OXYGEN: Mobile Banking Reviews

OXYGEN: Mobile Banking Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Oxygen is a modern digital banking platform for the 21st century economy – the
free thinkers, rebels, and entrepreneurs. Oxygen is a financial technology
company, not a bank. Banking Services provided by The Bancorp Bank, Member
FDIC CASHBACK REWARDS¹ TraderJoes, Gas, Food delivery, and...

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Reviews (35)


I hate to leave this review because I use to LOVE this bank

I’ve always sworn by this bank account and told everyone I could to get it- like it was legit the very best one out there. HOWEVER, when they couldn’t leave well enough alone and updated OXYGEN to this dark themed this app fire etc. all it does now is crash, CONSTANTLY. I open my app up and 8 out of 10 times it crashes upon opening and tells me my account is not active when I’m clearly looking at my funds behind this supposed error message. So I always and I do mean ALWAYS, have to close it and open it again anoint 5 or 6 times for it to finally stop crashing and giving me an error message. I’ve been in the check out line and forgot to unlock my card before I came in the store and literally had to stand there trying to open OXYGEN to unlock my card but of course as always it crashed and told me I didnt have an account. So I had to stand there holding up the line until the this app app finally got its life together and opened up for me. It was awful.. Again I use to absolutely LOVE OXYGEN. But now- with the update, it’s completely useless. I cant even recommended it anymore, it will legit make you throw your phone smh. Honest review.


Could use some feature and option improvements

Overall OXYGEN is wonderful and most of the features as well. There are two issues that I believe would be easily resolved if addressed. The 500 atm withdrawal per day limit. This should be something the account holder has control over or raised to at least 1000 a day. This is a constraint that’s a bit too tight these days with pricing as it is. The next is the 14 day time frame for which a check is sent for any check issued bill pay. Often it isn’t possible to set up a payment 14 days prior to due date so waiting 14 days will make payment late. This could lead to late fees for the consumer. The support correspondence is very good in app. Answers always provided to questions. The policies or FAQ pages need to be added with some added info so the consumer is more informed. There is no easy location of atm withdrawal limit info (had to chat with support to get the details) no info on bill pay with check time for check to be processed and sent. I’d this information is listed within OXYGEN or website it isn’t easily located. There should be a help page with all the details and specifics there to answer common questions. I do love many of the features of the account and love using it as it is very organized. I’d only like to see the above improvements. This card has the potential to be the best out there with a few tweeks.


My favorite bank

Can't go wrong with this app. The best free checking account I've ever had. Literally no fees, has the best banking app I've ever used, has great security, money management features, & compared to other online banking apps, it has much better development and stays frequently updated. They have to be the best if not one of the very best when it comes to their app. Since they don't have physical branches, this is where they are able to deliver a banking experience that made me close my other account, in general; their app is GOOD. It works flawlessly on my iPhone 8. Haven't had any issues since banking at this app. anytime I need something that I need to talk to a human, customer service has taken care of me with a great sense of urgency. -Seriously the best mobile, or actually, general banking experience I've had, & I've had accounts with several of the major banks out there. They even have a really cool debit card design. if your looking into trying a new bank for checking/savings that works great with cash app, venmo, Apple pay, Zelle, etc


They changed for the bad

After using their services for several years I just noticed today or wasn’t even something I would say noticed I was transferring funds into this app and my phones just disappeared and I got my sending banks version and this app‘s version of where my money is but upon checking factual records and tracing the funds it was in this app Bancorp bank account and they were denying that they ever received the funds I am not the only person having this kind of problem lately I went online and I saw hundreds of people complaining about the same thing and hoping and crossing my fingers it didn’t happen to me but here we go Support team is clueless and has no clue of what’s going on and they’ll say that they declined deposit of your funds when when you go back to your center they will tell you it was successfully deposit into the bank or bank which is oxygenSo I go back to this app to let them know that it shows the money is clearly in their funds and they’re still saying that they declined a deposit that they don’t have it my mind is blown fact show where the money is through the Tre’s reference number and they can’t even except it telling me go back to Cash App because they never sent it I trust cash apps reliability way more than this app this app I find out isn’t even a bank they call it an experimental service system


