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Published by on 2023-12-14

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Reported Issues: 14 Comments

By Jeff Watham   5 months ago

Been a dasher for a few years now and up until 3 days there has been no real problem with the dasher app or dashing. Starting we days ago I started getting a blank white screen when I went into my doordash app. Contacted Doordash support several times and still not working today.

By Mike Gersna   9 months ago

Keeps making me sign in. I sign in, and keeps staying on sign in page.

By Konner   10 months ago

Every time I try to access the dasher app I get a white screen. The same thing was happening when I was trying to apply to be a dasher as well. Please help would love to make some side cash.

By Jennette I Floyd   1 year ago

I have been a Dasher since 2018. My account is active and in good standing. But when I try to schedule a dash, or dash now, I get asked to verify my identity. When I try to submit my photo ID, the app does not accept it and asks for a selfie, which it also does not accept. It then freezes. I reported this three weeks ago and after five frustrating calls to support learned that this is a known issue with Android phones - the Dasher app does not support the latest version of Android, which is 13. There is no workaround. So I am stuck without any way to log in so I can work. Your engineers told me to get an iPhone. This is totally unacceptable. I'm going to have to go to a competitor just so I can work. And I'll be sure to spread this far and wide - no support on DoorDash for Android phones.

By Natalie Thomas   1 year ago

I am not able to dash because I am logged in, however when it logs me in, it just keeps on popping up to sign up which I already have an account. It just keeps doing that same thing so therefore I am not able to dash

By Julio   1 year ago

I can not access my account

By Kathy A Akins   1 year ago

Griffin, GA (30223/30224) is having phone issues if they use Straight Talk. Dashers that are having the problem cannot log in for their scheduled dash. We can't call out, text or receive calls or texts. I don't know if this is affecting vendors in our area, but Straight Talk knows they are having a major problem. This probably explains why I have had to call support so frequently lately. So, FYI only, it seems to be the problem that Straight Talk provider is having at this time that is causing dashers so many problems with their app. Thought you might need this information. A quick "thank you" to support for having to deal with so many unsatisfied customers/dashers/vendors.

By Kensly Wilmer morfe Done   1 year ago

The application won't let me access my dasher account, it says error

By Louis hayes   1 year ago

I'm having issues login into the Dasher app I did all the steps and it still won't log me in it just keeps going back to the login screen I've talked to support 3 times already about it and they were no help just told me to do the same things I already did and I was told they needed to do a motor vehicle report when Im doing doordash on a bicycle and I just started dashing to I've already worked two days and was looking forward to more

By Denise Tzintzun   1 year ago

I'm having connection issue with door dash. While I'm out on deliveries an error message comes up saying check internet and lost connection. I restart my phone and re install the app same issue. I checked with my cellphone provider they told me my phone is working fine it's the app that may be having a problem.

By Omar eljed   1 year ago

I was going to get a delivery when I get to the the restaurant my phone get frozen so I have to deleted the app when I was trying to get back to the app doesn't let me

By gerald   1 year ago

im login but keep on going around and around on the app. Install and uninstall. reset phone. reset connection clear data of dasher clear data of google play still not working

By Al Jalali   1 year ago

I can not receive any delivery for past 3 days and also I get door dash server error.

By Steven Steinberg   1 year ago

full screen to join door dash showup all the time on my phone. I do not want it.

Common dislikes about DoorDash app

- Too many drivers out at the same time on certain nights and even during the days.

- People are horrible with instructions.

- App automatically accepted orders when it shouldn't have.

- App closed and wouldn't open back up after closing it, reinstalling it, and resetting my iphone.

- Customer support is atrocious.

- Unable to reset claimed time to have an hour less.

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