Harkins Theatres Reviews

Harkins Theatres Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-07

About: The Ultimate Moviegoing® experience starts here! The Harkins Theatres App is
the best way to view showtimes, buy tickets, watch trailers, manage your My
Harkins Awards account, find out about the latest movies, events and exclusive
film series. • Look up movies and showtimes • Purchase tickets securely •
View your digital ticket stubs • Add movies to your Watchlist • Purchase
digital gift cards • Access your My Ha.

About Harkins Theatres

The Ultimate Moviegoing® experience starts here! The Harkins Theatres App is the best way to view showtimes, buy tickets, watch trailers, manage your My Harkins Awards account, find out about the latest movies, events and exclusive film series.


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3.6 out of 5


App is buggy, and Harkins theatre is a scam show

Spend $200 and we will give you $5!!!! Wow!!!! What a joke. Took my wife on a date to a harkins theatre, walked out the door spending $80 FOR TWO PEOPLE. Then they wonder why people jail break firesticks. Anyway, tried to see my point balance, took forever to load when I’ve only bought a few things with an account. And I tried to put my birthday in so they could bless me with $5 and HarkinsTheatres crashed 5 times before it worked. They really don’t want to give you money LOL. You can’t even buy a drink with a “$5 concession!!!!!”


Doesn’t work with Apple Pay and Apple Wallet anymore.

I tried buying Black Panther 2 tickets this past weekend and it just didn’t let me buy them. It used to work flawlessly with Apple Pay and then it would send the tickets to your Apple wallet. This was just a couple months again for the movie “The Invitation”.

But it seems like they updated it to remove Apple Pay???

I said screw it and downloaded the Fandango app. Works with Apple Pay and all was good.


Harkins over AMC anytime

I love Harkins, it feels very comfortable and customer oriented compared to AMC. I don’t mind spending my money with Harkins because they put effort into making it nice and affordable for the customer. Plus they are clean and their popcorn is soooo much tastier then AMC. I appreciate that they offered popcorn during COVID shut down, it was so comforting!!


Buggy App

HarkinsTheatres is so buggy. It will not load My Rewards when I’m trying to redeem a Popcorn Perk. When I check my rewards balance it also often fails to load/display the points. Just right now I was trying to purchase tickets and my theater was not showing available. When I went to the online version it showed several movie theaters and show times that were not showing on HarkinsTheatres .


Never disappointing !!!

I have been going to Harkins theater for a long time. I have all the shirts and cups and it’s the best way to go to the movies ! AMC charges way more then Harkins dos .. and they are very dirty not like they used to be long time ago .. i my self never stop going i a movie nerd even have the Harkins blanket. I love it. ! Great job



I love Harkins, but HarkinsTheatres absolutely stinks! I can’t even get into the gift store to buy a gift card, please don’t make it hard for you to take my money! I’ve tried on both HarkinsTheatres and the website, striking out and getting error messages, even after refreshing pages and exiting/re-opening app. We’ve been loyal Harkins customers for years, but HarkinsTheatres is really testing our patience and goodwill. UGH!!


Unable to purchase through the app

I have been trying to purchase through HarkinsTheatres for months now ever since and update it is not possible I know what I’m doing. The screen turned completely blank, no matter which way I scroll it brings up nothing as far as payment. Then my seats are locked for several minutes I have to wait to purchase from the website


Dear Harkins

Hello Harkins we need kids movie and there all lots of adults movie please put kids movie so that family can spend time together in the movie and thank you.


This app stinks on ice!

Ever since the big fancy update, as I’ve seen other people‘s comments previously, and still not fixed, it changes the expiration year to seven years in the past. Which means I have to delete the card and re-add it again and again and again and again! Get this fixed!!! Apparently nobody with HarkinsTheatres developer read these things!


There is nothing wrong

✨ HarkinsTheatres is a great app it you want to get seats early I see nothing wrong with HarkinsTheatres it’s a great way to get to your movie faster along with the COOL awards!✨


Worst app

I have not been able to even get HarkinsTheatres to function since getting it. Can’t believe that can have something so broken without fixing it. It loaded but there is a spinning symbol that just keeps going and HarkinsTheatres is in unresponsive to anything I want to do.


Move Pass via App

As more and more theaters are going to reserving seats and using technology/mobile devices, I found that I can not use "Harkins' Movie Pass" (VIP Classic or VIP Ultimate". I receive these passes from friends and coworkers often. But my local theater now uses seating reservations and when I try to purchases tickets, I can not use the movie passes that I received. I have been told by Harkins employees that I must purchases the tickets in person at a theater in order to use the passes. PLEASE HARKINS, address this! Let me use my movie passes on your app or other third party apps.



HarkinsTheatres is terrible. I’ve tried everything from deleting it and redownloading it and it tells me I have no connection even when I’m connected to strong wifi.


Stops working with a vpn

Don’t invade my privacy? Let me click the right theater instead of bricking (breaking) HarkinsTheatres when you can’t track my location through wifi/gps


Constant upgrades

Forced to upgrade app every few days and it’s a PITA! Can’t understand why since it runs just fine and look goods. 😞


Latest update is bad

Why is HarkinsTheatres just a hyperlink app to Atom tickets now? Used to work great…now HarkinsTheatres sends me elsewhere and the ticket fee is greater too!

Why did they break something that was working fine?


Still slow

HarkinsTheatres had been slow as long as I can remember. If a movie is popular at all good luck getting the seats to load.


App says internet connection not working

I have full internet, wifi and data, data is turned on for Harkins, app is not working!!!!!!!



Love Harkins!!!! Between the Loyalty cups and popcorn!! It can be cheap if you know how!! 🍿🎥❤️



Literally shows ads when you start HarkinsTheatres . You gotta close out of it…

Is Harkins Theatres Safe?

Yes. Harkins Theatres is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 166 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Harkins Theatres Is 28.5/100.

Is Harkins Theatres Legit?

Yes. Harkins Theatres is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 166 Harkins Theatres User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Harkins Theatres Is 45.4/100..

Is Harkins Theatres not working?

Harkins Theatres works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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