Contact CamScanner-PDF Scanner App

Contact CamScanner-PDF Scanner App

Published by on 2020-12-30

* Scan docs into clear & sharp image/PDF, to email, fax, print or save to
cloud * The choice for 400 million users all over the world CamScanner is a
free scanner app that helps users scan, edit, store, and sync contents across

How to Contact CamScanner-PDF Scanner App

CamScanner-PDF Scanner App Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with CamScanner-PDF Scanner App. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact CamScanner-PDF Scanner App. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

NOTE: If the links below doesn't work for you, Please go directly to the Homepage of INTSIG Information Co.,Ltd

Contact e-Mail:

[email protected]

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You can now contact CamScanner-PDF Scanner App customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact CamScanner-PDF Scanner App directly

Common CamScanner-PDF Scanner App Issues

  • By WHolbrooks79

    What happened??!!

    This was my favorite scanner app. As far as why was concerned there was no other scanner apps. With all the features this one had, the quality of the pic enhancement, and the control it offered was great. On top of that you could save the pics to your album, send the enhanced pic multiple ways. I guess good things don’t last especially in the app world. There is no directing texting feature but, once upon a time, you could save the enhanced pic to your album, then text it. No big deal. Simple, easy, fast. Well, in CamScanner’s infinite wisdom they have removed the capability. So, I figured it was a premium feature and purchased it. Still nothing. I wasn’t really angry about this whole thing until I emailed them several times and still have received no feedback. I wouldn’t have even bothered writing this review but I don’t want other people wasting their hard earned money like I did. Thanks for nothing, CamScanner!!!

  • By Nyclady

    Great app but needs some improvements

    This is a great app and all, but I only got two complaints that I hope can be fixed. 1) For starters, the only formats available to download are both JPG and PDF (basically the JPG converted as a PDF). Since JPG is lossy, there should be a way to export in PNG as opposed to JPG. 2) When you turn on 'Torch' while taking a picture of the paper you want to scan, the flashlight on your phone stays on till you are done fixing up the scan and get back to the main screen. The torch should ONLY be on when taking a picture through the camera, and not after. Other than these two complaints, I do not see a problem with this app, in fact, I like it for scanning my drawings from paper to digital. :)

  • By Laraspa

    GREAT for school!

    I absolutely LOVE using this app for school. I get a lot of handouts for projects that I have a tough time keeping track of and CamScanner helps me 1: organize my papers, 2: keep from losing them, and 3: access them super easily. I love that I am able to see my assignments on the go, as I cannot always bring my giant folder around with me. Even with the folder, it can be such a pain to try and find each individual assignment. CamScanner has helped so much with both of those problems. Now I am able to see my organized files anywhere if I have my phone on me. Even if I lose an assignment, I will have a scanned copy that I can look at, so I will never lose my important documents. 100% would recommend to other students. If you have problems with organizing files or wish you didn’t have to carry around so many papers, this is definitely the app for you. So easy to use, great user interface. Love it!

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Reported Issues: 68 Comments

By Archie Mohlabane
Apr 28 2021

I have cancelled CamScanner and Uninstalled it from my phone but I am still being charged. I emailed two weeks ago to report this and there is money still being taken off my account.

By Frances J Dodson-Katras
Apr 19 2021

I don't know if my fax was sent and I believe I was charged twice. The first time it did not allow me to put the number I was trying to fax to. Second time I put the number in but not sure if it went to the correct fax #

By Deepshikha
Apr 18 2021

I have been charged $90 however i never subscribed for it... i want my money back

By Taylor
Apr 04 2021

Email Sent, charged $97 instead of the $5.99 weekly subscription after free period renewal which I clicked prior, want my money back

By Sidharth Jakhu
Mar 23 2021

Hi this is sidharth jakhu from calgary (AB) , canada , yesterday I opened camscanner there was a add on camscanner , i click on add they deducted my 79.99 dollar , I don’t want any another service , plz pay back my money, thanks

By Tendai Chipo Machokoto
Mar 13 2021

Please cancel my subscription l don’t want it it’s been four months trying to contact you guys

By Bukola
Mar 11 2021

I try 2day trial, but now they charge for £44.46. Please cancel it for me i don't use it anymore refund my money back.

