Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern Reviews

Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-09

The Marcus Theatres mobile app is now available for Movie Tavern customers! •
Now with Movie Tavern locations! The upgraded app features a brand-new interface
with more to offer moviegoers like you. • Search for movies, sign up for the
Magical Movie Rewards program, purchase tickets and...

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Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern Reviews

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    Harder than it needed to be?!

    As a consumer I’m not sure why a separate new app was needed vs just making a update/rework. Thus making this “transition” seamless. As others mentioned there was plenty of frustration logging in the old app and it wasn’t working. Spent some time just troubleshooting my phone connection before realizing the app was discontinued. Why not have a notification window pop up saying “Hey there’s a new app, please click to download”. I mean that’s how just about everyone else pushes an update. Instead you had an cryptic message in the movie title saying “download our new mobile app, DreamLounger”. Didn’t even notice the message until I was about to look up an AMC theater. I’m guessing they had their reasons. Oh and yes you have to create an entirely new account. I tried a few times with different email addresses wondering, what address did I use?! Non of them were found in the forgot password option. Wasn’t until I read another posters comments saying just create another account then add your rewards member number. Oh okay, not such a big deal as long as I don’t lose all my reward points. Once I got through all that garbage on Friday night right before the movie everything seemed to work fine. Kind of a dumb thing to complain about but I bet I’ve spent close to $1K at this theater over this past year for my family of 5 and this is what I get? Otherwise thanks for what appears to be an updated UI that’s just as slow as the last app. Yay!

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    I had the Movie Tavern app and tried to open it, it never told me the app shut down and needed to download a new app... it just kept saying server busy. After a week passed tried again same thing so I finally went to the App Store to see if I needed to manually update, just to find out it’s no longer there. Why copy amc anyways. I use the Cinemark app with ease, this one seems poorly done like a cluster duck. I still manage to purchase tickets hoping app doesn’t screw me. And my god please reconsider those stupid fees(online purchase fee per ticket)!!!! I’m saving us both time and your charging me... I even feel you get more benefits because now I have to drive a extra 40 minutes.. you idiots (theaters) started this seat saving so now, not to waste my gas to drive to the theater, I use the app to save my seat which is your idea... I still save that person time and soon you can do most of this automated and won’t need to pay a person to sell ticked because I know basic computer skills.. just saying in the future to save money I’ll just stay local because spending an extra $40-50 just to use your theaters doesn’t seem worth it. Yes I’m including gas in a V8.. I’m just consider building a home theater and the hell with over priced movie theaters... you know when you you spend more on popcorn and a drink then you did actually watching a movie something is up. Your screwed if you have a large family.... Anyways the app need work!

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    New version

    I don’t like that some of the best features from the original version was dropped when making this new & so called new version of the rewards app. I liked that I could view the previews straight from the movie listings not having to go back to the beginning to see what’s the movie is about. That blows. I liked that the old version let u know how long is the movie. That’s very important information for the viewers for planning there outings. I love that when u purchase movie tickets u could add it to your calendar straight from the app. That was the best so people could be reminded of there upcoming movie date. I liked that u could see what special was running for rewards members e.g 2$ candy and hotdogs etc. It was nice to be able to plan what u were going to buy or buy something u would not have normally bought because it was to expensive. Those are my biggest problems I have with this new app version. Other than that it seems to be an okay app. But if some how those few things could be added as a update it would be great. That along with the many new great things u can do from this app will make this app fantastic. Just some ideas

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    Good and bad

    While purchasing the tickets online is a great. The idea of buying the food and drink ahead of time is horrible mainly because I’m the kind of person who doesn’t know what I’ll get til I get there. While I understand the idea was probably thought of as a step to limit contact for covid it is poorly executed and falsely advertised at least the theater I went to. As the ad in the preshow and everywhere I see shows that the food will be ready when you get there instead of having the popcorn and drink filled when I got there I still had to wait for them to get the food together and had to get the drink as self serve. My suggestion if the theater is not going to fill the drink then don’t have the option of what you want the drink and instead just have the size of the drink the same for the popcorn if your going to not have it ready by the time and ask for butter in person then take out that step as well. Another more positive suggestion when you buy the tickets before going into the check out have an option to add the food in one go instead of two separate purchases as it is not friendly at all for people who do a quick check out as a guest.

