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Published by on 2022-10-03

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Reported Issues: 88 Comments

By Jeffrey L Southwick
Oct 02 2022

I love Smart News but many times it will either crash or when trying to load an article it just spins, I reinstall it and sometimes it works again and sometimes not. This happens most times and I use it every day. Very frustrating. Works great on my phone

By Jeff Wade
Oct 01 2022

Smartnews articles won't open. Just spins and does not open.

By Bill
Sep 29 2022

App keeps buffering when open news stories but works if you open in browser. Very annoying

By Anne
Sep 09 2022

When I open articles it keeps buffering! So incredibly annoying. You would think this would have been addressed by now.

By Tim Holzrichter
Sep 05 2022

I can no longer read comments people leave.

By James Silva
Sep 04 2022

I post something on Facebook and my phone screen freezes at ‘shared to facebook’

By Lindsay Scott
Sep 03 2022

Constant buffering, browser mode is 20x faster

By Leslie Simon
Aug 31 2022

Buffers when I try to open news articles frequently

By Mike
Aug 24 2022

Half of articles I try to open just stays a black screen. Happening the last 4 or 5 days and very frustrating

By Mike
Aug 24 2022

Half of articles I try to open just stays a black screen. Happening the last 4 or 5 days and very frustrating

By Mike
Aug 23 2022

Each time I open your app, I get constant background noise throughout the session. It sounds like the low frequency static commonly associated with radio and tv.

By Vernon Like
Aug 23 2022

When I tried to click on my Smart news sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and I cannot read all of the new stories and it just keeps spinning in circles on a lot of them I need help

By Darla Juelson
Aug 20 2022

Only one or two articles are coming in. Some, only part of the artical.

Aug 19 2022

Why can I not see comments to read or post

By James William Cook
Aug 18 2022

slow to respond to news items

By Herschel Jackson
Aug 18 2022

My iPhone Smartnews crashed today. I downloaded it from the App Store. My comments section is no longer present. How can I add this?


By Bill Gasson
Aug 17 2022

Stories will not download.

By Michelle Reed
Aug 17 2022

Won't load webpages. Error message

By Art Sadin
Aug 17 2022

Out of nowhere the text doesn't appear. Endless loop of nothing

By April Anderson
Aug 16 2022

The layout on my phone has changed. I used to see buttons say Ruetgers, BBC etc. That I could swipe through. Can you tell me how to get them back?

By Jacqueline Kelly
Aug 15 2022

I'm going along clicking on news and after a bit I go to click on news and won't open the story.

By Christine Cayer
Aug 15 2022

Being able to read the news articles

By John Coffey
Aug 14 2022

Will not connect 30% of the time spins remain blank it is happening with more frequency frustrating and not acceptable

By Ken Colman
Aug 14 2022

App starts, downloads new articles, can change tabs, but when clicking on article it won't open. Only get the wait symbol

By Ac
Aug 13 2022

Smart news not loading articles. Spins. Tired of this crapp. Removing it.

By Valerie Young
Aug 13 2022

Why is smart news not working.?
When I click on a article, it just spins and will not open article.

By Mary Conley
Aug 12 2022

Every day, for 1-3 hours, don't get news. I wait and wait, but no further stories can be shown

By barbara m mathys
Aug 12 2022

Just get a spinning circle when I try to open an article.

By Rich Peterson
Aug 12 2022

When I click on an article it shuts off after a few sentences

By Christopher LaFarge
Aug 01 2022

Links to articles in Smartnews won;t connect -- just get a spinning circle of death. Usually several dozen at any given time

By Connie Smith
Aug 01 2022

New articles gail to load

By No one
Aug 01 2022

It won't load new articles! Says network is busy and failed to load every time I refresh. Uninstalled them reinstalled and now it has NO articles at all!

By Kandis Glasgow
Aug 01 2022

The network has been busy since 6am mst. No updates

By Linda Scott
Aug 01 2022

Won’t download new articles. Deleted app and tried to reload app and now it won’t download app at all. What’s the problem?

By Susan Warda
Aug 01 2022

It’s not updating, it’s not letting me comment or like articles. I tried signing out and I also tried rebooting my phone. It’s telling me also I don’t have Internet connection which isn’t true.

By Melanie
Aug 01 2022

Smart news won't refresh.
Still showing headlines from yesterday.
When I try to refresh, it says network busy.
Restarting my phone and changing from wifi to mobile data doesn't help.

By Lin Carigan
Aug 01 2022

New articles won't load.

By Lin Carigan
Aug 01 2022

New articles won't load.

By Jeff d
Aug 01 2022

New news not loading

By Neil Webre
Aug 01 2022

Get "Failed to load" always when click "New articles" button.