By Larry
Mar 10 2021

Would like to cancel now.

By Patrick
Mar 05 2021

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S10 and the App stopped letting me attach JPG and PDF to emails. I get an error "Unable to add attachment" every time I try using the SHARE function to send these files. This used to work great. Please let me know how to resolve this.

By Pooja Kunduru
Mar 02 2021

Please cancel my subscription, I really don’t use this app. I was charged 90$ which is not worth at all

By Angelita
Feb 26 2021

I ve been trying to use it again. I’ve been charge and the system is not working. Converting my photos to pdf and emailing is not working. The regular emailing of documents don’t work either none is working and you had been charging me.
Pls make the system work for all it’s worth. Expecting for a quick response.

By Aprel spearman
Feb 22 2021

I would like to cancel my subscription and get my money back! Got for a job couldn’t even use it but 2 forgot I had it or that there was a trial! I can’t afford 59.99 for a years worth of service for something I will never use again in my life!

By Osibanjo Anthony
Jan 30 2021

Good day, I redownloaded camscanner on my phone yesterday and was charged a yearly upgrade payment of (17,900niara)of which I had already paid for some 3 months back. I tried to cancel the transaction as soon as I observed it was going to charge me again.
I cannot afford to pay again because I already paid for the year before.
Why should I be charged again for an upgrade I already paid for?
Kindly reverse the transaction please cause I have no intention to pay again and I am in need of money at the moment . my email address is [email protected]
My account number is 2020590110
Bank name is Zenith Bank
Name is Osibanjo Olawale Anthony
The transaction was made with a zenith debit card. Pls reverse it.
I sent a mail yesterday to [email protected] but I dont know if it went through or not.
Thank you

By sara
Jan 27 2021

please refund me back my amount

By Saroj simkhada
Jan 23 2021

I was trying to buy a monthly package which was 5500won as shown. I mistakenly click for the annual package which is 66000 won. Where should I apply for my money back?

By Rohit Chauhan
Jan 22 2021

I'd login not working

By Emanuele Seimetz
Jan 20 2021

I meant to keep app just for basic subscription for only few documents, I was directed to try the 3 days free trial but didn’t authorize any charge on my Apple account at all without further information. Now I got charged $59.99 for the subscription + $4.95 tax total $64.94 which overdraft my bank account. There’s no customer support number I can speak with and no email answer for my problem.

By heng yi
Jan 18 2021

There was a mistake, I didn't not opt for the 1 year membership just one week. please refund me.

By Charize Mae Magsino
Jan 18 2021

Please give me back my money!!! I have only used the trial version and deleted the app right after. I don't even have it on my phone anymore for so long. But now, I checked my money online, you took 2,950 PHP from me! Please give it back! I really need it! I did not give permission for subscription!

By Lee Yin Lin
Jan 17 2021

with all the distress of having to close my business this year. The subscription to your service (app) was the one thing I neglected to get on top off and it is now just auto renewed at a cost I really cannot afford! I love you app but I just don’t need it any more as I’ve had to dissolve my business :( how do I cancel the subscription and get a full refund as I’ve only used it for a short period of 2020 and do not require it at all in 2021? Please. I’m really sorry to go public with this but I could not find away any decipherable concise information about how to do this online so I’m reaching out for your assistance ASAP as this money is invaluable to me and your urgent attention would be greatly appreciated 😭 this has only just happend now however my anxiety is already through the roof !

Jan 16 2021

Please refund the amount of 49.99 euros debited from my account. I am not interested in any subscription. Thank you..

By Jessa Presto
Jan 15 2021

Like anyone else here, I got charged even when I cancelled the subscription. Did anyone here successfully got refunded? The amount that got charged from my account is for one month subscription.

By Candice
Jan 14 2021

I signed up for the free trial and CamScanner charged me for a premium account $77.99 I have never authorized on the same day,No Customer service no. Please refund me back.

By Jessica Peixoto Rodrigues
Dec 26 2020

I cancelled on 3rd day of free trial and still got charged. Tried to contact on the APP but didnt get any answer. The worst contact service ever. Please cancell my acount and refund me!

