Mailchimp Email Marketing Reviews

Mailchimp Email Marketing Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-13

About: Mailchimp's Marketing & CRM mobile app helps you market smarter and grow your
business faster from day one. Access the tools you need wherever your work takes
you and get up and running in minutes - no experience needed.

About Mailchimp Email Marketing

What is Mailchimp Email Marketing? Mailchimp's Marketing & CRM mobile app is an all-in-one marketing platform built for small businesses. It helps businesses market smarter and grow faster by providing tools for marketing CRM, reports and analytics, emails and automations, Facebook and Instagram ads, marketing recommendations, brand management, boosting eCommerce sales, and scaling up startups. The app allows users to access the tools they need wherever they are and get up and running in minutes, with no experience needed.



- Marketing CRM: Keep up with contacts, find and add new customers, track audience growth, view insights about individual contacts, call, text, and email directly from the app, record notes, and add tags after every interaction.

- Reports & Analytics: Track results for all campaigns, get actionable recommendations on how to improve, view reports and analytics for email campaigns, landing pages, Facebook and Instagram ads, social media posts, and postcards.

- Emails & Automations: Create, edit and send email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and automations, with one-click Resend to Non-Openers and Product Retargeting emails.

- Facebook & Instagram Ads: Draft and publish ads, set a budget, and target a specific group, reach new people, engage existing contacts, set up custom audiences, or bring back website visitors.

- Marketing Recommendations: Get actionable recommendations to help improve marketing, know when it's time to set up an Abandoned Cart email or get a reminder to set your brand's logo.

- Brand Management: Upload images from your device directly into Mailchimp and use them across all campaigns.

- Boost eCommerce Sales: Abandoned Cart Automations, Audience Dashboard, Revenue Reporting, Order Summary.

- Scale-Up Your Startup: Business Card Scanner, Welcome Automations, Social Ads, Contact Profiles.

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Key Benefits of Mailchimp Email Marketing

- Allows for sending Alerts, Meeting Reminders and other important information to members

- Can be used for recruiting new members

- Has different plans to choose from

- Has an app for subscribing new members on-the-go

- Helps to understand what is reaching members in a helpful way

- Gives a gentle education in the field

- Can be used to email investors about new homes on the market

20 Mailchimp Email Marketing Reviews

4.9 out of 5


The Block my Account from sending emails For No Reason

I got the service to email my investors about new homes on the market. After only 2 campaigns Mailchimp decided to block my account. I didn’t break any rules whatsoever and I feel this is a disservice to me and my clients. No valuable explanation to why they done so. I will go back to constant contact because it’s better and they don’t block your emails for no reason. I give this service 1 star out of 5 because they don’t properly vet customers before blocking them, because if they did I wouldn’t be blocked right now. This is unacceptable and I will be sure to tell all my colleagues NOT to download MailchimpEmailMarketing and use CONSTANT CONTACT over MailchimpEmailMarketing. I’m mad I spent so much time adding my contacts and creating campaigns only to not be able to fully utilize MailchimpEmailMarketing . MailchimpEmailMarketing should just go out of business because it is discriminatory towards certain people and it is unfair with its rule. For one my campaigns are not spam, all my email contacts are subscribers to my email list so there shouldn’t be any problems. Mail chimps customer service is highly unresponsive to my complaints no reply or nothing! This service doesn’t even deserve one star!! DOWNLOAD CONSTANT CONTACTS I repeat DOWNLOAD CONSTANT CONTACTS !!! It’s waaaaaaaay better and not discriminatory towards its users!!


A Good Start

I recently took over as my religious organization’s newsletter editor where we frequently use MailChimp to contact members of our congregation. Since I’m still in my mid-20s, I figured that downloading MailchimpEmailMarketing would work better for adding things quickly at events, while I’m out and about, or need to check something during my break at my day job.

While MailchimpEmailMarketing is great for checking to see what articles or other information we still need to add while I’m away from my computer, it’s not the best for writing or formatting the newsletter. Longer articles (or anything more than two or three paragraphs, to be honest) that I’m working on are often obscured by the keyboard while I’m trying to add something to them, which is unfortunate. I’ve also almost ended up sending mailings early due to the position of the ‘confirm and send’ button while trying to edit one of the newsletters.

