared to be ok fitting there was leakage I never would have known existed but more importantly my AHI readings were off the chart 13 and higher, yet below 2 utilizing a nasal mask and chin strap. Don't get me wrong the information provided was NOT what I hoped to see, god knows I wish I could simply wear a full face mask but after equipment provider coming to my home with numerous samples and actually finding a mask that seals 100%, in my situation it would never have been known excised without having this app and substantial I fit provides.

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    Good, but wish it would include...

    This is an easy-to-use app with basic info to give me a sense how my sleep was the previous night. I can see how I am doing at staying compliant with insurance needs through reports. Where it could really help me track my sleep, recognize patterns, and have useful info for my sleep doctor is if it would show a breakdown of sleep events by the hour PLUS have a journaling feature where I could add brief daily notes. Sometimes the most useful info I get is out of a half hour nap that is on a new day (after 12 noon) and not added yet to the overnight score. I am frustrated not to be provided my more detailed info given I know darn well my doc gets the detailed info. I have run into app bugs twice in the past three years. Each time I contacted customer support, they responded, and the bugs were resolved in a reasonable length of time (and I work in IT). The other feature I wish for is interaction between Phillips and my Fitbit sleep and heart rate info. That would be really useful!

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    Buggy - what a mess

    This is a disaster. Hardly works at all. You can try it, if you can get through the sign-up process. Then get ready! You can tell it wasn't created with users in mind. I do think Phillips put a lot of effort in to this - I imagine they had meetings, "so, are we sure we've made this as bad as possible? Have we dug deep to include everything we can think of to make this software buggy and difficult to use? Also, have we made sure we get plenty of unnecessary private information? Let's assure hackers can get full information on patient health - name, phone number, email address - and tie it to data about users' heart health and sleep patterns. We could even sell that information to health insurers! And to companies selling snore remedies! And our marketing team wants to send every cpap user daily marketing emails and texts. Ok, before we end this meeting, everyone's homework for our next meeting is to email me 1 good idea for making this app difficult for users, helpful for insurers, or profitable for Phillips."

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    Unreliable Bluetooth connectivity

    I’ve had this app for about 2 1/2 weeks. At first it was great. Then after a few nights for no reason it would no longer connect automatically through Bluetooth. I went through the tedious process of unpairing and then re pairing, all seemed fine. And then a few nights later it happened again. Last night as I was going to bed I allowed the app to do the update that specifically said it was an update to correct the Bluetooth bugs. This morning I woke up to the same message of check Bluetooth connection. I unpaired and re paired several time. Then followed the directions found in the app to delete the app and then reinstall the app. And now it simply won’t pair at all. With any other app I’d be completely done at this point and give up because I don’t have time to deal with apps that don’t work as intended, but since this particular app is supposed to be keeping me informed about my 4 yr old child’s sleep quality while using his new medical device I will continue to struggle on until I can once again gain access.

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    Major Bluetooth connectivity issues

    When you can actually get Bluetooth to connect and your sleep data to download, then the information is very useful. My problem is keeping a Bluetooth connection. This has been going on for months. Almost every day, I have to clear the pairing, turn off my iPhone, unplug the DreamStation CPAP, then turn phone and machine back on and connect Bluetooth. It will not hold the connection. It is not my iPhone because Bluetooth stays connected for everything else. There was a recent Dreammapper app update around October 27th and now it will not connect at all! Yesterday I went through the same process of clearing the pairing on phone and machine. This time I also uninstalled the app itself from my phone. Unplugged the machine and turned off my phone. Turned machine and phone back on, installed the app again, and went through the pairing process. I did this 3 times before it finally connected and downloaded my data. Then today I opened the app to download the data and I get the usual “check your Bluetooth connection”. I just do not have the time to do this every single day. Developers- you have a good app as far as the data available to track your sleep; however unless you can correct the Bluetooth connectivity problems we can actually download it, the app is useless.

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    I’m new to CPap & appreciate the Phillips App

    Thankyou for the video helps I’m in my first 30 days of using a CPap machine. I’ve tried several masks and am choosing the Dreamwear Nasal mask. My Dr’s staff was helpful in fitting me with a medium headgear and large nasal pillow. I would have given up on that mask without their intervention. The medium nasal mask covered only 2/3rds of my nostrils - compared to the large. I appreciate your online short instructional videos. I’m considering purchasing a CPap sanitizer - but realized that I’ve not been taking all the pieces apart as I wash & air dry the head gear Or that you recommend top rack of the dishwasher for regular washing and air drying. Thankyou for the info. I’ve been suffering this week with an upper respiratory issue and fever & it started after a night - that water droplets were blowing out the nasal valve on each breath - when I put my mask on. I thought it wouldn’t matter - after a few times inhaling and exhaling - it seemed to stop. However, the next morning I woke up congested snd the next day developed a fever. It could be coincidental, but I am also going to put your video training techniques into daily practice. Overall, The sleep therapy has been appreciated - by my husband - I sleep very quietly now. And I am generally refreshed.

