Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. Reviews

Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. Reviews

Published by on 2022-03-29

Afterpay lets you buy today, get it straight away and pay in 4 simple bi-weekly
installments. Our shop directory lets you browse the latest stores and get all
the shopping inspiration you need. New brands are added weekly! Plus, see an
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Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. Reviews: 20 Reviews


Incredibly Genuine No Fee Payment Plan

Having had credit issues in the past that continue to hang on me like a dark cloud and dissuade credit card companies to accept my applications for credit, even businesses that can see from my purchase histories I spend hundreds of dollars on certain products consistently and paid in full. Afterpay for some unknown, Heaven sent reason offered me credit and once I paid on time and consistently for a few higher dollar value purchases, has given me a $2,000 credit line and in all honesty, a sense of financial self respect that no other issuer of monetary credit, even my BANKING INSTITUTION, that knows how much money I have and regularly earn from my job paycheck deposits. I am so grateful to have found Afterpay and be able to feel the sense of self respect that comes with being able to buy certain things that I benefit immensely from bring able to pay off over time, so I can realistically still pay my rent, utilities, heat, internet, etc. and as a hard working single mother still enjoy some of the other things we need or want in life that I otherwise would have to choose between it and the former said expenses. Thank you, Afterpay for existing and for giving me a quality of life that I couldn’t have otherwise in my current financial situation.


Fantastic Idea Verses CC Debt!

This popped up when I was making a purchase online from somewhere else and decided to go ahead and apply… I was immediately approved for $300 of credit line and when I paid that off, I turned around and bought a pair of pants that I’ve been dying to get from White House Black market! My favorite turquoise pants ever that were over $200! It makes it extremely easy to get what you want when you don’t have the funds immediately or don’t want to use your credit at that particular time because there’s no interest and no application fee. I was approved within less of a minute and once I paid off my first two purchases, my credit line is now up to $1200! I saw that someone stated something about insufficient funds when it’s payday for AfterPay and all I can say to that is, if you’re living day by day (week by week/payday to payday) financially, you probably shouldn’t be shopping online anyway… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ This person was complaining about insufficient funds because she couldn’t make her payment on time, again.. don’t play the “Rob Peter to pay Paul” type deal. If you can’t afford to shop, simply do not shop! (They do NOT report to credit bureaus nor will it help your credit score) It’s simply a great way to shop especially right before Christmas! Thank you AfterPay!



Well I’m ashamed to say I don’t have the best credit and after trying many “split payment” apps and getting the runaround and a headache I was skeptical to download Afterpay. I finally did and everything about this service is perfect for me. Easy to use (had one setback the first time I tried to use it in store which was partially my fault, but I got in touch with customer service and once again i was impressed. Maybe my standards are too low but they walked me through it perfectly and now it works flawlessly. They also approved me for a $1000 limit and allowed me to use my TurboTax Visa debit card, which is my main debit card/ account, as a payment option when every other split payment app uses Plaid which doesn’t recognize GreenDot as a real bank. I will continue to use Afterpay for as long as I can and anyone I think could benefit from it. The only things close to “cons” about Afterpay is the amount of places ( there are lots) where you can use it but that’s not Afterpays fault and that you can only have 2 orders open at a time. Once again that’s not really worth complaining about and probably helps in the long run since you don’t have too many payments to make on different days. I wish every store accepted Afterpay. It’s AMAZING!! Highly recommend!!!



Such a great app and a great idea! I have used other 4 payment apps like this and they arent bad either, but afterpay is my favorite because of the pulse rewards! It motivates me to pay off my payments earlier so I can get the points towards my 30 purchases so I can get the extras like no first payment when I order! I love the deals and discounts I can get also. They are always showing you what stores are having sales or really good percent off deals! There is a great selection of name brand stores as well as stores I have never heard from before and would have never known about if it wasnt for this app. Small businesses need our help more then ever right now and this is a great way to do that! There is also an in-store payment option for some of the places as well!!! The app is great design wise too, so easy to navigate and has it all broken down for me so I know what I have to pay and what is paid off etc. It also makes it super easy to make my bi weekly payments with automatic payments or if I want to pay it off early I can do that with just a click of a button and its done! They send you a reminder email a few days before your payments due so you never forget! I probably spend way to much money using this app but hey, you only live once!


Great App and it Sure comes in Handy!!!