Most of the time I end up having to do most of the major changes on my computer because of how MailchimpEmailMarketing ends up working. I won’t be deleting MailchimpEmailMarketing (as it is still helpful for at-a-glance updates), but it definitely could use some improvements.


Bring back Snap!!!!

I really preferred the simplicity of MailChimp Snap which also allowed you to modify pictures within MailchimpEmailMarketing . The new system, which functions more like the desktop one with templates you can modify is hard to maneuver on the phone. MailchimpEmailMarketing does not modify pictures to fit which is a triple annoyance as you have to go find another app that does and save the picture elsewhere and then go back to MailchimpEmailMarketing . Plus if it pops up a window, it won’t let you move around to press whatever button it wants so then you are stuck anyway because it won’t do anything. At this point I am almost driven back to the desktop version (which I’m not really excited about the changes there but at least it is easier to navigate).

Adding names has also gotten more cumbersome with more steps to get to add. And the constant popup about whether someone gave permission to be added is seriously irritating. I run a very small business with a signup book which is clearly labeled that if you leave an email you will receive emails. I get that there are unscrupulous companies that add people who haven’t but it seems like it should also be smart enough to notice who is adding a few at a time or bulk adds.


Rage Quit Alert!

I’ve been attempting to use MailChimp on my iPad. I say attempting, because I’m rarely able to actually use it. Typing in the text box pulls up the keyboard and covers the text box. Often times I’m presented with a screen holding only my content text with no buttons or functions available on the screen to exit, undo, proceed, save, or otherwise navigate the user interface in any way whatsoever. Then there is the majority of the time when pressing the save button actually just makes my screen blink, but doesn’t save or exit or do anything else that would actually help me to send a newsletter. Of all of the apps I’ve ever used in my life, this has been undoubtedly the most incredibly frustrating one yet. If not for the necessity of sending standardized newsletters to my clients, MailchimpEmailMarketing would never be on a device I owned. I’m beyond frustrated, I’m pulling hair and throwing things. In today’s world, I could probably sue MailChimp for the amount of damage caused to my office during this rage quit moment that I was forced to after hours of dealing with MailChimp and their inferior product.

Okay. A little dramatic. But the frustration is real.


Great App, Terrible Customer Service

I really, really want to like MailChimp. Really. MailchimpEmailMarketing is awesome and the forever free option is great for when you are just starting to build your business. But the biggest problem is that MailChimp as a company has TERRIBLE customer service. They absolutely refuse to speak with you one-on-one. They offer no contact number, and when you do manage to track one down (thanks to the BBB) they answer with a voicemail who tells you to just email them instead. When you do use their contact form, they take DAYS to get back to you and even more to resolve any issues.

So, dear MailChimp/Rocket Science Group, I’m BEGGING you to hire more and better customer service team members and to PLEASE set up a live support line. Leaving a small business hanging for days on end with their account suspended and unable to email their customers is terrible for everyone involved, and if this happens again I will be taking by business elsewhere.


Buggy and unreliable on mobile

I use MailchimpEmailMarketing on my ipad pro to manage my email list for a small business. Very small, nothing that would unduly tax MailchimpEmailMarketing . However I have found that certain functionalities are not available in MailchimpEmailMarketing , despite their being advertised as being a functioning part of MailchimpEmailMarketing , such as being able to upload and link a file for use by the list. In addition, when editing information inside MailchimpEmailMarketing , such as email content, account information, etc, sometimes the Save button is either hidden by other elements or simply disappears, causing information to be lost. MailchimpEmailMarketing is also not able to do the same amount of workhorse editing and customizing of text, links, buttons and elements in the emails. MailchimpEmailMarketing may function for tweaking an email campaign and sending it, but not much else, and certainly not as a replacement for the website version.


Get rid of the yellow!!

