vFlat Scan - PDF Scanner Reviews

vFlat Scan - PDF Scanner Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-01

About: Main features of vFlat Auto-Recognizing of Scan Area vFlat automatically
recognizes borders of documents or book pages to scan. You can get clear-cut
scan results from any angle without manual cropping.

About vFlat Scan

vFlat automatically recognizes borders of documents or book pages to scan.

vFlat Scans as if they were captured with a professional book scanner, without having to taking pieces of the book.

The left and right pages of a book are captured with a single click and they are automatically divided and saved.

Scanning is quicker and easier when capturing hundreds of book pages or a lot of paperwork.

You can convert scanned images into PDF files and image files(JPG) and text files(TXT).

vFlat does not collect your personal information and scan data without your explicit consent.

· Photo Library: Access permission is required to save captured images to the photo library.

It automatically straightens the curved surface of book pages.

It recognizes the scan target and captures automatically without having to press the button repeatedly.

It converts scanned images to text for free through text recognition.

You can get clear-cut scan results from any angle without manual cropping.

You can copy the converted text and easily share it with friends or colleagues.

Please send your comments and suggestions about vFlat to the channels below.

· Camera: Camera access is required to take a document.


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4.9 out of 5


So much promise - so few options

I’m in law school and I prefer to scan my text books to .pdf and then open them on my iPad Pro within Notability so I can read and highlight from there. Allows me to carry less books and edit my highlighting later while keeping my book clean. vFlatScan is AMAZING for recognizing curved pages and flattening them. Even recognizes when a book is open and there are two individual pages. Truly awesome. That said, it lacks so many other features that most scanning apps have (I normally use Turbo Scan). V flat won’t let me manually crop - not a huge deal so far as it predict pages well. Doesn’t allow me to set the contrast - huge problem because glare on a page results in very light or missing text. This is really becoming a deal breaker for me. I also don’t see a way to choose between B&W, photo or color scans. Lastly I noticed there is no option to backup your scans automatically to iCloud, Dropbox, etc. I’d gladly pay $15 for vFlatScan if it had more features. As it is now, it’s of limited use to anyone truly needing to scan textbooks and manually control the resulting scans. I hope these features are added.


Best Scanner EVER

I never write reviews. But every time I use vFlatScan, I just can't get over how perfectly it fits my needs.
I scan a chapter of a book and convert to text, so I can read at night without waking up my family. vFlatScan scans (both pages at the same time,) creates a high contrast black and white image, converts to text, and lets you swipe through the results as if you're reading a book in a dedicated app. You can crop and export to PDF as well (to take advantage of XODO's dark mode,) but I only use that if there are a lot of images in the book.
Don't waste your time with the other useless, ad-filled apps! This is all you'll need!


Great App

I just dowmloaded vFlatScan today My first imprwasion isthar it is GREAT!!!! i am impressed with how it captures the page image in the middle of rhe book where it is bound. Add that it appears to recognize all the text correctly is unbelieveable. I looked to see if there was a full version available but could not find one. is there one and isrhwre a limitation to this version that i cant see?


Scan Timing

Great app, just it would be very useful if I could choose less or more than 3 seconds for auto-scan timing. Thank you Voyagerx for this wonderful free app.

Thank you for your response.
Well, I hope that I could choose from a variable shutter-timing ( such as 2,4 or 6 seconds), which of course depends on the document type.
Many thanks to Vflat-VoyagerX team.


Amazing! Get this app!!!

vFlatScan is simply amazing almost in every way. It even works faster and better than the book scanner I have which is a physical device not an app. While visiting my son I needed to scan my book I was reading and leave it to him so I tried vFlatScan and it saved my day. Thank you!


The real deal

I can't believe vFlatScan exists for free but it really works, and that's about it. Two page book scanning works flawlessly. I used it when a book scanner at my library failed me, scanned about 150 pages this way. I could not recommend it more.



So much better than any other app I have tried on my iPhone it boggles the mind. It’s very simple without lots of features but it has got scanning a book into a PDF file down perfectly. I can’t believe the bulk of what it does is available for free.


Better than my 300$ scanner

vFlatScan is perfect to scan books, and easily beats specialized scanners from top libraries. It’s simple, I’ve never scanned books that quickly. The result is impeccable. There’s room for improvement in the GUI/ergonomics, but otherwise excellent product.


Really Great!!!!

vFlatScan doesn’t have a lot of frills but it’s very very good at scanning books. I blasted through 50 pages and it never missed a beat. I’d gladly support the developer but vFlatScan is free. Give it a shot if you’re looking for a book scanner app.


