Denny's Reviews

Denny's Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-07

Welcome to Denny’s On Demand. Get all your diner favorites. Whatever,
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Denny's Reviews

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    Declined card and won’t process order

    I have been trying to make an order on here for about 15 minutes. When checking out it says that my card has been declined due to address or billing zip mismatch, all of which are correct and I have use this card at Denny’s multiple times. Now it says it can no longer process my order even trying with another card. Does not give you the option to check out in store, like many places. Apps are supposed to be for convenience and this one is anything but. This isnt the first time I have chosen another restaurant simply because the issues I’ve had with this app. Ive actually haven’t even been able to order thru it. I thought I would try again since it had been a while, hoping the bugs were worked out. I like Denny’s, but when you don’t have time to sit in a restaurant and wait and you’re unable to make phone calls due to the nature of your work this can become very frustrating. If I wanted to call the store, which the app suggests, I would’ve just done that instead of trying to use the app to order ahead. Completely useless.

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    Such a hassle

    Used to work great as long as it was simple orders but last few months the app is terrible. Half the time it won’t let me sign in and I have to remake entire account, constantly declining my card for mismatch info, when it’s the saved card and been the same whole time does this EVERY TIME so every time I order I have to delete saved card and redo even tho it’s the same exact card. App isn’t up to date with the restaurant your ordering from, as in what available. Has happened many time I go to pick up and they let me know that they don’t serve this item after certain time or they have been out of something for days and I have to remake alter order and wait on my lunch break. And a few times I go to pick up and I get looked at like I’m crazy bc they never actually received an order at the location. At this point I’m in first name basis with the girls and cooks at my local place and just resort to calling to make sure everything goes through which defeats entire purpose of this app. Sorry Denny’s unless things get fixed I’m not doing doing business with it anymore

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    Love Denny’s but app needs work

    I love the fact that I can order food, pick it up, and not have to wait at the restaurant. However the app does need some work. For one the password requirements are a little too much. I really can’t remember all the passwords I have and would appreciate signing in with Face ID. Also for some reason I saved my card on the app and it’s not working. So I have to re-insert my card again which makes it inconvenient. Another problem with the app is after inserting my information during the checkout phase I have to click somewhere else to be done. And if I click somewhere else I could be taken to another screen which makes it a hassle going back. If there was a done button after inserting the information this would be great. I hope the development team could really create a solid app where are you don’t have to re-enter your credit card information. I love ordering food through Denny’s but I just want it to be simple so I can re-order again. Besides all the information above I really like the app because I can easily select my food and add the toppings I want. So I am giving the app four stars and hope the account and check out sections will improved over time.

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    Needs work

    This app is OK if you don’t mind entering your credit card info more than once even if you have it saved. They give you an option to customize your order but don’t get happy you’re only allowed some customization unless you don’t mind explaining what you want in the special notes field but don’t get to specific because you don’t get that much space. (ex: I was ordering a Grand slam with pancakes, 4 eggs and hashbrowns in the customization I was allowed to order two eggs had to order meat for the order to go through and then had to put a special note that I wanted 2 extra eggs and no meat)

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    So I got the app thinking i would be able to place and order faster/easier than calling in. Spoiler alert** I ended up calling in to place my order. There’s absolutely no sections where I can place the info for my gift card that i was planning to pay with. I tried to take advantage of the free delivery but I couldn’t since I didn’t want to use a credit card. Then I figured, if I do pick up, there might be the option to pay at the restaurant, right? WRONG! It kept asking me for my credit card info. So many things wrong with this app it’s ridiculous, starting with not being able to place a gift as a payment option AND not placing the option to pay at the restaurant. I can see why this app is so poorly rated. Never again Denny’s!

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    I ordered online for delivery a few nights back. About 10 minutes after the order was supposed to be delivered, I called the store and they told me that my order was there waiting to be picked up and no one ever came. Apparently, the have partnered with DoorDash for their deliveries. When I asked for a refund, I was told that I would have to contact DoorDash for that. The issue is that on my credit card statement, it was charged under “Denny’s”??? I’ve called Denny’s customer service multiple times and it just rings and rings with no answer. I’ve called DoorDash and they’ve tried to contact Denny’s with no luck. 0/10 for customer service. 0/10 for employee training. 0/10 for the whole experience.

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    App works okay, payment can never be taken

    The menu is pretty inclusive, but I definitely have more customizability in the store. I can order a stack of any kind of pancakes, I can take off individual ingredients and I can PAY. It wouldn’t take my card because it said I had an inaccurate billing address. Then it locked me out and told me I had to call the store.

