Bed Bath & Beyond Reviews

Bed Bath & Beyond Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

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App crashes and loses your whole cart

I spent about two hours shopping for the right size of cabinet organizers and things I needed for my place. Then when I started adding silverware, it didn’t want me to add anything to my car because it said I had another browser open. All I had was just BedBathBeyond open. So then I tried again and it worked. But then I went through the whole process of putting in my information my credit card. And then as soon as I hit place order app crashes. And I tried really hard to use this very limited coupon, I was excited that’s why I spent two hours shopping for things that I needed. And then BedBathBeyond crashed. So I just reload BedBathBeyond and my entire cart is empty. And nothing that I have done for the last two hours is there. The only things that were still there were items that I saved for later purchase. Sadly the coupon expires in 47 minutes from me writing this review. And I do not have the time, and I’m super tired, too quickly, in 45 minutes to try to find every single item I had in my cart to buy and use this coupon. Also I have a fear now of losing my cart again. I guess I will just visit BedBathBeyond and try to purchase it another time maybe. But they have my money, that’s one thing for sure!!


The perfect store!

Having been a BB&B customer for 40+ years, I’ve bought several homes full of household items. Never once have I been unhappy with their level of service; returns and exchanges have been easy and pleasant as well with the help in finding a particular ‘thing’ whether online or in-store. When they offered the one-time fee to get the automatic 20% off entire purchase for a year, I jumped right on that! No more coupons in my car or purse! It also entitles you to free shipping which is MUCH faster than they say. Their prices are almost always cheaper or at least competitive with discount stores with their quality and selection being far superior. During COVID they couldn’t have been more accommodating and continue to be. An excellent store that still makes shopping FUN!


New bugs found

Hi BB&B App Team - I found a few bugs on the Account > My Offers tab: (1) Clicking “Manage Preferences” at the top right of the screen doesn’t do anything (2) Expired and used coupons are still appearing in my coupons list (3) “scan to add” - i tried scanning a coupon barcode from a mailer and it appeared to take but didn’t show up in my coupons list so I closed and reopened BedBathBeyond then scanned again and received a error message of “oops that’s an invalid input. Please try again.” (4) “add manually” - the keyboard that pops up is a phone number keyboard so you can only type in numbers and not letters but the MO on the mailer includes letters. I tried adding the barcode number, though, after issue (3) and still received an invalid input. Previous issues - FIXED! Thank you! App works well overall but I noticed two issues: (1) opening BedBathBeyond causes any music/podcast to stop and (2) I’m signed in correctly but a random email (not my email) appears on the top of the coupon screen


Quite disappointed

I love bed Bath and beyond but now even trying to write a review BedBathBeyond kicks me out. But I frankly have to agree with some of the other reviews about the fact that I apply my offers —take the time to put them into my wallet which yes is a great feature and then boom when it goes to process payment those offers have been removed. Now I don’t want to think that bed bath and beyond is sneaky I’d like to think it’s a glitch and it will be fixed because every time I’ve placed or try to order something it takes me a couple days because it keeps taking out the coupons and I get so frustrated that I just have to stop. Now for the last three days I’m trying to purchase the beyond plus membership and it either freezes takes forever or deletes all my information and I have to keep trying to do it. I am going to try one more time and hopefully I will not have any issues because I love bed Bath and beyond I love your coupons and I’m just so frustrated though with BedBathBeyond but hey listen technology isn’t 100% so if it’s the worst problem I have today it’s a good day


Curtains and valances

Ordered curtains from store to be shipped to my home by fed ex, got a text they were delivered I was home at the time and checked my front steps, no package 😖 I immediately called fed ex and bbb the wait on both lines was ungodly, I finally reached a rep and she had a language barrier after 15 min. I hung up and a few min later her supervisor called me and said she would place another order for me (not) I waited the 7 business days she told me to and I called back I was told there was no order for me I called again talked to another supervisor he said he was going to send me a voucher for $50. to my email to use at their stores (not) 😖 in turn I had to call numerous stores to see if they had them in stock and had to travel to both. Now I’m trying to get the matching valances and was able to get 4 but I need another 4 and I called the 800 # again a language barrier and ask if there was any at all in their stores the rep told me she would send me a list via email in 24 hrs. I believe I now have to send them all back and find a reputable company to deal with 😔


Excellent App and Program

This is an awesome app! And they keep a record of every order. This came in handy when my 1-1/2 year old Dyson bit the dust (like the pun?). With the receipt misplaced (and after a year and a half, it really isn't BB&B's fault at all, so the receipt wouldn't have mattered there. But I found out that Dyson has a 2 year manufacture's warranty. This record enabled me to get the $600+ back (we have two Alaskan Malamutes - a good vacuum is essential). Vet told me that the Shark Navigator is better anyways, so I had it delivered from BB&B and she was correct. No more holding onto coupons, plus $20 saving me $600 - priceless!! Very happy customer.


