signNow: e-Signature app Reviews

signNow: e-Signature app Reviews

Published by on 2022-08-30

"signNow" is a mobile app for e-signing PDF documents and other formats by one
or multiple signers. Upload files, create templates, and autofill forms with
information. Get a comprehensive e-signature solution to simplify the signing
and management of documents online. • Key Feature...

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Reviews (29)


No longer workable

Sign Now, which I’ve used for years to sign occasional documents for my sister, used to have a few glitches I’ve learned to deal with. They’ve made some “improvements” but now it’s completely unworkable for me. Text boxes, which are instrumental for filling out fields and adding notes, cannot be aligned/font size adjusted to the space you’re filling out. When you create a text box, signNow seems to create one giant text box from edge-to-edge of the document with a standard font. “Adjust Size” simultaneously adjusts the font size and borders of the box. Yesterday, the only way I could fit a text box to the space I was working in wound up with a box that was much shorter than the margins of the document and teeny-tiny print. The final saved draft that is rendered does not appear the same as the edited draft you thought you created (which was true in the past but now seems much worse). The document I saved and e-mailed did not show the text box with teeny-tiny print as I thought but instead showed one single line of text with the rest cut-off, wish I had checked the final document first after saving it before I e-mailed it. Additionally, we used to be allowed more “free” documents than we are now and the cost is prohibitive for occasional guardianship work. I will not be subscribing to signNow.


Gone Downhill

When I first bought signNow it worked amazing. I work as a commercial tradesmen, and it really helped with all the various invoices. Unfortunately this software has gone downhill hard. They’ve made updates that make everything more difficult and less convenient. I had a problem for nearly two months, I repeat two months! I couldn’t use the software, nor could the 15 technicians I work with. Without being able to write invoices I can’t bill out. Text that previously aligned within invoices no longer did. Tech support was very slow to respond. We had also gotten varying answers from “there is no problem” to “your the only one experiencing this problem” to “it’s a large issue and we’re working on it” I can’t tell you how many times in the middle of writing up a document signNow crashes. I dread writing up paperwork and actually put it off now because of our use with signNow. Since writing this review I’ve had yet another problem with signNow . Text not aligning within the body of the document. I’m being told by support that what I’ve been doing for three years isn’t advisable, and to write lines individually. Same exact issue I dealt with before is back again. It would be quicker to write out a paper copy and scan.


Really handy tool and simple to use

I've been using signNow for years. signNow is really convenient. Instead of having to print out a form, add a check mark or some simple text and a signature, then scan it back in and email it to someone, you can just do that all on the road, from your phone, with only a few taps on signNow. No desktop computer, printer, paper, pen, or scanner are required. signNow is simple to understand and use. I wish I could get it as an app for my desktop Mac too. It makes my life easier. I like that when you tap on the document you can choose to add the current date (very handy for signing documents), a check mark, signature, or any other text you want. I wish though that it could save different signatures, not just one, for different versions of my name or for when my husband has to sign as well.


Very disappointed in its changes

We have been paying to use the Business version of signNow for a couple of years now. Developers have decided to make several changes, which I’m sure were good for some subscribers. I get it. I don’t mind change and growth. However, when those changes start creating glitches and what not, now I’m not happy about it. What makes it worse is that tech replies to your support help emails are not thought out. Feels like they just give you an answer they pulled out of a jar without even attempting to figure out what the root problem could be. We use signNow for our customers that we do business with. It’s vital that we keep all devices and apps updated so that we can create transactions/documents smoothly. We have looked VERY unprofessional lately because of having to fiddle with signNow to make it work as it had in the past. We are more than likely going to pay the money to switch everything over to Adobe Acrobat. It will be worth it if it saves us from looking unprofessional. After all, they were the ones to create the PDF.


Be fearless think differently & don’t ever leave anything to chance .

Don’t pass judgement on anything take the time to comprehend , do your do diligence first and foremost always , after that have faith in you in yourself , Listen to your Soul your heart in your choice on your decision ,you might just be pleasantly surprised put in another way it just might change your life for ever and ever till the end of time in ways you never thought possible and don’t always think the worst don’t let your fears and biases get the of you, best regards and happiness to all , it’s always human to err in caution just don’t shortchange yourself because of fear we only have to fear fear itself those fears might never materialize , put your trust in yourself believe in you I sincerely and honestly believe in you , you are equipped to handle anything .