By Lourdes Melendez
Dec 19 2020

I am only have an IPhone 11 plus try to fill up some information request, not able to fill out the information., even I have the best campscaner link make me very difficult to finish my job, try to contact person to can help me but not way to contact direct person only get this site to resolve this easue I am request resolve the problem. I do not have computer at this point, I try very hard to get resolve but able to do it my self. Need technical support to help me with this easue please. My phone 1-347-489-9943 my email [email protected] Please appreciated you urgent respond.

By Anjali Lonare
Dec 18 2020

I tried to cancel the free 3-day trial and it wouldn’t go through now I have been charged $49.99. Please refund I did not want to use the app. Thanks.

By Rasheduzzaman
Dec 07 2020

Hello dear I didn’t subscribe your app but you token money from my account please give me my money back

By Tracey Lake
Dec 03 2020

I downloaded the app to scan my timesheets but it would not work. I deleted the app off my phone but you took £48.99 from my account. I then downloaded it again, still cant use it, have to put up with adverts and then messages asking ,e to upgrade to premium? My friends use this app for free with no problem at all, I am paying and cant get it to work properly. How do I speak to someone about it?

By Joseph Fattorusso
Nov 25 2020

I paid for year recently on phone that died...I am not paying again...I will report you to consumer affairs if I don't get help to use account on new phone

By Ramandeep Kaur
Nov 12 2020

I didnot subscribe this app and now this has deducted the money from my account for a year and I would like you to refund my money asap otherwise I will take legal action because I already tried contacting the company and nothing happened!

By Vielka
Nov 04 2020

Total scam, it keeps taking money away from you!!! It never canceled

By skye rogers
Nov 03 2020

bloody shocking interface regarding having to subscribe once having used the 'free trial'! omg....! you will go out of business with a 'service' like this. I will report you to fair trading. You cannot run a business like very shonky guys...shame on you!! so many people want OUT of your app but you do not allow it..... rectify this ASAP or expect the bad news to spread about your shoddy app!!

By Cindy Murphy
Nov 02 2020

I inadvertently hit a button to buy a subscription and then immediately cancelled it. Today I see I was charged $38.96 to my apl pay account and I need to have that refunded. I never intended to purchase it and do not need it.

By Becca
Oct 20 2020

It would not let me download the app that I have used before without doing the free trial for the premium service. I tried to cancel the subscription and now am being charged. I do not want the $49.99 premium that I was charged for. How do I remove this from my charges?

By Michael Mahabir
Oct 19 2020

I accidentally deleted your app. By accident it had some important information on it, is their any way I can get it back? Please help. Thank you. 845-480-2075

By Sandra
Oct 13 2020

Bonjour ! Je viens d’être facturé 49,99€ Pour la version prémium de votre application que je n’ai jamais demandé et JAMAIS accepté. REMBOURSEZ moi mon argent. Vous m’avez débité il y’a trois jours et je n’ai utilisé aucune fonctionnalité de CamScanner depuis ces trois jours alors remboursez moi mes sous bande D’ARNAQUEURS!

By Aakash Dhiman
Oct 09 2020

PDF scanner ke contet no Kya haiii

By Aakash Dhiman
Oct 09 2020

I am not used pdf scanner my Money Rs 589 refund please refund my card

By Aakash Dhiman
Oct 09 2020

My payment 589 Please refund refund please I m not Using
Please Refund

By Aakash Dhiman
Oct 09 2020

Mujhe meri payment chiye

By Samaiya Clark
Oct 08 2020

I got charged $49 fee. Requested refund and never received it.

By Jade Tan
Oct 04 2020

Hi. The advertising on this app when I downloaded CamScanner led me to believe that I needed a premium account to operate this app. I intended to use the trial and uninstall the app soon after as a result. However, it appears that I have been already charged a year's subscription as the trial period expired without notifying me. I since discovered that I did not even need the premium version for what I used the app for. I believe the advertising for a premium account was misleading to me. I would like to request for a refund as I do not need to use the features offered for a premium account, which I should not have needed in the first place. Thank you for your consideration and I do look forward to your most favourable reply.

By Jennifer
Oct 01 2020

What a scam. I sent email the day before payment was due. You tried to pull funds from my account later that day! The free trial ended at midnight you tried to pull funds at 11:34. I don’t want your services. Take it off my phone. I’m not paying for something I don’t want or need

By Mausam Pradhan
Sep 30 2020

I tried to cancel the free 3 day trial and it wouldn’t go through now I have been charged $81.99. Please refund I did not want to use the app. Thanks.

