Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad Reviews

Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

Join over 5 million people who’ve sent money internationally to loved ones
with Remitly. Send money with Remitly and we promise: • You’ll get the
exact date and time your money will arrive with your recipient. • Peace of
mind because we encrypt all transfers and protect you against frau...

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Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad Reviews

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    Worst customer service

    I sent my remittance Nov 9. According to the receipt, fund would be available Nov 16 which is fine with me coz the schedule of my mortgage payment for my house is every 18 of the month. I was relaxed hoping that the money would be in my account in the Philippines since I saw a record of transfer from my US bank account. On the 16th of afternoon I informed my uncle in the Philippines that he could pay my mortgage since the money is at my Phil account already but my uncle checked and said no record of fund yet so I checked and he was right. No one ever bothered to call me or email me to inform me so that I could have done something. I emailed customer service once, no response. I emailed again but still no response. The next day Emailed again but still no response. I called and I was told that because my account was Chinabank and they are only partnered with BDO. What? I have been sending my remittance to my chinabank account. The CSR told me that by Monday morning the fund would be in my account. My uncle contacted me again and said still none. Today is Monday and 18th of Nov. Meaning I was not able to pay my mortgage on time because of Remitly’s negligence. If you only informed me ahead of time then this problem would not occur. I entrusted you my hard earned money. I have been your customer for 5 years. I also work in the customer service industry and I am trained to never neglect our clients.

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    The best app!

    I’ve been searching for an app or service which can transfer money overseas without charge me too much, take a long time to get the and secure. I am very sceptical when it comes to money, so I need to be sure that my information is safe and my money have sent out securely. I found this app on google and it turns out very amazing! When I used it the first, a customers service called to verify my information and ID is correct. Since then, I’ve been using this app without feeling scared or worried that my money will be stolen. They have express service which your fund will be delivered only in a few minutes! The service fee isn’t too bad only 4$. Plus, This app is very user friendly. I hope this app continuing their best performance and stay superb! Thanks for helping me solve my overseas money problems! 😆

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    1st Experiences were satisfying

    I haven’t used apps ever to send a lot of money before as I am skeptical and have a habit of not trusting things so easily but my friend recommended this to me and here as some of my good experiences. (Note: Again these are my experiences and may differ from others experiences) 1. App was simple to use. 2. Customer service was really good and answered all of my questions and cleared all of my doubts. 3. Took less than 45mins for the transfer which was still respectable in my eyes. 4. The security and verification i felt were important and necessary to protect my identity and prevent any fraudulent transactions from happening, so people have made a big issue out of it in the review section, i don’t exactly know what happened with them but these 1* reviews actually were hampering my judgement of trusting this app but the security and verification i felt was purely justified. There still might be a time where I might not be happy or satisfied with the app but thats not today and I hope this app provides users the same security while sending money to others whether small or big and keeping it simple as well. Well done Remitly.

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    (Stay out of this app)Sending money is a issue in this app

    So I was sending money and I pay a fee for a rush service they promised a quick service for 3 usd$, then they violated the agreements for such service and call they’ve even care to call you when they are having issues giving you different time or even days for a new day to the money to arrive to final destination, I call them requesting my 3$ because is was the right thing to do so because they say something and they then violated they own rules and agreements this is very stupid. And of course this app is a good candidate to be reported in the consumer protection office. Sadly this app relays on 3 person partnership meaning that the company itself has nothing to do with money involving so for instance is the partner say not to a transaction you’re done. Also when sending money since app relays in that partnership as well the service will be affected by those partner. Recommendations I suggest keep using other services like xoom or western union which they are more easily and friendly (personal experience)

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    I love Remilty

    After sending money for years via Western Union or Money Graham I was utterly frustrated with the fact that there are apps kept stopped working after a while and I’d have to delete and re-download them. And then one day Western Union in for me that I have been flagged they canceled my money transfer my fiancé needed the money to pay some bills and She had her cable shut off because of Western Union canceling my transfer and flagging me. I repeatedly contacted Western Union asking for an explanation on why they did that and all they could say is that I may have violated some law in some country they do business in and therefore I said bye-bye Western Union and Money Graham and now I switch to Remilty and I couldn’t be happier!!!

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    Rude, Terrible, Inefficient Service

    It’s the first time I tested the water using this service for money transfer to my friend in Vietnam. An agent with Filipino accent called me back and asked a ton of very-personal-questions such as “Where do you live? How long did you live there? Who is the receiver? How did you know each other? How long you did you know each other? What is the relationship between both of you? Where did you meet? What is the lucky money?” bla bla.... It was so annoying and impolite. I also told her that they are so personal questions. She kept asking and said she would process my transaction. After she hung up a few minutes, I received an email stated my transaction was canceled. How ashamed customer service is! I felt like being interviewed by USCIS. Just $500 sending as a lucky money for a friend for Lunar New Year. There is no problem with XOOM at all. Terrible service! Be mindful and careful if you want to try this service.

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    Documents take forever

    I was a very happy user until they started the double security step. I needed to send money right away, the app doesn’t tell you anything about uploading additional documents such as driver license and proof or residence before you send money. Once you ‘sent the money’ I got a message saying my founds were on hold until I uploaded additional information. I’ve been sending money before and now that I needed it urgently they just suddenly asked for that. Ok, so I sent the documents on a Friday at 1 pm, I got an email saying my money was going to be processed until Monday morning since they have to review my documents. What??? You should’ve let the costumers know the extra security steps before sending money. I canceled my transfer and I won’t ever use this service. You guys don’t understand we need to send money as soon as possible and you can’t just simply hold your money without prior notice. Terrible!