I’ve been using MailChimp for years and I do really like it. MailchimpEmailMarketing , in general, is pretty helpful and assists me in keep my mailing list up-to-date when I am out and about. However, there is a reason bright yellow is not used in most apps/branding... It’s hard on the eyes and generally off-putting. Just look at your competitors, as well as most of the apps in MailchimpEmailMarketing Store… There’s very little yellow because it’s just not a pleasing color to look at. Even Snapchat offsets by adding some white to make it look deliberate. The new look makes MailchimpEmailMarketing look amateur and ugly. When my partner first downloaded and installed the update, I thought something was wrong with their phone screen… Nope. There is just something wrong with the new branding. Please go back to your more neutral colors scheme, please. Even the newsletters are now ugly to read ...




We used mail chimp for our business for over a year. We ended up having a lot of emails on our list and had to pay a ridiculous amount of money and they made us keep upgrading. We decided to go with another company because they shut down our account because we would not update and pay more because we had a lot of people.

Then we tried to cancel our account and it wouldn’t let us unless we paid for the upgrade first to just cancel.... the upgrade was $47.. no thank you! We couldn’t even do anything so why would we pay to cancel our account. We continued to reach out to the team multiple times to try to cancel and get our money back. No reply. No number to call. No email. Nothing. We were stuck. So we changed our billing card to one that doesn’t work anymore. Jokes on them. WORST SERVICE EVER!! Do not use. This company is a joke and just wants your money. Once you sign up you can’t get out.


Well thought-out tool but editor could be easier

I like the tool but wish it the editor worked better. Photo edits are difficult for example adding text directly on a photo. We tried it the other day, saved the photo, went back into photo edit mode, and the text was “locked”. We couldn’t change it, so we had to delete the photo, reload it, to be able to add the new caption.
Also, the tool doesn’t seem to support responsive email sign-up pop-up windows (i.e. we wanted an email pop-up with a photo on the desktop page, and a pop-up without the photo on mobile page and had to purchase a different tool to do it).
There are a few other little things like not being able to send a campaign to multiple audiences but maybe that’s us not knowing how to use the tool...


Fantastic tool for email blasts and recruitment

I am president of a non profit membership group and we use this tool for sending Alerts, Meeting Reminders and other important information to our members. We also use it when recruiting new members.

We started out using the “MailChimp” free plan and it worked well, But after a year we upgraded to the monthly payment plan. There are several different plans. We also have the “Subscribe” app to subscribe new members on-the-go. The “MailChimp” app and the “Subscribe” app are used in conjuction with the “MailChimp” website where you create your account. Both apps are free.

Although “MailChimp” is generally geared toward commerce. It is working great for us. Very flexible and we can structure it for anything we want to do. More than likely it will work fine for any business or group.

I am sure that once you start using this program you will continue and will be happy you took the plunge. Try the free one first. If it doesn’t fit your needs than nothing is lost. You won’t regret it.


Decent but keeps crashing

I’ve been using Mailchimp to send email blasts to customers for a few months now. At this point, I’m searching for other options. Mailchimp is decent, but MailchimpEmailMarketing keeps crashing on me and the website is not user friendly. It’s annoying to have to re-load a campaign when switching between MailchimpEmailMarketing and the company website when I’m adding hyperlinks. Beyond crashing, MailchimpEmailMarketing doesn’t do well when I’m designing campaigns. I use an iPad and I can’t scroll with my Bluetooth mouse at all. To scroll, I have to use my finger JUST RIGHT or it will not let me scroll down. Overall, I’m annoyed with MailchimpEmailMarketing . First review I’ve ever written. If anyone has suggestions for another service, send them my way.


Power tool for club management

Our beekeeping club is too small and poor for most member communication and management solutions, and the pandemic has forced more of our club offerings online. We are finding it deeply helpful to have communication tools that let us understand what is reaching members in a helpful way, and stop bothering them with messages from us if they don’t want them. It also seems to be a gentle education in this field, which is new to us.