I don’t have anything bad to say about Afterpay, but I do have a suggestion. First let say that Afterpay is very helpful, specially to those with less than satisfactory credit. It takes a chance on us and give us an opportunity that many others have denied. If you’re getting something for yourself, a loved one, or maybe a last minute gift for a friend or coworker. It really doesn’t matter because they have a variety of stores from online to in store shopping. Just pay your first out of four payments up front. There is not interest or hidden fees, all you have to do is pay on time. You can even purchase gift cards, though they are limited. I am very happy with Afterpay. My only suggestion would be to extend the pay in 4, to pay in 6, or even pay in 8. This could be done for customers that have had a couple of pay in 4 contracts completed and have demonstrated that they are trustworthy to pay what they borrow back. Give them that as an incentive for their timely payments. It would help with every single type of purchases, especially big ones and/or multiple ones. In all, thank you Afterpay, you’re still awesome.


Not just for people on a budget!

I use Afterpay to space out my payments so that it doesn’t all hit my credit cards at once, helping me to maintain low utilization on my cards when my statements are reported, because I can pay the smaller payments right back off every time I get paid. I like using it when I know my statement is about to come out, but I need to buy something right away, because my cards won’t show high usage since I’m sometimes not even charged the first payment until 2 weeks after my purchase! You have to be smart and make these payment plans work for you! Even if I accidentally missed a payment by a few days in the past, once I paid it off, my spending limit didn’t take long to shoot right back up. There’s only one pretty major thing I’ve recently been turned off by with AP. For the past couple of years, I’ve built a rapport and higher spending limit with them since I almost always use Afterpay anywhere it’s accepted. Lately they’re now not letting me use my account at some participating stores and declining the purchases for unexplained reasons even when I have plenty of spending credit available. But other than that, if you’re a smart shopper and not just using this to spend what you don’t have, it’s great !


Ok App

My first two purchases went through without a hitch but the next purchase ($45) got declined even though I had what they stated was a possible spending limit. Thier disclaimer is ridiculous. If I'm going to get declined for further purchases then why even put that amount there. All other bnpl apps give you exact dollar amount you are allowed to spend. I had no issues with payments until I had to get a new debit card. I put the card in and I thought I made it my default card but when my payment was due they tried the old card ( it didn't let me take that one out) and the next day I get a text stating my payment didn't go through. I went in and immediately made the payment choosing the correct card. A week later I noticed that my spending limit went down to $16 even though I had only one account with a balance of $33 left. I do not plan on making another purchase ever again with Afterpay. Klarna and Zipit are much more user friendly. You can add and delete cards at anytime, the amount your allowed to spend is clearly displayed without a disclaimer and it is immediately impacted when you make a payment. Klarna allows you to change due dates and the dates can even be out by two weeks. The customer service woth afterpay is terrible as well. It took almost four days for them to respond to my email versus an immediate resolution with Klarna chat.


Shopaholic’s Dream

I love Afterpay. A little TOO much lol. I’m thankful that it only allows me to have only 4 open orders at a time because I have an insane shopping problem. But it’s so convenient and easy to use. My credit is not that great either and they didn’t check my credit or add any ridiculous additional charges (if they charge anything at all). I wish I could use Afterpay to build my credit tho! Lol. I’m impressed with the variety of stores that allow you to pay with AP. I used it through Finish Line for shoes, Buy Buy Baby, and I recently purchased the DB Method squat machine using AP. I’m hoping to get a nice tv! The app and site are easy to use and viewing your orders and payment schedules is not complicated at all. You can also change the payment date or get an extension. I’m also very pleased with their response to refunds. I had a package from Finish Line get stolen and I was able to get a refund easily without dealing with anyone but Finish Line. No having to go and file any reports or claims or making any annoying phone calls. All smooth sailing. I love this dang app so much LOL.


Love It!! Literally like a credit card but with NO INTEREST FEE

After pay is amazing , you can literally buy your items at the same price just splitting the payments into 4 separate payments. Each payment is due every 2 weeks, and the only thing you paying upfront is the first payment of the 4. For an example, if your item totals out to $100 , $100 divided by 4 is $25 for 4 payments. You will pay the first $25 the time you purchase your item, leaving your balance due at $75, then you will pay the rest every 2 weeks. I have reached a status where they give you special offers just for using their app with partnering stores. They even gave special events for exclusive members that use Afterpay, which they offer you major sales on retail items at stores that would generally be regular price for a non afterpay user. I made several purchases at that time of their sale event which in one purchase I got 50% of regular price shoes just for being an Afterpay member. With that being said I suggest using this app and learning more about how to use it. Also they are supposed to be eventually reporting to the credit bureau so it can help improve your credit score!


