IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide Reviews

IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-27

An intuitive, ergonomic mobile trading platform. Monitor market activity and
trade with real-time quotes, charts, and market scanners. Both standard order
types and complex option spreads are supported. Thinking about opening an
account at IBKR? Take our mobile platform for a test drive...

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IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide Reviews

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    Transferring Funds is a pain

    Still can’t successfully transfer funds within the app. The latest versions provided a “Home” tab that has a transfer funds option but you still have to verify your login information and be authenticated again after you initiate the transfer. But if you follow the links within the app, it just crashes after authentication and my transfer attempt discontinues. Still have to access account management in Safari to get a transfer to successfully go through. Also, can’t pick my tax lots when I sell stock in the app. Limited to an out of date “Tax optimizer” that is terribly configured and reliant on Java. Love the brokerage company and trading for the most part on the app is really good but account management is a disaster within the app.

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    Good update

    Short Interest rate and Market Cap are no longer working on watchlist or portfolio. Please fix and also add % of IB shares short. Thanks for all the improvements in this version! 1. It does feel like charts are slower to load now? I realize there is more logic with adding trading features, but would like it a bit faster. 2. More ability to work columns in portfolio view 3. Better use of landscape on iPhone XS Max (is a lot of wasted space) 4. Better Multitasking, at least give 60 seconds before requiring to relog in. If I swipe to my password manager and then back I have to log in again and then re-navigate to the view I was on. 5. There are columns like MKT Value that are available in Portfolio view, but then only MKT Value % is available in watchlist. This wouldn’t matter as much if you could sort portfolio view. 7. Split screen support on IPad 8. When you click to Portfolio, it calculates your daily change, and then recalculates again. That initial calculation is often off by many thousands of dollars, giving me a heart attack on a daily basis. Please don’t display the daily calculations until they are accurate.

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    Great app, but there are still 2 bugs

    The app is incredibly solid with responsive developers who are always improving the stability, interface, and complement of features. HOWEVER, THERE ARE STILL TWO BUGS: In the watchlist, if a futures contract is listed for a specific expiration, then the graph will show live orders and the days order history will display underneath the graph. However, if the futures contract is set with the “infinity” sign indicating that it will update to the next expiration date once it expires, then live orders, active orders, or past orders will NOT show on the graph or beneath it. If I login to one of my three iPads, then my login credentials are rejected on the other iPads even if my identity is confirmed with Apple’s camera ID system. I am not permitted to login automatically even for “read only access” of watch lists. I have to retype my login credentials and use 2 factor authentication with my iPhone. This problem does not seem to occur if I login to my iPhone and then back to an iPad, however. This is a great app that continually evolves positively.

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    Can’t log in to account

    I have two different logins for two different accounts. They have to stay separate for a reason. I can only login to one account and the second kicks me out on the Face ID. I can’t even create a ticket because I can’t log in to my account. For some reasons messages stopped coming to my phone so I have to do the app authentication even if I want to log in from the website. Since I can’t login from the phone....I can’t log in from the website. See the issue? Basically have no way of logging into my account. *update. I figured out how to activate to security devices for two different accounts using the same smartphone.

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    Somewhat limited

    The IB app is okay - limited, but fine for keeping on eye on things if you’re on the move, and it’s improved a lot over the years. Some notes: 1. On my iPhone 7, the drop downs for modeling date and parameters (P&L, Greeks) for an option contract don’t work. They drop down but roll up immediately before I can select anything. Works fine on my iPad Pro. 2. Again in option contract modeling - allowing only 5%, 10% and 30% max moves is inconvenient when one is trading daily/ weekly contracts, especially close to expiration. Would like a to be able to chart at (say) 1% and 3% moves also. 3. Overall, options modeling is somewhat limited. Would like to be able to model complex positions in a less clunky way - probably not on the iPhone, but definitely on the iPad. 4. Adding a little more capability to charting (again on the iPad, rather than the iPhone) would be great... things like customizing colors/ line style for indicators, customizing background color, adding template capability (i.e. saving layouts), etc. Doesn’t need to become TradeStation - just upgrades for usability and appearance.

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    Update issues

    The latest update seems to be causing reconnecting issues at log in. It has to roll through 4 or 5 attempts to connect before it finally goes through which can be a problem if you need to get in and make a time sensitive trade. I never had this problem before until this past update a few days ago. But I love the new ability to see my trade history for the past seven days though quite frankly, it was long overdue. Otherwise a good slick app that gets the job done well for making phone trades. I use it every day.