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    Love this app

    I use this app multiple times a night to check my progress using my BiPap. I have found it to be fast and responsive and supplements the information that my Dreamstation BiPap displays, such as providing an updated AHI. I LOVE this app!!! I just checked some other reviews of this app and was rather astonished at the negativity expressed by some. I use an iPhone 7 Plus and have NEVER had a problem with a Bluetooth connection to my BiPap. Regarding the information provided: I personally enjoy being able to easily generate summary data within the app (graphs for 14 days, 30 days, 60 days etc. for the three categories provided by the app--hours of usage, AHI and Mask Fit). If you need more than that, go to the on/line version or one of the more detailed apps/programs available through other sources.

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    Very motivating

    I used CPAP 10 years ago and again for the last year. Frankly I don’t feel better and to me my sleep isn’t much better. After an ICU stay for atrial flutter I thought I should use it despite my subjective impression. The CPAP equipment is less disrupting to my daily routines than 10 years ago. It is quieter, less cumbersome than the old devices. With the graphics in DreamMapper I can see that I do sleep a bit longer each night and wake up less often than without it. What is impressive to me is that I can see the number of apnea and hypopnea spells I have during the night. It is a little scary to think I actually stop breathing during the night. DreamMapper allows me to “see” that I have a serious problem and that I need to continue my CPAP program.

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    Good App, Bad Interface

    First off, I have to say, that this is a great way to be able to see your sleep numbers. When the app works you're able to compare several nights sleep or compare from week to week very easily. That's sad the interface between my iPhone and the dreamstation doesn't work very well. I'm always losing the Bluetooth connection. That means that I have to forget the device in settings on my iPhone, turn off Bluetooth, then unplug the dreamstation, because there's no turn off switch, then turn the machine on, turn Bluetooth on, have my iPhone locate the device and pair. Unlike every other device I've ever used, the dreamstation asks if I want to pair? I understand my phone asking if I want to pair, but why the device? Regardless, it's nice to see more days than just one. Like I said, good app, but the interface needs work. My Toyota Prius NEVER loses the connection with my iPhone...

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    Ruins the DreamStation experience

    What a disappointment. What frustration. I have not one but two philips auto CPAP machines the DreamStation and DreamStation Go (the portable version)- a considerable investment and brand loyalty. The DreamStations machines work great. And for the two months this app worked fine it actually helped me a great deal. It provided feedback for me to see 90% maximum pressure used which I could use to improve my sleep quality. I used to be able to try new things (like rinse my nose w a saline solution) and see if it lowered the number of AHI fir the night. However after 2 months? (No longer sure since it was 6 or 7 month ago) the app has crapped out. it now struggles to connect BT, connects, finds new data, downloads it and only shows dashes instead of numbers for the night. I have unpaired it. Pair it back on. Update the app. All taking a lot of time with no results. Every morning it struggles to download data but only shows dashes instead of numbers for that night. The next day if I’m lucky it fills out the dashes with numbers of the night before last but again shows me dashes for the current (recent) night. Meaning it runs two nights behind if I’m lucky. Sometimes it doesn’t fill any dashes with data for several days in a row. Frustrating. Trashes the whole learning experience about your own health. Why? Both app and machines (expensive as they are) are made by the same company. Get it together Philips.

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    WiFi and App worked great for six weeks

    I think all of the high marks this app has received must have occurred in the first month of operation, and were never updated. I would have done the same in my first six weeks. All of the negative comments are consistent and right on target and usually occur in the second month. My WiFi/Modem/App operation after the first six weeks has been inconsistent, non existent for several days at a time, and a constant wasted time sink and frustration of rebooting and reconnecting the WiFi connection. Upon taking it back to the supplier for “repair” for the second time, he said he could do nothing. He said Phillips is really good at making a CPAP device and not so good at WiFi. How true and how pitiful and worthless to the consumer. Not mentioned in these evaluations is that Medicare and some insurance companies require this daily data to make sure that you are using the device before they pay for device. What does inconsistent and incorrect data do for you then? That is a rhetorical question.