Be Careful when Ordering with coupons/offers

I love Bed Bath and Beyond but recently on BedBathBeyond , when I am ordering items, it will remove offers from my order randomly. I am a college student so I have the student savings pass. I will apply the offers that I have, and then when I go to input my credit card information, the offers will be removed. Also, if you click away from your cart, it will remove all offers (i.e If you click to look at the pictures of the items you are buying, and then you return to your cart, it will remove all coupons/promos/offers. Its very annoying. I went and put in a new credit card and pressed order only to see on the next page that they had removed my free shipping and 20% off coupons. Very frustrating! I had to call and cancel my order and then I had to reorder with the promos. Also, I have yet to receive an email or any proof that my original order has been cancelled (including a refund). Bed Bath and Beyond, you need to fix this issue.


Better Than The Website! - But Change The Customer Chat Please

BedBathBeyond is so easy to use that even a first time customer/user would be able to figure it out! The navigation menu at the bottom is clear and organized! You can see your “my funds” and click on each one to see what they were earned from. The checkout is super easy AND you get a 5% bonus right now when using Apple Pay! The only thing that is a negative is that when you’re in BedBathBeyond and go to “chat” with customer service, it brings you straight to iMessage on the iPhone. On the website when you “chat” it opens up a tiny screen within the website and it shows you how many people are in line in front of you and they get back to you quickly. On the iMessage “chat” which they automatically send you to in BedBathBeyond doesn’t show how many people are in front of you nor any time estimation. On average when using the in-app chat option, and subsequently being led to my iMessage to talk to them, I wait about 2-3 hours to hear back. I’m not sure why it takes so much longer in iMessage but there should be an option to choose whether you’d like to open it in iMessage or stay in BedBathBeyond to chat.


It’s decent.

App overall is easy to use without too many issues. My main gripe is obtaining info about the products. For example, baking sheets. If I click on “features and specifications” to obtain any sort of information on the product, BedBathBeyond tells me to select size and color first. It appears you can do it from that page, but you have to go back to the main product page. I’ll do that, and still receive the same message when going back into “features and specifications.” I tried getting info for sheets and it was the same story. Knowing ahead a time what the product is made out of, washing care, heat point, etc., is extremely useful (and saves in time, shipping, and returning)- I guess I’ll have to use the website over BedBathBeyond until this small but major issue is fixed.



I ordered an item on the 14th and received a arrival date of the 16th it didn’t arrive and that’s ok I didn’t need it till Christmas. The weekend came by and bed bath and beyond started advertising last chance to order and get it by Christmas. I reached out to fedex and they said it was the shippers issue. So I reach out to bed bath and beyond saying the package hadn’t moved in days they said not to worry it was still on it way. A couple more days went by and I reached out again. They said there was a 3-5 delay from the original ship date. I said perfect it’s already been 5 days. She then said it would be here by the 22nd. It is now the 22nd and the package like I’ve been telling them still hasn’t left moved on the tracking at all. You shipping is an absolute joke and if there’s an issue I understand but don’t lie to me and at this point I’ve been lied to twice. Don’t purchase from BedBathAndBeyond


Money Missing/My Funds Not Used

I had made a prior purchase where there remained a balance from the gift cards that I selected to keep in My Funds. When I went to make another purchase after that transaction, the money was no longer in the balance of My Funds. I also added a gift card to the My Fund balance to make a purchase and selected my debit card for any additional cost over the amount that would be covered by the gift card. The transaction instead charged my card the entire amount and the My Funds balance has not changed and still includes the gift card balance. It is really frustrating as we do not have extra money to be throwing around and the gift cards are from our wedding two years ago.


Good app, needs some QA testers

I like BedBathBeyond . It does what it needs to. I definitely prefer BedBathBeyond over the website. I wish products had more pictures. I can’t believe the number of products I’ve looked at that only have one photo. Also, idea board products don’t allow you to click into the product. No matter where I click on the product (image, reviews, etc) it brings up the little pop up asking how much I want to add to the cart. I just want to look at the product again for some additional info/specs. Only the Add To Cart button should bring up the add to cart pop up. Right now, there’s no way for me to get back to the product again without manually searching for it, which is frustrating.


