CNN: Breaking US & World News Reviews

CNN: Breaking US & World News Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-06

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What is CNN? The CNN app is a news app that provides breaking news stories and updates from around the world. It offers personalized news by category, including politics, business, health, and entertainment. The app also allows users to set custom alerts and notifications for news updates, read articles and save them for later, listen to CNN Live audio, and watch exclusive news programs from trusted anchors. Users in the US and Canada can watch live coverage and on-demand content with their TV provider.



- Breaking news stories and updates from around the world

- Personalized news by category

- Custom alerts and notifications for news updates

- Ability to save articles for later

- Listen to CNN Live audio

- Watch exclusive news programs from trusted anchors

- Live coverage and on-demand content for users in the US and Canada with their TV provider

- 10-minute preview of live CNN coverage each day

- Privacy policy and data sharing management for California residents.

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21 CNN Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Disappointed in New Version of CNN App!

I am so displeased with this latest version of the this app App! The developers have totally stripped away the control and flexibility the user once had. I used to be able to Go Live, click on Schedule and select a show to watch which had previously aired that day. I LOVED that feature and now it’s gone! If for example I missed the airing of The Situation Room which airs at 2:00 pm PST here in Cali, no worries. I knew that I could watch the full show, in its entirety anytime later that same day. I could click to watch any show that had already aired by Judy clicking on it. Now I can no longer watch a show that I missed...How could the developers remove this important feature?!

CNN is now just a ho-hum app. It is boring and does not offer anything meaningful to the user. I used to watch this app faithfully on the older app version because it meant so much to me. In my opinion it was the BEST news app out there. Now there is no reason for me to use it. Truly disappointing!


Too many commercials

The stories are good , the content in general is reliable. The biggest gripe is the amount if commercials. You will literally spend 40% of your time watching the same 6 commercials if you want to browse the videos. The worst part is the click bait that “the most trusted news source” uses, they give you an X to close commercials but it’s impossible to click the actual exit portion of it, instead every attempt redirects you to some terrible product page. I hope the sponsors wake up and see that likely 98% of the traffic they get from this app is people just trying to close the commercial by clicking the X and are duped into a redirect because it’s actually a nano sized exit spot and don’t actually care about the product and leave their site immediately. Really a totally scammy thing to do this app. At this point I just avoid the videos and get what I need from the text stories. If I'm forced into a video for lack of a written version, I just turn the volume down during the commercial and ignore the content (focus on the timer at the bottom). It's only natural to want to avoid watching the same commercial for the 50th time ...


CNN wants me to review their mobile app..,

Sure - but first have your web site managers and technicians set up a long long overdue feature that allows readers and viewers to message department heads, authors, TV segment directors, and most importantly this app reporters AND ANCHORS by simply clicking on a button. Just a click to access a feedback channel WOUKD BE INVALUABLE.

this app has lots of fans like me who would like to provide feedback in order to MAKE this app BETTER! There have been many times in the past that I’ve wanted to compliment, encourage, or critique something I’ve read or seen on this app - but have been unable to do so. Please stop making your organization so difficult to contact. Instead focus on becoming accessible and transparent.

Also, you might consider adding a feature similar to the NYT Digital Edition Comments Section. It’s a wonderful add on to an already great publication. Having something similar would enhance this app overall and allow the company, as well as other viewers, to place their fingers on the pulse of the readership and the nation.


An octogenarian grandma’s opinion:

I am stunned and sad at Chris’s bad judgment and will miss him. His spirit and lively presentation made him one of my faves. Unfortunately the character flaws of both Chris and Andrew are deep and not repairable, because they apparently just don't know right from wrong. I commend this app for courageously and quickly acting decisively re the tough issue. That gesture contributed to my faith in your organization. this app is the only news source for me, consistently keeping the truth up front. My faith in humanity is so low lately and my worry for the human condition so constant, i need frequent hits of this app’s clear thorough examination of the important events and issues to help sustain me after a down day or week. And you have several excellent women and men who can sort out Chris’s share of current happenings. Im eager to see how you resolve the programming and staffing. Please never falter in your commitment to truth. We need that.


Feedback for better performance

CNN itself is done well. No bugs or glitches that I have come across.
The two major complaints I have come from the articles themselves. Many stories are video only which I understand as it being a television network application. But not all of us have the ability to watch a video to get the news. It would be great if there was an actual article along with the video for those of us unable to view. I have found myself leave CNN to go to another source to get the story due to not being able to watch the video.
The second issue I have is with the “breaking news” alerts that pop up on my phone. I remember when breaking news was important information that needed to break into a regular broadcast to give viewers the information. The amount of breaking news is ridiculous as not everything is that important. Please get back to marking stories as breaking news when they are truly urgent/important and not every time an article gets posted.


