Ada – check your health Reviews

Ada – check your health Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-14

Ada helps you and your loved ones check symptoms and discover what might be
causing them – day or night without an appointment. Whatever’s bothering
you, from stomach problems to headache, Ada’s free symptom checker can help
you find answers and let you know if you should see a doctor....

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Ada – check your health Reviews

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    It’s a lifesaver!

    For someone like me, who’s always worrying about having the most major sickness when I only have small symptoms, ada is a lifesaver. Anytime you feel sick and anything hurts, you can use ada to type your symptoms down and answer a few questions about how you’re feeling. This includes things like, “how are your symptoms changing over time?” and if you have any other symptoms. It lists a number of different things you could have, some of them are less likely then others. You can read about the sickness and it even gives you remedies to treat it. This app has helped me a number of times, and it’s also very easy and simple to use. You can get a symptom assessment done in only a few minutes because the questions are simple and straight to the point. Still, you should always see a doctor if you’re worried, and I’m happy to say ada does also remind you that. I have nothing bad to say about this app at all. It even checks up on past symptom assessments to see if you’re doing okay!

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    Spot on!

    This app is a very useful, innovative, and accurate app. This is very useful for anybody in their daily lives. There are many symptoms to choose from, being simplistic or incredibly diverse in nature. Something that I enjoy about this app is that it does follow-up questions when you enter the app again. Always seeking to improve itself, it asks for your input as well as a doctors diagnosis if one has been determined. Another great feature is a comparison to others with similar symptoms. I typed in all my symptoms for the common cold, and it told me that eight out of 10 people with my similar symptoms had the common cold. Yes, while The rhinovirus is a very simplistic one, I have entered more complex symptoms for different cases, and have found great results. When the results were undetermined, it asks for input, in order to better improve itself. Overall, a very spectacular App that shows great signs of one day becoming something that every household Will have, in the world.

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    So far SO accurate, I’ve researched my symptoms online back in the days of WebMD and the such. I’ve even recently downloaded and chat message connect app with a “real” doctor that also left me very disappointed with the diagnosis and care. However so far believe it or not Ada has been spot on! I find it so helpful to just have some clarity of my own suspicions of what’s going on with me and opening my eyes to things I didn’t consider but make COMPLETE sense. Simple, informative, affective. I’m waiting for my insurance to become active and such through my employment again and it’s helping me SO much to know what to follow up with and speak to my doctor about. Awesome App! Not sure how you’re doing it Ada and team but I REALLY feel you know what you’re doing. So SHOCKED but so PLEASED! Thank you so much again you allay my fears of the worse and educate me on what I wouldn’t have even considered. If you haven’t yet download it and use it, it works!

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    Fantastic for getting a head start.

    This has been very helpful to me. As a woman (and I hate leading a sentence like that), often times internal body pain for girls is written off. I went to the ER 3 times in one day and the doctor kept telling me it was period cramps until the last time I came I was completely immobile and peeing blood every hour. It ended up being a horrible UTI that got out of hand because they brushed it up to mensural pain. This app gives me a start on what kinds of things might really be going on inside my body so I can do research a bit better before getting to the hospital. So the last time I went in with early signs of another bladder infection I was able to suggest they look into seeing if my symptoms were worse than just what they suggested (which surprise surprise, after they found I wasn’t pregnant they chalked it up to period pain)

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    The medical tool I’ve been waiting for.

    I have severe anxiety and a panic disorder. My anxiety frequently manifests itself in body pain and other minor ailments, and I am somewhat of a self-diagnosed hypochondriac. After years of using other symptom tracking tools, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Ada is my go to for minor issues I’m experiencing. It asks intuitive, relevant, and easy to understand questions, and gives you not only a variety of possible causes, but help in understanding why it chose them. Mild chest pain no longer means I’m having a heart attack, but probably a panic attack. Minor pain in my leg isn’t a blood clot, but just a normal type of pain from living an active lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend Ada more, whether you want to track random things, or your pain and symptoms over time.

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    Great App (One suggestion)

    I would suggest Ada would have photos in her symptom assessment. I am unaware if it has any capability of doing so if there is I would love to be notified on how to enable the option. But to continue, it would be lovely if her questions about pain had an image to help specify where it is directly pointing at. An example of a sort is if a person was in an important situation (pressuming they hadn't gone to get medical help) and had to evaluate someone of their symptoms to see if it was anything serious. They run into a question that ask if they have pain above the abdomen. If the person is unaware of what an abdomen is then it would lessen the time and make it slightly difficult for them to finish the evaluation. The option for images could also have certain sizes for the red pain marks. It could be more focused if Ada was asking for sharp pain, it could be more spread if Ada was asking for pain all around, or it could be a moderate size to show if Ada was asking for normal pain. Ada's post-evaluation sequence should show specific images and areas for the tumors she suggest that the symptom lead to or the bones that have been affected. Otherwise, the app is great always saved me the worry. (I still seek medical help if I'm sure it's serious or if my symptoms get worse) I recommended the app throughout my family and friends! Continue the great work.

