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Published by on 2022-09-27

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Reported Issues: 20 Comments

By Eric Mazzei
Dec 17 2022

Not all NFL films series are on Firestick NFL+ app (America's Game). But can watch on my iPad or smartphone.

By Sean Bunting
Nov 13 2022

It’s not working on my mobile or nfl app not showing network games or redone

By Bob
Oct 28 2022

Paid for NFL+ Premium on Oct. 15. Worked fine watching Giants Ravens game. As of yesterday when I try to access the service it does not recognize my account. Keeps directing me to purchase a subscription which I already have. No customer service phone number or email, and their chat bot is a joke. Canceled subscription yesterday but have not yet received a refund. Either get this thing to work, or give me a full refund!!

By Rwilson
Oct 27 2022

The NFL app opens and crashes immediately on my iPad. Software is over 12, so that's not the issue. Restarted. Deleted and reinstalled. Restarted again. Nothing. Trash.

By William Willis
Oct 06 2022

Will not acknowledge my subscription.

By Steve Ray
Oct 02 2022

My NFL app starts and then crashes repeatedly. I have an iPhone 13 promax and iOS 16.0.2. This is frustrating because I have NFL + and can’t use it. I removed and re-added the app but that didn’t do anything.

By justin r christensen
Sep 29 2022

My account:
Username: BigJCWC
Password: $610Coffeyegg

Want to watch a game replay and it loops me back to the sign up page.
My account runs out in Oct. 22 and would like to renew if the app is working but its not at this time.

It DID word for Weeks 1&2
Problem started week 3
I see on Twitter that many others are experiencing the same problem.

I've tried on my computer and phone and both were working fine before

By Bill Guth
Sep 25 2022

I have a NFL + premium subscription which and my account says it’s active but I can’t watch the game replays, it takes me to a new subscription screen and says I need to choose but shows I have an active account. I’m not the only one with this issue. You have no way to contact a actual person only a stupid bot the is useless. FIX IT OR REFUND MY MONEY!

By Brian Warren
Sep 25 2022

Sooo frustrated
Error code 403 on roku
Delegated and reloaded same problem
Then download app on phone iOS
And app doesn’t work!
All robot recordings on any trouble shooting phone numbers , or droid reply’s on text help!!

Looking to get a full refund and money for pain and suffering this is fucked up

By Kenneth Marshall
Sep 25 2022

Keeps saying my account is temporarily locked, was in it last night and it worked just fine.

By William Woodward
Sep 21 2022

Subscribed just before preseason week 2 and watched final 2 preseason games, with no problems. Starting in week 2 regular season most features were no longer working. I wasn’t even able to listen live and on Monday the replays didn’t work. The only feature I could work was game highlights. Every time I try again to view game replays I am forced to log in to my account even though I never logged out. The app offers no information about getting technical support but After searching was able to find a NFL support email address. Their reply to my query wasn’t at all helpful. I use other apps for streaming programs I subscribe to (for free incidentally) and only experience infrequent minor glitches. Apparently after they (NFL) get your money you’re not a priority, as far as support goes. It seems to me that trying to get money back would likely be difficult if in fact it was a possibility at all. Guess I just have to call it a $33.94 learning experience.

By Jeff reinert
Sep 20 2022

App keeps crashing absolute junk worst app ever what's wrong with it. Happy to take money for it how about you make it work

By Ted
Sep 18 2022

I’m signed into nfl+ with my paid account but I’m told to go to 7 day free trial. Everything worked fine last week when I signed up. Not working this week. I’ve gone to manage my account and it recognizes me and shows I’ve paid.

By Joe Castillo
Sep 11 2022

Keeps crashing pausing stopping not playing adds its really irritating

By Jhere
Sep 11 2022

App keeps crashing I am paying 4.99 monthly to watch games but can not because the app is horrible wasn’t like this last year for me ….very disappointed I am about to quite my Subscription

By Jhere
Sep 11 2022

App keeps crashing I am paying 4.99 monthly to watch games but can not because the app is horrible wasn’t like this last year for me ….very disappointed I am about to quite my Subscription

By Darren Overcast
Sep 11 2022

Redzone wont load at all on xbox app. No sound on NFL channels at all on xbox. Android phone app will not stay on Redzone in expanded view, keeps closing and defaulting to live game that is currently on channel. How can a multi-billion dollar company have such a crappy streaming service??!!

By Juan Zamora
Sep 02 2022

Unable to open NFL app for the past two days. Keeps crashing at startup. Tried iPhone, android, Roku and fire stick. Same problem.

By Richard
Aug 29 2022

Watching any game using the and NFL+ Application the issues are the screen will black out several times during a game and I have to restart the game. The volume mutes constantly every 5 minutes. And I have to unmute on the screen. Also why doesn’t the NFL app work anymore. There’s just a NFL football video screen .
Thank you

By Joseph Ammendolia
Aug 28 2022

The sign-in webpage crashes with a repeated problem error on my iPad. There is an error message that includes a gig_ssoToken. I can successfully sign in with my iPhone and on my desktop computer. It was working last year with an older software version on my iPad. I have the latest software (12.5.5) for my iPad. I’ve tried clearing cookies, tried rebooting. The only thing filled/highlighted on the webpage is the SIGN-IN column header. Thank you!

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