Doximity Reviews

Doximity Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Doximity helps over 2 million healthcare professionals take the friction out of
everyday challenges that are unique to clinicians. The tools you already use,
conveniently in one place and designed to make your life a little bit
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Don't Stop Feeling Like A Doctor!

Similarly to what a colleague wrote, I'm no longer in practice. I now work for the State, which can entail being at up to 5 different locations in the course of a work week. "Retirement" from practice should not have to mean feeling that you've lost the "privileges" of being part of so noble a profession. And, let's face it, after nearly 35 years of getting the VIP treatment, it's hard to let go of that. this app's e-fax capability helps you maintain that status and professional independence. It's nice to have your office ("private practice") in your pocket. Recently I had to see three specialists and it involved a lot of imaging and labwork. To have virtually immediate access upon request or getting CC'd to your private, secure and virtual "office" is truly a luxury. While e-faxing has existed for years, using it in the this app context / community also helps keep me linked professionally. With regard to the quality of the articles and subject matter, I can definitely use an easy read from time to time. Grateful for the excellent job you're doing!


Amazing product

Doximity provides the most user friendly HIPPA compliant two way audio visual communication I have found. With the added benefit of calling the patient from my cell phone with caller ID showing my office number. And with the phone call option I can actually walked him through the process of connecting with a video call. With the addition of the Hyppa compliant fax this product could be your all in one patient communication solution. It is user-friendly for both the provider and patient. I have found very very few patients that were unable to connect to the two way audio visual portion of Doximity as long as they have a smart phone or computer with a camera and microphone attached. I have also use Doximity to call patients after hours showing my office number, for this reason alone it is worth getting Doximity.


You can’t use this as a dialer if someone else in your office does

Docility got back to me and absolutely DID NOT understand the problem- so disappointed-i am not upset about caller ID- I am upset that I cannot use my practice number because this app only allows one person to use each unique call out number and since one of my partners uses this already, I cannot use Doximity! because my practice’s phone number is already in use! *previous review* To clarify- I practice at a large hospital and we have a just a single outgoing number that shows for most outgoing calls. My patients recognize it and will pick it up even if they won’t answer any other incoming number. However obviously one of the many physicians in my practice already is using that number and the secondary numbers are all taken too so I can’t use Doximity. Very dissatisfied- I was so excited. I can’t believe I am the only physician with this problem. Docility- you need to let physicians from the same practice call out from the same number. (My patients would not recognize nor pick up calls from my direct desk line)


First review ever

This is my first review in Doximity Store. I had to say something as Doximity really saved our business! Thank you for catering to healthcare providers especially nurse practitioners. I really appreciate all the features this app has to offer and refer EVERY healthcare provider to this program. I appreciate that I can have a fax number and the ability to text patients to connect via video chat without installing any apps. It’s difficult to afford a paid app that has these features and this app is destroying the competition with its capabilities! I am so grateful and please always keep these functions without a fee as I will constantly bring providers to benefit from your excellent program. God bless and thank you for Doximity from the bottom of my heart.


Saved my practice during Covid

I’ve been using Doximity for quite some time and have watched it go from great to excellent. I used to use it 2-3 times per day but during Covid I’ve started using it 10-12 times per day as we now use it for entire tele-visits, whether it be via phone or video. My hospital’s preferred tele-health solution is cumbersome for patients and we would have lost MANY visits had it not been for Doximity. The hospital’s concern is that this is so simple that patients may not realize it’s a visit but a little communication from the front-end staff has eliminated that concern. Keep up the excellent work and updates! Features in beta at the time of this review are needed and excellent so feel free to roll them out!


Very very happy

I’m very please with Doximity : 1) I love that I can call the patient using my cell phone and they caller ID on the patient’s phone shows my office number (so they don’t have my cell number) 2) I love that I have my own personal fax number so that if I’m away from the office, I can ask the lab or radiology to fax me a report and I can read it on my phone. 3) I love that I can do a video chat during this COVID situation. Thanks, thanks, thanks for developing that feature so quickly. One minor suggestion/request. If you could please inactivate the link that they get in the text so that they don’t click on it 3 days later and I get a text saying that my patient wants to videoconference w/ me. 24 hours should be plenty. Thank you!