Excellent scanner

vFlatScan does nearly everything you need for fast scanning, and it does them well! The only two major things I think it is missing is cloud storage integration with services like Google drive, and the ability to switch or zoom to a telephoto lens on iPhone Pro models.


Good app, image quality comes out great

I like vFlatScan . The image quality comes out great even if your hand is shaky, due to auto-scan feature. I especially like the feature where we are able to select particular images and make it into pdf. Thank you vFlat for making vFlatScan free!


Great app with limits

Works great for Digitalizing some of my books for easier on the go reading. Text recognition works way better than other apps in relation to creating ebooks. Just wish there was an option to have more than 100 pages a day with text recognition.


The Best!!!

Thank you for making vFlatScan! Outstanding and straightforward interface. The only thing I would add is google drive integration; otherwise, it is perfect!!!!


Pdf problem

Only problem i m facing is the cropped images resolution of pages in pdf doesn’t fit to page when PDF is created …. It automatically adds a white margin to portrait and landscape images is such annoying and it can’t be turned off…..Please fix this


Amazing App. But the OCR functions has limited pages

Would the unlimited OCR function possible in future? I would be glad to pay for this.


No more canned fingers or broken books

Terrific app! Allows me to get good scans of books without capturing my fingers trying to flatten the page and without breaking the spins of books.


Don't use anything else

Perfect for scanning books. If you have other scanning apps, uninstall them.


Very Handy Tool for Researchers

some suggestions
1. please add some ability to reframe or edit
2. file size is very large compared to other apps


Amazing scanner

vFlat is an amazing app. Does one or two page scanning - fast, removes most distortion, and free. Can’t ask for more than that! I love it.


Good for scanning but…

I absolutely love the way it scans but am having a hard time converting a folder into pdf form. It allows me to do it by page but I can’t figure out how to make the whole book I scanned into a pdf file


Add copy feature back!!!

I always rate 5 but why I can't crop image now? I remember last version I did just fine but now is it remove already?


Subscription Ruining This App

I really love vFlatScan and everything it offered. However switching from free to paid is very frustrating. Not only is vFlatScan now a subscription, but there is no lifetime subscription. Are you kidding me? It is a shame such a good app is going to lose people by forcing a monthly subscription. I guess it’s time to find a different scanning app.


Scan your favorite books so you can read them anywhere

I enjoy being able to read my books anywhere I go. I have a walking library of my books I am learning and reviewing in my smartphone everywhere I go. Bored waiting for the doctor to finally show up in your examination room? Pull up your favorite subject you are currently learning and transform the boredom into productive time. I have an iPhone 13 and it is crazy easy to scan a chapter of a book I am working on. Takes a couple minutes to scan and upload a pdf of a dozen pages to my Google Drive and access it from all over the world. Very easy and convenient! I love it!!!


Feel Bad

In the last year this software has gone through three different payment models, and each one has become worse for the user.

I love vFlatScan, and loved a lower tier for occasional use, but the new premium subscription makes vFlatScan unusable for anyone who just wants to occasionally scan more than 10 pages. Now it is $4 a month for 3000 pages.

So if I only want to scan 100 pages a month then I’m forced into a monthly subscription that I don’t want.


bug urgent

i use pdf share, it noticed that I need update but when it open App Store, there’s only open button, what’s the problem it’s iPad. I can not sub premium…. F…..k


Indispensable app

vFlatScan is an indispensable reading companion. I am happy to see a premium tier of vFlatScan , since it means that it will continue to be sustainable in the future, and I am always happy to support great developers. Thank you for creating such an incredible app. This is the only scanner app that works great with bound materials. I love it, and I love being able to support the developers.


Convenient but minor errors make it annoying to use

App crashes a lot, especially when rescanning a page. It rescans, the screen turns black and vFlatScan crashes. Also either when using the double page mode, some scans have a weird barcode-looking error where the text is stretched out to a line, always near the bottom right on the left side page. I'd really like to continue paying for vFlatScan if it weren't for these issues

Is vFlat Scan Safe?

Yes. vFlat Scan - PDF Scanner is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,444 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for vFlat Scan Is 37.8/100.

Is vFlat Scan Legit?

Yes. vFlat Scan - PDF Scanner is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,444 vFlat Scan - PDF Scanner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for vFlat Scan Is 56.1/100..

Is vFlat Scan - PDF Scanner not working?

vFlat Scan - PDF Scanner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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