By Jay Howlett
Aug 01 2022

New articles won't load

By Jay Howlett
Aug 01 2022

New articles won't load

By [email protected]
Jul 30 2022

Love smart news, big fan, recently won't down load articles on my Android phone. This problem began when comments pop ups were implemented. I'm very frustrated and disappointed

By Shirley A Richardson
Jul 30 2022

Suddenly I am unable to give feedback on SmartNews articles. Has this changed?

By Shirley A Richardson
Jul 29 2022

Cannot share SmartNews articles to Facebook.

By Roger Dixon
Jul 19 2022

Too many ads, annoying games displays which I have to wait to finish.

By Ginny
Jul 12 2022

I can't access the articles. I can only read the headlines and post comments.

By Linda
Jul 07 2022

Smartnews continually stops loading articles selected leaving a blank screen....what is going on ?

Jul 07 2022

I am having issues with stories not downloading and even with green arrow to open it does not work. I would say 70 per cent do not open up. I deleted the app before and returned hoping i was fixedbut now worse than ever. I have an Android Galaxy A51. Received new upgrade today. Problems persist..

By Deloris Young
Jul 03 2022

I have an android phone and when I did your latest update I now can't see comments on articles or replies.

How can this be fixed?

By V p
Jul 01 2022

"For You" screen is blank. There was a downloading msg at top of app for weather, don't remember that. Other screens OK.

By Richard Ham
Jul 01 2022

Top News screen is blank. All other screens on Smart News are working OK. Only Top News has the problem.

By Terry Graton
Jul 01 2022

My page for top stories is blank but other pages are fine

By Betty A Huson
Jul 01 2022

Starting on June 30,my "Top" tab is blank. Just white space.

By Leslie Wood
Jun 18 2022

I cannot get several categories including top news. It only goes as far as covid.

By Julie adams
Jun 16 2022

For last 3 days, new stories won't load.

By Barbara barnes
Jun 13 2022

Smart news won't update.

By Eileen Kerem
Jun 11 2022

New news stories are not there.
Stuck on old stories.

By Barbara Hultin
Jun 09 2022

Smart news app not uploading new stories

By Linda healan
Jun 09 2022

Keep check my internet my internet is working

By Andrea Pence
Jun 07 2022

Smart News not working past 4 days. What's up?

By Lisa M Davis
Jun 06 2022

It's not loading and says it has a bug

By Paul
Jun 06 2022

Each time I try to open it shuts down

By Gordon I Miller
Jun 05 2022

In the last few days app won't open, got message app has a bug needs developer to fix

By Gloria Pryce
Jun 05 2022

It wont load at all

By Debbie
Jun 05 2022

Smartnews won't load. I've tried uninstallimg and re-installing and it still won't work on my android phone.

By Alan
Jun 04 2022

As of tbis morning (june 4) smart news crashing on all phones and tablets. Clearing cache, reinstalling do not solve.

By Gregory J Hildebrand
Jun 04 2022

Smart news app won't load

By Jerry brown
Jun 04 2022

I receive a message stating that a virus issue was found on this app. Can't log in to this app

By Dennis Mardon
Jun 04 2022

Smartnews does not open. It crashes instantly when I select it. I have cleared cache, Uninstaller and reinstalled to no avail.

By Rex Niles
Jun 03 2022

Smart news has been down for 3 days just goes blank when I click on it

Jun 03 2022

Smartnews won't load. This problem just started today.

By Ronald Feldstein
Jun 02 2022

Smartnews app does not open. Just get message app keeps stopping.

By Imelda
Jun 02 2022

Won't open app, says there is a bug that should be resolved when the creator provides a new update.

By Margaret Andreasen
Jun 01 2022

Smartnews not working on phone

By Anonymous
Jun 01 2022

The SmartNews app won't open. It just keeps blanking off the screen when I try to open it. This started happening just today.

By Hazelyn D Rowe
Jun 01 2022

This app won't open on phone. I cleared the data and cache and continues to crash

By James
May 24 2022

Smartnews not downloading after uninstalled

By Laura Upton
May 18 2022

Top news not showing anything. All others working.

By Gregg A Canfield
May 17 2022

Top not working all others are fine

By Rod Blake
May 16 2022

Top stories tab is not loading

By James S Guy
May 16 2022

Top news not loading

By RickSimon
May 16 2022

Am receiving all news excepting TOP stories

By Michael osewalt
May 16 2022

Top stories will not pop up on my screen

By Frank Longo
May 12 2022

When I click on many articles I just get a blank white screen.

By Randy
May 12 2022

When I tap on any link nothing happens except getting a blank page

By Dave
May 11 2022

When I tap on a news link I get a blank page

By Harvey
Apr 17 2022

Every single day you give me the option to choose NOT to see any articles about those idiotic, no talent Kardashians, and every day I let you know I don't want to SEE and am NOT interested in anything Kardashian. Yet the next day and everyday, there it is....AGAIN....over and over again, useless, uninteresting news of that idiotic family. You've got ONE MORE DAY to STOP or I'm deleting your app!!! Just a waste of space including them in my news feed.

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