Prime Sleep Recorder Reviews

Prime Sleep Recorder Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Records your talk or snoring while you are asleep (automatic or manual
sensitivity level, records only snoring using smart snoring detection), creates
the graph of noise in room during the night, takes the total time of snoring
down. Snoring detection is based on artificial inte...

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Reviews (32)


Great app!

Love PrimeSleepRecorder! It’s awesome, and it also helps me see if paranormal activity is happening in my room. Which I kinda have a story that scared me, but it can be logically explained so I’m probably wrong. I had woken up to find my closet door slightly opened when i had definitely closed it the night prior. I thought that was weird but didn’t think much of it, i finally got up and stopped the recording and reviewed the audio like I normally do. At first I was hearing the normal, the AC turned on, my dog howling, cat meowing, (my cats a loud meow-er ) Me snoring. Until i heard a low humming, it didn’t sound demonic it was just a low hum. So I thought it was REALLY weird cause out of all the reviews i’ve read i’ve never read a review that said they heard themselves hum.


Great... But creepy???

PrimeSleepRecorder works great! I downloaded this a while back and used it to see if I snored or talked in my sleep. You can only listen to a certain number of recordings without paying but I guess they have to make money with PrimeSleepRecorder somehow. I know you can adjust the settings but It’s still pretty hard to use when you are playing music or using a fan while you are sleeping. Part of the reason I’m giving this 4 stars is because you have to pay to hear more recordings like I said above and the other part is due to some stuff it picked up. I’m not sure if this is the apps doing or if something weird goes on while I’m sleeping. For example, one night PrimeSleepRecorder would pick up glass breaking in my room but I don’t find anything when I wake up and the next night, it would pick up what sounds like someone flipping through a book repeatedly. PrimeSleepRecorder also picked up someone laughing before but I’m pretty sure it was just my brother up to no good again outside my room in the middle of the night. I’m guessing that none of it is the apps doing since nobody else has really had that problem but I’m not sure why it keeps picking these things up. It’s starting to creep me out a bit which is why I’m going to stop using it for now and maybe test another recorder to see if it picks up the same stuff. Other than that, it’s a great app and I would recommend it.



While I did find PrimeSleepRecorder interesting because I got to hear whether or not I sleep talk, I grew increasingly concerned when I heard breathing from my phone. I had everything turned off except for PrimeSleepRecorder recording the sounds. I had tried to fall asleep but couldn’t because I heard breathing and slight rustling as if I was listening to someone else sleep. I tried stopping it from recording to see if I was just hearing things, but there was nothing that was making the sounds. I turned it back on and listened for a while while debating whether or not I should say hello because if I could hear them, they could possibly hear me. I was too scared to do anything besides listen, and I ended up falling asleep before anything else happened. PrimeSleepRecorder is great otherwise. I don’t think I was imagining it. I deleted PrimeSleepRecorder when I woke up.



so usually when I use PrimeSleepRecorder I said it on my nightstand and it usually works perfectly fine it tracks my snoring and if I sleep talking if I roll over. But last night I had the weirdest outcome ever. around 5 AM when I hit play it sounded like there was a bomb about to go off so then I looked at the next recording under it and it was straight up beeping the entire recording. like nonstop. then there was another sound and it sounded like if you were to be making a duck face and then blowing in air. it almost sounded like a cricket dying. then the beeping started beeping again. I have no clue what it was but I’ve never had any problems with PrimeSleepRecorder until last night. I am going to see what happens tonight to see if there was anything unusual or it was just myself. Hopefully there outcomes are different


Could Save Your Life! Listening to yourself is the only way to see how bad your snoring is!

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few years ago and was given a CPAP machine. I tried to use it but since i couldn’t get used to wearing a mask and eventually it ended up in the closet. I decided to find an app to record my snoring just to see how bad it really was. I found PrimeSleepRecorder, bought the full version, and started recording. I was horrified, disgusted, and scared after hearing myself snore all night and seeing all the amazing data PrimeSleepRecorder collected. My worst night was over 2,000 snores which was about 40% of my time in bed! Suffice it to say PrimeSleepRecorder scared me straight! I’ve used my CPAP every night. Still getting used to it. But the improvements are immediate! On the night I wore the mask all night, I had no snoring at all. And even on the nights where I wear it 3-4 hours, the improvements are drastic. If you’re a bad snorer, you need PrimeSleepRecorder to see how bad things really are. Once you hear yourself and see the data, you’ll be running to get a CPAP! And it will likely save your life.