The need for news not constant speculation

I have been watching the news the greater part of my 66 years. When Ted Turner created the first 24 hour news cycle I was excited. The news extended to the world. I believe it was the first time America turned away from ethnocentrism. Increasingly world news became America’s news.

Now and since the gaudy showman, Donald Trump, came on the seen our news has become the worst type of soap opera. What is presented as news one day is completely forgotten the next. The hype meant to keep viewers entertained is ramped up as “ breaking news “. I do not want the news to entertain me. I want the news to give me the facts and then I will decide how important it is for me. I hate the emotion that is injected in our news stories. this app do you want to be a leader again? Have one show that is just the facts. Cut back on the mushy, tear-jerking shows like Chris Coumo. You would not need to compete with Fox News if you were just here, what, when and a little bit of why.


I’m obsessed

I like to consider myself rather independent, so to watch both sides and be unbiased, I downloaded both Fox News and this app. I was absolutely dismayed at how horrifying the Fox News app was. Not only was it extremely biased and full of Fake News, but CNN was so full of ads and pop-ups that I couldn’t get any news without being diverted to another site. My phone crashed 4 times before I finally deleted it. This made me nervous to open this app, because I figured they were all the same, but boy was I pleased. There were no ads, the site was completely safe and easy to use, and they provided good-quality news. Yes, they are obviously a bit biased, however they were so accurate and provided only the best sources. I was shocked to see such good-quality journalism. And, that Anderson Cooper fellow is quite attractive. He alone made me a Democrat. Ah, if only he was straight!


Needs dark background option

It It’s a well organized app. I would like to have the option to use a black background with white text. If that is an option, I’m not able to find it. ’s It’s a well organized app. I would like to have the option to use a black background with white text. If that is an option, I’m not able to find it. well organized app. I would like to have the option to use a black background with white text. If that is an option, I’m not able to find it. the news stories more often. Moss the old app as it had easier navigation. I also liked the black background/white text of the previous versions of CNN. Was disappointed to discover this new update had switched it around. I hoped that maybe I could change this preference in settings but it's not an option :( please give the option of changing the background/text back to black bg and white text.


Love CNN hate the App

I love this app and it’s content. CNN always freezes, crashes, has a hard time loading, will drop signal and send you to commercials in the middle of a program. Makes you watch adds over and over when trying to regain access to live streams even when it’s CNN that is failing. Audio cuts out unexpectedly and randomly. They use to update Inside Politics or State of the Union over the weekend but for a few months now you can no longer access that content except when using an actual television set so the mobile app is limited by comparison. I’ve used CNN for years and very often but it’s always been on the struggle bus regardless of “bug fixes” or updates, the core of whatever is wrong continually gets worst. Disappointed by the decline to say the least. I know I can’t be the only one dealing with these issues regularly. *And full transparency I am writing this after over 10 failed attempts and over 20 minutes of waisted time just trying to get the live stream to load.*


Eskinder Joseph

Overall good coverage of current affairs in the US but exhaustingly redundant. I found the news on international affairs to be very limited both in scope and substance. So much so that I found myself downloading other network apps (networks that I believe are not worth listening to) to get access to balanced news. Coverage on Africa appears to be condescendingly trivial and boring. Too much coverage is given to issues and non- issues related to D.J. Trump ; exactly serving the President’s deliberate manipulation of this app to getting continuous attention. In general this app can use its unique advantage it has over being the only real International news network better perhaps through overhauling itself in a major way. We are now living in a highly globalized world and no other mode of communication in the world can bring the world together as much as a network like this app can. So much is happening in the world and so little is told about it.


Superior Layout

The this app layout design is much superior to the design of the NBC News app design. A single scroll up or down is sufficient to find the articles you would be interested in. The this app app also has the correct mix of video stories you can tap on to watch on your device. CNN has minimum wasted space between articles, unlike the NBC app, which has too much wasted space between articles. The only fault I have with the this app app is that, too often, the closed-caption feature seems to always be turned on by default. It should not be on automatically. My phone settings have closed captioning turned off for everything, but this app ignores that, unfortunately. I’ve checked my phone settings often concerning this. Otherwise, this app is my first go-to news app on my phone. It should be yours, also.