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    Love it

    Super easy and useful. I love this app because it is always accurate and really calms me down when I’m paranoid over a small thing. I was having constant tearing knee pain after I fell in volleyball and I went to a doctor that told me I had simply bruised the bone. The pain went away but then came back. The next time I went to another doctor. She told me my pain was actually because I had weakness in my hips and my body was putting to much weight on my knee causing my bruised bone to not heal. And before I had been diagnosed this app had already guessed what I had. Although it wasn’t the first thing on the list of possibilities it was still there. Unfortunately after a month of physical therapy I still have pain due to lack of hip strength so I continue home therapy.

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    My husband was right.

    So my husband has had a kidney stone in the past and I was freaking out about back pain he had. He told me he didn’t think it was another kidney stone because he knows the pain already and explained this back pain didn’t feel like the kidney stone pain. Being paranoid, I downloaded this app assuming not much, and this app just surprised both of us. It was insane how perfect the questions are and how much it asks. Sure, it’s not a professional diagnosis from a medical doctor, but it does eliminate a lot of assumptions. After all the questions, Ada concluded “mechanical back pain” which then my husband proceeded to tell me he did pull a muscle earlier in the day. Thank you ada. I’m going to recommend this app to everyone I know. It gives a sense of ease honestly. ☺️

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    Less Worrying With Ada

    I don’t think I’ve ever written a review for an app but I tend to stress a lot when it comes to personal health now that I’m living on my own, so Ada has given me so much peace of mind recently. I’m not an expert in the medical field so I can’t give an opinion on that information. However, I feel the most important thing for me is getting an idea of when I should go to the doctor; which Ada provides. My insurance bills are fairly pricey for me since I only work minimum wage, so having something there to tell me I shouldn’t worry too much/ not yet is very important to me. Granted I haven’t used the app a whole lot, but I definitely plan too and I hope it continues to be just as helpful. :)

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    Life saver!

    I absolutely love this app! It’s helped me so much! Since having my baby in October and becoming a first time mom I feel like I’ve had questions for just about everything. Ada has put my mind to ease for almost all of it! It helps me decide when it’s time to call the doctor for myself, husband, or daughter. When I first downloaded this app I couldn’t help but be a little skeptical using it, but so far all its information lines up pretty well, I’ve only had one time where if gave me an off the wall answer and it was 100% my fault for not filling out the questions correctly. 10/10 would highly recommend for anyone and everyone!

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    This app has been very helpful to me. Since I got it, I have entered symptoms for myself, my brother, and my sister and we have been able to focus in on specific problem lists generated. We were able to create a profile for each of us so that when we return to the app with a different problem our background information is already there saved. Of course, nothing will take the place of our individual Physicians; but, with office co-pays and insurance companies breaking down their costs to nickel and dime the consumer, it can be very expensive to repeatedly go to the doctor until the symptoms point towards the final problem.

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    A doctor in your pocket

    I am a hypochondriac with health related anxiety and panic. This app has been more beneficial and comforting than not. I was having a panic attack and was for sure thinking I was dying of an aneurism. I went through the symptom checker; rapid heart rate, dizziness, light headed ness, cold sweat, etc and it told me I had a panic attack. I was not dying, lol. Then I found a bump in my jaw along with a sore throat. For sure I had oral cancer. Turns out a lump under your skin on your face is a symptom of a sore throat, lol, which makes way more logical sense than my irrational fears! This is a great app and it always gives me a sense of reassurance so I don’t have to keep going to the doctor for every little thing.

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    Not perfect, but nearly

    Ada isn’t perfect, as nothing is. But, for a non-being computer device it does an extremely good job helping me. I know it’s not a true doctor and what-not, but it has provided helpful analysis on a multitude of occasions and has informed me on things I didn’t know of before. Not only am i learning some about diagnosis’, but I also feel safer in general. Additionally, I had a crises earlier and got diagnosed with something severe and when I went to the doctor (Ada recommended within a few hours time) it turned out it was actually something that I needed help with so. Basically Ada is a life-saver, and if not that then an anti-anxiety machine.

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    Honestly, I love it

    Ada is so helpful. I saw it advertised in the App Store one day and thought, “Well, why not give it a try?” Ever since then, I have been using Ada when I need it. The app is super reliable and accurate, not to mention free. It’s easy to use (seriously, you just answer questions) and it’s great if you want to research something before you schedule an expensive visit with your doctor. If you still don’t believe me that this app is worth it, download it and start typing in symptoms like “fever” or “body aches” and I guarantee you’ll get the answer you were expecting. Totally worth it. Five stars. This seriously is a GREAT app 👍🏻

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    I don’t usually write reviews for any app/game but I feel like this one deserved it. I once had the worst pain in my right lower stomach but I dint think much of it. But it kept getting worse so I finally put my symptoms in it and it said that it was Acute Appendicitis but I dint believe it. Otherwise it kept getting worse so I finally went to the doctor and he examined it and he said Appendicitis so I went to the ER and sure enough it was Appendicitis with it getting ready to burst so I had to get emergency surgery to remove it. The doctor said if I had waited any longer I would of been in critical condition so Ada SAVED MY LIFE!!

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Is Ada – check your health Safe?

Yes. Ada – check your health is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,091 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Ada – check your health Is 62.0/100.

Is Ada – check your health Legit?

Yes. Ada – check your health is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,091 Ada – check your health User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Ada – check your health Is 62.0/100.

Is Ada – check your health not working?

Ada – check your health works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Ada – check your health customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Ada – check your health.

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