LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet Reviews

LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

LOBSTR - simple & secure Stellar wallet. LOBSTR is a leading platform for
managing Stellar Lumens and other assets issued on the Stellar
network.  Discover new tokens, hold, send and trade any asset, track prices
and stay up to date with markets all in one simple and secure app.   Wh...

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Reviews (28)


Very Disappointed in this App and their customer service

I created an account. I was supposed to receive a email to confirm my account. I never got the email. I reached out to App support by email and they said the problem was on my end. They said they would resend the email so I could verify my account. I never got it. Funny that my email on my end reached them, their reply (by email) reached me, but I never received that email link to verify my account. They insist the problem is on my end. Obviously my email has confirmed that it is legit since we have had a conversation(by email) regarding my not being able to use my account because the email isn’t verified! Their response: create another account with another email address! Very poor customer service. I don’t need another email address. I need someone to do their job. Obviously there is a “glitch” somewhere. I will not recommend LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet to anyone.


My fav payments app

I have been using LOBSTR for a couple years already and I wanted to give a feedback about my experience. LOBSTR is a great application to access the Stellar decentralized exchange. It is incredibly fast and almost free(just a friction of a penny for the network fee), so this is what I have been using even for micro payments. I’ve had a small issue about a transfer one time but their support team helped me out in 24 hours and solved the issue! Great customer service!


So I’m new to crypto...

I want to get in on some small coins before they cross the galaxy, but I’m still learning and there’s a lot of uncertainty and sketchiness and complicated stuff with some platforms as well as unreasonable fees, this so far seems to not follow that trend. It was super easy to sign up and add funds, no big fees and everything looks good. Big thank you to the developers!!!! This is exactly what it’s supposed to be :)


Don’t use this app. It’s a fraud

Once you put or exchange your currency to the XLM you can’t cash out or even transfer to another app. Fraudulent company and they don’t respond. You can’t use it with any other wallet or exchange only on their app. Can’t even take out the funds to buy gas at the store. Biggest rip off is LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet. Try withdrawing and see it can’t come out and be used outside their app. once you put it in. They only respond by email auto response and never actually respond to you. They only respond on here to make it look as they are so they can get more people to rob. And they don’t care. They want you to delete so they can steal your money. Would recommend it to anybody


A suggestion?

To the Devs: Great app! All your hard work is a piece of gold to me. What’s your lobstr so I can tip you? Y’all spent hours on this and it’s amazing. It’s safe, comfortable, easy to navigate and life changing. NO KORE CASHAPP, VENMO, WIRE TRANSFER, or PAYPAL fees for me ANY MORE! Thankyou One thing I’d change tho: can I get a refreshed price to tap the real-time instead of every ten minutes? Seems a touch behind IRL timing. This doesn’t impact me as I use Lumen as cash and I’m not gonna stall sending my sister 20$ over pennies. (Lol) I just like to know that the ENTIRE network including what I see matches RealTime prices. Thanks again! (Even if you don’t change it idc; if I want RealTime I just transfer out whatever I need to an exchange: it’s so cheap that... why not? Haha KEEP ON KEEPING ON!


Excellent XLM/Stellar Wallet

I’ve been using the LOBSTR wallet for several months. It’s fast, low in cost and simplistic to use. They offer great pairing options, there almost daily airdrops (they warn ahead to research, some could be useless or “scammy”) and their user face to menuever on their app is easy to follow. I’ve had no problems with moving assets on or off ramp. LOBSTR is another great tool to have in your crypto arsenory. Enjoy its very addicting!



Impossible to get your money back. They only trade pump and dumps. Actually found a crypto called “christian crypto currency” on their listings. You can transfer from one lobstr account to another, but you can’t deposit the money back into your bank account or transfer to other wallets. Network is shoddy(just search lobstr outages). Luckily I only dropped $50 into this stupid thing. Was down 50% as of today, but I can’t cash out the remaining balance. I made the loss up with other coinbase investments during the same period. Don’t fall for this pump and dump group. They will eat your money and there is no coming back.