Very Frustrating

I first started using Afterpay last month when I made a rather large order. The idea and the concept is really cool but the app is a pain to use. I made the first payment on my order two weeks later as scheduled and it gave me a notification saying that the payment went though and it gave me my new remaining balance. Two days later, me email gets bombarded with emails from Afterpay saying that my payment was declined and they had tried to take the payment over and over again when it didn’t work the first time. When I first authorized the payment on the app, I had the money to cover the payment. When they tried over and over again to make the payment, it overdrafted my checking account and put me in the negatives screwing me over for groceries. Just recently, I had to make a switch to a new debit card through my job and when I tried to add it to my payment methods, it kept saying “Oops! There was an error in your billing information! Please try again!” Even though all of my info was correct. I went to the customer support section and found out that until the first order that you made is completely paid off, you can’t add another payment method! This service is not convenient at all and is a massive headache to try to use. I am going to pay off what I owe and I’m never using Afterpay again. I definitely would NOT recommend them to anyone.


Such a helpful way to shop

Now anyone who knows when you amortize anything, that’s a breakdown of you paying something overtime. A.k.a. this is layaway. It’s a very simple concept. It’s a very simple program. But in today’s age where paychecks and expenses are so fragmented, they are not as straight line as they should be, it really helps out when you do want to purchase something for yourself or a gift or it’s the holidays that you can have a new way to do layaway. Afterpay makes it very easy to see when the payments are due. You get a text message. Or you may get an email or both. The reminders don’t feel like you’re being hassled. There’s simply letting you know hey you have a payment coming up. I love seeing how much I’m able to borrow but it also lets me know that unless I have the money to pay back it’s best not to borrow everything all at once all the time. And the emails let you know that if you need some extra time all you have to do is contact them and they are more than willing to work with you. So I really love this app and this program.



Easy to use interface, helps locate a variety of stores big & small businesses and offers certain discounts regularly for use when buying from one of their participants. Payments are spread out over a 4 payment schedule. As each payment is gets close to being due they send reminders to you of the actual due date as well as the price for that installment. You can pay it off completely with no additional charges or pay more than one payment at a time which is assigned to the correct purchase installment. I’d say it sorta resembles an online Lay-Away program only in this modern day and age you get to receive & begin enjoying your purchases right away as long as you pay the first payment upon checkout. This app handles it all beautifully, all the info you could need or are looking for is readily accessible within the app and I’ve yet to come across any glitches or issues. Only request I’d have is that it would be convenient to be able to forward a detailed receipt via email if for any reason you need to.


Tempted to remove a star

I am tempted to only give 4 stars because the one (and only way IMO) Afterpay could better is if there were an option to use it to improve credit. I get that to some people that it’s a perk to not have Afterpay hurt your credit, but there’s also the other side of people that could definitely use the perk of having it reflected on our credit. I am a very responsible person and no matter what, I find a way to cover all of my bills every month. The problem is, I am a single mom of 4, I work 4 jobs, I can’t remember what sleep feels like and I have sticky notes to remind me to look at sticky notes because I have so much to remember that it’s hard to get it all done. So having Afterpay automatically take the money from my account is like the best thing in the world for me. Now if I could just get the credit bureaus to see that I do pay my bills so I can start recovering from my ex crashing my credit score… life would be perfect. But other than that, I love Afterpay. So many great stores and I see more every time I pop in.


Love it but...

I have been using Afterpay for about 2 years now. I have spent thousands of dollars through them. I faced financial hardship due to COVID. I contacted them and they were very nice and said I would have to make my next payments until July. I really only needed a week or so to get my financials in order. I paid it off a few weeks later. I really appreciated them being so cool and I love that about this company (I had to do it once before when my card came up with fraudulent charges). Now that I’m back to work I’ve been trying to use Afterpay like I had before. To my dismay and as another reviewer put it, I am being “punished” for my not being able to pay on time. I completely understand that this is a business and they can’t just go off the promise of the customer that they will pay. I just hate the way they go about it. I have been allowed to make a few small orders which I have been paying off early but I usually get an message telling me I need to pay off some things before I can order anything else (understandable). I paid off 3 payments and still wasn’t allowed to order anything at all. So basically they lied. This app is pretty much useless now.


Convenient and simple once you get used to it

Streamlined app that makes it easy to find the stores you’re looking for and even easier to keep track of what you’ve purchased, when payments are due, and how far you are into your payment plan. The only drawback is that not every website that partners with this uses Afterpay in the same way, so you have to navigate it a bit through trial and error to figure out what you’re doing. For example, some websites have Afterpay listed specifically as a form of payment, but then don’t link to your app to login- and others don’t have Afterpay listed as an option, you have to have the Afterpay card set up on your phone as a form of Apple Pay and then keep the app open while you’re using Apple Pay on the store’s app (this is how Lululemon does it). I thought it wasn’t linked for Lululemon for a while, and then thought that it was broken as a payment system until I did enough trial and error to figure it out. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, though, it’s smooth sailing.


