Email - Edison Mail Reviews

Email - Edison Mail Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

"The way to go if you own an iPhone" -Business Insider "Unsubscribe with just a
tap!" -TechCrunch "Faster than Gmail, faster than Outlook" -Walt Mossberg @The
Verge "Well designed" -New York Times Welcome to unparalleled speed, no ads,
less spam, and all your email accounts in one place...

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Email - Edison Mail Reviews

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    One of the best apps on the app store.

    I have never left a review on the App Store, but within one hour I had to leave one for this app. I feel like a lot of times you come across an app or product that is just too good to be true. So here I was reading about Edison, the app that is booked at being the end all be all to productivity. An app that is fast, organizes your emails, let's you block mail from senders you don't won't, and to unsubscribe from those million websites you just subscribe to so you get that 10% off coupon. Here I am to say it's true, I had 34,000 emails on one of my accounts literally just from spam and the occasional bank email I had forgot to switch over because of the junk mail. Key words forgot to switch. I was able to unsubscribe from every spam mail sent in a matter of seconds. What's next? Well I was able to click on one email and then hit "we see you've unscubscribed from this sender would you like to delete all messages from them" HOLY [email protected]" ARE YOU KIDDING?! this was not expected and was an absolute blessing. It also keeps track of your purchases and tracking information. All viewable in app. It let's you adjust the badge icon per category and per email address. It seems infinitely customizable, but in all the good ways. So to whomever is reading this I strongly encourage you to download this app and literally let it change your life. It's that good.

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    Intuitive, Comprehensive, the Best!

    I’ve tried and used a number of email apps over the years - Google for iPhone, Apple’s Mail, etc - and Edison is the clear winner! It handles all the basic functionality of any good email app, but the expanded features and layout simplicity are where this app really shines for me. Expanded features: automatic tracking of packages and deliveries - no fumbling through multiple screens and apps to check delivery status; automatic population of financial and banking emails; the ability to create multiple signatures for different accounts; independent color coding of different accounts; and so much more! The UI and screen layout are by far my most favorite aspect of this app: Google for iPhone seems undercooked, Mail by Apple lacks ultimate customization, but Edison nails the balance of layout and customization. Clicking between views (day/week/month) is simple and logically laid out, and the design takes maximum advantage of the screen. It can also be further tweaked to your liking, set it and forget it. This may sound like a bit of a fanboy review, but with all the half-baked email apps out there, it’s such a relief to find something that just WORKS. And works the way I want, without a lot of fumbling around. Add in the additional performance features, and you’ve just found the end of the line for your email needs. 🙏🏻👍🏻

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    I just got back a life!

    My phone and iPad crashed...long I’ve spent the past three days trying to recover and reboot and, well, you can imagine. I’ve used Outlook for years to organize three fairly active email accounts I had, but it had started to glitch on me, especially after the last update. When I reinstalled it and tried to add a fourth email, it just froze. I spent a stubborn day trying to make it work finally deleting the app and thinking to reload it, when I thought, hmmm, I wonder if there’s something easier. I read the reviews on Edison, hit the GET button, and it literally took me FIFTEEN MINUTES TOPS! It tracks my incoming and outgoing packages separately, WITH PICTURES! I have a very small eBay business, so this is fabulous! You can set slide right, slide left to trash, or file, or whatever you want! And, it came preloaded with files that had perfect names to sync with my files. This app is so intuitive and all of your response-to-clients are super nice! I predict that if your crew is just as keen on the creative side long-term, your company will do very well. In the meantime, I’m loving this email organizing app. One thing: the graphic and color on the app need to stand out more, or add a logo or something on the envelope to delineate it from Outlook. Side-by-side they’re very very similar. You’re special, so stand out!

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    Easy Fast And Beautiful

    This beautiful app runs and feels just how Apple’s native mail app should. There are plenty of ways to tailor the app’s many features to your custom and changing needs. Every day interactions with the app, such as marking emails as read and managing subscriptions, are simple and effective. As far as advanced mail management goes, well, I’d much rather take care of that on my laptop anyway. This app is plenty useful and powerful for a mobile email app. My only feature request would be to navigate through contacts and senders similar to instagram. We scroll through our inbox much like an ig feed but if we want to view emails only from one specific sender, we have to search them rather than just being able to click on their “profile” and view all their emails to me. This would help me out because my work sends me my schedules from one specific account and I’d like to view them in a way that’s easier than having to flag every schedule email and crowd my flagged section or search their name and consequently see emails with similar search terms as well.

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    Ok, but has setbacks

    It's nice to see all of my emails in one place, but there were a couple of cons that have caused me some headaches. The first is that sending emails with an attachment only goes through maybe a third of the time. I think literally every time i have had to send an attachment from my phone it has taken at least three or more attempts. Often times it is because I have to print/send an important document and so it seems like a good idea to just do it from my phone since I don't have a desktop computer and rarely use my laptop, but it has always resulted in being much more trouble than it needs to be. The email usually never arrives and then 24-48 HOURS later I'll get a message that an error occurred. The second issue I've had is that I have to open and wait for EACH email to COMPLETELY load before I can delete, otherwise it just pops back up again later. Usually I have a good enough internet connection that I will just power through it but during xmas season I get bombarded with dozens of ads a day from every company I've ever purchased from and I've finally decided to give up and just use separate apps for each email. Although that brings up another thing that annoyed me on occasion, not being able to see which email address something was sent to. I have 3 and so I need to know where to find a specific email sometimes.

