Cinemark Theatres Reviews

Cinemark Theatres Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Introducing the updated Cinemark Theatres app. Enjoy easy access to showtimes,
movie tickets & info, and the Cinemark Movie Rewards program! With the Cinemark
app you can: • Get tickets in advance • Reserve your seats • Access your
Cinemark Movie Rewards account • Browse your favorite t...

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Loves Cinemark

I love love CinemarkTheatres! Its easy to browse the different times for movies in different theaters that are close. Also super great to be able to purchase tickets ahead of time. While I have not gotten a whole lot of points I was able to redeem a few merchandise items so that was so cool to do. I’m also bought in to be a Cinemark member so I get great discounts for movies even premier events which brings ticket prices down and as an older sister of 3 I’m always buying 2 or more tickets so discounts are great! My only complaints is the cinemode feature which when you turn it on during a movie and then turn it off when it ends, it should give you a discount or coupon (I’m all about discount though these aren’t that great) but often mine keeps crashing in the theater. As well as looking for a more convenient way to look up seat arrangements it’s hassling to have to press the amount of ticket that are going to be purchased then the thumb print (iOS) while trying to quickly get a check on what’s available. Nothing that is a deal breaker but would love to have easier navigation.



Best thing ever!!! And it is so user friendly. Will never be without it I especially want to send a shout out to Ms. Soto and Ms. Hernandez at the Tinseltown Movies 20 in Pflugerville for the unbelievable service they gave to my family of 12. We purchased tickets on line and when we got to the theater there were some rude teenagers in our seats who acted like they had those seats. Finally after asking to see their tickets they were actually in the front row instead of the back row. From their body language I knew they were trying to pull a fast one. Because of the time it took to get it straight I missed a few min of the movie but and. Soto and Ms. Hernandez made it a wonderful experience. We were seeing Jumanji at Christmastime with my family. Thank you so much to these two ladies. I love Cinemark and the rewards program. Please let these two ladies know how much they meant to me.


Convenient app

user friendly app. Sometimes if you select seats, proceed to checkout and then have a need to go back and either update seats or guest type, you get locked out of the cart and unable to go back and purchase. I usually have to wait the 5-7 mins for the seat selection timer to run out before I go back and start all over. I’ve lost seats due to this faulty area of CinemarkTheatres . Hope this can be fixed soon. Also if chair recliner in theaters are broken, take them offline so we don’t have to select them then go to theater and realize chair malfunction. It’s very upsetting. In this Covid-19 era, we can’t be moving around like before because seats are assigned and 6 feet distance has to be observed. Anyways, I’m COVID-19 vaccinated so I’m not too paranoid anymore.


Stay Away!

I was excited to download CinemarkTheatres. We go to 1 of 3 CineMark theaters in our area at least 3 times a month. Plus we’d just gotten a $100 CineMark gift card. So I thought it would be easier to just use the CineMark app versus Fandango. I tried to purchase 4 tickets through CinemarkTheatres and the transaction never completed on my end. I never received a confirmation and my app doesn’t show any transactions in my purchase history, but the amount was deducted from the gift card. I called guest services and Jason was able to see a completed transaction on his end. I told him I never got confirmation and if I would’ve gotten tickets, I would not have purchased the tickets through Fandango for another theater. He sounded perturbed, but he said he would refund the price of the tickets. I went back in to check my gift card balance, and instead of a refund, an additional $14 was deducted from the card. I guess I’ll be using Fandango from now on. I hate that $78 of our friends’ money was wasted and I’m glad I didn’t save my credit or bank card in my profile.


Works well but big bug on new iPhone XR

CinemarkTheatres does a lot. I really like it. But for some reason CinemarkTheatres doesn’t seem to know that the XR is a FaceID device. I already had CinemarkTheatres installed and was using TouchID on my old device. I upgraded to the new XR and then every time I tried to purchase tickets, CinemarkTheatres would crash at the point it was trying to display the TouchID prompt. I deleted and reinstalled CinemarkTheatres and when signing in, there is a “use TouchID” option even though this is a FaceID device. If I sign in with the TouchID option marked, CinemarkTheatres immediately crashes. On an iPhone X and an iPhone XS, that TouchID option isn’t even available. So it appears the developers don’t know anything about the XR. Hope they fix this soon because I prefer using biometrics when purchasing tickets.