Easy wallet

It’s a good wallet. I like the simple GUI and I like the private key I encryption. What kills it for me is that I can’t manually add trust lines for my own nft’s because lobstr doesn’t trust them enough. This means I can only trade assets lobstr approves of. I understand they want to protect their customers, but for me personally, this is a deal breaker. I suggest an option in settings to allow all trustlines for developers. Still, it’s much better than stellarX, which will prevent you from trading your own assets when it thinks they are too risky. So you have to send them to another wallet to sell them. Lol For these reasons I mainly just manually build my transactions on stellar laboratory. But I would totally recommend lobstr to a new user.


Price update

Trading here have really been nice but the buying price and selling price aren’t always the same thing please team should try and work hard to get that fixed that has been making trading experience bad 😢


You handle only Stellar XLM

You fund wallet with XLM and to remove crypto it will be in XLM so any asset you swap for has to be swapped back. Any other said assets you have to swap back from within LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet with a super heavy loss against your buy. For instance swap 12 XLM for 58 of asset A, then same day or next day swap back for 1 XLM with onky an 11 xlm loss. These are the facts. If you want to send to and from other xlm wallets this one worls flawless and I’d say very good at it. One advantage with this wallet is you can email someone your XLM but they need to use this wallet to receive.


Very slow processing time to buy and deliver crypto...

Pricing always way behind real time prices .. dunno how you can have an exchange that doesn’t operate in real time for buying, trading .. very slow processing on buying and trading.. very disappointed in LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet


Incomplete app

So I downloaded LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet yesterday and went through the process of setting up an account. Didn’t receive the verification email. So throughout the day I retried setting an account. Still no verification email. Just tried once again today and no verification email. There is no way to request another email or any other way to verify my identity. And there is no way to request help. Whoever developed LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet must be a complete novice. For me LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet is worthless.


IP Verification pain

they’re not letting me log in saying i’ve gotta verify my IP through an email but the email i got is just a failed login attempt with no steps to get me into my account. i get that it’s a feature to protect us but they should use a different system. i make a password as random as possible for my own security, it’s kinda like how sprint makes me add exclamation marks to my password as if i care if someone gets into my sprint account. let us be responsible for our own mistakes


Better than Trust or Atomic wallets!

Stellar Lumens’ blockchain is as close to the future as you can get! Very nice interface and swapping ability is so seamless. Capable to swap to any stellar blockchain asset such as Lumenswap (LSP) in a split second with next to nothing in fees in transactions or transfers. Very nice keep up the good work.


Great app but need more flexibility

I like the convenience of LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet but I would like to be able to take my money out of the wallet or to have a debit card that I can use against the wallet to pay my bills.


Love the app

I love LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet it’s really great and simple to use. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I purchased more lumens and it said the transaction was complete but it still hasn’t shown up in my assets after 24 hours. The purchasing is usually super fast so I’m a little confused


Best app for crypto

I have tried the other apps, and they are all so unnecessarily difficult to manage, compared to Lobstr. It’s even easier on the iPhone app than it is on a laptop!


Bug when paying

The moonpay platform won’t let me go back while filling out personal details (I needed to go back and change my DOB, as I entered it incorrectly before moving on to the next page but the back button won’t work). I have tried restarting LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet , logging out of moonpay, but each time, I end up on the same page as I was.


Just started using app

I was stoked to find this. But after signing up and being verified, there’s this 6.5% transaction fee when buying XLM. I had no other purpose but do use this Wallet for XLM. That being said, I will find an alternative to this wallet. And I thought just the banks were ripping us off. Good luck, lobstr!


Don’t do it

Horrible app. Not secure. Steals money. Difficult to set up 2F verification and multi signature verification. Lost $400 because of this crappy program with money being stolen out of my account. Have tried to find information on how to close account and can’t find any information. Fake accounts that wouldn’t let me transfer my money out. Sent money back to alternate wallet and it never arrived in that account.


Great wallet

I’ve been using wallet for 6 months, it’s a great mobile wallet. It’s pretty up to date with showing how much you’re crypto may be worth, and you can now trade using it too! Highly recommend!