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    Bad design

    As a software developer, I completely understand how it got this way, but nevertheless, it doesn’t excuse it. This application and their desktop version are the most horrible un user friendly pieces of software I have ever attempted to use. There is no consistency with context menus... attempting to find information about account balance, trade history, company information... it’s just not intuitive. Don’t get me wrong... this application has probably every Bell and whistle that a trader could want, it just should have had a real application architect leading the effort to ensure a smooth application. As a result it’s just a conglomeration of ideas packed into an application with multiple non-intuitive ways to access.

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    Some order-entry improvements please

    Two improvements related to order entry for your consideration: (i) including the capability of automatically exercising a put or call option at market once the underlying shares reach a certain price; (ii) including the capability of entering a combined market order for both the option and the underlying shares such that the market order for both instruments gets executed simultaneously (so not to get whipsawed by price action of the two instruments when entering market orders for both instruments sequentially).

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    Outstanding improvements

    The paper mode for personal education is key for user comfort level. I’ve traded on many mobile apps before, and this is by far the most inclusive app I’ve ever used. Order entry is very smooth, and intuitive. Charts are easily expandable and widen with pinch/reverse motion. The range of chart studies have been greatly improved. Option strategies for different combination is easily achieved. Account information is detailed, along with quick order entry from portfolio page.

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    Quite User UNfriendly

    If touchid doesn’t work which it often doesn’t, have to use a different app called IB Key to login. And the login isn’t even valid for a few hours. When you switch n come back, you need to go thru the whole drill again. Also annoying multiple yes pop-boxes have to be clicked before an order can be placed. By the time all these actions are complete, the price would all different. I just don’t get why they are so behind the times. They should take a look at some competitor apps like TOS or Tastyworks. Trading Mobile apps are the hot thing for people today and they don’t invest enough attention or effort in this.

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    Option quotes don't load!

    Half the time option quotes for a given expiry don't even load. I usually trade ES weekly options and screen is half empty. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds to load. Sometimes a minute. And sometimes they never load! I don't have all day to just sit there and hope quotes load up. I called customer service multiple times and they couldn't help. All they suggested was reinstall app and restart phone which I did to no help. This is sad considering you have to pay for live data. Update: issue still persists after more than a month. You can't take a broker seriously who has serious data issues. Changing my rating to 1 star.

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    Poor Programing

    Like “missing so much” review. I’m discouraged about the lack of investor NEEDS knowledge your programming has. * The IB Key switch back is terrible. Most individuals with cash to invest are knowledgeable about digi pass type security confirmation. The IB programmers are making it WAY to cumbersome and never explain their updates to user. Example: I was using my IB Key on my iPad with the platform. Then suddenly NONE of it worked properly without an explanation. For people that are busy and need access. It’s unacceptable. * Call in support needs some serious training. If any call in support team is using VOIP ~ you’ve confirmed the security of the investor. GET A NUMBER and call them back if the VOIP drops the call. I’ve waited for up to 20 mins. Gone through the security confirm and then the call drops. The call in support staff should be able to call me back. * The platform itself is good. Not great, but “Ok”. But it’s being dictated by programmers that don’t seem to have a securities trading background. More BETA’s and less push it out fast!!!

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    Mobile app

    The app is fine, but the IB customer service can be challenging at times. I called IB about their updated app. I told them I wanted to change the tabs at the bottom of the screen. The rep had no idea how to do that. After my conversation with the rep it was nail after 8 PM Eastern time and nobody could help me. So I googled how to change the tabs at the bottom of the app and after doing a little research and reading I figured out how to do it on my own.

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    Poor chart graphics

    Executions work fine. Charts are small and you cannot expand them. The chart graphics are poor and difficult to see. Hard to see the coor lines on the moving averages and the fonts on the price levels. You better know the exact symbol for a stock price quote or it will not show. I like the strategy builder for option spreads, very easy to use. Would like to see more option indicators like implied volatility vs historical option volatility. Of course, love the low commission fees.

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    Fees on top of fees, company oriented “ customer “ support .

    Let me start with the fees for quotes , just to see your stock or etf price you have to pay 10$ plus add on fee 4.5$ a month and that’s on top of 10$ activity fee, money withdrawal fee, commissions etc. they charge you 25 $ a month just to have your account open. The customer service is rude ( disconnect you phone calls) or reject any request to help whatsoever. The platform is super confusing to use , it takes weeks to learn how to use their software which is difficult to access, customize and use. I will be closing my account and moving my assets to different more reputable and customer friendly stock broker.

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Is IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide Safe?

Yes. IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 882 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide Is 37.5/100.

Is IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide Legit?

Yes. IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 882 IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide Is 37.5/100.

Is IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide not working?

IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Have a Problem with IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide? Report Issue

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using IBKR Mobile - Invest Worldwide.

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