The app I begged for since 2018

This truly is a game-changer for me. I do more than half my work for one of my two jobs from my cell. My office manager always instructed people that I would be calling from a blocked number, and therefore to remove features preventing blocked calls from going through. It was still a problem on a regular basis because people didn't know how to do that, which led to much wasted time and delays. The video calling feature was just a little confusing because I didn't know what to expect, and I should have tested it first as I did with the audio. The instructions that pop up, particularly those saying it's ok to hang up, enabled me to get it working on the first try anyway.


Excellent app!

I make so many calls to patients after hours. I don’t want them to have my personal number. Some would take advantage of it!! I used to have to have a second phone. It was expensive to have a second plan but if I bought minutes it seemed like I either never had enough or I bought too many and they expired. Some of my patients don’t answer if they don’t recognize the number so I’d end up having to call again from the office. It was so frustrating! Doximity lets me use my office number so patients are more likely to pick up, saving me time later, and they don’t get my private number! No more carrying a second phone, paying for minutes I don’t use! I tell all my doctor friends about Doximity!


Good app, major glitch

I would give Doximity five stars, because it’s a very good app in most regards. However, there is one major glitch, which warrants a low star rating to alert the development team to the problem, so it may be fixed. The residency navigator section has a drop-down at the top of the screen that allows you to select a different specialty to view programs’ sizes, avg step scores, reputation, etc. However, sometimes when you go to the residency navigator section there is no drop-down at the top of the screen, just the header, “residency navigator.” As such, you’re stuck looking at the same specialty and cannot navigate to another specialty even if you want to. This has happened to me twice. The way I fixed it the first time was by deleting the application off the phone and reinstalling it. I wish I would not have to do this and the glitch was fixed


This App Has Changed My Professional Life

Doximity is amazing! I am a NP that found it hard to call Patients away for The clinic or office. Before I was able to call my patients through this app patients would not take my call because my personal cell number was blocked or came up as an unknown number and it was very difficult to reach them. Now when I call patients they pick up because they see is that office calling and they actually pick up the phone. I used to get so frustrated when patients know I would be calling them back and they wouldn’t answer the phone. This has decreased my level the frustration a great deal!! Now my patients know exactly who’s calling them! I am so happy with Doximity. Thank you


Great medical App!

When I first signed up on Doximity I was amazed at the number of physicians on file. I was instantly updated with over half of my medical school class from 35 years ago. I have enjoyed giving my personal fax number to labs and other sources when I want immediate access to the data, like being on call on the weekend and I can then simply forward it to my office for filing. Saves me interrupting phone calls and scrambling to write down data. I am using it with my residents and faxing them information about patients we are co managing. This saves them multiple visits to my office to pick up printed records and reports. I appreciate the subscription service to journal abstracts, too. Bravo on Doximity.


Janice Tran

Wonderful app which has been a lifesaver for me when I have to call patients using my personal cell phone (especially during the weekends or after hours when I have already left clinic). With Doximity, the number that appears when I call patients is my office/clinic number, rather than my personal cell phone number. Prior to this, if I had to use my personal cell to call a patient, I would have to “call block” my number using *67 and patients would never answer or I would have to call directly. Often, some of those patients who I would call directly, not using the call block option, would save my number and later call me directly and/or text me. Also, I was able to fax an order to another physician’s office using Doximity on my cell! Wow!! Who would have thought we would ever be able to do this? To The individuals that developed this application, you have made a significant difference in how we can now communicate with patients and other providers!! You all are absolutely brilliant!! Thank you so much!!