The worst

Customer service is a nightmare, fake promises and terrible estimates, first agent apologized and made a request for another order to be shipped(all lies), after 10 days contacted second agent said sorry the first agent didn’t make the request and i will go ahead and make it(lies again), after few days received an email saying the 2nd agent is refunding my order and i should get a refund in about 3 days, after another 10 days received no refund(I never asked for refund) and i received an email saying sorry for delays and you should get your refund in about 5 days. Now its been more than another 10 days and never heard anything for these guys. I am going directly to my American Express Credit Card to get my money back. My experience showed me the truth behind bbb


So Easy to Navigate and Checkout!

I’ve ALWAYS loved Bed Bath and Beyond, since it first came to my area. BedBathBeyond is so easy to navigate and find what I want, and many things I didn’t know I wanted! I go to BedBathBeyond and “window shop” until I’ve been through the entire store. One of the best shopping apps I’ve ever used. I became a Beyond+ member last year, and WILL renew when the time comes. I love that when I make my purchases, my info is already saved in BedBathBeyond and I automatically get 20% off and Free Shipping EVERY purchase! On BedBathBeyond , I can check out all of the clearance items, get some great deals and still get 20% off and Free Shipping!


Bed bath beyond plus

I would probably give BBB a higher rating but a year and a half ago I signed on for their plus plan with 20% off all purchases. Though I used it for a few things I didn’t renew, however, I just got an email congratulating me on my 6 month anniversary. When I called to say I didn’t renew and didn’t want to I was told it is automatic and unfortunately even though I never used it they would not refund my money This is not good practice for a company to get money from unsuspecting buyers. Since I was in the process of moving 6 months ago and then hardly shopped, especially with the Covid shut downs, the plan was useless but I was charged for it anyway. I feel a refund should be in order. But they tell me that’s out of the question.


Very Disappointed

Love local BB but when signed up for $29 for year long discount made an error by leaving out one letter from my email address. So have two id’s with BB, with one with the first letter of last name and another for $29 that I can’t use because of original typo leaving out the one letter of e-mail address. Have spent four hours on phone with BB and another three hours with store personnel. I finally said take the $29 and have a party, (ok was a little more graphic) I’m done with stupid games and incompetence of corporate idiots, local store staff tried and tried to fix several times. So still shop in store but have extreme anger for corporate idiots and lack of success to fix what should be easy piesy problem. Corporate = 0 Local store = 4 for effort. Boise Idaho


Super slow, cannot use coupons as a beyond plus member

BedBathBeyond is SOOOOO slow and has been for the year plus I’ve had it. Adding to lists was improved as it was inaccessible prior. You cannot see photo reviews which is awful. You also cannot write reviews of products in BedBathBeyond which is ridiculous. The most disappointing is that if you are a beyond plus member—a yearly subscription that gives you free shipping and 20% off all items—you cannot use coupons. Not even a $10 or $20 off your purchase. This is also ridiculous and very disappointing. BBB only allows “1 coupon per transaction” and considers being a beyond plus member and utilizing your 20% off as a coupon! It’s not a coupon, it’s a paid in full subscription service. This is appalling honestly and I’m not happy with BBB.


Bed, Bath and Beyond

This application makes it convenient to shop for products offered by the store. With BedBathBeyond users can shop for items by Brands or Categories. Users can also use BedBathBeyond to manage their account, look for store locations as well as look up one's gift card balance. Users can use in store and offline store promotions within BedBathBeyond . Users can also see if products are available in their local store. The design leaves a bit to be desired being made for the iPhone instead of both the iPhone and the iPad so the resolution quality is a somewhat subpar. Still, for regular shoppers of the store BedBathBeyond meets your needs in about every way.


Revised Review...Excellent customer service -.Very disappointing

Developer got in touch with me immediately and turns out the issue with the coupon was a mis-read on my part. Thumbprint is a security issue that they are going to work on – still love bed Bath and beyond What drew me to BedBathBeyond was the opportunity to get 20% off my entire purchase every time I shop – we use bed bath and beyond a lot so the $29 purchase price was worth it. The coupon on BedBathBeyond is always expired, and in addition the thumbprint login doesn’t pop up. You need to manually log in with a password every time – yes I have the thumbprint option checked


BB&B Beyond+

Getting the Bed Bath & Beyond+ was the wisest thing I’ve ever done. I shop at the Constitution store often (my “go to” store for nearly everything I need) and having BedBathBeyond on my cell that gives me 20% Off my Entire Purchase (and free shipping, if ordered online) has been priceless. So much better than saving the mailed coupons, hoping you brought enough coupons for each item you bought, or accidentally forgetting to bring them with you. So worth the small yearly fee (it pays for itself after your first visit)!


