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Published by on 2022-09-05

Da Fit provides you with accurate motion recording, sleeping details and
exercise analysis. Encourage you to love sports, enjoy a positive and healthy
lifestyle, and meet a better you.

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Reported Issues: 99 Comments

By Mahesh
Oct 02 2022

I installed the DA FIT app in my mobile and the app is not working now how to use the watch

By David L Pugh
Sep 29 2022

My weather on watch says undata

By David L Pugh
Sep 29 2022

My weather on watch says undata

By Tim
Sep 29 2022

Installed Da fit app, sync to watch is good, I can change the watch face, receive notifications, etc. but the weather app says the phone is not connected to the smart watch. I have reinstalled the Da Fit app and checked all the settings - weather still not working. Any solution to this?

By Sandra McAfee
Sep 22 2022

My Da Fit watch stop counting steps

By Cheryl A Hart
Sep 16 2022

My watch is charged. the screen has gone blank, not working.
Please advise me as to what you can do to fix this the watch isn't even 6 months old?

Cheryl Hart

By Joseph John Chouinard
Sep 16 2022

frozen on100 bp for 2 weeks all other functions working please advise heart monitor will run through progression but ends back on 100

By Gill Dearden
Sep 16 2022

Sleep has stopped recording

By Mike Costa
Sep 14 2022

My walk sessions have stopped recording to the Da Fit app. I have had numerous walking and cycling sessions recorded in the past several months, but my sessions are no longer recording. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

By Patricia Chappell
Sep 12 2022

After charge watch reverted to June 6 and would not pair with phone.

By Cody
Sep 07 2022

The app seems to have stopped tracking sleep is thare anyway to fix that.

Sep 06 2022

My da fit stopped recording sleep data.

Sep 06 2022

My da fit speed recording sleep data.

By Kelly Zavalney
Sep 03 2022

The sleep function says I'm going to sleep 2 hours after I actually am sleeping. It seems to be on Eastern Time, I live mountain standard Time. How do I fix that?

By Adam KOH
Sep 01 2022

the da fit apps download, weight & heights not in SI unit (cm & kg) and i cannot change it. how???

By shawn mcderment
Aug 30 2022

Watch not Counting steps properly I walk around all day and only counts 100 steps.

By Steven Rice
Aug 28 2022

My Da fit app is showing a notification mark on the home screen and my smart watch stopped counting steps. It is a LIGE smart watch BW1290A-BS-US. Please contact me and tell me how to fix this. Thank You, Steve Rice

By Gail Wenger
Aug 27 2022

My phone is not ringing and not ringing on my watch.. The message on my phone and watch message is the only thing working. The bluetooth app is not on my screen anymore.

By Betty
Aug 26 2022

My fitness tracking watch is no longer tracking sleep.

By Henry Richardson
Aug 24 2022

Not holding charge the highest charge is 52 percent then it cuts off and I have to put back on the charger

By Charles Denhardt
Aug 20 2022

my wife's watch stopped counting steps

By bryan shirley
Aug 17 2022

It's not showing my walking distance?

By bryan shirley
Aug 17 2022

How do I add contacts to my phone? And change it to Fahrenheit?

By Pam Radcliffe
Aug 17 2022

Hi. I am pressing the walking button to see how far I've walked and time and steps but it's not showing any data on my phone.

By Aditya Singh
Aug 17 2022

Da Fit app is having crashes in my device, please solve this problem

By Aditya
Aug 17 2022

Da Fit app having running time exception or this app is not working in my device, please solve this problem

By Donna
Aug 14 2022

My weather will not work. It's saying watch not paired but it is as everything else works fine

By Gemma Flanagan
Aug 11 2022

Hi I bought a da fit smartwatch from shein a few days ago started using it today but it seems to be giving me to many steps in the day when I havent been walking that much. Can you please help

By Gail R Blaize
Aug 09 2022

Watch is fully charged but only shows a white screen when I touch the screen.

By Lorraine cardwell
Aug 06 2022

No sound on my smart watch after everything is connected.

By Shannon M Sassi
Aug 06 2022

The HR monitor is inaccurate. Reports heart rate eay too high.

By Shannon M Sassi
Aug 06 2022

The HR monitor is inaccurate. Reports heart rate eay too high.

By Earle Davis
Aug 06 2022

After a phone update Dafit will not sync with current date

By Sarah Bragg
Aug 04 2022

My new T45S watch (purchased on Amazon) is greatly undercounting my steps and sleep hours. Do you have any suggestions or do I need to return the watch? I have already tried powering the watch off and back on. TIA for your help.

By Jada Shadle
Jul 29 2022

I set the reminders for moving and drinking and it does not give me any reminders. Please help me.

By Norman Thomas Jr.
Jul 28 2022

The screen only stays on for 5 seconds how do I adjust the time out for the screen ?