Great app/ hyperlink issue

It’s a great app. It delivers all the news of the cable news channel in a digestible format. It delivers rapid updates and clearly defines opinion pieces from news. It typical has less than a 30 second delay from major news networks for breaking events if you have alerts on and the alerts aren’t so cumbersome or numerous that they impolitely beg for dismissing CNN .

There are ads. I don’t find them overbearing in the least, but should you want to watch a quick clip you should be prepared for them. They aren’t required when simply reading articles, however they do appear between them.

The only deterrent I find is hyperlinks within articles. Touching any of them moves you to a new page or opens your browser. This is atypical of all other apps and a bit counterintuitive to the UI as reading requires scrolling. This has only happened for the past few months and will most likely be soon corrected.


Great app, but advertising is annoying

I like CNN a lot, the content is well organized, varied and deep. It’s my go-to news app.

When it comes to video content, every story is usually preceded by an ad, which, in itself, is ok and understandable. However, if you watch several videos, you’ll probably have to see the same commercial you saw the first time every time. I find this very annoying. I would think they’d have a way of knowing you already saw the ad and either not show any ad or at least replace it with some other ad, to keep viewers from having a negative reaction. This was particularly irritating leading up to the midterm elections, when a particular candidate’s commercial played over and over. Even though he happened to be my preferred candidate, I had to watch the same commercial way too many times.

In the end, I frequently avoid watching videos altogether because of this and stick to the written stories.


Biden’s low rating

You really do not want to discuss that the low ratings that began this summer were tied to the economy (?) and Covid-19. Forgot all about Afghanistan, did you? You wonder why your network has very few fans anymore. You’ve gone to the Dark Side. You have no journalistic integrity left. You’ve helped to turn Americans against each other. Now, you’re reporting on an administration that suddenly thinks, as they avoided with intent all along, that maybe it’s the hospitalizations that are important, not the number of cases. Anyone with a few brain cells and even a little sense of what’s best for the Country, knows that this entire pandemic was utilized by Left Democrats to remove a sitting President. It was worth it to them, and, I guess, to you and the rest of Main Stream Media to install a vacuous old man in the throes of Dementia into the Office. You are participating gleefully in the demise of a great Nation. Congratulations! By the way, I used to be an ardent fan: that ended a couple of years ago when your biases started to show. I shall, now, uninstall your Contaminated App: I want nothing to do with traitors.


45th Leader is our Country

I’m a every day American who goes to work every day , pay my bills and pray for peace each morning. I want to know why a billionaire would want to harm people who have much less. This man is so dangerous to society but our government once again cover up for him because he has 9 days left in office. What about the federal police officer who gave his life for a lie? Where is his nine days? Please , please , please don’t let that officer and the other 4 people lives mean nothing to this country. Keep reporting the story about how 45th came into our government in destroy it. 45th and his family saw away to have unlimited power, blank check and the ability to dominate the world. This is a story that should be told forever , so we never allow another person blindly lead our people and country into darkness again.


5-Star App, riiiiggght .... UPDATE ... MUCH BETTER

UPDATE: I can report that with IOS Version 13.2, and the this app app Version 6.4, released today, the hyperlinks and scrolling issues that I previously complained about have seemingly been fully resolved. Not sure how they did it, but it seems like you have to press the link very deliberately (slightly longer duration?) to be taken now to the external links. CNN seems to be functioning fully correctly now.

I’m done. Like the 200 or so other folks who can’t read the article they want because simply scrolling launches multiple other articles and links, CNN is a disaster with IOS 13+, and this app seems to be ignoring the problem entirely. I suspect it’s because they get paid by the click, and launching 20 new pages while trying to read an article brings them in more money. Tired of waiting....deleted the this app app....and signed up for an ad free USA Today for $2.99. Seems worth it to me.


Love It but So SLOOOOOW

This is my favorite news app and I’ve had it for a long time. I like that it thoroughly covers all the categories of news. I only have one major complaint and a small complaint. The major one is that the pages take SO LONG to load. For a while I thought my phone must be the problem but a little research shows it actually is caused by all the ads on the pages. I mean it’s really slow. Isn’t there another way? It’s annoying.

My smaller complaint is that once I watch a video, even after I come out of that video I continue to hear subsequent videos playing. I have to go back into the video (and remember how long that takes!) and actually pause the video and X out. But today even that didn’t work. I actually had to turn the volume all the way down on my phone.

Still, this app is the best news app. I do read others but I read ALL of this one first every day and just browse others.