Fine but Annoying

It goes without saying that the browser version is great and far superior to MailchimpEmailMarketing . But because the browser version on my ipad safari (not sure if that’s apple or MC’s fault) acts strange, I’ve tried to use MailchimpEmailMarketing more. My two biggest annoyances is that when editing an email, the edit bar at the bottom keeps popping up and down. Sometimes it pops up and down so rapidly it feels like a joke. Just please pin it to remain there! It won’t ruin the aesthetic and the alternative is far worse! Also, when you edit a block and save it, you always get thrown to the top of the email. Minor annoyances overall but they add up to create a less than ideal user experience.



I started using Mailchimp in 2013. I took some time off my business and realized my account was deleted ! Hundreds of client emails were deleted nor was I notified. I created a new account and my account was deactivated due to inactivity. Not sure what that means since this is a brand new account . Again , client emails deleted with no way to retrieve it. I contacted support and instead of being helped I was given the most generic response . I replied back and still no response . It’s as if they’re ignoring me to not address my first question ,1) why delete a customers account and not tell them 2) how can you deactivate an account that was active that SAME day? I reset my password I do not understand how I can access MailchimpEmailMarketing but not Mailchimp through desktop? To deactivate an account for changing your password sounds very fishy to me


What Changed?

I was able to add photos to campaigns with no problem. Now the attachments option is completely gone. Vanished. Disappeared. I can’t scroll long posts anymore, either. And am having difficulty doing something as simple as adding a hyperlink. And heaven help me if I copy and paste something from a word doc. It sends spacing into an irreparable frenzy. I just use MailchimpEmailMarketing to create or update HOA email campaigns on the fly or while traveling. I’ll usually k icky out three or four campaigns ahead of time so I can just add current news and hit “send”. I’m out of the country right now and an important (to us, anyway) mail campaign is causing me to pull my hair out. It worked great when I travelled on May. Now it’s just nearly DOA. No wonder no one else wants to volunteer for this job, lol.


Very bad service

We started pay for the service from last year November, since we paid and never able to used this service, because our data been blocked by the system. Our data collected for many years, we were transferred from madmimi to Mailchimp, surprisingly we could never use the system. We wrote a lot a lot of emails to them, no body solve the problem, only thing they said is we will get back to you, And then never get response. The same time we have been charged for 3 months, we ask for refund, they said manager give permission for one month refund. What kind of service is this? We paid, and could never able to use your system, no one solve problems and you still charging us ?
Very bad company, do not use it!


Used to work much better

I have used MailchimpEmailMarketing for over a year now for work, I didn’t choose it. I used to be able to change the color of fonts and background but clicking on the color pic but now there isn’t one. I have to use an actual picture of a color for backgrounds now. At least they finally moved their feedback button which used to be right next to the X that appeared after you downloaded pictures.

Maybe they will read this and change the color situation. I was able a couple of times to delete MailchimpEmailMarketing and reinstall and get to change the color but that’s no longer an option. Hello...I don’t know the numbers for the rainbow of colors.


Poor support for free version

MailchimpEmailMarketing ’s functionality leaves a lot to be desired better to use the website from a computer. If you want to change your reply email address be very careful to check it in every single campaign after the change. Program reverts back to my old email address after I changed it everywhere possible. Free version does not allow for contacting tech support to report this as an issue. App freezes a lot when used to edit campaigns. I use the desktop version but the email issue might make me switch to another program - editing for mistakes in the copy is enough without having to watch for the email address reverting every single time.


The Pro version is everything!

I was so reluctant to pay for the pro version, I felt it was too expensive. Boy I was wrong! It’s everything and more! Infact, I have made back my investment in the pro version for this month from the sales made via email. If you’re thinking about upgrading, I hope you find my email and make the decision ASAP. It has changed the trajectory of my business for the best! Excellent Mail Service.


Not Working Properly

I used to use MailChimp for my newsletter and loved it. I don’t know if it’s just MailchimpEmailMarketing or what, but it’s impossible to design professional-looking newsletters now. You can’t control the font size. There’s a way to set a heading as Heading 1, Heading 2, etc., but those don’t work. You can’t add images. There’s simply no control for it. The blocks for paragraphs are disgustingly awkward and, again, you can’t change the font.