No Debit Cards Here, LOL

They don’t send your debit(s) card on time. It takes them a solid month and some weeks to send out cards. How do I know this? After opening up my bank account, they sent me my 1st debit card. I waited for the expected arrival date which came, yet I received no card. So I called their customer service and they ended up canceling the card in transit and processing another one to be sent. The representative on the phone promised me I would receive this second card in 14 calendar days. After 14 calendar days guess which card I received? The first one. I know this because when I tried to activate it, they said that there was an error, in which I called customer service about again. They told me that I received the first card but that it has been completely canceled. Yet they had no update on the second card. Instead they wanted me to completely cancel the second card so they can send me a third. I told her “no, that I’ll wait for the 2nd card to get here” because I simply didn’t want to wait another month cycle just to go through the same problem again. UPDATE: I ordered this card back in January and as of today I have yet to receive my card. Customer service keeps telling me to use that silly virtual card of theirs. This is pathetic.


Worth writing a review..

I thoroughly enjoy OXYGEN. I love the new updates & upgrades they make consistently. I’ve had OXYGEN since April 2021 and haven’t had to contact customer service for anything lol. I was able to get my LLC through OXYGEN as well which was Soo amazing! The process took about 5 weeks to complete. It was very easy and since I did it through OXYGEN I opened the business bank acct. knocking out two birds with one stone. (Srry birdies🥲) my top fav features are; offering metal cards w/t various benefits, being able to deposit cash, & having a business bank acct/getting an LLC through OXYGEN . Not so fav features; cashback has a time that you can redeem them so if you get gas and get the cash back you can’t use it again for a few days, no Apple Pay, & no instant deposit with another card. Honestly the hood out weighs the bad and I’m Soo glad OXYGEN even exists!


Great Ideas Poorly Executed

I am very disappointed as a customer & working class personal with this bank. The virtual card feature would be amazing if implemented by other banks, yet The customer service is very disrespectful and ignorant, I attempted to close my account after finding out 90%+ of transfers including cash deposits take up to five days to clear and even show up on your statements, they are obviously are more concerned about holding the money rather than giving it to the owner to spend as they see fit. After messaging there customer service inquiring to close my account I was then reinsured “this bank has lots to offer” and they would like me to possibly reconsider, I explained that this bank does not suit my financial needs and did not receive a response until the following day..... after the third day of communicating with there “support team” I decided to give up spent a majority of the balance leaving about $1 in my account and deleted OXYGEN entirely. ****WOULD NOT RECOMMEND***** to an enemy of mine never mind a friend. And to the customer service Team, I hope someday you are able to master the skills required for your job, until then Good Luck!


Started off good until they let them steal my $

The account was simple to open and had competitive cash back. The virtual cards were a great feature too. Then they changed to the Elements and lowered the cash back and limited virtual cards. Ok fine… I’ll deal with it to have a free account. Then while at home I get notifications of purchases being made. I immediately check my wallet thinking I lost my card. Nope. Still got it. I immediately call customer service notifying them that my card is being used without my permission, even though it’s still in my possession. They tell me they’ll cancel the card but there’s nothing they can do until the purchases settle. They told me to call back then to dispute it. I did everything they asked only to tell me that their investigation showed that the purchases were legit and I couldn’t get my money back. I asked for the documentation they gathered to prove their case and I’m still waiting. So lesson learned. Don’t keep more than a few dollars in this account. Because if someone somehow accesses it you won’t get your money back!


