GMX - Mail & Cloud Reviews

GMX - Mail & Cloud Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-01

Get the most out of your email accounts with the GMX Mail app for iPhone and
iPad. Checking your emails on the go is now easier than ever for iOS users.
With the GMX app, you have one powerful mobile solution for all your email
needs. It offers access to your account wherever you are, m...

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GMX - Mail & Cloud Reviews

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    Absolutely Zero customer support

    I had a very important email that was sent to my email. I tried to get in and I couldn’t log in. Password was never changed. They said to use recovery email. But I was in a constant loop of being told to contact customer support. They sent only the same link that did not work. I replied that it did not work. They resend same email with the same links which did not work previously. Then I get the exact same useless email yet again and the support person says that is the best they can do. I have had this email for over 15 years and all of a sudden I cannot access it and get zero help or support.

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    Login is the only problem

    I love the email but I find difficult to login if I lose my password or forget. The security images are too many of them, clicking and clicking and clicking its very enjoying and makes me want to quit sometimes using your platform. I am not a young person and it’s hard to see some of them. Maybe using a cell number would be a better way to retrieve or confirm my identity to reset the password. Rather than using the imaging system. Many emails is using secondary cell system to retrieve lost password. Sincerely, CZESLAW KNOBBE

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    They block your account for no reason.

    I opened a free acct to try with the intention of upgrading to a paid subscriber to get off of my other email for security and privacy concerns. All went well for about 6 months of testing before moving everything over to GMX then all of the sudden I get a msg on login that my account login was blocked due to irregular activity and to contact support. I contacted support and got an auto reply that I will be contacted by support on my other email acct. Now going on 9 days and no word as to how to unblock and still unable to login. I did a search on “GMX reviews” and see a lot of people complaining about the same thing. To make a long story short I will be looking elsewhere for a private secure email paid account. Going to check out proton and start mail. Something strange going on with this company.

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    Quality Email Replacement

    I’ve long since quit using anything related to Google. I refuse to use any of the Microsoft options and I laugh at Yahoo! GMX provides the freedom, “security” and ease of use that an every day type of email should offer. It’s not the most secure option out there that is free, BUT it does offer an end to end encryption that holds its own amongst the competition. A standalone desktop app would be a great improvement for all platforms, instead of the web-based option and the features within the mobile app could be enhanced, but I can submit a review a lot a later date to outline those ideas in detail.

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    Quite Satisfied

    When Verizon ended its email service, I looked around for a new email provider. I found GMX. Instead of just one email address, I have three: one for business which is connected to one for just friends and family and companies I know won't share my email address, and one completely separate that will get all the commercial and political emails. It was slow for me, but I recently bought a new iPhone and iPad and I think the app is functioning better. I also like the capability to save attachments in the app.

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    It’s actually very simple, even for a stupid

    I accidentally stumbled across this service probably 13 or 14 years ago and started using it. At one point in time I had 18 emails that loaded directly into this server. It made my email collection, sorting and saving very simple and also allows me to answer multiple emails from multiple addresses at the same time. I hear people complain about their email or email service all the time, but sadly using GMX Mail doesn’t let me be able to sympathize with them🤭

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    Longtime GMX user

    I have been a GMX user for well over a decade and have never had any problems at all with their services which is pretty incredible for something that is FREE! I have been using this iPhone app for a few months now and it has been working great - fast secure and reliable. Two suggestions are to allow the pin to be more than four digits and to allow a dark theme for people like me with light sensitivity issues. But even as-is this is a pretty darn good app and service at any price - let alone free.

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    Easy Peasy

    The Home Page is easy to navigate. I’m not sure about ads coming up yet or if there’ll be any. I don’t believe I’ve had that experience as yet. I have had the opportunity to use this mail service before when 1 & 1 services was where I parked my online business web pages. By the way that service was excellent as far as available web page template’s, shopping cart, etc. The cost was nominal and in line with less qualified packages. Seriously, K Fellers

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    Not Secure

    If I could give a rating of 0, I would. Their e-mail service is NOT SECURE. My account was hacked within the last few days. I began receiving Sextortion e-mails threatening me if I did not send them money in the form of Bit Coin. These e-mails contained my correct password for that account. The app works for the most part, however you cannot access your account via their website. When you try to log in it either tells you the account doesn’t exist or your username/password is incorrect. So forget about changing your password if your account is hacked because you cannot do this from the app. Same thing has happened to a friend that uses this service. My advice is STAY AWAY from this company.

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    I have been using GMX since 2012 and find it to be the best service. I have other accounts but they are no match for GMX. There is no fear for security and that peace of mind is wonderful. When checking other sites scrolling through junk mail is time consuming, not so with GMX. Junk mail in in junk mail and my mail is just that, mail. I am very happy that I was told about GMX and wisely chose to try it out. It has been my professional email provider ever since. The very few times there was an issue it was handled quickly and professionally. The main issue has been that I must delete and download the app because it shows that there are emails but nothing shows up in the inbox, trash, spam, or folders. Once I download it again everything reappears. Thank you for the great service. James Luisser

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    Good mail client and very reliable

    The app does provide a good interface for managing your emails on the go and is very simple and easy to navigate. Consequently it doesn’t push complicated features that confuse the average user. I do hope in the future they add a system similar to inbox by Google as they closing up shop, there’s a gap the market for a new inbox zero client. Maybe add a separate app so people can test it and not risk there normal email client packing up

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    GMX Introduced Ads, Now Unusable

    Ever since GMX introduced ads into the inbox feed, the app has become unusable. Error messages occur and the app cannot connect to the GMX mail server. Also, using the web interface to write to GMX technical support has been futile. There has been no response, even with detailed documentation and screen grabs. I went from giving the app a five-star rating to a one. Zero is unavailable.

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    GMX is great, but I wish they would add all features I can access from my computer on their website and make this possible on my iPhone using their GMX app likewise, such as having my GMX calendar viewable for adding, deleting or editing important dates and times. However, I realize this is just a beginning. I hope they can copy ideas from Apple to improve their own app. So far, I love it and it is very clean. JMR

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    Excellent Layout - eMails are very readable

    I’ve been using the for a few days and am very satisfied with how well it works. The layout of all functions is excellent, making emails very readable and other functions easy to find and operate. I have used the full website version on desktop computers for several years, but this phone app is better than that style.

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    Works good

    GMX is surprisingly smooth, works good and the app is well welcome. Being a first time user I was gladly surprise with GMX. One small issue, perhaps, that the calendar does not appear readily available on neither, my iPhone or iPad, like in gmail, or other emails, but on my iMac all features are available, and work like a charm. I am very happy using GMX, and they surely deserve the proper recognition for their easy to use mail.

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Is GMX - Mail & Cloud Safe?

Yes. GMX - Mail & Cloud is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,656 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GMX - Mail & Cloud Is 52.2/100.

Is GMX - Mail & Cloud Legit?

Yes. GMX - Mail & Cloud is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,656 GMX - Mail & Cloud User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GMX - Mail & Cloud Is 52.2/100.

Is GMX - Mail & Cloud not working?

GMX - Mail & Cloud works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Amy Petrowski
Jan 19 2021

I would not recommend them. I suspect they are scammers or something They take your information and run. Try to open up an account with them was granted an account within minutes they decided to close the account for unknown reasons. I've never had an account with them previously nor have I heard of them. I'm now regretting trying them Don't know where my information went but I wouldn't recommend anybody else rolling the dice. Wish I would have had a thumbs up in advance I would have never done it

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