Perfect except removal of tickets to apple wallet

I have been using CinemarkTheatres for years now and cannot remember a single real issue since I started using it. However, they recently removed one of the most convenient features. You can no longer add tickets to the apple wallet. This is a bizarre step backwards. They had the best theater experience possible and then just made it worse. I could previously get through the concession stand and ticket booth without ever having to open my phone and get into an app. I could double click my lock button and access my tickets, my movie club membership, and pay for snacks all without having to navigate anything. Please please please bring back the ability to add movie tickets to apple wallet. Other than that, everything else works wonderfully.



We love our local Cinemark - West Plano! That we can drive to it in under 5 minutes and see all of the best new releases, in the comfort of roomy luxury recliners, is awesome. To see so many great action adventure and sci-fi films in the 3-D D-Box seats is akin to being in the actual movie and experiencing all of the movements and vibrations while in a realistic 3-D visual concept. The Kettle Corn at our CINEMARK is it’s own food group, the staff are always friendly and accommodating and the theaters are always clean and enjoyable...not too hot and not too cold! It’s the most reasonably priced entertainment in town! We joined the CINEMARK Movie Club when it was first introduced, and have really gotten our money’s worth many times over! Thank you for that. 🇺🇸😉👍🏼



It’s a great app, service, and theater company. However every time I’ve tried reserving tickets, if I leave the check out page within CinemarkTheatres for any reason I lose my cart and yet can’t re-select my chosen seats for 10 min while they’re in limbo until CinemarkTheatres cancels the previous purchase attempt since too much time has passed. But there’s no way to actually buy the tickets I’m reserving during that time. Part of leaving the check out page has been to add gift card info, or to re-select food/drink to be delivered thats not showing up on my order so I try to add it again and then lose the option to check out with the reserved tickets and have to wait. So that’s a glitch to be handled too please. Again, overall I’ll keep using CinemarkTheatres cause the concept and design is great but please fix these issues.


Painfully basic

Not sure why CinemarkTheatres has such high ratings, it’s an incredibly simple app... The “movies” tab should have all movies that are currently out and also have like six months worth of UPCOMING movies. They got five... the movies tab should be like a mini IMDb or something. Anyway I’m trying to buy a ticket for Spiral that THEY ARE advertising on their app, and you can’t even do it through their poopy simple child app. Unbelievably irritating. CinemarkTheatres is just so embarrassing, zero depth, almost no thought put into it, the design is as basic as humanly possible, red and white COOL, maybe you could make a more advanced design seeing as there’s only TWO colors to this apps design. I’m sure Cinemark isn’t paying the developers enough money, and this was the best they could make, so this message goes to Cinemark... Y’all are cheapskates, pay them more for a better app. Anyway it makes me wanna puke 2 stars 🤢🤮


Support is lacking when help requested

Contacted this developer due to not being able to access CinemarkTheatres after I had changed iPhones. CinemarkTheatres appears stuck in a login loop, and just shows “something went wrong, try again” when attempting to refresh and log in. Provided all the info that was requested, to include screenshots of CinemarkTheatres version, the error messages, and device info (make/model/iOS), and haven’t received any reply, after inquiring a few times. I deleted and reinstalled CinemarkTheatres , along with installing a fresh iOS on said device, without resolution, which is why I reached out for assistance. No point in an account if I am not able to access it. I still see the same errors after updating to the current version, and app developer support has ghosted me, as I have sent two emails requesting updates over the last 72 hours with zero response. You lost a customer here.


The app works fine, but you can’t put your Connections card or coupons into Apple Passbook/Wallet.

I use CinemarkTheatres a lot and for what I use it for, it works well. Current and upcoming movies are easy to find, and showtimes are clearly laid out and default to the last theater I checked. It would be nice though if the Connections card and coupons were in the same place. When I’m at the register, I just want to quickly scan my rewards card, quickly scan the coupons, but these are on different screens. The clerks at the registers make me scan my Connections rewards card first, and from there, you then have to go through three other screens to get to the coupons in the My Rewards screen. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s annoying when you have to deal with children, the food you wanna buy, your wallet, and your phone. I’ve noticed that some theaters accept Apple Pay and a more seamless experience would be if I could use my watch to check in, redeem coupons, and pay for my tickets and food. Review update for 3.0 update: In the list of theaters, there's no way to toggle between nearest theaters and favorites. Very annoying.