Awesome Features

I have used the Oxgen Bank account for over 3 months. Much better than N26 or Revolut (not even close). I find myself using this card more than my other debit and credit cards. The card arrived quickly. Was very easy to setup direct deposit and send money to and from my other accounts. The cash back offers are great. Love the 7% back at Trader’s Joe’s. Switched my Uber and Lyft payments to this this app account given the cash back. OXYGEN updates you when a purchase is made and how much cash is available to be redeemed. Have it synced with my watch and see the Trader Joe’s cash back on my watch as I leave the store. Recently sent a check from OXYGEN for a bill. Love not having to write checks nor find stamps. Used the virtual card feature as well. Looking forward to early pay. Great company! Great features!


Love it but could use a few things

I opened my this app account because of some issues i had opening “real” bank accounts like chime for example. I use this app for direct deposit and basically all of my spending needs, and for that purpose it’s great! Love the notified purchases, cash back options, virtual cards, and basically all of the features OXYGEN offers. However one thing it feel like it could definitely use is some sort of savings account, and even if not a legitimate savings account with interest and all, just some space to transfer a percentage of my paycheck so I don't feel so inclined to spend all of my money. I know that sounds very irresponsible, “just don’t spend the money then”, but the term out of sight, out of mind really applies in my financial life. I’m sure OXYGEN could use a few more features to make the banking experience feel more *real*, however for what it is, it’s fantastic!


Great for a basic card

I’ve had an account for almost a year but just started using it almost half a year ago. If you’re just looking for a bank that has no hidden monthly fees. I’d really recommend this one. Plus, the cashbacks are amazing. It’s a very small selection of cash back. But I only use three of them on a regular basis Fast food & coffee, gas, and Walmart are my cash back offers. Only annoying part is that you have to switch the cash back offer manually rather than automatically accumulating the cash back. Also down fall is that there’s no Apple Pay/google pay/Samsung pay support. I personally don’t expect much from banks other than just accepting my direct deposit and just letting me use my money without fees, which is what this app provides. Other than that, I’d give 5 stars if there was mobile contactless payment support. Since there’s not I guess a 4 will do.


I used to be impressed with this App

When the original this app Banking App launched I personally thought it was the absolute best looking banking app ever. I bragged about it. I literally told everyone about it. It has all of the features that you could ever ask for in a banking app. EVEN DOWN TO THE DELIVERY PRESENTATION OF THE DEBIT CARDS. The bottom line is it just worked. OXYGEN looked so good that it looked the way apple would have done it. Then they changed it. Oh man. What happened? Did your UI / UX team get cut? Did someone try to tell you we needed to Gamify banking? Why would we want to have 4 Elemental levels of bank cards? The bad thing is I used this banking app as the example of what Online Banking should be and now I cannot even look at it. It looks more like an app children’s or a teenagers bank


Sketchy App!

I couldn’t even finish creating a profile there’s so many bugs! Turned off and on my phone deleted OXYGEN reinstalled it still nothing! It’s at the part of submitting my personal important private info and soon as I finish typing it says “session expired” doesn’t let me submit and kicks me out like that’s not super shady! Then thinking it might just be my phone I went to reviews to see if anyone else is having the same issues just to see there’s waaaay too many people having more sever issues and experiencing all the last things you want to deal with when it comes to your money. The other thing I’ve learned from the reviews and the support team is as useless as OXYGEN …..not that I’ll ever get to talk to them because their bug infested pathetic excuse for a banking app won’t even let me get past the initial step. It will let me click a link to the us patriot act informing you of why they get to take all your personal info for THEIR protection….let all laugh together 🤣 shady shady shady

My Primary Bank!

I can 100% say that this is by far my favorite bank! My paycheck comes early, I get cash back easily and only need to accrue $10 cash back to cash out; when I do so, I can use the money immediately! I recently got a free upgrade to the “Water” element, which means a cooler debit card, more cash back, and other cool perks. It is compatible with Plaid, which I need in a bank. Also, if I need help from Customer Service, you can actually call and speak with a human being, which is more than can be said for most online-only banks! I probably have an account with every free online bank possible, but this app is my main one, where my paycheck is deposited and my bills are paid from.


