MetaTrader 4 Reviews

MetaTrader 4 Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

Connect to hundreds of brokers and trade on currency markets from the MetaTrader
4 for iPhone or iPad! The mobile trading platform allows you to perform trading
operations and analyze currency quotes using technical indicators and graphical
objects. TRADING • Real-time quotes of fina...

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MetaTrader 4 Reviews

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    Need Updates

    Most of my problems or request are like other people. Push notifications would be nice to tell be a trade has been stopped, taken profit, or trade orders being triggered. The charting is easy to navigate but would like to be able to adjust orders, triggers, and stops from the chart itself but I can live with those problems. The most annoying this is I’ll have Many currency pairs charted and set for orders to be taken care of, then all of a sudden all my charting disappears and the whole chart system restarts to default without any of my lines or drawings! This is the glitch/bug that needs to be addressed the most because it’s a hassle to have to do everything over and over again. But I did notice that if I only analyze 6 charts or below the charts stay drawn up for a longer period of time so it must be a memory storage issue on the app side. Please fix this because I can’t stand the white background of tradingview, plus white backgrounds use up more battery!

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    Great potential, but needs to be updated

    This is a good platform to monitor and make trades, I just wish the app could fix certain bugs and add some additional features. For bug fixes: - [PLEASE FIX THIS] When I draw too many shapes across multiple charts (in my case, 6-7 trend lines on all Major and Forex Cross pairs, some exotics and some cryptos), the application will delete all my shapes when I reload the app. This is very frustrating when I spend hours marking up my charts just to have it all deleted moments after finishing. - If I draw big shapes on a large time scale like the D1 or W1, and switch over to the M15 or H1 scale, the shapes disappear on the smaller timeframes even though they are set to show on all timeframes. For features, I would like added: - The ability to turn off auto-zoom so I can scroll vertically on charts. - Ability to set SL/TP by dragging horizontal lines on the charts as opposed to having to type in the exact numbers every time I trade. - A pip calculator tool to let me know the distance between prices more efficiently. - Black background or dark theme for the iPad version of the app. All in all, I think this is a great app and would definitely like to use this as my primary trading platform because it is great for trading on the go. I just really hope the bugs and features I listed can be addressed soon so I can give the app a full 5-star review!

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    Horrible Charting Bug For Years!

    There is a bug that resets charts to default and erases all your drawings. Works well for awhile and then BAM! resets to default and drawings are gone! This has been an ongoing issue for years and updates have done nothing to fix it. Latest update also has an issue with drawing in landscape in the ability to pick up drawing points to adjust drawing. Was not a problem in previous version. Works fine in portrait but when drawing in landscape it’s a problem and you have to constantly turn the phone to portrait to bypass the landscape drawing issue. If these problems get fixed I would rate it a 5. The frustration associated with losing your drawings merits the low rating. The fact that it hasn’t been fixed yet shows this company doesn’t understand how important fixing this issue is for a real trader. I had hoped it was fixed this last update but it’s still there.

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    64 Bit program required

    MetaTrader is great on the phone or iPads, I’ve been self employed because of trading forex for over a year, I upgraded my computers and laptops and turns out that new software doesn’t support 32-Bit programs. Most software companies focus on 64-bit programs. That said if you have apple with Catalina MacOS you can no longer use Metatrader on your laptop or computer. I only use apple for everything and I refuse to use Windows. I think it’s pretty pathetic that such a huge trading platform is still so behind years later and doesn’t move forward to upgrade their program to a 64-Bit and make it easy for MacOS. If you already created an app for IPhones and IPads why not just complete the job and make MacOS apps available for MacBoooks and Mac computers. Let’s see how long it will take from this review until the job actually gets done.

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    Time to add some functionality

    I love that i can monitor multiple accounts on a single app—i have demo and live accounts with 3 brokers and MT4 makes switching between them seamless. Has all the most basic trading features you would expect: basic charts, market prices and basic trade management. Need to add ability to load/unload EAs and custom indicators, and an interface to meta editor and github. So will need basic cloud access—would gladly pay a reasonable fee so that all aspects of my forex trading can actually become mobile!

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    Reliable and smooth app

    Love the app! Been using it for awhile trying to hone in on my forex trading skills. Easy to navigate through the app but the only thing that would make this rating a 5 instead of a 4 is when you make customize your charts and then make a new separate account you cannot customize the new accounts charts. Your still stuck with whatever you had on your previous charts. It would be nice to able to make new real or demo accounts and be able to have the option to have different customizations for different accounts! Other than that..a great app!

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    Best Trading Platform Out There

    Simply THE best charting out there. While obviously not meant to replace the desktop version, MetaTrader Mobile is an amazing way to track the markets and your positions while in the go. I do my studies and set-ups at my desk and then watch and manage via this app. Features I’d love to see added in the future would be price alert notifications, as well as stop and target adjustment from the chart in much the same way you can hold and drag horizontal lines. Otherwise great. And stable!