After spending about forty minutes on a short newsletter that should have taken me ten minutes to throw together, I had some ugly, misshapen monster that I couldn’t send to customers. I have a new release today and can’t tell my customers. Just ugh.


After years of history, time to say goodbye to mailchimp

More than a year ago, they required me to reconfirm all of my ten years of contacts who volunteered to be on my list. Mailchimp said they decided to do this one day due to the unethical GDPR rules in Europe that don't apply to the US (all of my contacts are US-based and my contacts gathering from in-person events did satisfy GDPR rules...if I were under their jurisdiction). Many contacts were marked unsubscribed without the contacts' agreement to be removed. Trying to resubscribe them through email is obviously very difficult with automatic spam folder routing and users' habits. It has been one big mess for a while. Now, my list was always under the subscription level for professional paid level account. One day, it requires me to give a payment to reactivate my account even though the list is under the subscription Max level for the associated payment (especially due to the loss of subscribers from their previously mentioned practice). The account has always been registered under a distribution account email in my exchange people understand this and that it is not setup for sending. Despite being able to prove my identity in different ways as an option, I cannot receive support to fix the problem with their account system. I have now signed up with constant contact to move the business forward ... No thanks to mailchimp.



This company has been the find of the year for me. The very idea that mailchimp allows small businesses to use their services for free until they grow large enough to require paid services, is awesome in itself. But then once I started using the service and scheduling daily email blasts, from the very first week I started picking up as much business as I receive from my paid Google ads. MailChimp is truly the best thing out there regarding business emails!


What’s going on MailChimp!?

As a small business owner, I love the services that MailChimp offers. Unfortunately though when I need to create an email campaign on the go, MailchimpEmailMarketing and site have not been the best. I have tried everything, but MailchimpEmailMarketing is not sufficient for my needs. It never completely works on my iPad or phone, and sometimes when I go to the site it has the same issues. How can I utilize the services you offer if I can never truly use them? It is starting to really frustrate me, as I am in the growing phases of my business and want something that is reliable. Please fix your app and site.


Easy to use with great features!

I’ve been using Mailchimp for a while now and when reaching out to you database, there’s the hard and old fashioned way to do it OR, you can use the great features that even the free accounts offers. Stats and reports to let you know how your email campaigns are doing, who opened, who didn’t, where did your email got the most clicks, on and on! Great product and system when you want to scale your business!


Super Easy!!

Love being able to send emails from my phone! Ive been behind on my email marketing because I was using another platform that did not have an app for phones and I am not at my desk all day. I literally lay in bed and send emails. And Mail chimp is MUCH cheaper and does the job. However, I am with shopify so I am wondering if they will ever get back connected so that I can track sales. But I see them coming through right after I send my emails so I know its workin. SUPER HAPPY CUSTOMER!


Must have

I don’t write reviews. I just don’t...but I’m writing this one because I downloaded MailchimpEmailMarketing yesterday and it has already become super helpful for me for my blog. I didn’t download for some time because of the negative reviews I was reading. All I know is that tho app has solved a major problem for me (ease of tracking campaign and list stats) and given me easy access to some material that will help me with strategy. Well done. I recommend it.

Is Mailchimp Email Marketing Safe?

Yes. Mailchimp Email Marketing is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 46,746 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mailchimp Email Marketing Is 38.7/100.

Is Mailchimp Email Marketing Legit?

Yes. Mailchimp Email Marketing is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 46,746 Mailchimp Email Marketing User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mailchimp Email Marketing Is 53.6/100..

Is Mailchimp Email Marketing not working?

Mailchimp Email Marketing works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Mailchimp offers a free plan that includes basic features such as email campaigns, landing pages, and marketing CRM. The Essentials plan starts at $9.99/month and includes additional features such as A/B testing, custom branding, and automation workflows. The Standard plan starts at $14.99/month and includes advanced features such as retargeting ads, custom templates, and behavioral targeting. The Premium plan starts at $299/month and includes all features, including advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, and phone support. Prices may vary based on the number of contacts in your audience.

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