Horrible... Sick of the biased news

I'm sick of the biased news like we need more fuel to the covid 19 crisis, or the elections, or the riots?? So a new article says Trump "knew that covid 19 was 'deadly' in February and kept that information from Americans"... First, I'm pretty sure nobody knew the virus would come to America, as far as anyone is concerned NOBODY CARED, nor nobody took the proper precautions to keep it from spreading, they never thought it would come here, they NEVER thought we couldn't handle it. Heck they weren't gods! It's like someone who blames (put-your-favorite-mighty-entity-name-here) is to blame for all their misery. No Republicans don't have all the answers, but if they don't, I'm sure as heck that Democrats don't have them either. Democrats used an injured ARMY veteran to throw dirt on Trump saying he didn't care about them... Until the ARMY veteran stood up to say "that's not what Trump said and stop throwing dirt on Trump using my image and my name!" Those are facts, not opinions. Sadly, this app is looking everyday more and more based on opinions than facts. Sick of this. Time to check out Epoch times or fox rather.


News Hound

Since I was 12 years old, I always enjoyed staying informed and current. this app has been my primary source of news this past year. I enjoy listening to the experts give their view of the various matters that present themselves each day. Thank you for giving us the minute to minute, blow by blow accounts of the nation and world events as they unfold. This past year of 2020 has been a tumultuous year politically, economically, and racially, including the worse pandemic in my lifetime. Thus, I have depended on this app to keep me current on the topics at hand. I rely on the dogged reporting of the FACTS as they unfold in real time. Since this year has started off with the literal storming of the Capitol, it is apparent that we are in for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. So I plan to hang on tight and once again look to this app for up to date occurrences.


Kathy Jamison

Hi love this app keep you up to date on everything that’s happening around the world I wish everyone would stop that hate in try to reunite with one another god made everyone equal in this world it’s sad the republicans are trying everything in there to stop voting rights to all its not there’s to own it was created for everyone to exercise there rights to vote there out of touch with the world live in there own bubble trying to shut everything down John Lewis Martin Luther king as well as others who fought for equality to all sad they should be ashamed of them selves it don’t matter we will come out even stronger in 2022 you see when you do wrong in life wether u have power or not it comes back to bite you some way or another they won’t know what size shape or form it will come but it will god created all god bless you


Great app, but constant freezes and crashes

CNN ’s design and news coverage are great! However, it freezes and then crashes on my devices extremely often. This still happens, even though I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the entire app multiple times. It’s particularly annoying when it makes it impossible to read certain articles or watch certain videos. As an iOS developer myself, I’d bet money that the ad service this app is using (or the way it’s integrated) is to blame. It seems like when certain ads are loading, they tie up the main thread, so that the UI stops getting updated. The developers could probably address this problem by reconfiguring the ads to load on a background thread. If that doesn’t solve it, they may need to switch to a different ad provider or service altogether.

Once again, I’m very happy with CNN ’s design and news quality—just disappointed that CNN crashes so frequently. It’s been this way for years, and I keep hoping it will improve, but so far I’ve been disappointed.


Constantly opening links and ads

I’ve used CNN for years but I’m deleting it over a recent dip in usability. I can’t read the articles anymore because the links included in them open if I tap my screen even slightly near them, it is constantly opening new tabs, ads, or sending me to other articles when I’m just trying to read the one I’m currently on. I haven’t been able to make it to the bottom of an article in weeks because I inevitably give up in frustration.

Normally links in an app require you to tap and let go and then they will open. If you tap and then hold your finger and move it down, most reading/news apps seem to realize that is the movement required to scroll and don’t open links. this app doesn’t work this way anymore. Sometimes there are so many links there is nowhere for me to safely tap to scroll down. Since this is a recent change I’m assuming this is to increase ad revenue. I don’t mind ads but if I’m being forced away from what I’m reading I’ll get my news elsewhere.

On a separate note: I’ll also get notifications for articles, open them, and be taken to an article unrelated to the notification. A lot of times I can’t even find the article I wanted to read initially.


To the developers of the app

Please understand the difference between UIControlEventTouchDown and UIControlEventTouchUpInside. You need to stop using the former. It drives people crazy when they are scrolling while reading. UIControlEventTouchDown is triggering the navigation as soon as a finger is placed on a text/ad. This leads to unwanted navigation away from an article while scrolling. This is so ridiculous. Any junior dev should know this and avoid using it for links. I end up going to multiple places at least 10 times while reading one single news article. This has been happening in this app app as long as I remember. If you are doing this intentionally to get more clicks, then shame on you on your bad practice. This is sacrificing user experience to mislead the advertisers.

2nd problem, the ad videos should only play once for a given reader. I end up having to watch the same ridiculous video ad 10 times a day for a month. Maybe you are not getting more diverse advertisers due to the bad practice mentioned above? Think about it.