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    Honestly this app makes placing trades sooooo easy. I could not be happier with convenience and easiness of connecting my broker with this app and placing trades in just a few taps. Viewing my profits (and losses) is set up in an really nice looking layout and makes my life easier. I know I say the word “easy” a lot, but what word is better to describe an app that’s used for placing trades. “Easy” should be how the app is set up. I simply view charts and do my technical analysis on TradingView and then place my trades right here. I have no complaints.

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    This app functions just as it should. But there is definitely room for improvement. Most of us intraday traders are active during late hours of the night. This app NEEDS an night mode version where the background is black. The phone version of this app has this function, so I don’t see why the iPad version can’t have it. Also, push notifications would be amazing, so we can know about the status of our trades and prospects. Other trading services have these functions, please don’t fall behind your competitors.

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    Needs Black Background for iPad

    Great app, but desperately needs the “Green on Black” color scheme that’s already available on iPhones but still unavailable on iPads for some reason. I’ve enjoyed this app for a year, and I always just assumed it would’ve been updated by now, but the App Store says MT4 hasn’t been updated in over a year (MT5, which I don’t use, hasn’t been updated in 7 months) The impact of not being able to use a black background on my battery life & the strain on my eyes has been pretty frustrating. Please update. (Thank you)

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    Like this app, although needs some improvement

    Ive been using this app for over 6 months and there are some improvements that would be great 1) have a notification based system, ie tells you when a position has been activated or a take profit/stop loss has been hit 2) automatic setting for stop loss movement, as in you can set a trade when it reaches a certain price move stop loss to entry thats just an example 3)have a graph specific to everyone, it should show your equity against time. Can be used to show your growth 4)also make your history be stored on both the server and your phone, because it takes very long to reload your history, however if it was saved on your phone as data it would be instantaneous or atleast give the option of choosing where to save the data 5)also most important is on each trade have an area where you can type notes. Helps to keep track of trades and reason for trade. Thanks you

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    Could be better if...

    This app is functional and somewhat user-friendly but it could use a tuneup. Being able to move your T/P, Buy/Sell, and S/L on Chart mode would be nice. A “Stat” mode would also make a great feature to analyze your trade history in more depth (ie worst trading days, avg pips won/lost, etc.). Also just as easy as you are able to Buy/Sell on Chart Mode, there should also be a “Close Trade” option on Chart Mode as well. Last but not least is having Push notifications for when trades are executed or designated price points are hit. That’s just my two cents. Happy trading everyone!

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    So much better than version 5

    This platform is intuitive and does everything I want from scaling out of trades to providing critical indications like ATR and volume. Some of the default indicators are worthless but you can search for custom Indicators created by others (available for purchase - but beware b/c they usually won’t work much better than the free ones). The mobile version is limited but still very good for trading on-the-go.

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    Needs updating

    The app hasn’t changed much over that’s 5 years. It needs updating. I don’t understand how you still don’t have the black/grey background after it’s been requested for so many years. Also, I dislike that I don’t have templates! While I enjoy that I can have 4 pairs up and even one-click trading, you need to allow us to at least save 1 template for when we cancel out those screens from time to time. These things force me to use TradingView and then come use MT4 just to place the orders. Heiken Ashi candles would be nice a nice option as well!

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    Good but missing key features

    I would easily give 5 stars if many of the key features were available. Notifications and trailing stop ability from Mobil would be amazing. Unfortunately I have to manually do it and that makes it tough. I also have to constantly watch a pair that comes within range, versus if notification was available I could simply wait until I'm notified allowing me to focus on key trades I'm already in. Aside from these small app adjustments the app overall is very reliable and easy to use and navigate!

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Is MetaTrader 4 Safe?

Yes. MetaTrader 4 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 48,517 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MetaTrader 4 Is 63.7/100.

Is MetaTrader 4 Legit?

Yes. MetaTrader 4 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 48,517 MetaTrader 4 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MetaTrader 4 Is 63.7/100.

Is MetaTrader 4 not working?

MetaTrader 4 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Jun Leavy
May 09 2021

I invested a total of $65,000.00USD worth of Bitcoin with an online company who does trading and was guaranteed a payout of 25% a week. They ended up shutting down their company website but their website was still running. So I could still see my dashboard at that time and instead of paying weekly they ended up compounding my money. It ended up compounding to $179,000USD so I requested for a withdrawal which was declined before they shutdown their website, I complained to my colleague at work who directed me about this recovery expert, Mr. Christopher that helped him, i contacted him immediately, what surprised me most that I recovered my money that same week. You can contact him at [email protected] and he will assist you on the steps to recover your invested funds. Good luck as you contact him for help.

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