Was great until they changed the resizing

I love signNow and have used it for years. I am a paying customer and use this to sign all kinds of documents when I am on the go. It saves me a lot of time when traveling to avoid printing, signing and scanning. However, they recently changed the resize feature from a bar to a button and it is almost impossible to use on a small phone. Now I waste minutes trying to do something that took one second before. What were you thinking? This feature design is horrible - who did you test it with? Tablet users only? People with tiny fingers and 20/10 eyesight? Honestly may have to consider finding another tool now.


BLOATWARE ruining this once great app

Technically proficient user of this app since 2011, was an amazing breakthrough to be able to sign documents anywhere with a nimble, simple, quick app. You exported your PDF to signNow , added your signature, and it re-rendered and saved the PDF, awesome. These guys have the mentality of Microsoft in 1998 and have bloated this thing up so much with so many ridiculous features (seriously, I am going to add my freakin’ picture to each signed PDF now!? And I have to be stopped and asked that every single time?) that it’s a huge hassle to use. I’m sure using a T1 connection and if you’re willing to spend an hour reading their user guide it can be made to work ok, but I’m sometimes in remote locations and it’s now a nightmare of signNow spinning “loading” for 10+ minutes — WHY does this now need to be constantly uploading/downloading from their server? Just adding cr*p and making your app huge does NOT make it better. How about a “basic” mode that works simply and logically, LOCAL to my device that just allows me to sign a PDF and email it without all the nonsense?


Stay away— Unusable App Interface

I used this app for 5 months and it was the worst iOS based app I ever used. It is almost entirely unusable for two reasons. First, the application does not allow you to fill in the signer. So you’ll literally unable to send the email. Secondly, when it does allow you to eventually fill in the signers email, it will give you an error when sending. I reported the issue to them many times and they fixed it a handful of times but the issue is constant. This last time I emailed customer support and told them the service is unusable because I’m having the same problem. So you’re billing me for a service you’re not providing. They didn’t care about the repairing the issue, they just issued me a refund and signed off. This isn’t that much cheaper than DocuSign and when I was able to get it working my clients were always confused with the interface. Overall this appears to be a poorly managed poorly throughout program with management that really doesn’t care about its customers.


Be patient and check everything out

Been using for a month now. Total life saver and great for businesses that travel like trucking. I can sign broker packets, rate confirmations, submit invoices and upload BOLs all in one app! You can scan in multiple pages, just need to look around for the option. Lowers left hand corner. And you can merge all documents together for one simple .pdf to email. Got rid of all my other scan apps and only use this one. AND you can save and upload anything you create to your cloud. It’s amazing!!!


Tech Support is Worthless

If I could rate signNow in the negatives I would. I have had the Sign Now formerly Cuda Sign for years with no issues. I paid for the year in full for Sign Now in Sept 2017. My subscription will expire in Sept 2018. I have reached out NUMEROUS times only to be told to try to “re buy” the subscription again and it should fix the problem. I’m not purchasing the subscription again because I have already done so. Clearly this company is in the business of taking consumers money and not resolving any issues. They respond days later only to not resolve anything. Guess my next step is disputing the credit card charge and blasting them on BBB. Scam artist!!! I am a business owner myself and would NEVER try my customers this way


The most frustrating app and the best.

signNow drives me crazy. I love it and absolutely hate it at the same time. I pay monthly for signNow, this is my second month paying 6.99 for it, and it’s also the second time it has insisted that I haven’t paid for it. I run my own business, so this working is very important. You have to pay for signNow to invite people to sign documents, and to create duplicates. I have uninstalled signNow, canceled and renewed my subscription, logged out and back in, and anything I can’t think of and this stupid thing won’t recognize I’ve paid for it. When I click the upgrade button it will say I’ve already upgraded it. So annoying! If this was fixed it would be great! But unfortunately this failed feature makes signNow useless to me.