I downloaded Doximity as I am an RN for a VAMV. It was working great until last Friday. It suddenly disappeared and I have shut down my iPhone completely and sent message for help from an old email I received from them a while back. I keep getting the message their was an error as I need to connect to the internet. How is that even possible if I have internet working perfectly. All I have is the main page only able to access their news. Nothing else. I have sent messages to their customer support center. No response. Now unable to work from home or do my video calls. That is not good service.



this app is by far the best app for doctors. You can review, reply and even forward your faxes. No more waisted paper to shred and discard. You can use your smart phone to call anyone, and the phone call will show up as your office phone number. It’s called a dialer. You can also have a HIPA-compliant video call using your smart phone to connect with any patient or with anyone with a US number and a smart phone. There’s not a single day, where I don’t use Doximity. You can follow your colleagues on a social-media-type format using a smart phone or a computer. BEST OF ALL, EVERYTHING IS FREE. this app IS THE BEST APP FOR DOCTORS,.


Love this!!

i’ve been using Doximity for several years, but now with COVID-19 I have transitioned to telemedicine and working from home so I am using this daily now. Doximity is wonderful, i use the dialer so patients see our office phone number when i call a patient for an appointment or if I'm on-call. This is great because through personal experience I've learned patients do not pick up if they do not recognize the phone number or if its a restricted number (hey, I'm the same way too). I can also fill out and sign forms electronically via my personal this app fax number....and all from my cell phone . I love this.


Clinical Psychologist

I’ve tried various apps to connect visually with my older adult patients, many whom don’t have WiFi or desktops or email. However, the majority have smart phones, and they are familiar with receiving texts. Patients click the link the answer just two simple questions by selecting yes or no. Then we are connected. Great product for technically challenged patients. Plus it’s secure and HIPAA compliant. Thanks this app for making my life as a provider easier during this pandemic. If only you could do something to upgrade cellular service for my rural patients!


I am so frustrated

Contacted support, no help at all. I sent them a screen shot so they can see I don’t have an option. It won’t save numbers I put in either. I tap to start a new fax. I put in a phone number. Then I am on a screen with the choice to add another recipient or cancel. I can’t click anywhere to scan the document or do anything else???????? It’s too the point that the frustration of wasting my time on this makes it not just worthless but into the negative category. I have to find a solution that works and this isn’t it. I think in desperation I wasted 45 minutes today using this program.



Nurses do an enormous amount of calls to patients for MD’s, PA’s, NP’s (who are busy actually caring for sick people). But no access to dialer for nurses. Why don’t you allow providers to at least “co-sign” for us, like MD’s do for NP’s and PA’s when orderings medications? What a failure during these covid - times, and trying to work from home. So disappointing, and frankly, insulting. Rita G, RN, BSN, CPAN, NCMP Northwestern Medicine Chicago, IL *I would like to I would like to edit my review.* The this app team quickly responded to my complaints. The next morning I received an email notification - this app dialer now accepts nurses, social worker’s “and all licensed professionals”. It took less than 5 minutes to re download Doximity , and add the MD/medical director as my “supervisor”. I was able to call patients (and they actually answered) within 10 minutes! Personal cell calls now show as clinic calls. Working as a nurse from home was never, ever expected. Thanks you for your swift adjustments! Rita G.


Best App ever

I have for years wanted the ability to call patients back when on-call without exposing my personal cell number. In fact, I used to change numbers every couple of years for this reason. Many patients’ phones block calls from blocked numbers. Doximity allows me to call and the Caller ID shows up as my office number. We also now use this for HIPAA compliant virtual visits with patients and they don’t even have to download an app. They just get a text with link to tap and we are connected. Just love Doximity.


Best app for video visits

I have been very happy with Doximity. Great way to mask my number for phone calls when I’m on call. Also by far the best HIPAA compliant video app I’ve used for telemedicine. Very easy to use and patients find it extremely easy. Nothing for the patient to download, so you can connect on video virtually instantly. I highly recommend this and Doximity developers do a great job of taking feedback. Updates have been helpful and really improve the product each time. Very happy to now see an iPad version in the works too!


Phone calling is good

I dislike being updated with several dozen people that may have been associated with me through medical school association or previous appointment association. I don’t know all of them and most of them are so far away- sometimes on the other coast. I dislike the notifications. Had to make sure they are off. I don’t want to know about these unrelated CME opportunities. I don’t want want to know about these related CME opportunities. I like the phone call masking my number for the Office number. That is worth all the cumbersome unused other features.