By khalid Rashid
Jul 22 2022

The app is not recording my workout data

By Lyn
Jul 19 2022

Sleep monitor starting later than it should be.

By Sally Tapping
Jul 18 2022

smart watch says please sync contacts in app but i cannot see how to do this in the app. the only option is add 8 favourite contacts. Please help Da fit i13

Jul 18 2022

Need replacement back cover
For Y20 wrist watch..cracked will not charge..

By Lloyd
Jul 16 2022

My Da Fit watch is around two years old. The watch face is blank and will not connect to the app-The watch is fully charged and the four green sensor lights on the back of the watch are permanently on and showing green colour.
I have tried restarting my iPhone and Da Fit app but the watch is still in sleep mode…..How can this issue be resolved?

By Stepfanie Hoath
Jul 16 2022

Its not giving me the reminders I set to drink water.

By Philip Thompson
Jul 15 2022

The watch shows sleep data but the app says no data. Everything else looks ok. Is there a trick to turn this on in the app

By Chuck H Roginski
Jul 15 2022

can I connect 2 smart watches to your app?

By Samuel L Shaw
Jul 14 2022


By Janet Goryl
Jul 11 2022

Screen dark. Not showing face/time when tapped. Does record data to iPhone.

By Peter Durst
Jul 10 2022

My Dafit is not counting my steps. How do I resolve the problem?

By Fitri
Jul 06 2022

I found my watch inside washing machine. Now my watch cannot be open. Please help

By Sandra
Jul 04 2022

The sleep app works intermittently. Some nights it records properly, some nights the sleep time is different from the actual time and sometimes it does not record at all even though I know I had 2- 4 hours of sleep periods where I slept continuously during each of the 4 hour periods.

By Barry Hansen
Jul 04 2022

Unable to get the Sleep feature to connect

Jun 30 2022

Not receiving text messages. I have uninstalled & reinstalled da fit app software multiple times due to connectivity/Bluetooth dropping issues. Each time I try to add device it cannot find the h76. Once I reinstall app issue re connectivity/Bluetooth resolves. This however, should not be happening!

Back to original reason for the email. How do I get my message to be received on the smart watch?

Thank you for your time

By Jessica
Jun 29 2022

My watch only records sleep few times most of time in the day fit app it says no data for do I fix this

By Micah Perry
Jun 22 2022

Not getting an accurate BP reading. Reads 105/65 in that range. Mine is always in the 130 range or at bit higher

By Ernest Ogbe
Jun 21 2022

My step recorder no longer working
What do I do

By Javier Jose Rodriguez
Jun 19 2022

It's saying I was sleeping for 21 minutes when I was talking to my wife

By Susan
Jun 16 2022

My step counter doesn’t work.

By Roseann Podlaski
Jun 15 2022

it just stopped counting my steps

By Kristen Simo
Jun 13 2022

My phone screen is not working and is not connecting with my cell. Please assist; it is brand new. I have to he most recent upgrade also.

By Dave Holder
Jun 09 2022

my watch stopped counting steps this nmorning

By Taylor
Jun 08 2022

Watch data not syncing to app!?, missing days of data on the da fit app that I know I collected during the days in question.

By Rangimarie Manuel
Jun 07 2022

Watch is fully charged but screen is blank and doesn't start up

By Rachel LaChapelle
Jun 07 2022

Watch or app not tracking sleep till 10:10pm every night since we got it 4days ago ?? Its tracking till waking up but not tracking anything till 10:10pm.

By Debra Sanders
Jun 06 2022

The camera keeps taking pictures remotely, and it won't move from the time/date screen after I charged it so I can see my other opts like steps and sleep record.

By Mian
Jun 06 2022

My dafit classic 3 talk watch not awake its screen without pressing the button.. what is the solution plz.

By Peggy Lacy
Jun 03 2022

My charging cord no longer charges my watch and the watch will NOT show the weather like it used to.

By Rita Fernandes
Jun 02 2022

My app Da Fit do not send the datas to the app google fit, but in the app Da Fit indicated that is connected to app google fit

By Patricia Farrus
May 31 2022

The blood pressure test is not working, constantly show 140,/86 and a blood pressure machine shows 101/85

By Christine Carol Stockings
May 30 2022

My app/watch only ever records my fall asleep time as either 22:10 or 00:10 and this is never the case. Wake up time is always correct... Please advise as I've asked you guys so many times but I don't get an answer

By Steven Green
May 29 2022

I have been using Dafit for about 6 weeks and noticed a few things. Sleep monitoring is in accurate, alpt of the time it records as REM but I am awake, if I fall asleep during the day ( which happens due to my medical condition) it doesn't record any sleep?! The heart monitor records regular but my watch will have extra recordings this in turn is missing on the history.

