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Published by on 2024-05-15

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Reported Issues: 6 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Lovic Williams

1 year ago

CNN Management, If your network would stop making up lies all the time rather than just giving honest news coverage, your ratings would improve. By insisting to follow the same path of biased reporting you are alienating over half the country. Your choice. We want the unbiased version of news; we are more than capable of deciding the truth for ourselves when presented with ALL the facts on a story. Keep your damn biases to yourself. It is more disgusting that you portray yourselves as fair journalists. You are a stain on your profession which is borne out in your approval ratings in the teens. You have become an extension of the democrat party, constantly demonizing Trump and Republicans while pushing insane policies like open borders, green energy, massive spending programs, and laws which favor criminals over innocent victims. Just look at the disaster all of these policies have caused. Be reasonable or live with 500,000 viewers who are wild leftists. L. Williams

By Lynne Beetz

2 years ago

I need to cancel my subscription and I find it extremely difficult to do. Please advise. Lynne

By Rich

2 years ago

I've tried multiple times to unsubscribe to CNN What Matters Most to no avail. Please, unsubscribe wideawakenow@redacted from receiving any more newsletters. Thank you.

By Longtime Patriotic American

Biden’s low rating

You really do not want to discuss that the low ratings that began this summer were tied to the economy (?) and Covid-19. Forgot all about Afghanistan, did you? You wonder why your network has very few fans anymore. You’ve gone to the Dark Side. You have no journalistic integrity left. You’ve helped to turn Americans against each other. Now, you’re reporting on an administration that suddenly thinks, as they avoided with intent all along, that maybe it’s the hospitalizations that are important, not the number of cases. Anyone with a few brain cells and even a little sense of what’s best for the Country, knows that this entire pandemic was utilized by Left Democrats to remove a sitting President. It was worth it to them, and, I guess, to you and the rest of Main Stream Media to install a vacuous old man in the throes of Dementia into the Office. You are participating gleefully in the demise of a great Nation. Congratulations! By the way, I used to be an ardent fan: that ended a couple of years ago when your biases started to show. I shall, now, uninstall your Contaminated App: I want nothing to do with traitors.

By Liliana

Horrible... Sick of the biased news

I'm sick of the biased news like we need more fuel to the covid 19 crisis, or the elections, or the riots?? So a new article says Trump "knew that covid 19 was 'deadly' in February and kept that information from Americans"... First, I'm pretty sure nobody knew the virus would come to America, as far as anyone is concerned NOBODY CARED, nor nobody took the proper precautions to keep it from spreading, they never thought it would come here, they NEVER thought we couldn't handle it. Heck they weren't gods! It's like someone who blames (put-your-favorite-mighty-entity-name-here) is to blame for all their misery. No Republicans don't have all the answers, but if they don't, I'm sure as heck that Democrats don't have them either. Democrats used an injured ARMY veteran to throw dirt on Trump saying he didn't care about them... Until the ARMY veteran stood up to say "that's not what Trump said and stop throwing dirt on Trump using my image and my name!" Those are facts, not opinions. Sadly, CNN is looking everyday more and more based on opinions than facts. Sick of this. Time to check out Epoch times or fox rather.

By Jaydeezd

Too many commercials

The stories are good , the content in general is reliable. The biggest gripe is the amount if commercials. You will literally spend 40% of your time watching the same 6 commercials if you want to browse the videos. The worst part is the click bait that “the most trusted news source” uses, they give you an X to close commercials but it’s impossible to click the actual exit portion of it, instead every attempt redirects you to some terrible product page. I hope the sponsors wake up and see that likely 98% of the traffic they get from CNN is people just trying to close the commercial by clicking the X and are duped into a redirect because it’s actually a nano sized exit spot and don’t actually care about the product and leave their site immediately. Really a totally scammy thing to do CNN. At this point I just avoid the videos and get what I need from the text stories. If I'm forced into a video for lack of a written version, I just turn the volume down during the commercial and ignore the content (focus on the timer at the bottom). It's only natural to want to avoid watching the same commercial for the 50th time ...

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