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Published by on 2020-11-20

Achieving a great night’s sleep with CPAP therapy happens when you take an
active role in your own therapy. That means being in tune with how your therapy
and equipment are performing – and how they should be performing – from
night to ni...

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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with DreamMapper. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact DreamMapper. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Common DreamMapper Issues

  • By Nariosan

    Ruins the DreamStation experience

    What a disappointment. What frustration. I have not one but two philips auto CPAP machines the DreamStation and DreamStation Go (the portable version)- a considerable investment and brand loyalty. The DreamStations machines work great. And for the two months this app worked fine it actually helped me a great deal. It provided feedback for me to see 90% maximum pressure used which I could use to improve my sleep quality. I used to be able to try new things (like rinse my nose w a saline solution) and see if it lowered the number of AHI fir the night. However after 2 months? (No longer sure since it was 6 or 7 month ago) the app has crapped out. it now struggles to connect BT, connects, finds new data, downloads it and only shows dashes instead of numbers for the night. I have unpaired it. Pair it back on. Update the app. All taking a lot of time with no results. Every morning it struggles to download data but only shows dashes instead of numbers for that night. The next day if I’m lucky it fills out the dashes with numbers of the night before last but again shows me dashes for the current (recent) night. Meaning it runs two nights behind if I’m lucky. Sometimes it doesn’t fill any dashes with data for several days in a row. Frustrating. Trashes the whole learning experience about your own health. Why? Both app and machines (expensive as they are) are made by the same company. Get it together Philips.

  • By crewser48

    WiFi and App worked great for six weeks

    I think all of the high marks this app has received must have occurred in the first month of operation, and were never updated. I would have done the same in my first six weeks. All of the negative comments are consistent and right on target and usually occur in the second month. My WiFi/Modem/App operation after the first six weeks has been inconsistent, non existent for several days at a time, and a constant wasted time sink and frustration of rebooting and reconnecting the WiFi connection. Upon taking it back to the supplier for “repair” for the second time, he said he could do nothing. He said Phillips is really good at making a CPAP device and not so good at WiFi. How true and how pitiful and worthless to the consumer. Not mentioned in these evaluations is that Medicare and some insurance companies require this daily data to make sure that you are using the device before they pay for device. What does inconsistent and incorrect data do for you then? That is a rhetorical question.

  • By Natasha370421

    Unreliable Bluetooth connectivity

    I’ve had this app for about 2 1/2 weeks. At first it was great. Then after a few nights for no reason it would no longer connect automatically through Bluetooth. I went through the tedious process of unpairing and then re pairing, all seemed fine. And then a few nights later it happened again. Last night as I was going to bed I allowed the app to do the update that specifically said it was an update to correct the Bluetooth bugs. This morning I woke up to the same message of check Bluetooth connection. I unpaired and re paired several time. Then followed the directions found in the app to delete the app and then reinstall the app. And now it simply won’t pair at all. With any other app I’d be completely done at this point and give up because I don’t have time to deal with apps that don’t work as intended, but since this particular app is supposed to be keeping me informed about my 4 yr old child’s sleep quality while using his new medical device I will continue to struggle on until I can once again gain access.

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Reported Issues: 11 Comments

By Carmen
Nov 28 2020

No recuerdo mi nombre de usuario y no hay forma de obtenerlo. Tampoco puedo crear otra cuenta. Tengo una máquina nueva y necesito poder acceder a la información. Esta es una aplicación ridícula e inútil si no puedo acceder a ella y registrar una nueva máquina. ¿Cómo resolvemos esto?

By John Zasadzinski
Nov 18 2020

I had to replace my machine and now I can't connect. Can you replace the new machine in my account? can you remove my account and I will create a new one or allow me to replace the serial number with the new one.

By Kelly Anne
Nov 03 2020

I can't remember my login and there is no way to get it. I also can not create another account. I have a new machine and need to be able to access information. This is ridiculous and a useless app if I can't get into it and register a new machine. How do we resolve this?

By Thomas Howe
Nov 01 2020

I’m having the exact same issue. Went into the app this morning to download my Info and the app had me kicked out. I tried to log back in and couldn’t. I can log in on the DreamMapper site to change my password but it won’t let me change it.. anyone figure this out yet??

By Tom A Tassoul
Nov 01 2020

Having problems logging in i changed phones now it won't let me log in 8

By Carl baker
Nov 01 2020

Dreammapper app will not let me change my password. I have been using this app for a year. Why cant we do forgot username?

By Nancy Benefiel
Oct 31 2020

I cannot sign into DreamMapper. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling that didn’t work so I tried Unpairing then pairing. Now it doesn’t give me a PIN #
Nothing has worked, Forgot password isn’t working either.

By Linda Jenkins
Oct 31 2020

I was having problems with looking at my data so I decided to uninstall the app and start over now I can't even log back in it keeps telling me I have the wrong information then I tried to re-register my CPAP and it keeps saying that my email is already register and it won't let me change passwords. So what do I do if I forgot password and username as me

By Jennifer Matthews
Oct 31 2020

Deleted App due to getting error message and couldn’t get app to work after logging in. Now can create a new acct and data was deleted too. Can you assist?

By Rita
Oct 31 2020

I can't login to my dreammapper

By Donna Pettyjohn
Sep 09 2020

will not let me add DreamStation to DreamMapper said already using my email

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