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Published by on 2023-02-06

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Reported Issues: 31 Comments

By Tina Prister
Jan 30 2023

I can only get the international news with my mobile app, I’m trying to get the domestic news

By dd
Jan 13 2023

look up stock quate not working

By Jan Severin
Jan 09 2023


By Sherry Vorhaben
Oct 13 2022

During the last few weeks the CNN app crashes when I try to open it on my iPad Pro. I’ve rebooted my iPad and deleted the app and reinstalled it. I also have the most recent update from Apple.

By Alberta Landes
Sep 30 2022

Every time I try to open my CNN App on my IPhone 11 the app crashes. It used to work. I have deleted the app installed it and it still does not work

By Steve
Aug 12 2022

I have a new iPhone 13 running latest iOS. The CNN app crashes every time I attempt to open it. Deleted from the home screen and the problem continues to occur. No viable solutions offered online. Argh!!

By Marianne
Jul 26 2022

CNN app won’t open on my new IPad Air 2020 but works on my iPhone. Have latest update, Tried deleting and reinstalling, closing down IPad, nothing works. What’s up?

By Linda Hamilton
Jul 19 2022

My original cell phone damaged, received new one. CNN did not carry over. I deleted it and tried to start over. It will not download from App Store at all. What to do?

By AZGuy
Jul 17 2022

CNN app on AppleTV 4k isn't working. First the subtitles come on every time you start the app. They never stay off even after you turn them off. You open it again and they're back. And the last 2 days since their update...the screen goes black but you can hear audio. Fix this or I'm switching networks. Great way to reduce your viewership.

By Jan
Jul 12 2022

I enjoyed listening to CNN on my iPhone 8 . I cannot get the CNN to work on my new iPhone 13 mini I love listening to CNN while in the office working.

By Kathy Matkin-Clapton
Jul 11 2022

I am not able to watch any video on my iPad or iPhone from Canada. I have logged in successfully with my cable provider but when I click “watch tv” I get a blank screen for videos and live stream.

By Helen
Jul 08 2022

I have been watching live streaming of cnn for a long time, on my Samsung tablet. Now I am unable to view it. Keeps buffer8ng.

By Judy Payuk
Jul 07 2022

CNN app won’t open on my new iPad Pro 5th generation. The icon for the app pops up and then disappears. Help!

By michael Alexander yates
Jun 30 2022

I was at home all day and did not even look at cnn but the app used 80% of my mobile data. On average I use about 3% in total. Last week I got a notification that the app was using extreme amounts of power.

By Stan
Jun 29 2022

Have loaded the CNN app on my new iPad work great. The problem is if I go into on the homepage scroll down to CNN Business tap on the arrow will not go to next page, will open the CNN app. If I delete the CNN app works great.

By Doris Toumarkine
Jun 19 2022

CNN app won’t load on my new iPad

By Julie Roughton
Jun 07 2022

My CNN app is not working on my IPad. I have a new 12.9 IPad Pro. I tried deleting the old app and installing a new one but that did not work either. Please inform. I really like the CNN app and do not want to switch news channels.

By Louise
Jun 04 2022

My CNN iPhone (13) app was working fine until a week ago - EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING that is continually signals that I'm 'not authorized to view this content. Please contact your TV provider for further assistance" — WHICH I DID AND THEY SAY IT'S CNN's PROBLEM, NOT THEIRS. I am able to access CNN live TV on my desktop and laptop, which doesn't help much when I'm on the road. I've tried everything — deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting my iPhone....WASSUP YOU GUYS? I'm about ready to quite watching CNN altogether!

By Pattie
Jun 02 2022

Ipad response is extremely slow - especially finger movement. I don't have this issue with Huffington or any other app. What's up??

By Stephen Richter
May 31 2022

I have 2gig fiber to my home, all devices ( iOS, windows, LG Tv & Fire TV with all apps work perfect except CNN + app. The old CNNGO APP ALSO WORKED PERFECTLY. The day CNN + replaced on my FireTv I’ve had continually crashes all the way out of the app as well as crashes to error screens. Sometimes minutes apart but almost always under 57 minutes.
This app CNN+ (NEVER happened on CNNGO) on the FireTv platform has any problem at all!! I have uninstalled & reinstalled app twice with no noticeable improvement or change! HELP!

By Bill Bryce
May 25 2022

App is always jumpy, is slow to follow finger commands ie winds up between two stories. Very annoying so hope you can fix. Thanks, Bill

By Clark Nickles
May 11 2022

App continues to crash completely via Apple TV. Re-install and restart of Apple TV did not correct issue. Been happening for several weeks ever since app was updated.

By Ashok
May 06 2022

CNN app does not open
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling.
Turned iPhone12 ON and OFF.
Makes no difference. It used to work fine upto two wks ago.
Not any more. Need assistance

By Veronica Goodrich
May 01 2022

My CNN app will not down load to new iPad or IPhone 13 . Never had this problem until upgraded.

By Kenneth Morgan
Apr 29 2022

How do I change seasons for Parts Unknown?

By Edward Thurston
Apr 20 2022

More than half the time CNN just won't load content. I get a white screen w/CNN logo on top and nothing else till message saying app will not load . Tried uninstalling, power off/on, cache dumping, VPN off/on difference. Samsung s20 FE /Android, all updates applied. CNN is the only app on phone doing this.

By Steve Corcoran
Apr 13 2022

Same issue as William - except I haven't gone through the phone cache and the rest.

By William
Apr 13 2022

CNN app keeps crashing on my iphone 11pro - I deleted & reinstalled it several times, did hard reset on phone, emptied cache thru hard , turned off vpn, etc is your new version of aop from 2 weeks ago widely malfunctioning ?

By Rob
Apr 07 2022

Opening screen shows choices between national/international news. App is stuck on this screen

By Tom
Apr 06 2022

Opening screen shows choices between national/international news...have tried fixes shown on help

By Paul Solon
Mar 11 2022

For month iPhone 13 have to close and reopen everytime…WHATS YOUR PROBLEM…

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