Not my sound

I recorded my self last night to see my snoring and I was a little weary about it so to test it to see if it was actually going to be my snoring I had a tv on playing and in the audio recording the next morning there was no tv in the background of my snoring clips and at one point at the end it sounds like a baby starting to whine and a wife trying to wake up her husband carefully. I sleep alone and I am a 20 yo female who doesn’t sound like a big burly man snoring which is what this audio was. And I was sleeping with my head under my pillow and my snores .. if they were that loud.. should have been muffled but they were loud and clear as day. I don’t believe PrimeSleepRecorder. I think they just show you the first 15 recordings in the beginning of the night (which are not you!) and then you’re tempted to pay to see the rest and that’s how they make their money. Honestly PrimeSleepRecorder is not worth it and I’m shocked to even see that it had 4.5 stars.


Coolest app ever !

I started out by downloading PrimeSleepRecorder just for entertainment purposes, and ended up paying the 3$ to have no limitations because I loved it so much. I wanted to see if I was a sleep talker & If I happened to snore at all during the night to see what my future husband may or may not have to put up with!! Well to my surprise , I do not sleep talk much but I do snore pretty loud. It was really interesting to hear myself. I highly encourage you to download PrimeSleepRecorder and try the LITE version for a night. If you like what you hear and are intrigued to hear more , buy the full version. It’s really affordable and only a one time payment.


Tracks sleep and another “occurrence”

You need to add a fart detection to PrimeSleepRecorder. Going thru my history night after night, not only did I realize that I do snore quite a bit but I also am missing out on some of my best performance and dammit I’m not even awake. Several times I have encountered blasts that would have either cleared a room or deafened people. One lasted a good 4 seconds. I was delighted and terrified at the same time. I’m writing this and laughing like a middle schooler. I don’t care, I’m 34 and growing up is over rated anyway. Keep up the good work and please work on the feature to detect nocturnal gas emissions.


Fantastic, Highly-Functional App

PrimeSleepRecorder is sweet! I first saw it on tik tok, and knew I had to give it a try. I was so surprised to hear the things that were coming out of my mouth at night! Once you get the settings all tuned for the level of ambient noise in your bedroom, it does a great job at filtering out unimportant noises. I’ve also never found myself needing to purchase the full version, although those extra features do seem pretty cool. This is a fantastic app that I will continue to use and would recommend to anyone that snores or sleep talks!


Good and bad

The light version lets you listen to 15 recordings. It makes it sound like it’s the first 15 recordings of the night, when in actuality, it’s just random ones that it picks throughout the whole night. I am a big talker in my sleep so I missed a bunch of talking because it did not allow me to listen to some of the 2 AM recordings. Instead it let me listen to some of the 7 AM recordings which are just recordings of my husband getting up and getting ready for work. I gave it a three star because it records very well even though my fan was running in the room but it did not let me listen to the first 15 recordings if it had I would’ve given it a five star rating🤷🏼‍♀️


Just try it!

I gave the free edition a try last night and ended up purchasing the monthly sub. I caught some of the funniest recordings of my life including a new family favorite, *SNORT* “I can’t get along with you.” Also a midnight snack ft. My cat cookie. We were sleeping, cuddling as usual, when my movement woke her. Que a lot of confused meowing followed by her rushing to her food bowl and smacking loudly on her food while I snore and moan. Lol I love this. Thank you for allowing me to provide this entertainment to my family.


Impressed! Full version worth the $3!!!