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    Convenient but ?effective?

    Having essentially abandoned email, except when unavoidably necessary, due to the ridiculous amount of spam email and my internet providers inability to filter (and that my login credentials would routinely and arbitrarily get changed, locking me out), I was/am overjoyed and appreciate the “quick block/unsubscribe and delete features. However, I’m realizing while quick and easy to do, I find myself unsubscribing AND blocking emails from the same senders daily, if not multiple times daily. So, I don’t know if anything more is being done than deleting offending spam when I use the unsubscribe and block button. Additionally, the “simple” task of printing a shipping label invariably ends up taking...well...way too long (days at times) as either those emails “disappear”, then upon eventually realizing they never showed up in my inbox, contacting the sender to resend, resend again, send in a different format so it gets through, then either the email has no content, or the attachment won’t open. So I’ve started to get that upset sensation in my gut that made me give up on emailing, again. And so I’m left deciding if this really is the savior that restores my faith and confidence in dedicating my time, effort, and mental health to emailing, or if it just created a false sense and set me up for more rounds of frustration, trouble-shooting, time spent blocking & unsubscribing, etc.

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    READ PRIVACY POLICY! Data theives! Privacy intruders!

    Previous review: DONT USE! Please read through how they blatantly come out and without any shame and a cocky attitude tell you that THEY ARE SELLING YOUR DATA and to screw off if you don’t like it. Well you are not getting this sucker!!!! Everyone spread the word please for others who don’t have time to comb through policies and terms/conditions for the greater good of mankind don’t let anyone steal your private information for their own greed and no benefit to you what so ever. Hey Edison mail... (stupid name btw) how DARE YOU! I will do all I can to let the busy hard working public know so they won’t have to take time from their busy lives and families to sift through it themselves RUN FOR YOUR LIVES DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! Update: The developer responded to my review and said a sugarcoated description of what their policies say, which if u pick it apart it’s very clear they are all up in your business. Bottom line: like it as much as you’d like as long as you also enjoy being SPIED on. Here is just ONE of the lines directly from their privacy policy as you can see it’s in BOLD. “Edison accesses and processes email messages in any email accounts you have connected and data collected from other internet accounts you connect. By linking our Services to your email or other internet accounts, you authorize us to collect, process, and retain information, including personal information, from those accounts.”

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    I’ve tried at least ten email apps... this is the one.

    I’ve tried tons of email apps (Apple’s Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Spark, and Astro just to name a few) and Edison beats them all. It has the all inboxes feature, so I can view all of my emails across all my accounts in the order that they come in. The assistant pulls tracking numbers from emails so you can view tracking info on packages without having to search to find the message. The app even notifies you when a package has been delivered. Customizable signatures per account, customizable notifications, and even a feature that allows you to cancel sending an email for those times you realize as you hit “send” that’s it’s to the wrong person! I have a personal email, university email, work email, and an email for my photography side gig (hosted through all different providers- Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Zoho Mail) and this app handles them all flawlessly. The only complaint I have is that they don’t have an app for Mac- yet!

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    Moving on.

    I don’t just get emails from retail outlets letting me know when there’s a sale. I get emails that require timely responses and as such I look to my email app to let me know when I have received an email. Sound simple enough. It’s a basic feature that pretty much any app, and just beast email apps but ANY app can do. Very basically, It reaches out to your email address, asked if there are any addresses, loads them for you and then displays the number of emails that you have in your inbox that are “unread.” *This app has been messing it up forever* I have reached out to them more than once asking when they’re going to fix such a basic problem! Only once have I gotten a response and it was to acknowledge they they’re app has a bug and the feature doesn’t work. NOW, they added a pop up ad into the app so whenever you open it you have what looks like a really important notification at the bottom that slide up to a full screen display. It’s a very important notification though. It’s them trying to sell you something so you they can make money while continuing to NOT fix something from Email App Features 101: letting me know if I have emails! Moving on to an different app that works and isn’t putting spam on my face.

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    Great app — fatal flaws

    Let’s be clear, this is a great app and one that could potential he be the one and only email I have most people ever need. The unsubscribed functionality is fantastic, there are many customizations available, and overall it just looks fantastic. But unfortunately, it’s got a fatal flaw – the updating of badges. I frequently live on the “unread“ section of an email out, focusing primarily on things that I haven’t yet read. Edison offers an unread section, good so far (although I’d rather have faster access to unread items), But it seems to be a bit flaky. For example, if I have 10 unread emails, before the app is open i’ll see a little tan on the icon just as it should be. If I didn’t go and read a couple of those items and come back to look at the app icon it might show four, six, maybe 10 again. Who knows? It seems random. You might seem like a small issue, but it’s a little bit frustrating. I rely on a badge to know how many unread items I have and not to serve as a random number generator. Fix this, and I’m all in.

