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What is Truist? The Truist banking app offers a better banking experience with innovative features and smarter technology to help users achieve more. It provides a comprehensive range of banking services, including account and card management, transfer and pay, sign-in and security, mobile deposits, planning and insights, rewards and deals, and help and support. The app also offers additional features such as quick links, customized investment portfolio experience, and more.


- Account and card management: View account details and transactions, set alerts preferences, view statements, order checks and supplies, manage overdraft options, lock and unlock cards, set spending limits and locations.

- Transfer and pay: Transfer between Truist accounts or external accounts, send and request money with Zelle®.

- Sign-in and security: Enable Face or Touch ID for quick access, change user ID and password, see sign-in history and remembered devices.

- Mobile deposits: Deposit checks, view deposit history.

- Planning and insights: Get insights on spending, trends, cash flow, and unusual activity, link external accounts, set and track spending budgets, compare spending habits, monitor savings goals.

- Rewards and deals: Earn cash back with credit or debit card, view and redeem credit card rewards.

- Help and support: Call Truist support, find a branch, ATM, or bank service, view help and FAQs, schedule an appointment, access Truist inbox.

- Additional features: Add quick links for frequently used tasks, show, hide, and reorder accounts, browse and apply for other Truist accounts, upload receipts and attach to transactions, customized investment portfolio experience.

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Looking for a better banking experience? You found it. Feel more in control of your finances and plan with confidence—everywhere you go. Take care of everyday banking, plus enjoy innovative features and smarter technology so you can achieve more. What’s better? Features that put you first and push you forward. Accounts & cards * View account details and transactions. * Set alerts preferences. * View statements. * Order checks and supplies. * Manage overdraft options. * Lock and unlock your cards. * Set spending limits and locations. Transfer & pay * Transfer between this app accounts or external accounts. * Send and request money with Zelle®. Sign in & security * Enable Face or Touch ID for quick access. * Change your user ID and password. * See sign in history and remembered devices. Mobile deposits * Deposit checks. * View deposit history. Planning & insights * Get insights on spending, trends, cash flow, and unusual activity. * Link external accounts. * Set and track spending budgets. * Compare spending habits. * Monitor savings goals. Rewards & deals * Earn cash back with your credit or debit card. * View and redeem credit card rewards. Help & support * Call this app support. * Find a branch, ATM, or bank service. * View help & FAQs. * Schedule an appointment. * Access your this app inbox. Additional features * Add quick links for frequently used tasks. * Show, hide, and reorder accounts. * Browse and apply for other this app accounts. * Upload receipts and attach to transactions. * Customized investment portfolio experience

Top Reviews

By Jasperbruh

New App… Needs An Update!

I understand making us switch to the new app, but now that I have, I can no longer view my account balance from the side menu of iPhone (which was extremely convenient). WE NEED A WIDGET. Please include with the next update a Widget feature that you can add to the iPhone iOS Home Screen left side menu. The widget makes it easy to check the balance of your account without actually having to open the app and signin to check. This helps the user be more aware of the status of their account without having to actually do anything… Like go into the app specifically and then have to login, that can be a hassle if you are only checking the balance to ensure there is nothing wrong with the account or to catch any fraudulent transactions early on. With a WIDGET on the side menu, the user can easily see their daily balance along with their other widgets used to manage their lifestyle. Thanks for reading. Please add a “bank account balance” Widget in the next update to solve this issue.

By Beccajean89

Please make some changes!

I previously had a 1 star review. I’m upping it to four after they’ve made some changes. I’m still not a fan of the purple, but I’m super excited that they finally added the balance preview when you tap on the app! I never needed the widget and never felt comfortable having my balance displayed without unlocking my phone. But I’ve always been a fan of the balance preview without having to sign in, so im super excited that they’ve added this feature back! The only kinda BIG problem I have with is now is that they have an “X” on the log in screen view balance option. You tap that and the option goes away and i had to spend a few minutes going back through the settings to find where to turn it off and back on to bring it back. Can we please get rid of te exit option for tapping to see the balance? Or at least move it to the other side? Considering the majority of the people using this is right handed, it’s WAY too easy to accidentally close that out.

By rhiannonyung

not bad at all! pleasantly surprised

i’ve only been using this app for a day after transferring from the U by BB&T app, and truthfully i had low expectations after reading the reviews. however, after downloading and messing around for a bit, it seems as if people have older versions of the app or are just a bit too harsh on this app. change can be hard to deal with, but not all change is bad! do i think the BB&T app was a bit more user-friendly? sure. i can understand the complaints about the dark purple vs the font and how it’s harder to read. but, with that being said, i don’t have anything negative to say about the this app app. depositing a check was super easy, viewing my balance(s) is a breeze, it still gives insights just like the app i was using previously, basically everything is the same except for the layout except it’s more sleek now. i have an iPhone 7 Plus that sometimes doesn’t even like to open apps so... if it’s working for me, i can’t understand it not working for people with newer phones unless it’s programmed for my system and is a bit outdated. all in all, pretty dang good! exceeded my expectations.

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