I downloaded PrimeSleepRecorder to get proof of my snoring (I’ve been in denial for years even after countlessly being told I do in fact snore) and it worked perfectly. No 8 hour long recording. Didn’t cancel out my morning alarm. And it did a good job of filtering was was snoring and what was.. weird sounds in the middle of the night. A little creeped out about that part. I got an overall 22 recordings from my night of sleep. The first 15 had me so intrigued I decided to buy the full version. It’s $3 bucks you guys. It’s really not a huge deal. Overall impressed & happy with the purchase


Something is off

I haven’t had PrimeSleepRecorder in over a year. I was going to try it out again since I have been having so many dreams lately but while I was reading the reviews I remembered something from when I first got PrimeSleepRecorder . It did very good recording my sleep talking. Other than it picking up my noisy bed, it worked great. In one clip I had been sleep talking, and I burped. In a deep voice, which wasn’t me, had said, “Excuse you,” and I replied with thank you. Now that I am seeing other reviews that say they heard breathing, a man snoring, a tv on, and other random clips, there may be something really weird.


Popping sound

I’ve been using PrimeSleepRecorder for probably over half a year, but recently it started doing this weird popping noise in the middle of the night and now all that it will record is that popping noise. It probably happens once an hour or so according to the time stamps on the recordings at night. I thought it was something in my room until I set up the sleep recorder one night and heard it make the popping noise through my phone just as I was about to fall asleep. It was a really fun app to have before that popping noise happened cause of how much my roommate and I would talk in our sleep, but now it’s kinda useless unfortunately.



Chronic nightmares & screaming in my sleep, led me to look for something that would let ME hear it to & not just my poor husband who gets woken EVERY night 🙈. PrimeSleepRecorder records what it hears in the night. Screaming, snoring, coughing & all... I started with the free version the first night, but I could only play a few of the entries that it recorded. So, I immediately sprang for the $2.99. TOTALLY a deal & a no brainer. ESPECIALLY when the first “sleep tracker” type type app that I downloaded was going to charge $59 🙄 and didn’t let you hear even one (1)entry from the first night. I deleted it, of course, and luckily found this one! Anyway, if you are even considering PrimeSleepRecorder. JUST DO IT. It’s super cool! Now, if only it would CURE the nightmares😔 That would be PRICELESS


Needs to have a way to rewind

This is a pretty good app. You have to set it on 70 or you get too much static. What PrimeSleepRecorder really needs is a way to rewind a recording without having to listen to the whole recording again. Usually there is one section that I hear something but it’s a 2 minute plus recording and there is no need to listen to the entire recording. I would give PrimeSleepRecorder a 5 if it had a way to rewind individual recordings to listen to a certain part of the recording


Loved this app until the ads got uncloseable

I used PrimeSleepRecorder for three days now, the first two days PrimeSleepRecorder worked perfectly fine, however since last night I can’t close the advertisements (Candy Crush) anymore. All PrimeSleepRecorder does is redirect me to the appstore, more specifically the Candy Crush page. I tried to reach out to the company through appsupport, but got a notification stating ‘the message had NOT been send succesfully’. I hope the company can update PrimeSleepRecorder and get rid of this advertisement bug.


Needs updated bad!

I gave 2 stars because of all the issues I’ve been dealing with. I’m hoping that I can give you a better score. I was enjoying PrimeSleepRecorder. Now it’s not working right. It keep freezing up, and then crashes. it records my sleep but won’t update the last recording right away. Today, I didn’t have a chance to listen to my recording from last night til like 10:30 tonight. I bought PrimeSleepRecorder and I expect it to be worth it. It was for a long time, but I just recently started having issues with it, and it’s getting worse. Please update ASAP. I know it’s not my phone as all the other apps work just fine.


it’s cool but there’s issues

PrimeSleepRecorder is really cool and I was excited to use it. However, it only worked well for the first three nights and then I started running into problems. One time it didn’t even record the sleep session even though I definitely pressed the start button. Then for a few nights, it didn’t split the night into different recordings. So that made it impossible to listen to the recording because it was about 7-8 hours long. I get excited to use PrimeSleepRecorder but it’s frustrating to see that it didn’t work when I wake up.