Beware Update Deleted Documents

I like signNow, but I am giving it 2 stars to split the difference because when I ran a normal software update it erased ALL of my saved documents. Everything is gone. Make sure you back things up through another application, everything associated with my account saved in signNow is gone. I would give it 4 stars for functionality on a free app, but no stars for permanently deleting all of my documents on a basic update. Update: The adjust size function was ruined in the update. It used to be really easy to adjust the size of the signature for the document, now it’s impossibly difficult. If you can adjust smaller, I haven’t figured out how. I tried to sign a document for 50 minutes and I’m officially giving up on signNow . I wish I never updated it. It used to be a good app.



I used to use signNow quite a bit. Downloaded again to fill in a form. It’s not as intuitive as it used to be. Somehow the form I sent to the recipient was blank. (That I filled in.) It’s very possible I was the one that made the error and that’s the point. I’ve filled out probably a good 100 or so docs on signNow in the past and now the updates just feel like clutter. Not sure where I went wrong, but I don’t know how the updates can be so wide and far that someone that has used signNow successfully over the years is having issues. Even simply trying to email that doc was an issue. In addition, each time I opened the same doc it counted as using “one free trial” out of the three. Even when I hit the icon for a check, just a square popped up on the doc. What does that even mean? Will it become a check after I’m done editing? Do I have to hit that said square to get the check mark? How could such a simple thing now be so questionable? Just odd. I used to use this and Docusign. Preferred signNow, even bought a subscription when needed, but now I’m going to delete and feel completely turned off by signNow/updates.


Awesome app

I’m not one to ever, ever leave a rating on an app. However, I felt compelled to for signNow because of how much easier it has my telecommuting capabilities on my iPad. No longer do I have to pull up my laptop or wait until I’m at my desktop to digitally sign a document with my hand written signature. This program allows me to do that whether I’m in my recliner or in walmart parking lot. Its that fast and simple. The only thing I wish weren’t an issue is the limited amounts of signatures on the free version. That is really the only limiting factor for me. Everything else is great.


Sign Now

I would have given them 5 stars but they removed the scroll feature in enlarging and reducing size of text on your iPhone. Now they have two arrows and your fingers have to be the size of a top of a pin for the arrows to work. On the iPad they still have the scroll feature which you just slide along right to left and have an abundance of size of text to play with. These IT people who aren’t users need their heads screwed on right. Since I use my iPhone 98% of the time this has really impacted my business. The rest of the features are pretty good.


It rates a 10 stars

signNow got me out of such a big bind. My wife was in the hospital and I was on my way there and couldn't stop at kinko's or anything. Didn't even know signNow existed. When I got to the hospital and had all the time in the world, I started searching signNow Store with the keyword sign. I read some of the options and saw this was rated so well even with all the amount of reviews I just had to try it. To my amazement signNow worked flawlessly and got us out of major complications. THANKS SIGN NOW!



I have a small commercial maintenance company. I receive emails all day for service, prior to sign now I would have to go back to the office and print the work orders. This was not efficient as I quite often would be close to a job when the E-mail was received but couldn't do it with out the work order. This has saved me a lot of driving, plus when I have completed to task I send a copy to my office and the cliant. This way if the is a question or addition info need I don't have to return. 👍🏻


SignNow Has the absolute worst support!

I have made several attempts to have this app Support fix a serious issue with signNow. this app for iPhone no longer maintains the alignment of text where you place it, after it is saved. Everytime you save a document you’ve added text, it moves inches away, making the saved text illegible and document complete trash. I have made several attempts to fix this with Imee in support, even giving this app Support full access permission to my account two times, with no changes and nothing getting fixed. Instead they email me saying they will be closing my ticket. I will be finding another pdf signature app after over 8 years of using signNow with no issues. Horrible support will be the death of signNow!


Works as Intended

Great program, I use it daily. In my opinion for ease of use it’s the best I’ve seen. There are others with more features, but this is hands down the best PDF write-over program I’ve used. I use another program Cam Scanner to take pictures of the forms I use, save them in Google Drive, and open the forms in Sign Now. I fill in whatever needs to be filled in and save to Sign Now. I have my business email as de facto email and I send out documents from Sign Now. Easy as that.