Cashback is not working

I have had a number of problems with this mobile banking app since the redesign. My most recent problem is the cashback option doesn’t work and it hasn’t worked for at least a week! I choose the appropriate cashback option before I make my purchase and normally I receive the notification of the “cashback “ moments after I make the purchase, but not anymore. Last week I used cashback on several purchases, as I normally would, but no cashback has been posted! OXYGEN is contours frustrate me. I have had my this app account since it’s inception but now I am consider switching to another more reliable app. It’s recently been one problem after another. I have had problems with getting my cashback, OXYGEN crashing repeatedly, customer support never know how to fix anything, and the redesign of OXYGEN is horrible. Then the different “elements “ are ridiculous! Why didn’t you all just leave well enough alone !!!!!!!!


Use any other bank

UPDATE: I emailed as requested. And instead of releasing my money to me - they closed and reissued both my business and personal cards. So not only do I not have access to my savings. Now I don’t have access to anything else. Super great outcome. It’s now been 3 months without my $240 that’s just sitting there. And it’s there because I can move it between savings goals. But can’t move it to the checking account. 👏🏼 After a long relationship and entrusting them with over 100k in money. I’m now looking elsewhere for banking needs after the last 2 months - countless emails - numerous screenshots indicating the issue. They refuse to help me figure out why OXYGEN doesn’t let me transfer from main goal to checking. I can transfer from main goal to ski trip goal. And now my main goal just sits with my money I can’t access. Updating - signing out - nothing works. Customer service acknowledges its there but does nothing to help.


Great to use minus some drawbacks

Overall OXYGEN is great and easy to use. However, there are some annoying drawbacks. First one is that you must activate the cash back offers otherwise you won’t get any cash back on eligible purchases. At first I didn’t know and spent $200 wondering why I didn’t get any cash back only to find out I must activate the offers first. Second, the time to transfer money. It seems it takes 5 business days to transfer money from another bank to this bank. It’d be awesome if it was like PayPal or other services where there are instant transfers or even much faster transfers. So yea, just wish all cashback offers were already automatically set without having to constantly check/switch between offers depending on what you’re purchasing and also I wish the transfers would be much faster.



Absolutely LOVE this app. I ditched traditional banking a long time ago and this is by far the best mobile banking app I’ve ever had. I signed up through their referral program and ended up making $260 just recruiting people myself to join. I switched over to Direct Deposit and have been enjoying early paydays ever since. Can’t think of a single problem so far, so thank you guys!!! My only suggestion would be a cash advance option, or an easily accessible overdraft feature where if I swipe my card and don’t have enough funds in my account, instead of it declining it would be cool to have the remaining balance of my purchase covered for emergency situations.


Cannot link other bank accounts

The button to link my other bank account does not work so I cannot add funds. I was going to have direct deposit come from there but I think I’ll hold off. Even after calling support, she didn’t understand what the issue was and told me to reinstall OXYGEN . Which didn’t work btw. However, that was the only troubleshooting available it seems like, no ability to reset the account or anything helpful. Then she said I would have to call the other Bank myself to see if they still have a partnership with this app, as that could be a reason why I can’t connect…however that wasn’t even the issue, or at least I couldn’t get far enough into utilizing OXYGEN for me to even run into THAT issue. May have to go elsewhere; unfortunate… because I do think their debit card is visually pleasing.


Better before the update

The banking features are cool, cash back options are great and I can cash out fairly quickly on those. However…this new update is honestly making me consider switching to Current. It’s very convoluted and no offense to this app but it’s very difficult to find the new app aesthetically pleasing at all. It looks cheap now whereas it looked refined prior to this update. The tiers are cool I guess but I’ll never have enough money in this account to get past the second one lol plus you have to pay fees if you want to get the benefits of the tiers which is weird to me if the qualification for the tiers is based off balances…idk. With the update it’s personally just not for me anymore which leaves me considering closing this account and going to another bank where the benefits actually benefit me.