25% theater capacity limits...

...make me want to hurl CinemarkTheatres sometimes. I make a theater selection, it shows a bunch of available seats. I choose the number I want. Then when I check out, it says it’s sold out. Even if I go back in and unselect the seats, it won’t “forget” that I chose them for five minutes. I have to count the number of seats in the theater, divide by four, and count the number of seats taken to see if there’s enough for us. I’m a programmer and I know there’s a couple of things you can do to make it better. 1. Show the dang theater capacity and how many seats I can choose. Don’t let me choose more than I can. 2. Have a button where I can clear all of my previous selections. Simple ways to avoid customer aggravation. Do you guys even use CinemarkTheatres to see how it works under these conditions??


Excellent Deals w/ this App

If you go to 2 or movies per month this is an incredible deal, especially if you buy for 2 or more people. You break even after the first movie and save big after that. This is also the easiest (only?) way to get a refund if you can't use your ticket. CinemarkTheatres works perfectly every time. Might take awhile to get used to maneuvering within it, but that's ok for me. Hint: Be sure to highlight the star next to your favorite theaters. Makes life easier. Hint #2: always move your tickets to your phone's "wallet", in case phone reception is bad at the theater, which seems to happen a lot.


Password reset

As an update been well over 24 hours and still have yet to receive a single email. Who sending automated emails was so hard. So have tried 3 times to get password reset email but can’t seem to get it. I don’t know how hard it is or what exactly goes into getting those emails out. So tried twice on the email I know is the right one the first try it’s been about half the day the second try on the right email has been about 5 mins. I even tried on an email I know is not my right email but wanted to see if I would get an email there as well but didn’t. I have checked my emails and even spam and nothing. Stuff like this that seems like an easy thing is making it real easy to never be a premium member again like I was when the program first rolled out. If this is how easy tasks are handled I don’t want to know what a difficult task is handled like.


Download the app

It’s a good app. I say this because the process of purchasing a ticket is easy and I haven’t had an errors with CinemarkTheatres which is a plus! Once you purchase your movie tickets your skipping the lines to purchase because you already downloaded them to your phone which is a plus! Picking your seats are easy as well when purchasing your tickets the only down fall about that is that when you click on the seating area it don’t pop up like ticket master to share where your sitting until you pick the seats and go about securing them which isn’t a big deal if you know where you like to sit. Other than that CinemarkTheatres is great download it and explore this free app.


Fix the iPad tablet bug!!

I agree with other posts that since update offering monthly subscription I can’t get to the movies! No way to click on “don’t show again”. If I couldn’t get it to work on my iPhone I wouldn’t be able to book tickets on a mobile device on this site. It’s Shameful the way app versions are released these days and not tested in the real world. Tried deleting and signing in again, when trying to access the local Theatres it takes you to a map where you are locked into the screen. If I could give CinemarkTheatres a ZERO I would, plus fire all CinemarkTheatres developers.


Not User Friendly - Even for Millennials

CinemarkTheatres is cumbersome to use. It is not user friendly, in that I’m a millennial, and I have to spend an excessive amount of time searching for simple tasks/items I want to use on a regular basis. When looking to redeem points, dumb stuff like free T-shirt’s is first, when what should be viewable is drinks and popcorn. Using Cinemode to get the largest rewards is becoming less and less attractive as apps like RunPee are insanely popular and easy to use during movies, while being discrete, not causing sound or light disturbance. Possibly expand to something like that? Your app has not improved AT ALL in the past 1.5 years I’ve been using it. And few employees on the ground can answer any questions about it. Over all, not a good app at all.


Seating chart

I had difficult time viewing the seats available. Seating chart show only one line so I have to enlarge repeatedly. Once enlarge I still could not see the whole chart. Took several times to finally see the whole chart displayed because I wanted 2 seats in a row. I ended up waiting for 5 mins by going backward from the showtime screen to restart the seats selection. So frustrated. I have been members for several years. When can I obtain a free member ticket? It was usually granted once a month in the past before the pandemic. It would be nice to receive some kind of news to members through your app or email would be nice.


Modernize Already!!!