I hope someone reads this. I really like to know your rationale on the first issue above that you persistently are doing and not changing it?


Login Problems and Article Selection Still a Problem

The this app app provides written news articles, short videos and live TV. It does this well but with two app-killing problems: (1) in order to watch live streams of this app, one must login to a cable network over and over and over again. This increases the time it takes to get started and makes me use CNN less. Complaints have gone unheeded with each update. (2) low-brow journalism heavily populated the articles and videos with such items as “Mother stays up all night after finding this in baby’s crib.” Its like the editors of buzzfeed and national enquirer choose every other article. This degrades the this app brand and makes them less credible when their hosts decry the entertainment journalism of a certain other news network. All in all, I love being being able to watch this app on my phone but these two problems greatly reduce my use and have led me to find other news apps.


I’ve Finally Had Enough

What this app touts as “breaking news” is baffling. However, the most frustrating part is when I receive a breaking news notification that is objectively truly breaking news, open CNN , and much to my surprise said news story is absolutely nowhere to be found. The remainder of the breaking news title is non-existent. No reference, nothing. But what are there plenty of? Advertisement. Not just standard ads, I understand the dynamic of finding a business. Ads are necessary. But it appears this app has no standard for what they will advertise. Click slide shows for the top 20 balls of yarn in America. Blatant scam supplements from questionable sources. Couple this crap with your “news stories” Where the title is the exact same thing as the caption to the misleading photo, that is the same thing as the opening sentence of the first paragraph, that is the same thing as the quote in the body of the article. It’s unreal. Absolute crap. Not reporting facts, produced media like an awful soap opera. Deleting CNN . Not that you degenerates care.


Please Lose the Links

I switched to this app News from other news apps for two reasons; 1) The commercials are only 15 seconds prior to a video as compared to 30 seconds for others, and 2) the other apps had these annoying underlined links to related stories or media that always got in they way of scrolling through a news article.

Now it seems that this app has adopted these annoying and inconvenient “links”. There is no way for me to scroll through a news story without unintentionally activating one of these links. I have tried scrolling along the side with varying degrees of pressure to no avail. I have tried to avoid the links by scrolling several lines of text above or below the link, but it still invariably activates the link. It has gotten so frustrating, that I am now relegated to watching the videos while I search for a new news app.

this app, please lose the links or stand the chance of losing more frustrated users like myself.



I feel it is important to diversify what news outlets you watch and follow. The reason being is because to truly comprehend the worlds’ many events, you need to know all sides of the story. All things considered. I love the this app app and everything bit of information that it has to offer. However, I despise the links that are in the articles. Many times, they are abundant, and while I am trying to read the latest about President Trump from a this app point of view, I will accidentally touch the link hidden in the text while scrolling and get thrown into another related article forcing me to return to the previous page and search for where I was before I was displaced. This will happen to me two or three times per article. Otherwise, thank you this app for being what you are and keep all things considered.


What happened to CNN?

We all get they’re on a war path against Trump, and he’s a fool, no doubt. But now their headlines and articles are so slanted against conservative principals, it makes them look foolish. Which they’re not. Not historically anyway. Every story is another chance to take a shot at conservative causes. The fact that they refuse to say it was a jihadist compound found in New Mexico was the last straw for me. this app continues to treat its audience like kindergarteners. They won’t tell us anything that might be misunderstood, misconstrued or misused. I’ve used CNN for a decade as my primary source of news each day. But I’m very close to deleting it for good. I love their journalists and I know there’s nothing “fake” about them, but the way the spin is coming at us now against this administration is nauseating. I hate Fox News so I’m not sure how I’ll get my news if I remove this app. I just wish they’d go back to being fair and critical of both sides. Or maybe just less critical altogether. We could use some good news these days.

Elizabeth Graham   1 year ago

51% of the U.S. voters say the economy is their biggest issue. They blame Biden. Putin is a Cold War era spy who hates the US because he blames us for the downfall of the USSR. Microsoft reports that 58% of all cyber attacks into the US come from Russia. This includes our banking systems, our supply chains, our gas and oil, and others. Ingredients for baby formula come from Cargill in Russia. It is Putin - NOT Biden that is hurting our economy. Putin wants Trump back in the WH because Trump is nothing more than a Putin puppet. Read the details in DEMOCRAZY, Version 2020 "It Can Happen Here." Written by Elizabeth Graham who spent about 20 yrs in Russia and Central Asia. She is one of the few Americans who became bi-cultural going to Russia.

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