Great App

This is the only App I’ll ever write a review on! It’s great! I’ve never been able to shop more comfortably in my life! I’ve been using after pay for a while now and I have been able to redo my whole wardrobe and then some! I recommend this app/payment method for anyone who is hesitant to shop. They split the payments in 4! And you pay every other week... and with all these new updates they make it a lot easier if you need to make smaller payments in between, reschedule a payment for whatever reason or pay your items off early if you can! I definitely RECOMMEND Afterpay. Also the most professional rather than those other Apps (I won’t say). I may have had one issue with Afterpay but it wasn’t even there fault it was the company using Afterpay. But they are super fast with refunds and great on customer service if ever there is a issue. USE THEM! Only negative I have: I wish they had more electronic, household, and shoe stores. And if we could put our favorite stores in a list or put a star by them that would be great!


I wasn’t given Pulse Rewards (even thought I elected to)

I’ve made 2 different purchases using Afterpay and I love the concept. All of my payments have been on time because it’s taken directly from my bank account. I should have 40pts for each of these purchases totaling 80pts all together but it says zero. I go to the rewards section to confirm I did register for pulse rewards and I am. I reached out to someone and I felt like they didn’t even read my message because the answer made no sense and it didn’t really relate to my issue/ question. I was told about 6 month cycle and that I have to current orders… which I already knew and is not what I even wrote to them about. He was no hep at all and then might as well have said “have fun figuring it out bc we don’t care, BYYYYEEEEEEEEE.” I asked why my points weren’t accruing. I then asked if they could go into more detail.. I asked do the points reset after 6 months or something ? And I’ve gotten no response. I haven’t even had this for 6 months - but if they’re referring to their own type of 6 month cycle I don’t understand when that starts or ends either. My issue isn’t even anything serious or complicated … just want some help understanding why my points haven’t accrued and if I can get them redeemed… that’s all…


Great and convenient

I love Afterpay, I never thought of using this app before because I thought it would be complicated and have undercover fees. But to my surprise Afterpay is just wonderful! I live on a budget pay check to pay check and having 3 kids and bills it makes it hard to get things you want or need. Well Afterpay makes it easy for people like myself to get things we want and need without sacrificing our pockets. I really love that I can pay for things in 4 easy to handle payments every 2 weeks which is perfect if you’re like me who gets paid every 2 weeks , which Is why it’s hard to keep money put aside since we have to stretch the money for that time. I’m so happy to have this app now, there are no hidden fees nor crazy late fees and I believe you can even set up your own days that you feel works best for the automatic payments! Simply awesome! I knew everyone can benefit from Afterpay! I love it! Thank you Afterpay for changing my life so I can Have the flexibility of buying without have to stay broke lol!



AfterPay has been a Godsend for me! I’ve been a customer for over a year & it’s just the best thing ever. I’ve been able to purchase really nice items that I would otherwise not be able to afford…especially today when prices have skyrocketed on just about everything! (thanks pResident O’Biden🤬). Anyway, their customer service is also excellent & they never charge interest or other fees.🎉 There’s been a few times where I needed to push back a payment date until payday. It happens to the best of us & AfterPay has always been understanding & helpful. I have outstanding student loans so my credit isn’t great. AfterPay doesn’t care. If u make ur payments on-time, they’ll up ur credit limit without question. Affirm doesn’t do that. In fact, I don’t even qualify for Affirm. I do have an account with Sezzle but they don’t even have half of the stores that AfterPay does. In short, AfterPay is the way to go for those of us that love to shop but aren’t swimming in cash! 🏊🏻‍♀️💵 Cheers to Afterpay…a shopaholic’s best friend!🍾🥂😍


love afterpay

i love afterpay because it give me away to get the thing i want and pay easy payments the only thing i do not like you pay on some thing and went reach out to the seller they do notRespond you're paying on things and post to be delivered in a timely manner and they're not being delivered to reach out to him you get no answer I would like to know how do you get to talk after pay customer careIf they can get in touch with the seller to deliver your products I'm on my last payment for products from totes & caringI have not got my stuff yet it's been since December here is the almost the end of January and I reached out to them three or four times and still have not received my item or any way to make this right so you need to fix some type of problems when you allowing people to use your service I will keep on using after pay because I enjoyed some of the service liked it to other people thank you for allowing me to use your service happy customer but not a happy customer. ms Baker

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Is Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. Safe?

No. Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 704,527 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. Is 18.3/100.

Is Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. Legit?

No. Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 704,527 Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. Is 18.3/100.

Is Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. not working?

Afterpay - Buy now. Pay later. works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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