A bank that “gets” me

Work is changing, so banking needs to change too. this app gets that, and puts the customer first, with no fees, good discounts, and virtual cards. Highly recommended for the cost conscious, and those juggling personal and business expenses.



I downloaded OXYGEN . To go any further it required me to input details like my as number and my drivers license, along with user name and password. After all that, it said it couldn’t create an account because “the application isn’t available any more.” Now I am deeply concerned that someone has all that info and I can’t get in touch with anyone from this app. There is no phone number or way to contact support. I am not happy.



I thought I would give this a try, so I signed up. I entered my information - I even scanned my ID - and it keeps telling me “your address is incorrect.” Obviously this is BS. My address is correct and verifiable. There are better quality financial institutions out there. My advice: don’t waste your time on this. I really like Capital One 360 - they are much more reputable and certainly a better quality bank.


Great app, easy to use, better than a regular bank

Recently downloaded and started using the debit card. Awesome way to avoid fees from regular big banks. Seems legit... I am a happy customer so far.


Excellent bank and extraordinary customer service!!!

They are always there to help, they went above and beyond answering my questions and walking me through the solutions!


Fast and Easy to use App!

this app is a fast, easy to use, and reliable banking app. 10/10 would recommend.


Unable to sign up!

Did the whole process and boom states they cannot approve application. Which is odd as I Bank with several of there competitors with the same bandcorp bank. Looked great and exciting 😏 Update: customer service is robots “Ma” whatever name that is copy and paste the same message twice look elsewhere Azlo / Novo better options


Intuitive and modern banking app!

Super easy to use and setup a new account, love the cash back options!! Thank you this app


Super intuitive

Awesome features, really easy to use. The card is slick too!


This app is great for Freelancers!

Super easy to set up, no fees and great tools to run my business. I checked around - this app is the best for what I do. Love ‘em.


Information stealer

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! If you want your info safe because this app Banking just took my info and photos of my face. After completely the process OXYGEN fails and all my info is gone and displays “ Application is no longer available”



Asks for a lot of personal information and then says account application is no longer available.


"Application no longer available"

Why's it on OXYGEN store then?


Seems like a scam

Reporting to my credit monitoring service. I feel OXYGEN is simply fishing for personal info


Do not get

The Customer service is horrible .


Yes. OXYGEN: Mobile Banking is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 21,684 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for OXYGEN: Mobile Banking Is 24.1/100.

Is OXYGEN Legit?

Yes. OXYGEN: Mobile Banking is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21,684 OXYGEN: Mobile Banking User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for OXYGEN: Mobile Banking Is 24.1/100.

Is OXYGEN: Mobile Banking not working?

OXYGEN: Mobile Banking works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 5 Comments

By Nicole Phillips
Nov 17 2021

These people can't do they job properly they have my money and suspended my account. I have already contacted my lawyer office about this matter that company sucks and I don't recommend any one use them ever

By Chance Gast
Aug 21 2021

Wouldnt let me make an account dont no why did everything

By Joann riley
Aug 09 2021

Oxygen bank closed down my account claiming there’s a fraudulent activity. I called to ask what the fraud is and they insisted on not telling me. I’ve only had 3 people send money into that bank and that’s my social security, my unemployment and an old friend. I had 3500 in the bank and they closed the account for a fraud they won’t tell me. I’m a 68 years old lady and I have no business with fraud. That money is my whole life savings and they took it away from me. I need help on this.

By Ceci Lynn
Jul 14 2021

They only let you get direct deposit early for 6 months then you get paid the same time as everybody else!!! Not worth the hassle!!! Don’t recommend!!! Plus you can barely ever get assistance when you need it!!!

By Aaron Donovan
Jun 28 2021

Yes says my application wasn't spruced seems like a scam I want all information of mine erased cant get a hold tried to sign up as a referral scam

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