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    Save CC info doesn’t work

    Every time I order I have to type in my CC and billing info again. Even when it saves the card I get an error when checking out because it doesn’t save the billing address to go with it. Then if I type in the billing address and click the saved card the app fails by trying to add the billing address as a new card but since it is on the saved card that’s a no go and I have to type the cc in again anyway. This has been going on for months and I kept telling myself that they were bound to fix it soon but nope. It wouldn’t be that bad if the app supported auto fill but of course it doesn’t.

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    Watch for menu changes

    I have ordered the fit fare veggie skillet many times and had no egg whites mixed in. The menu has evidently changed because instead of 350 calories it now says 550 and has egg whites and 550 calories. It’s position on page is changed too, but it’s the calories that matter to some of us. The restaurant here in Rome is very nice. The food came at reasonable time and our order was correct. Waitresses are attentive and food was good.

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    This app is not worth it, there’s no convenience to it. If I could give you guys zero stars I would. It never actually saves your card well on your account so you have to keep entering in the same info. Also, there’s need to be a way for the store to be able to refund an order that is cancelled well before the time it was set to even be started, after calling your help center and the store I went through so many hoops and STILL didn’t get my refund for a meals they never made and I never received. If you’re going to have an app make sure it’s actually convenient and secure to use, not this sad attempt.

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    It’s a really good app!

    It’s nice to know you can spend 30 minutes trying to decide what you would like to eat and at the very end, you’ll find it’s a REALLY GOOD APP to make you not order anything! So after 30 minutes, I knew what I wanted. Tried to order... “can’t complete your order at this time. Call restaurant.” Yeah that’s not gonna happen. That’s why I took time to download the app, put in my credit card info, etc. If Denny’s can’t take the time to make an app that works, I won’t take the time to order from them anymore. I’m also selling my shares of it because I got them when they were $2.80/share. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

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    If you can’t make an app that works, don’t make one

    Everything about this app is terrible, it changes the price of food you are trying to put in your cart, it won’t except any cards you try but it will charge your card. I was completely unable to order my food. The frustration this app caused me to skip eating at Denny’s all together. They are obviously losing customers over the app (just read all the one star reviews) and they don’t seem to care. They have made no effort to fix the app or to take it down completely to save everyone the frustration of attempting to use it.

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    Echoing What Others Said

    A couple of years ago, this was my favorite app because it was so easy to use. Then they “upgraded” the app. Even though I have and use my login it won’t save my credit card information nor my address. I refuse to enter all that information each time I want an order. Please “upgrade” your app again so that users can sign in and have the credit card information and the address saved like you did a couple of years ago. Until then, I will continue to get food from other restaurants around Denny’s but not at Denny’s.

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    App and delivery system - NO GOOD

    I created my account entered my address and at the end it asked me to verify my address so I did, The system then changed my address off by one house and locked it in and there is no way to change the address now I have to call-in to DANNY’s to get them to send to the correct address NO GOOD. Also, they don’t tell you in the app or the website that their food is being delivered by a third-party delivery service the in-store help had no idea who was delivering my order. I would love to be a part of your consult or making this service better. call me.

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    Could be improved

    CON: Doesn’t have an option to keep you logged in or to save login info. Would be nice to be able to use have login saved and be able to use Touch ID. If you switch out of the app it logs you out, which is frustrating because then you have to re-log back in. PRO: Have been able to use it at multiple locations without any issues. Allows customization of menu items.

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Is Denny's Safe?

No. Denny's does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 666 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Denny's Is 14.5/100.

Is Denny's Legit?

No. Denny's does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 666 Denny's User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Denny's Is 14.5/100.

Is Denny's not working?

Denny's works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By 0x0ef301
May 02 2021

Same as all the others. Unfortunately, this has been going on so long, with the same problems, it’s clear Denny’s doesn’t feel their app is a priority, has zero idea of how much business and customer’s they are losing, over something so simple. After all, ordering on their web site from a computer, which is not how most of us order now-a-days, works with no problems. Also unfortunate is that it appears Denny’s is not paying attention to any feedback from sites like this. While I’m sure more than one person at Denny’s, and their outsourced developer, works on the app, there is “one” person at Denny’s corp, who “owns” the responsibility to make this app work. That person, needs a performance review based on all this feedback.

By Jessica Plank
Apr 29 2021

I’ve attempted twice to order Denny’s online using their website. The 1st time my credit card was accepted, received a text from my credit union showing this transaction, but no confirmation email & the restaurant had no record of my order. I showed Denny’s staff my cell phone with proof of the order & charge, so they filled my order. Today my card was denied because of some information mismatch, but then seconds later received a text from my credit union showing this transaction. Again no confirmation email & Denny’s had no record of my order so I gave up. My Visa account doesn’t show this charge & my credit union said the charge had dropped off. Not sure what that means. Also, it’s not “curbside pickup” if you have to go inside the restaurant to sign the credit card receipt.

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