Coupon selection

Every time you proceed to checkout the system automatically deletes any coupons you’ve selected off. This is a know issue. It would be awesome if your It could proactively correct this issue. Other than that minor issue, Your in-store and call center customer service is phenomenal. I continue as a customer because and only because your team members are amongst the few stores whom still strive to provide outstanding customer service and assistance! Please take a close look at my last order (standing mixer and satin pillow case) and greatly reward that team member. She worked fast friendly and effectively and I truly appreciated her assistance! Please let her know as I did but have a chance to do so! Please look up my contact information and feel free to give me a call should you have any other questions!!


Always pleasant to shop at bed bath and beyond

It’s always such a wonderful experience to shop at bed bath and beyond stores or online. Every item in our house is brought from bed bath and beyond. We love the 20% discount that is offered. Also the people at Springfield store are wonderful and make our shopping so easy. It has become our default store to shop at and the luxury products that they carry are a treat to touch and feel and finally have them at our home.


Please fix the sign in bug!

Unable to sign into BedBathBeyond . After I attempt to sign in, BedBathBeyond deletes my password out. When I attempt to log in again I get a username/password error. I’ve confronted my password is accurate on the site. I’ve had this issue for a while now. It was fixed in a previous update and is now back. I’m unable to use my Beyond+ account through BedBathBeyond because of this. And now I’m wondering if I should just cancel my membership all together. I’ve contacted the iOS help staff who attempted to help with no lock. Please fix! Update: Support was able to get to the root of this issue. My rating for BedBathBeyond has been updated.


I like that my coupons are always there!

I also like the program of always getting 20% off and free shipping. I have bought several items because it was faster to have them shipped than taking the time and having to drive into Denton to go to your store (I live about a half hour away in a rural part of the county). One thing I don’t like is why do so many items on the website not have any reviews? I am not rich enough to buy cheap things, so when I purchase something expensive (to me), I want verification it is of good quality. You usually do get what you pay for, but not always.


Horrible experience

Used this to order new sheets for our recently purchased bed. Ordered two different sets of sheets on Dec 2nd, 2018. One order came right away. Second order, which showed it was in stock, had a delivery date of March 2019. Tried to cancel it several time but BedBathBeyond would not let me. Called customer service 5 times and while some reps were trying and were very nice, no one could cancel the order. Finally the order was delivered the first week of January as someone finally got the order expedited. After we received the order, I deleted BedBathBeyond . I recommend you go to a store near you. It’s worth it not to get the hassle through online purchases. BB&B is still a good store but their online web site and app are just horrible.


The app is unhelpful

I don’t know if it is just BedBathBeyond or Bed, Bath and Beyond’s own computer system, but trying to locate an item that is supposedly in stock in a store is ridiculous. There is no way to locate where this item is supposed to be in the store. The supposed number available is not accurate. And once you get in the store their system is also not accurate. The employees can’t find items they supposedly carry. It also appears BedBathBeyond and the store systems don’t communicate well because your app can show you have a coupon, and the store system seems to delay it recognizing it. Also when you try to redeem said coupons online with BedBathBeyond , it doesn’t work. The instructions don’t match what is actually occurring.


Gift registry

Annette at bed bath and beyond in Westbury was the most helpful person. She spent 7 hours between 2 days with us showing us everything and explaining everything. My fiancé and I couldn’t of asked for a more helpful associate! The store was clean and organized and so many options. For the few things we couldn’t find she found online for us. Even personalized things. If you are going to do your wedding registry ask for Anette!


Great App

Living out in a rural area BedBathBeyond is ideal and perfect. Provides me the option of purchasing online for pickup, delivery to my home or if available in the store nearest me if I want to see the item(don't have to make trip only to find not stocked in the store)Easy to use. Easy to find items and there is an outstanding selection on everything. I like all about Bed, Bath and Beyond - excellent merchant.


20% off promo doesn't even work on app

I setup an account on here to get 20% off online. It said if I setup an bb&b account and download BedBathBeyond I could 20% off online/app use. It took about 6 hours to receive the offer in my email, I printed the coupon, scanned it with BedBathBeyond and it says in store only. The point of signing up online and getting BedBathBeyond and doing all that was to get the online/app 20% off. The offer was very misleading and now I'm setup for an online account & app I can't even use because I have to go into the store anyways if I want the 20%... So installing this was totally pointless.

Is Bed Bath Beyond Safe?

Yes. Bed Bath & Beyond is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 215,330 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bed Bath & Beyond Is 22.0/100.

Is Bed Bath Beyond Legit?

Yes. Bed Bath & Beyond is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 215,330 Bed Bath & Beyond User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bed Bath & Beyond Is 22.0/100.

Is Bed Bath & Beyond not working?

Bed Bath & Beyond works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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