By Elizabeth Alvarado
Sep 21 2020

I need to cancel this account...I signed up as a free trial and now it has charged me $54.99. I will be going through my bank to stop payment and will be asking for a refund!!!

By Divyesh Kumar
Sep 18 2020

need a copy of all documents which have been stored on Cam Scanner Cloud. Please help with them as I am not able to retrieve the same from the cloud as India has banned your website / Apps

By Tim wlodkowski
Sep 17 2020

I signed up for the free trial and it automatically charged me $50 for the premium account if I will not be refunded I will report to chase as fraud. No contact info means you guys do this on purpose hoping people just give up and accept they lost $50 for the year. I want my refund.

By Urvashi
Sep 13 2020

I did not sign up for premium subscription.. Still charged me money
Please cancel it

By A Jasper
Sep 11 2020

Can you please refund my £48.99 as I did not ask for subscription, I will also be contacting my bank to get refund

By Ronald Smith
Aug 31 2020

You have debit my account for the last two years in a row and I would like a refund because I am no longer using your service

By Kelly Taglieri
Aug 30 2020

I did not sign up for Premium. Please cancel and refund money.

By Jose Ramos
Aug 29 2020

you guys literally said there was a 1 year premium for students and it hasn't even been a year and you're already expiring my premium.You guys suck!

By Sharanya Reddy
Aug 28 2020

Cancelled my subscription before three day trial ended and still got charged the $49 fee. This is so unprofessional, please adhere to what a free trial entails!!! And refund the money!

By Sheila Davis
Aug 24 2020

I have a problem with my phone. I had to delete the app off my phone and when I put it back now it keeps asking me to pay again. Also I can’t scanner or send a document. My Account is Sheila Davis [email protected] (732)239-6670

By Maddason Beckham
Aug 23 2020

Cancelled on 3rd day of free trial but still got charged. REFUND!!!!!

By Amanda Berlingeri
Aug 22 2020

I tried to cancel the 3 day trial and it wouldn't go through and I just got a message they charged me $49.99 and I do not want the app. Please refund my money. I do not want the app thanks

By Kathy C
Aug 21 2020

How do I cancel? I tried this product and do not want it. Why is there no # to call?
Please provide customer service phone #.

By Danielle Lickfeldt
Aug 21 2020

On August 14 I was charged $49.99 for a premium account that I NEVER agreed to!! Due to this unauthorized charge my bank account is now overdrawn!! PLEASE CANCEL this membership immediately and refund my account!

By Elle Arsove
Aug 20 2020

I'm finding that even when sending a small doc of 5 pages, the docs aren't being sent...even saving them as small as possible.

By Michael Norwood
Aug 17 2020

Need refund. Uniatalled app after 1 day. Now, aim being charged $53.xx.

By Nippun singh
Aug 17 2020

U guys are fraud,not even purchased your subscription than also you guys deducted 75$ dollars from my account,,this is a loot. Need my refund

By Ramana
Aug 13 2020

The following link sent me got expired, would it be possible to extend for one more week, please?


By Joanna Valentin
Aug 12 2020

I can’t receive my documents on the computer when I’m connected to the same account, it should update right?

By Muhamad Naufal
Aug 12 2020

I didn't subscribe any Camscanner Premium but my money already deducted. I need refund please

By P Hampton
Aug 11 2020

My fax feature will not work! There is no customer support number😱

By John Haffner
Aug 10 2020

I signed up for a 30 day free trial and learned that same day that my company does NOT allow the use of CamScanner on any of our work-related equipment. I cannot find any service phone number to cancel and I cannot use the website since I did not retain my password since I was not going to use this software. Why is there no service phone line???

By Annamarie Till
Aug 10 2020

I tried to cancel the free 3 day trial over the weekend and it wouldn’t go through now I have been charged $49.99. Please refund I did not want to use the app. Thanks.

By Jose Campos
Aug 10 2020

I tried to cancel the free 3 day trial over the weekend and it wouldn’t go through now I have been charged $49.99. Please refund I did not want to use the app. Thanks.

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