CinemarkTheatres is the most ancient of apps when it comes to user friendliness, which means it wasn’t designed to make your life easy. You can’t purchase tickets within CinemarkTheatres . You’re rerouted to the online site which doesn’t remember you despite you choosing that option. Once you finally get signed on, you don’t have the option to use ApplePay which is a headache of headaches because you have to input your credit info—such a waste of time. There’s nothing convenient about a movie ticketing app that doesn’t let you use it for the entire buying process, from your movie choices to the ticket purchase. Fandango is so much better but I can’t get discounts for this theatre through them anymore. I’m not sure where the 5 star ratings are coming from but CinemarkTheatres isn’t iPhone user friendly and it deserves 0 stars.


Reward perkies

I always doubted about signing up for the rewards Cinemark. But one day I was like why not I come every week with my family, get to reserve seats online, buy tickets, don’t have to wait the line. Go strait to the ticket booth and scan my barcode for my tickets. What more can I ask for. The sweet deal doesn’t even end there, you get 20% off the concession stand!! All you’re purchases. And on top of that every month you get a free movie ticket, What more can you ask for. I don’t know why people don’t hop on CinemarkTheatres . Best decision ever if you’re a movie go-er.


Solid app and simple to use.

CinemarkTheatres is pretty solid and easy to use. Purchasing tickets is a simple process, including seat selection for auditoriums with assigned seating. The only thing missing for me is integration with AppleWatch. The Movie Club is a fair price and has several benefits, including free tickets that don’t expire, discounts on concessions, etc. Cinemark has a loyalty program accessible via CinemarkTheatres . The interesting thing about the points system is that you get far more points for concession items than for movie tickets. This makes sense, as theatres make very little money on ticket sales. Their primary source of income is via the concession stand. So help your local theatre out and buy concessions.


Awesome App

Just great. Especially if you have the movie club. Worth the monthly fee. You get the monthly fee back, and more, if you’re an avid movie goer. Very convenient - no need to stay in line for tickets. Convenience fee is waived - that’s a $1.50 extra a ticket if you don’t have the movie club - it adds up, trust me. You’re free movie rolls over - we usually go to the movies on matinee days so we just pay for the movies and save the free movie tickets for regular movie days - which are a lot of expensive obviously. I’d recommend CinemarkTheatres to anyone. Especially if you’re looking to save some $$$. Who wouldn’t, right?


Glitches and seat purchasing malfunctions

This is second time the credit card scan option glitched while trying to purchase seats and when I restart CinemarkTheatres the seats are gone and not because someone purchased them, but because they are still in the cart from my last attempt to but the tickets now it shows those seats are no longer available 😤 A bad problem to have when the seat purchasing requires customers to buy seats in advance but all the good seats are in someone’s cart that is no longer accessible 🤬


We love Cinemark and the movie club!

I wish they lasted more non-mainstream movies but no one does anymore. That said, we can often find something we like every other month. This works out well for us since we are in their movie club, which gives us a substantial saving on tickets, and rolls over into the next month if we don’t use one. If we DO decide to go, we can purchase a second ticket for the discount price. So now we don’t have to go on a matinee just to see a movie. The theaters are clean, the seats are comfortable, and we get a discount on the snacks.


Current version needs to be fixed

The current release of CinemarkTheatres saw the removal of your saved gift cards from the home screen. It used to be so easy to access the gift card bar codes to scan come payment time. Not only was easy access to your gift cards removed, there was no way to access the gift card barcodes at all in CinemarkTheatres anymore. This caught me off guard at the movie theater today and after spending several minutes trying to figure out how to access my saved gift cards in CinemarkTheatres , I had no choice but to pay with a credit card. Another flaw of the Cinemark app and the Cinemark website overall is the overly complicated and convoluted process of adding gift cards to your account on CinemarkTheatres . I literally had to read the instructions word by word, several times before I was able to figure out how to add gift cards to my account. For some reason they don’t allow you to do it directly from your account on CinemarkTheatres . You first have to go to your account on ther website, and then manually register your gift cards—they really made the process of adding gift cards to your account as difficult and complicated as possible.

Is Cinemark Theatres Safe?

Yes. Cinemark Theatres is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 512,660 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Cinemark Theatres Is 21.6/100.

Is Cinemark Theatres Legit?

Yes. Cinemark Theatres is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 512,660 Cinemark Theatres User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Cinemark Theatres Is 21.6/100.

Is Cinemark Theatres not working?

Cinemark Theatres works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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