By Sparsh Chaurasia
May 27 2022

Heart rate does not update in the application

By Lakeisha Williamson
May 21 2022

The da fit watch only track my sleep for one day and not the next day and on the first day it incorrect tracked the amount of sleep I got

By Chris Artall
May 17 2022

Alarms do not work. When I fill out a support request, I cannot submit it because the phone number format is not correct. I've tried all possible combinations. So much for contacting support. Will send this back.

By Stella
May 15 2022

Weather notification isn't working

By james vassell
May 15 2022

my da fit watch keeps jumping off BP and ialways saying 'please re wearin' .how can I fit this .

By Gautam kc
May 09 2022

I don't know why but my smart watch is not opening from 2 day

By Lisa L Brantell
May 09 2022

Sleep function does not start. How do I activate that or get it to start? Everything else so far seems like it is working. Accurately...not sure but at least it is working. But no the sleep function

By Emma Seal
Apr 28 2022

I have turned on the continuous heart rate detection. But it is not working on the watch even though it is turned on in the da fit app. Can you fix this please?

By Michaela O’Shaughnessy
Apr 27 2022

My watch will not track my steps, sleep, weather, etc. Right now I’m only using it for date and time.

By Lisa Vilinsky
Apr 23 2022

Cannot receive text messages

By Debra Wright
Apr 18 2022

I know the spo app does not work right I am on oxygen and my oxygen never gets above 92% the watch always reads 96% and above. Please tell me how to fix. Thank You

By Di Beverley
Apr 16 2022

Just purchased smart watch, which uses Da Fit App.. However it is not recording sleep correctly. It only recorded 22 minutes of sleep!! An easy way suggestions??

By Ray E.Voyles
Apr 08 2022

The blood pressure reading never changes

By Louis Walter William James
Apr 05 2022

The blood pressure readings are much higher than what my doctor's device indicates.

Watch indicates 150/80
Doctors device 120/70
Both were take at the same time. Is there away to calibrate the watch to be more accurate.

By Deb Yost
Apr 05 2022

Everything seems to work fin and I love the cmax except I cannot seem to pair the weather. i have put in the city etc. and it says watch is not paired. How can I get that to work?

By Kim Riherd
Mar 31 2022

Step counter doesn’t keep track of my steps. Seems like the sleep part I’d glitchy too. Have to go in and out and sometimes it work but it’s a crap shoot. And suggestions. I have already unconnected it and deleted app and reinstalled it

By Yashas B N
Mar 25 2022

Custom watch face is not working properly please fix this bug

By chris buckley
Mar 23 2022

Why will it not let me ring out on my watch but it rings in?

By Byungkyu Park
Mar 17 2022


I cannot pair my da fit with my phone. It has been a long time. The time does not match up too.

I have updated, uninstalled, reinstalled, switched on and off and everything I can do to fix it.

However, it is still malfunctioning. I dont use other functions of Da fit but the time.

Please help me out. Its been bugging me for many months.


By David Kenneth MacIntyre
Mar 13 2022

Cannot get sleep app working at all. No data ?

By Richard Guy
Mar 11 2022

Blood pressure reads high. Always reads 158+/80+
Consistently 32 points over SBP.
Any calibration procedure?

Weather will not stay in Fahrenheit keeps going back to Celsius and I have to correct every time

By Roisin
Mar 07 2022

Hi my DA Fit charger has broken where do I get another one?

By Corby Coney
Mar 03 2022

Does not show correct time will not pair with phone

By Corby Coney
Mar 03 2022

It will not pair with phone.

By C. Buckner
Mar 03 2022

Blood pressure reads high. Always reads 160+/80+
Consistently 32 points over SBP.
Any calibration procedure?

By Michelle L Feole
Mar 03 2022

My weather is never correct. It has the wrong weather. I've typed it in numerous time for my location.

By Bryce Heider
Mar 02 2022

I recently purchased a smartwatch and downloaded the "da fit" app for a health challenge at work. I got the watch and app setup on Monday afternoon 2/28 and had it on all day 3/1 but my step counter got wiped of the prior two days. It still has my sleep record and settings still from those two days but not my steps. I've lost over 11k steps and work won't count them without verified app data. Anyone know of a fix for this??

By Neil Greenberg
Feb 26 2022

The weather function does not work keeps saying no data in the watch. Rest of watch functions are fine. Can you help please. Weather is switched on in the app on (under others). Thank you Neil

By Carolyn Fridley
Feb 24 2022

I'm having issues with the Blood pressure reading correctly. My watch reads that my BP is always 140/80 and I know this isn't correct because I have a BP machine and I take my BP every day and it usually reads like 120/ 75 or somewhere around there. So I had my husband wear it for a few hours and it was the same on him140/80. I am not sure whatvto do to make it correct itself. Any help you could give me would be e greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Carolyn Fridley

By Patricia Leonetti
Feb 24 2022

I just recently purchased DaFit. For some reason the sleep monitor is only showing 2 hours sleep. It was working in the beginning

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