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    Better app missing one feature I use for all tickets

    This is better than the last it’s smoother it works better than the last one thing missing is the ability adding the tickets to passes in wallet. Now technically you can still do that but downside is only can do right after purchasing tickets. If you back out or close app and go to tickets there is no option to add to wallet which isn’t a huge thing but I had forgotten to add to wallet the first time but now that I’m trying to add wallet to share the passes with my family I can’t. And because often I drop them off in front so I can go park they can grab tickets now I have to give my phone to somebody for them to have the tickets to get it and start buying popcorn. And I can’t call to see if they are in line or in the seats or I have trouble getting in because staff wants to see a ticket and I got nothing to show. Please add the option to add to passes at any point in time like the last app thanks.

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    Not a good “showing” to go backwards in app features!!

    Why would you remove the ability to at least see an icon (let alone, and better yet, click a link to the actual movie trailer) FROM MY LOCAL THEATER SELECTED PAGE?? Makes no sense. Why isn’t there an easily-found (if at all) option for the app to open directly to my “favorited” theater. The other initial pages don’t matter. Who does your user interface/user experience testing and validation?? Movie goers really don’t care about the full gamut of all the movies across the country at Marcus theaters (corporate arrogance) if they can’t see it at the theater they normally go to. Your brand is not that strong that most would go out of their way to find a Marcus Theater for the sake of it being Marcus...and the lack of thoughtfulness put into your app’s REGRESSION in CAPABILITY is just one example of its brand weakness. I don’t mean to be all negative, so Yay! for $5 Tuesdays. I’m appreciative of that. But it has nothing to do with the weakness of this app which is very vital to the Marcus brands very first impression to all of the movies goers who use it.

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    Why are y’all complainin’?

    I just saw the message in the old app as it was a movie title. I thought it was a funny way of doing it, especially if they weren't able to do a notification. Y’all know the owner likes his comedy if you have ever been to a movie at a Marcus theatre. Chill out guys. The new app is absolutely amazing and so needed. I was able to easily add my magical movies reward card to it with no issues. I selected the movie I wanted, and got to pay with Apple Pay which is really convenient. This is so much better than the old app that crashed on me every other second. Thanks for listening to people!

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    Why is this so difficult?

    A movie app should make it easy to select the theater, see all of the show times, and select and buy tickets with or without rewards. WHY has this new app become worse? The last app was no prize, I was excited to get this new one, and then quickly let down. It’s difficult to see your rewards card balance, and also to access tickets which are both buried under your “profile”. Also, if I frequently visit the same theater, why doesn’t the app have the option to open up, by default for that theatre?? Instead, I have to go “Theaters”, then select my favorite, and then see a list of movies - all of which take a while to load. The app wastes a lot of screen space with pictures when you could have more intuitive icon links to get to the movie selection and purchase quickly. Selecting seats is also MUCH slower and hard to read. Please make it easier to see Movie “rewards balance” and to see “My Tickets” from the main screen!

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    Cumbersome- step backwards from previous app

    You can’t just scroll and see showtimes. You have to click each individual movie poster to see the time that movie is playing. Remember the times, go back out to the main screen then select the next movie and remember those move times, and repeat for another movie. When negotiating as a family which movie everyone will agree to see this is tedious. You know the timeframe you have the family together or just when you are free. It’s much simpler and user friendly AND functional to be able to scan and see a list of multiple movies and times playing in one list. This way if my husband and I know we are free after 8pm we can scan the list looking for movies that start around then and make a decision on those movies vs clicking on movies we might be interested in only to find the first 3 we selected don’t work. You don’t become excited to go to movies when it’s your fourth movie choice option.

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    Really bad compared to the old version

    I’m surprised by the really high ratings for this app and wonder if maybe they were left for the original app, they changed it up about six months ago. Now it’s visually ugly and difficult to navigate to the point where I now search for movies in Fandango and if it’s playing at the Marcus I come over to this app just to make the reservation. You can no longer watch the trailers directly from the app the way that I could before and there are no thumbnails so you can’t really tell which movie is which unless you know the names of the movies. I don’t remember all the names of the new movies! thumbnails are helpful for that. of course you can still make reservations and if you’re a Marcus member you don’t pay for the fee so it’s still worth it to use the app. It’s just such a bummer the direction they've gone with this. it’s like going back in time in app design.

