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Published by on 2022-09-14

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Reported Issues: 11 Comments

By Nicole Thomas
Jan 26 2023

the app is telling me that it is time to upgrade and I don't really understand. I have checked my phone and the app for updates and see none. I have a LG K31 android. Does my phone not support this app?

By Nicole
Jan 25 2023

I have a stupid Android phone, I'm an apple/iphone user normally but do 2 unfortunate events, I'm forced 2 use an Android now. Anyway, as soon as u open the afterpay app, it automatically freezes & if u happen 2 go 2 a store from within the app, it lags even more. It's 2023, fix your app already, this is so unprofessional

By Serena Austin
Jan 07 2023

When trying to use afterpay digital card when device is held over the paywave signalling area, it just beeps twice and says check device.

Transaction will not go through. Even with no money already owing and use of multiple linked cards. Still does not work.

By Earlene Bedsole
Dec 05 2022

At checkout app keeps freezing up I have tried for an hour.

By cassandra turner
Oct 03 2022

It’s just thinking about completing the transaction.I’ve tried several times over the weekend,finally gave up.No big deal.

By James O'Shaughnessy
Aug 14 2022

I am having 2 problems logging in to Afterpay on my Samsung Smart Phone. 1: The system does not recognise my email address or 2: When it does recognise my email address and password the app just hangs. Up until today, 13.08.2022, I didn't have any such problems. I have done all of the checks my side including checking my internet connection but to no avail. Please assist.

By Dawn Marie Freeman
Jul 24 2022

App Freezes up when trying to complete purchase

By tania
Jul 19 2022

wont open

By Marilyn Leviner
Jun 28 2022

Cant get app to open

By A. Clark
Jun 25 2022

Afterpay crashes when in Jetstar???

Apr 19 2022

there seems to be a problem with the connection.

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