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LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet Status

Published by on 2022-09-22

LOBSTR - simple & secure Stellar wallet. LOBSTR is a leading platform for
managing Stellar Lumens and other assets issued on the Stellar network.

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Reported Issues: 17 Comments

By Tamara
Jul 13 2022

As soon as I try to add an asset, I’m kicked out of my Lobstr wallet. How do I fix this?

By James
Jul 04 2022

LOBSTR on PC will not search for assets by looking for domain name, even if I already have assets under that domain name.

By Ferdinand Ildefonso
Jun 16 2022

Can’t open my LOBSTR app, crashes/closes 1 second after opening

By Richard R
May 25 2022

Not finding assets from domain name

By Donna
May 25 2022

App opens, then crashes immediately on my iPhone 7.

By Wayne Borland
May 25 2022

LOBSTR app crashes 2 seconds after it opens on iPhone.

By Gino Gutierrez
May 25 2022

App crashes right away after opening. I am on an Iphone11

By Mike
May 24 2022

iPhone update today and now app crashes immediately after opening.

By Patrick Pfouts
May 24 2022

Open app and it buffers then shuts down. Open app numerous times and still shuts down. This on an iPhone.

By Jenifer Dillard
May 24 2022

My lobstr wallet app on iPhone not working. It kicks me off the app immediately. The app is crashing or something? I tried to login online & it says “we couldn’t validate your login request…” I’ve tried to login again & still can’t get into my account.

By Sandra Parr
May 24 2022

My app opens, but when within a few seconds, before I can click on Assets it closes down.

By Chris
May 24 2022

The app immediately closes after opening. Only on my IPhone, my Pixel is working, however, it is a different LOBSTR account.

By Kimberly
May 24 2022

As soon as I click on app it opens for 2 seconds and then returns me to my Home Screen

By Gary
May 24 2022

Crashing today on iOS 15. Was working fine yesterday.

By Sandra Parr
May 24 2022

App opens, then crashes immediately?

By Robert
May 24 2022

Updated to eight. One version on Apple phone App will not open crashes

By Grace
May 20 2022

When I am in the asset screen and click on the network explorer link, the link won’t open.
The app takes me to explorer but the link won’t open. I’ve updated a LOBSTR.

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About this app

Manage your asset portfolio, view asset details and market stats, track the latest prices with our charts and see how your portfolio performs over time.  Discover new tokens, hold, send and trade any asset, track prices and stay up to date with markets all in one simple and secure app.  Require a passcode or Face ID confirmation every time you open LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet or make a transfer, enable IP confirmation and view the access history, configure two-factor authentication or enable multisig for the advanced protection.  Whether you’re just starting with Stellar for the first time or are an active network user, the simple interface and helpful tips make it easy for everyone to get on board.  Buy, sell and track your orders on the go with an easy-to-use interface, dynamic charts, real-time price updates, market history and push notifications for status updates.  Invest in your favorites, discover new buying opportunities and keep track of asset balances in your preferred quote currency any time of day, anywhere.  LOBSTR is a leading platform for managing Stellar Lumens and other assets issued on the Stellar network.  Deposit multiple crypto and fiat assets directly from your bank account or another chain including US Dollar, Euro, Bitcoin, Ether and Mexican Peso.  Use VISA or Mastercard to purchase Stellar Lumens (XLM) directly from your LOBSTR account fast, secure and with low fees.  Set price alerts with a single tap to be notified when the market moves and stay up to date on the latest prices and trends.  Trade thousands of market pairs with direct access to Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX) right at your fingertips.  Visit our website to shop BTC, ETH, USDT and other crypto assets at a fair price.  Discover and add assets from the carefully curated list or add any custom asset you would like.  Your security is very important to us, and we are taking advanced security measures to protect your assets and personal information.  Configure multisignature protection right inside your LOBSTR wallet in a few easy steps with LOBSTR Vault integration.  Use QR codes and memorable email-like addresses to transfer anchored USD, BTC and other tokens anywhere in the world with close to no fees.  Verify the details of outgoing transactions, approve or reject and be fully confident in the security of your crypto.  Create an account and receive your first funds in a matter of minutes.  Easily convert your deposit to another asset and withdraw in just a matter of minutes.  On top of that, various security options are available to every user looking to safeguard their funds.  LOBSTR wallet is designed to be intuitively accessible for every user.  Receive, request and send tokens from your friends and family quickly and securely with only a few taps. 

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