Runs Fantastic, No Bugs

Have had this since last year. No issues


Great app but BEWARE of third party Moonpay out of Malta for cc tx

Moonpay will “approve the transaction and put a hold on your credit card funds for 10 Days while they do identity checks and address verifications in Malta. They request for you to send them your private documents without the ability to hide sensitive information. There is no phone customer support. Credit card company said vendor Moonpay is on their “high alert” list. BEWARE!!!


Ideal mobile XLM

Simple. Nice UI. Loved it before intro of asset trading, which so far has been quick and working like a charm. Looking forward to diving deeper once bear market ends. Only thing missing is an order book for checking live price action. Maybe once volume matures


Still waiting

There is a lot of security measures taken which I like- but I’ve been waiting over 30 minutes for funds to hit my wallet so I can start trading. I’m curious when I will be able to and I was told by other users this was a pretty quick transact



I’ve used Lobstr since before it was released on LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet store. In several months I’ve yet to encounter any issue whatsoever. 5 stars.


Perfect app

Great app to keep track of everything! Would love to be able to purchase lumens here in the US with LOBSTRStellarLumensWallet!!!!


Excellent User Experience!

Easy to navigate, not glitchy and excellent response timing from the support team!

Is LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet Safe?

No. LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,988 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet Is 19.0/100.

Is LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet Legit?

No. LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,988 LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet Is 19.0/100.

Is LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet not working?

LOBSTR Stellar Lumens Wallet works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By Tom
Jul 27 2022

I'm having the exact problem as Terence Wilson in the comment below. Unable to access my account due to Lobstr unable to send me Verify IP email. I was able to originally get into the account and transfer funds and buy multiple assets. I tried logging in after that and thats when the verify IP email never showed up. I went back and forth with Lobstr for two weeks until Lobstr finally stopped responding to my emails. I'm stuck now with an account full of XLM and assets with no access. I have my rec phrase etc. but no way to move the funds and assets. I'm so disappointed as well.

By Terence Wilson
Jul 10 2022

I don’t think they is a lot wrong with the platform itself but the support service is very poor , I do think a lot of problems is people using it first time will get in quite easily but it’s the back up service and the lack of help you get this is all very new to most people so I feel they should be more emphasis on helping people to understand it and if something is wrong and puzzling to people they should offer more help and most of time you struggle to get any sort of reply yes it’s ok great for young people they flick through the buttons on phone and are in while many people are still thinking about but if Steller is to be the future of the world they needs to be better support it’s very poor they just assume everyone is a wizard at IT many struggle to understand the ins n outs so please LOBSTR you need to look into this problem

By Reg
Jun 14 2022

Used lobstr 6 mnths.. i find it is able to add xdc but cant transfer it to trust wallet..only swap to xlm . What nonsense is this? . I emailed lobstr ..they email back that they received email and would get back to me but 1 mnth later ..nada...strange behaviour

Apr 28 2022

SCAM! Do not trust this wallet!!!
I created my Lobstr account on Monday of this week and verified my IP address through email. It all seemed way to easy. I have set up several accounts with Exchanges that required ID to be uploaded and SS# and other authentication in order to establish the account (i.e. coinbase, Gemini, etc.). Anyways, I bought some XLM to test the system out first and everything seemed fine. So I went ahead and transferred a larger portion of my XLM from my hard wallet and started trading on more assets and everything seemed to be going well. I tried logging into my account yesterday and now I am getting an error message that I cannot log in because I need to verify my IP address. (This I have already done) But no new email was sent to confirm my IP address. Nothing is in my Spam folder either. I have been emailing with Lobstr support but they keep insisting that the email is being blocked by outlook or is in my Spam/Junk folder. Wouldn't that have happened the first time I received the email and not after already receiving over a dozen emails from trades made not to mention I have received 3 emails previously regarding IP address verification already because it seems like randomly I have to verify my email. But this time, I am not receiving the emails like it is a glitch on their end. Lobstr has not helped me to resolve this issue. I am starting to think I have just been scammed. I transferred a $2,000 (not much but it still hurts) in XLM and didn't get to trade all of it yet. A legit site would not be so vulnerable and have such little IT support. Again I am comparing to a legit exchange like Coinbase. Be warned, this site is a scam and I should have done more research before investing because there are too many complaints out there with similar stories.

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