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What is Casa? Casa is a bitcoin security app that provides a safe and easy way to secure and buy bitcoin. It is built by a renowned team in bitcoin security to ensure that your investment is always secure. The app offers full control and privacy-focused features, and it is designed to put the best practices of bitcoin security on autopilot. Casa also provides world-class support and VIP service packages for large investors.


- Proven security to ensure your bitcoin stays safe

- Full control, only you can access your bitcoin

- Buy bitcoin safely in seconds

- Privacy-focused, no location tracking, third-party analytics, or marketing cookies

- 24/7 expert support and VIP service packages for large investors

- Scales to meet your needs, protects up to $1 million and more with multi-signature, multi-device, multi-location security model

- Superior design that puts the best practices of bitcoin security on autopilot.

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this app is the safest, easiest way to secure your bitcoin. Now it’s also the simplest way to buy it. Built by a renowned team in bitcoin security, this app exists so you never need to worry about your investment. For more on this app App: PEACE OF MIND Proven security ensures your bitcoin stays safe. No more worrying about hackers, accidents, disasters, seizure, or in-person threats. FULL CONTROL Only you can access your bitcoin - no one else, not ever. this app can never access your funds - even if we wanted to. BUY BITCOIN SAFELY - IN SECONDS You can now buy bitcoin from the security of your this app App. PRIVACY-FOCUSED this app uses no location tracking, no third-party analytics, and no third-party marketing cookies on our website. WORLD-CLASS SUPPORT We're here 24/7 with expert support when you need it. For large investors, we offer VIP service packages with white glove support and bespoke security consulting. SECURITY FOR EVERY INVESTOR this app scales to meet your needs. As your investment grows, our VIP packages help you protect up to $1 million and more with this app’s industry-best multi-signature, multi-device, multi-location security model. SUPERIOR DESIGN We've thought of everything - so you don’t have to. Industry-best design puts the innumerable best practices of bitcoin security on autopilot. Please review our terms of service at: https://keys.this app/terms-of-service HAVE A QUESTION? Send us a message at [email protected] app.

Top Reviews

By snarky101

Best Security Money Can Buy

this app is an incredible experience. It just works and makes complex technology easy to understand. I sleep well at night knowing I’m safely in control of my Bitcoin

By adyang4jc

The best bitcoin wallet ever!

this app us by far the best multisig wallet ever! I love that I don’t want to worry about losing my bitcoin or having it stolen. Highly recommend if you’re looking the best wallet with the best security.

By Joe Howe4

Best UX in Bitcoin

This was so easy and seamless it blew my mind, seriously I was extremely impressed. I Finally I feel like I can rest easy knowing my coins are safe.

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