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    Get your App together!

    Thank you for forcing me to download a new app that not only doesn’t work, but now I am not even able to use the old app. I set up a new account, linked my movie rewards, selected the theaters in our area, etc... Next step, I try to find tickets for my family to see a movie, and guess what happens?! Not only can I not see movies in our local theaters, I can’t even find them via the search function. Meaning I can’t even purchase tickets online anymore, so thanks for that... Another thing I noticed was that there is no longer an option to preview the available seating. Needless to to say, I am beyond disappointed at this point. My family really enjoy going to the movies and purchasing tickets online made that much more convenient! Maybe next time do a little more field testing and make sure your product works before just throwing it out there. I am beyond disappointed by this huge indiscretion towards your loyal customers

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    Can’t order tickets!!!

    Why would you shut down the old app before your new one is operational? I went on the old app to see what new movies were out. It no longer shows the movies at all and I kept being told to download the new app. After downloading the new app I had to create a profile, find my rewards card to enter that number, enter my local theater and other preferences After all that, I tried to see what movies were playing at my local theater and their times. (Which you would think would pop right up since I took the time to set my theater in the preferences) I had to search the theater and kept getting an error message saying my theater is unavailable. I eventually just picked a movie and tried to go from there. Again when it came to selecting a theater in the search bar it said my theater was unavailable. I scrolled down and hit the more theaters button about 10 times before I found my theater. It would only show showtimes for today if I tried to switch days I got the error and had to start all over. When I got back to the screen and tried to select a seat for today It wouldn’t let me select a seat or show which seats were taken. Needless to say, I went to AMC and got tickets to their dine in theater instead, since your app wouldn’t sell me tickets. Why not leave the old app operational until you get this one working?

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    Would be fine if it worked.

    As I opened up the app it prompted me to make an account so I complied. First, my last name has a space in it, which is not allowed, which is fine until when I attempt to add my already existing rewards card. It asks for the card number naturally, then it asks for my last name for the card. I don’t add space, doesn’t work, I do add a space doesn’t work. I try capitalization, also doesn’t work. So I skip that step and move onto looking at the schedule of movies. It brings up my theater selection but once I go to select a theater it doesn’t work. It doesn’t bring up the movies. The whole purpose of the app is non existent in its current state. I understand some bugs but this is a bit too much. I will update my review if the app actually works but I can’t be too much more positive on this when we had an app the worked with Fandango and then they give us an app that doesn’t work with this Marcus app.

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    Needs some work

    When I first opened the app it looked suspiciously similar to the AMC app, which is not particularly appealing either, but I figured they must have had positive user experience for Marcus to copy/emulate it. This Marcus Theaters app lacks some of the easy to use features the previous app offered: ease of locating the tickets for the movie you just purchased, being able to view all movies at your favorite theater, and the ability to see your current point status without having to click through several items (which are not necessarily intuitive). Additionally, the price for the tickets was $0.60 higher per ticket than if I purchased it in the theater. It seems as if I was charged a fee for convenience even as a member of the rewards program. Not seeing an advantage with the new app 😔

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    Marcus Theater App

    Even though I don’t go to movies because it’s so expensive, I love the app! With $5 Tuesday’s, I look forward to going more often. I love how the app tracks your genres to help suggest movies to see. The only thing that would make this app better would be to update it to have a tab at the bottom where people can tag movies (in theaters now, coming soon, etc) to a “see list.” This will help track what they want to see so they don’t miss anything. Also, a tab to have people tag what movies they have seen in theaters will help too, so they can decide if they want to see it again or not. Just an idea. I have a separate app that tracks movies that I want to see, movies I own, etc. it would be nice if I could have just one app for it!

A better way to Contact apps

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Is Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern Safe?

Yes. Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 22,715 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern Is 40.6/100.

Is Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern Legit?

Yes. Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 22,715 Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern Is 40.6/100.

Is Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern not working?

Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Marcus Theatres & Movie Tavern.

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