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    Solid Replacement for iOS Email

    Using multiple accounts and it seems to be working very well. Really like the UI for this app the best out of all the others I’ve tried besides Inbox from Google. Nice job! My only (very minor) gripe is the swiping doesn’t seem as smooth as other apps I’ve used. Find myself having to re-swipe more than I should. The most noticeable gap in functionality relates to snoozing emails. There is no option to snooze to the weekend (Saturday at custom time). This is a must have item if I’m going to use this long term. It would also be nice to add custom snooze days of the week / times. I have some stuff I want to deal with on Saturday and some on Sunday and if I snooze all to Saturday then I have to move some to Sunday which is redundant work. The only other piece I would really like to see is Reminders functionality like the Inbox app from Google. It basically creates an email in your inbox that you can then snooze for later without having to send yourself an email. Email templates wouldn’t be bad either, but lower on the list.

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    You Need This App

    This app is my favorite mail app for the iPhone. With multiple email addresses, sometimes it’s hard keeping everything organized. I’m picky about which accounts I want notifications for, and which accounts I want to reply for. This app gives so much freedom in choosing how you want things, all the way down to the swiping options. If you like to swipe left to delete things... you can. If you prefer to swipe right to delete, you can! It’s up to you. It’s definitely the most customizable mail app I’ve seen on the iPhone. Choose which account should get badge counts. The assistant even give package tracking updates so you don’t even have to search for shipping emails. So many cool features... And then if you need help or have a suggestion, the team does an amazing job at actually reviewing your feedback/concerns and getting back to you. This app is an essential. You can go ahead and get rid of the iOS default mail app right now.

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    Lies about security. Apple should act.

    I emailed the developers to report the misleading claims noted below. They responded to say that they would amend the description on the App Store to make it consistent with their privacy policy (which is terrible btw). A week later, they updated the app without amending the language with the false claim about the app’s security. Lying to consumers about critical security issues is abusive and warrants action by Apple. —- The summary on the App Store description says that emails are processed only on the phone and suggests that the developers don't access the email contents. But if you click on "privacy policy," you get a different picture. E.g., the policy says: “Edison accesses and processes email messages in any email accounts you have connected and data collected from other internet accounts you connect. By linking our Services to your email or other internet accounts, you authorize us to collect, process, and retain information, including personal information, from those accounts. By linking our Services to your email or other internet accounts, you authorize us to collect, process, and retain information, including personal information, from those accounts.” (emphasis in original)

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    Fantastic email app!

    I’ve used them all. Email by Edison feels like home. It’s super clean and easy. Did I mention fast? Everyone claims it’s fast, and I think the claim is correct. A full page of email literally loads as fast as you tap. Love the ability to swipe messages to the trash so effortlessly. The ability to program your swipes is a super nice feature. Also, I’ve never seen a security feature on an email app, but the program apparently scans email addresses for potential security breaches. On my first day, I literally found a friend who’s email had been breached. Wow, how cool is that! I’ve easily unsubscribed to annoying emails which makes me happy 😊! It just takes one click to do it. Simple! The Assistant section is amazing. It’s like a special treatment I am not even used to - like being on an airplane, and waking up in first class! Basically, this section automatically filters all your email into useful groups - bills, subscriptions, travel, etc. I haven’t used this much, because it’s just my first day with the app, but at first glance it’s very impressive. The user interface is clean, functional, with a simple elegance. I am so happy I switched! This is a great app with lots of customization and functionality. I don’t write many reviews, but the Edison email app team deserves the proper credit. Well done! The best I used! Bottom line - try it for sure!

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    I really want to love this app..

    Updated: Started receiving MAILER-DAEMON Failure Notice emails over the weekend and they will not stop coming. I’ve even uninstalled the app at this point. Could someone enlighten me as to whether my email was hacked via your app or if there’s a resolution to this? Because 15+ emails every 1-2 hours is beyond ridiculous. I give it a little credit because it’s got way more features than the stock Apple email app, which makes it great when this app actually works. However, more often than not it doesn’t work how it should. I will have notifications that I have emails, open the app and nothing is there. I can delete the same emails over and over again, but the next time I open the app to get another email the previously deleted emails are back in my inbox. Lately, if I use the swipe left option to delete an email, it ends up frozen with the bar across the screen and I need to close out the app entirely and reopen to get it back to normal. I’m trying to stick it out because, as I said before, there are some cool features that make this app good. But if the issues don’t end up resolved I’ll have to see about finding another email app.

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Is Email - Edison Mail Safe?

Yes. Email - Edison Mail is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 64,494 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Email - Edison Mail Is 62.9/100.

Is Email - Edison Mail Legit?

Yes. Email - Edison Mail is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 64,494 Email - Edison Mail User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Email - Edison Mail Is 62.9/100.

Is Email - Edison Mail not working?

Email - Edison Mail works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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