I like using my cell phone, through Doximity. Instead of my personal number showing up, my office number appears on my clients caller ID. I have had clients in the past, save my personal number from their caller ID, next thing you know they are using it as if they have been given the privilege to text/call any time. Professional boundaries are overlooked & difficult to uphold, in this current day and age, especially when medical providers are expected to make every one happy.



Doximity is essential to modern clinical practice. It lets me control how I communicate with my patients any time of day. With patient portals, email, and my inboxes accessible on my phone 24/7, it’s become necessary to reach out to patients on the go, and with this app caller I can do just that. Keeping my private number private means my patients will be safely routed to the on-call physicians when I finally do carve out time for my family. It’s a great app every clinician needs.


Issue with abstract reading

The most recent version has an issue when reading abstracts. If I click the “Read More” button to expand an abstract, then the whole app freezes. This has REALLY hindered the functionality of Doximity , as this is its main purpose in my life. This is one of two functions I utilize, the other being the dialer (which is great for calling patients from my personal phone, but comes up with my office phone number in their caller ID). I’d be happy to change this review, should this problem be fixed in the future. In fact, Doximity could be even better: if I click on an article, it’d be great if the entire abstract was immediately expanded for my review. (Less clicks would be great.)


Very useful app that I use nearly every day

There is the networking, and the articles, etc, but, far and away the most useful feature is one that allows me to make calls to patients on my cellphone that look like they are from my office. It allows me to call patients from home without sharing my number. So useful!


Facebook/LinkedIn For Doctors

this app itself is fantastic. A virtual community for doctors. A great way to keep in touch. Two things primarily keep me from giving it 4 or 5 stars: 1) while the iphone app is great the version for the ipad is just an enlarged version of the iPhone app. It doesn’t even support landscape view! Which makes it a pain for those who use their iPads more like a laptop. 2) the jobs feature is great but needs to be expanded and include more postings and more granular information on salaries to be truly useful. It is a great start though!


Pretty good but unpredictable

It works as advertised BUT: 1) often (not always) there is enough lag time I ask to call directly from my phone (I'm not trying to "hide", just trying to get patients to answer a call from an unknown number and 2) lately I've gotten a number of messages not going through because the "number is no longer configured to support the intended call location" or something like that. Very frustrating and I have just emailed customer service.


An app I use often- Facebook for physicians

Is an app I use regularly has allowed me to keep better contact with my colleagues and former medical school friends. The ability to receive faxes and communicate with others and comply with HIPAA has been very useful. The one thing I would like to see added is the ability to read articles holding my phone in the horizontal mode. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with Doximity.


Helps but the lag is annoying at times

I use the Dialer function to answer pages and the lag that exist with what appears to be a non HD call can be very distracting. It’s worse at certain times of the day. I also wish there was a function that gave a number for people to call you back on. Should be simple with the fact that the IPhone Max and many apps are able to do that now.


Dialer is useful

Great concept, useful for providers to not divulge their personal phone number, able to make the call from the “clinic” phone number so patients are not spooked by out of state call. I wish the latency of the calls could be improved, the slight delay between when someone says something and the other person’s response can be a little awkward and cumbersome to work around.


Used to love this app

I used to love Doximity! The dialer is still great. Recently an update separated inbox from outbox which was great. Unfortunately it also stopped allowing me to share PDF from other apps. Writing Rx in a PDF editor then sharing directly to fax through this app was use but now I have to save the PDF, go into oximity to fax section, find file, then fax. Many extra steps which make it usually not worth it and instead I just share to my secured email and my office faxes them. That work around saves me time but not them!!


App still needs to fix a major bug

I hate when I get a email summary of content, click a link to go directly to the article, then it takes me to an option to view on app which I click but Doximity opens to its homepage, not the article I clicked on the email. Then I have to search for the article. Because of that problem alone, I just browse the email and rarely go read the actual article. Fix this!

Is Doximity Safe?

Yes. Doximity is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 139,593 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Doximity Is 64.2/100.

Is Doximity Legit?

Yes. Doximity is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 139,593 Doximity User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Doximity Is 64.2/100.

Is Doximity not working?

Doximity works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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