Has many problems

I believe this is a ok app but not great. I ran into many problems one being that when I wake up and try to listen back it’s a 8 hour long recording. It doesn’t split it up into different recordings so it’s impossible to listen for 8 straight hours. Also when I try and play the recording it freezes up at the top and won’t go past that point. Very annoying! If u have the time and patience for 8 hours to listen go straight ahead. I even tried to contact them for help on figuring this out and not once have they responded. Hope this serves everyone well and maybe saves you 3 dollars.


This app works great

I used PrimeSleepRecorder last night and i actually recorded some me sleep talking. One thing i like about it is it records parts where there was noise heard and it also has different colors that specify whether a sound is a snore or talking. Over all best sleep talk recording app. I rate 10/10 would record again. (And I will.)



I originally downloaded it for fun and entertainment to see if I talked in my sleep, but instead I caught a bunch of weird stuff. Voices(that aren’t mine), things fallen, once my phone moved in the night. Kinda crazy, but PrimeSleepRecorder let me know I might be haunted. Keep getting weird recordings at the same time every morning. Still using it but now I’m using it like a Ghostbuster rather than a sleep recorder.


Sleep Recorder

I have 5 other sleep recorders on my phone and this is the BEST! I’ve used PrimeSleepRecorder for over a year and no other comes close to recording snore’s and sleep talking as good as this one. Buy the premium version, it’s more than worth it.


It’s good... but

PrimeSleepRecorder is really great how you get recordings of the noises the occur during the night, with even a low frequency setting which is pretty cool but why do you have to pay to hear your recordings like the first night I had this, I got 94 recordings and wanted to listen to them all but I only got to listen to 15 of them, now that’s some bs if y’all make a sleep recorder app but we have to pay to actually use it smh😤... But overall I give it 2 stars.


canceled out my morning alarm

I used PrimeSleepRecorder for the first time, and it canceled out my morning alarm. I use the bedtime option of the alarms standard on the phone, and have never had a problem with it not going off. I used PrimeSleepRecorder once, and the alarm never went off. Not so great helping me get sleep when I’m now paranoid I’ll sleep in and be late for work. Might want to fix this.



I didnt know I snored so much, literally all night. I downloaded to try and see if theres any ghost or voices but all I got was my own voice snoring loud and proud for HOURS. Now I know to go ahead and get a sleep apne mouth guard instead of thinking my snoring “wasnt too bad”


What the Heck!

I paid for the premium, because I could only hear the first 15 recordings and then as soon as I did they stopped recording in segments and just recording as one long recording and you can’t break it down so I can’t tell if/when I’m snoring or talking unless I listen through the whole thing! Waste of money unless that gets fixed! I even messed with the settings to try and fix it and nothing works.



This one doesn’t have a lot of complicated accessories like the other ones do, just easy to look at instances of activities that are easy to look at and listen to.


Great App

records only when there's a sound loud enough and i can keep track of the cats if they knock anything over. also helpful to find out how your snoring sounds


I can’t hear the recording

It doesn’t allow you to listen back to the recording but it’s a very nice app it tells you how long you were in bed and the statistics of the noise although I only downloaded it because I wanted to be able to play back the noise gonna delete but it’s really not bad


It Doesn’t Work

The “snores” were just me hugging our air while I was dreaming. Not to mention you have to pay $3 to save all your recordings from the night. I would have liked to at least try it out before buying it to see if it worked, which I don’t think it does. Maybe a 7 day free trial or something will make it better.


Don’t waste your money!

Excellent pick up. Very reasonable price for the extras. Second night of using it, I used the sleepy sounds and it kept shutting off and didn’t record anything. I’m changing my review because the first night it worked wonderful. So the next day I paid for all the extras, full app, sleepy sounds etc. and it never recorded or worked again! To the developer I demand ALL my money back!

Is Prime Sleep Recorder Safe?

Yes. Prime Sleep Recorder is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,166 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Prime Sleep Recorder Is 63.7/100.

Is Prime Sleep Recorder Legit?

Yes. Prime Sleep Recorder is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,166 Prime Sleep Recorder User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Prime Sleep Recorder Is 63.7/100.

Is Prime Sleep Recorder not working?

Prime Sleep Recorder works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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