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    This app is Gold

    I found this app just in the Knick of time. I have tried money gram, WesternUnion, and other transfer sites to no avail!!! They all block my transactions, and send no notifications, for “security reasons”. I have dealings in Nigeria, which I admit, has a sketchy reputation, but there ARE normal people there too. I like how this site takes no responsibility if your dumb enough to send all of your money to a prince. That’s how every transfer company should be. Then they would be able to send money in SECONDS... Just like these lovely people who made this genius app. If I hadn’t found this, my day and possibly near future may have been greatly altered!!! LITERALLY... thank you!!!!!!!!! This app is gold

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    First time worked great

    Worked great the first time around. Well except for the fact that we had issues going through Palawan pawnshop. Talked to support on the phone and within in a few hours had the transaction available at a nearby banking partner or whatever it was. Either way it works nice the first time has a promo so express will be free the first time around which was nice. Customer support worked well and they were quick, it went smooth. Overall would recommend to anyone needing to do a quick transfer to help out a friend/family member or spouse.

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    Bad service

    Bad service and also bad customer service. I’m in Mexico and I tried to send money to my brother in law so he can give it to me and he wasn’t able to get it out. The called me to let me know the money was in hold because they need to verified some information about my account. The half me on hold for 15 min. They the told me that they needed to verified my bank account that it was mine that I had to send a bank statement to them. First time using this app and it was a fail. It’s has 5 stars but it’s not what they say it is. I told the the lady that was helping me out if there anything they can do since there a 5 star rating and she only keep saying that she needed my bank statement and to top it of they blocked my account I can’t go in the app. What time off app does this so the won’t get a bad review I’m telling you this is not what they say it is. I honest don’t recommend this app if you need to seen money ASAP.

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    Do Not Use! Waste Of Time! Use Xoom!!!!!!

    I would give this 0 stars!!!!!!! I was recommended this app by my mom. She watched the advertisement in the morning. I saw the exchange rates which were great; I filled out all the information processed my transfer. 2 days later I get an email to verify information. I call during my lunch, they bombard me with person question....why are you sending money? Who is the person your sending? Why sooo much money? Also I needed to submit a copy of my bank statement to prove my account was joint since I did say it was a joint account. It took a me a couple days to get the statement. I finally submitted it online and was told in an hour I would see a response. At the end of my work day no update was given. I called customer care and was bombarded by more questions. She dared to ask me if I was put up to send money. She kept asking me to state my name and if i was lying. Do I have to explain why I can speak English? Then I get an email that my transaction was canceled. I was soooo upset, this was a family emergency! I was patient to let’s all these days pass to get canceled for suspicious activity. I called to find out why and they read me the agreement and I hung up. I went to Xoom and my money was sent in less than 24 hours with no questions asked. What a waste of time. Do not use this App!

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    Waste of time and money!

    About 6-7 months ago Remitly was the best service but in recent times its been the worst! They always put you in review and then you have to keep calling them back with no luck. Recently I was asked to provide the recipient’s ID card but then rejected the ID because it was not in do you expect other country’s ID cards to in English if English isn’t used there?? Either hire people who can verify foreign language documents or don’t ask for those documents. We can’t have the government make Remitly specific ID cards. Had to ask them to return the payment so I can send some other way. Another payment of mine took 2 weeks to get cleared. Basically they always find a way to delay your payment. Some of my friends have had similar experiences but I gave it another chance because some months ago it was really the best service out there!

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    Everything is bad

    Remitly is the worst transfer app, I have ever seen. I went to the App Store to look for an app and I saw Remitly i downloaded it, the first time I tried sending money was very bad too I was told to do a verification about why m sending the money, where do I get my money from, how’s the receiver related to me at first I thought this is normal but after I tried sending money to him again The same thing was asked I was even asked to provide a govt Id just to send money, I had to be transferred from one person to another for verification and one of the customer service even told me if I don’t send my govt Id, my money won’t be send to the receiver or will I get my money back to my account and I felt threatened, as a 18 year old guy who is saving money back at home from my pay checks I should be concern about that I don’t know if it’s the company’s policy but I feel this is wrong

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    Never open account

    Im trying to help creat my grandma an account due to she got kids in the Philippines that she supported, she lives in a nursing home and she got no transportation, to go to a remittances center now due the question that I answered honestly they deactivated the account,they ask me who created the account I answered honestly that i did due to how can an 83 years old created an account by herself I assisted my grandma and it is under her email I provide her name , her phone number and her nursing home address, but because of understanding that the agent mistakenly understands that i do have all access to the account they still did deactivate the account , basically just waste my grandma’s min’s on her phone , her time and also she expects that she could have easy access from month2 without going anywhere., never recommend feel bad for my grandma but there is nothing that i can do.

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    FULL OF 💩!!

    So today was my first time ever using this service. I signed up input everything necessary...a few hours later I get an email that the TRANSACTION was canceled (a little over $200)and to call with questions. I called with questions and was asked 1000 questions until I stopped him and asked WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I was given several inaccurate answers..."fraud dept closed your account"..."you've been exhibiting fraudulent activity" (on my first transaction)🤔 "the other representative you spoke with believes..." (haven't spoke to anyone) "let me see if we can reinstate the account" "you may have violated our terms of agreement" Ok, before you try to reinstate me, I need to know what im accused of because I will do the same exact thing on my second attempt that I did on my first, so tell me EXACTLY where I went wrong. "Im not allowed to tell you EXACTLY what you did for security purposes"...BOY BYE!

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Is Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad Safe?

Yes. Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 487,234 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad Is 22.9/100.

Is Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad Legit?

Yes. Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 487,234 Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad Is 22.9/100.

Is Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad not working?

Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Why should I report an Issue with Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Remitly: Transfer Money Abroad.

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