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    I have iOS on my iphone 8. The app used to work sorta ok. Now bombs regularly to the point of uselessness. The bluetooth, which used to sync easily, keeps dropping the sync. and thats with both units on the nightstand within inches of each other. Also, the device regularly fails to locate the server it talks too. My biggest gripe with the app is lack of ability to set the data collection ‘days’ vs ‘nights’. It considers the day to be from noon to noon as most people sleep through midnight. HELLO, SOME OF US WORK NIGHTS! So all of my data, when it used to sync the Bluetooth that is, ONLY SAYS I SLEEP 3 HOURS OF MY 7 ACTUAL SLEEP HOURS DURING MY WORK WEEK, AND THEN SLIDES HALF OF MY DATA TO MY PRIOR SLEEP SESSION. It looks like I might be able to change the time of day from AM to PM to ‘workaround’ the problem’, BUT NOW THE DEVICE NO LONGER SYNCS VIA BLUETOOTH. I’m spending too much time on this, 2 stars instead of 1 in case the bugs get fixed SOON.

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Is DreamMapper Safe?

Yes. DreamMapper is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 84,918 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DreamMapper Is 46.8/100.

Is DreamMapper Legit?

Yes. DreamMapper is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 84,918 DreamMapper User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DreamMapper Is 46.8/100.

Is DreamMapper not working?

DreamMapper works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 9 Comments

By Kay C Stern
Jun 08 2021

I was delighted with the DreamMapper app until we changed our WiFi server a few weeks ago. Since then I can’t pair the app with my i-phone. The DreamMapper won’t pair, and I’ve tried all the attempted fixes listed above. Do you have a fix for all these pairing problems? I’m ready to ask my physician to replace the DreamMapper with a functional CPAP.

By Sean Phillips
May 19 2021

The DreamMapper app on my iphone takes days to upload data. As of today (Thursday 20/05/21) I am still waiting for results for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Happens all the time - very frustrating. How do i fix this problem?

By Anthony Lange
Apr 28 2021

Yes I have the same problem since April 2021, I have tried all the recommendations but nothing transfers, It is making it easy for me to change brands next time as my sister in law has never had a problem with Resmed, sounds good!!
Ps it is so frustrating that is is a bigger health problem!!!

By Dana Harris
Apr 24 2021

No data has loaded on my cpap app since March 12. Thank you for your assistance.

By rskc
Apr 22 2021

It was working fine until around April, 2021. Then it stopped updating the data on my cellphone. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but still didn't fix the problem. My daily data has ceased being refreshed even though the app shows 100% data transferred. I tried emailing their support but received no response.

By Joe Nelson
Apr 14 2021

I've been using DreamMapper almost 3 years with relatively few problems, it abruptly stopped working when I upgraded to iPhone 12 Pro Max. I called tech support at the end of February. They walked me thru and we got it working again but it stopped working the very next day. I asked the tech to email me instructions on what we'd done in case it stopped working again, he did not. I fiddled around with it and got it working again but with the same result. I've not been able to get it working again for most of March and all of April. I recently attempted unsuccessfully to contact tech support again, waiting up to 45 minutes each time to connect and finally gave up. A representative at Respironics gave me a different number to call. A recording instructs me that they are not accepting calls. I GIVE UP!!! I'm trying to find a site where I can give as crappy a review as possible because this product is pure crap and I can't get support.

By Rex Pence
Mar 16 2021

I have been using this app for approximately 3 weeks with no problem until today. Now it is wanting me to sign in and won't accept my password. To reset it I am required to enter my serial number which it also rejected. When calling help line was on hold for 20 minutes only to be told that is how the system is set up. Nothing they could do. Why was I required to enter all this information when I signed up if I still have to jump through all these hoops to reset my password? I don't have this problem with my bank account. This is totally unacceptable. I have nothing good to say about your company.

By Steven Mills
Feb 10 2021

I have a S4 Samsung and it will not install on this old phone. Is there an old app I could use.
I can not see it in play store, and going to web site I can get to the app but it says "you device isn't compatible with this version"

By Slee
Jan 18 2021

For almost a month the app will not transmit any of my Information to my phone. I called and “our engineering team is aware of the problem”. And now it’s like the machine is losing information. I was one night away from my goal on Friday morning and yet this morning it says I’m 4 nights away. I’m ready for this to get fixed.
And yes, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app three times. I’ve re-registered my machine three times. I’ve even forgotten this device at least 10-12 times.

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