I ask to have my account canceled.

Please do not activate this account I tried to cancel I just signed in yesterday I am not interested in signNow it does not work for me and it’s not what I’m looking for. I received a confirmation number for my cancellation I hope you guys do not build my card. Sincerely Kim I truly apologize for my review of three stars. I had nothing too compare your app to. I understand that your app has worked fine for others, but it had no use to me. Therefore I am changing my rating to three for neutral. Thank you for getting back to me regarding my cancellation. Sincerely Kim


Easy to use and FREE for 10 documents per month

I investigated several signature apps and for my needs (and cheapness) this one is the best. You get 10 documents per month signed for free, after that you need to pay for a subscription. I have not had to due this yet, but there are several levels to choose from if I do. Very easy to save signature(s) for both my wife and I. It is exactly what I was looking for.



Nice clean interface, awesome price for business plan.....only issue I had? When I send a doc to sign, the other signer HAS to download signNow too. Couldn’t find another way around it. That’s a deal breaker. After customers mentioned the issue, I tried it myself with my wife, and couldn’t find a way to sign without signNow . I should have signNow , obviously. But my customers shouldn’t be forced to install software for 1 signature. Plenty of other platforms out there that don’t require the guest to download it. Please fix, or let me know what I’m doing wrong. Could easily be a 5 star app.


Great for Digitizing business

I’ve been wanting to digitize my Forms for a while and I thankfully stumbled upon this app. I am thankful that they have an app and an online format and it’s relatively easy to use for both me and my clients. I also love that I can use this for not only signing but for filling out intake forms as well which was a huge selling point for me! Their prices are also reasonable for the amount you can do with it! I am still getting through the learning curve, but so far so good! Thanks for allowing me to “go green” in my business!


Pretty Smooth

For all intensive purposes this should be a 5-star rating. This is the best app I’ve used to sign docs quick and have them sent back ASAP. However, I’m not sure if it’s just my app or what but, sometimes signNow will crash mid signing and won’t let me sign until I actually save the file to signNow and then sign and send. So far it has only been an annoyance and I’ve been able to complete the signing. All else has been pretty smooth though. Enjoy!


Easy to Use, Highly Recommend

A must have for anyone who needs documents signed - why mess around with printing, scanning or faxing when you can create, sign and archive all your contracts and documents all in one place. Easy to use. Comparable features to some of the bigger names. Incredible value for the $60/yr you pay compared to other carrier plans. Would rate this 6 stars if I could.


Would buy... BUT

Edit: I did buy, when it was cheaper, and have been enjoying it for a few years. Changed rating to 5 stars Program is good, but the pricing tiers are extreme. I would pay for this but NEVER their asking price as I don't use it enough to justify..... and even if I did it is not worth it. So, this company is like so many others that eventually fold or fizzle. I could guarantee that there are a plethora of individuals who would pay for signNow if it were cheaper or had a lower price tier. If these people introduced a lower tier with support for 'x' amount of signatures, they would be ADDING income they otherwise WOULD NOT receive. If they lowered their overall pricing structure,they would still generate more income in the grand scheme of things.



On the go and forgot your health history at home? Need to send back a bank form asap except you are out on the town? Your employee needs your signature? Your kids teacher needs you to sign the permission slip? NO PROBLEM!!! I've done it all! Literally forgot a health history form, pulled one from their website and filled it out. Signed bank documents, distributor applications, permission slips and more.. signNow is PERFECT


Almost 5 stars

I’ve had signNow for a while now and it’s great. I would rate it 5 stars if there were just 2 more features. The first being a ‘white-out’ feature to erase errors and words or sentences on forms and documents. The second being more pre-set information boxes like the signature/initials box for input of information that’s regularly used like Printed Name or Telephone Number. It would definitely rate 5 stars from me at that point!! But for now I rate it 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!


Probably my best App

As a business owner I need to sign a lot of documents. In addition we purchased a lot of real estate. signNow illuminates the need to print the document, sign it, and then Scan or fax it. Saves me a lot of time in allows me to sign documents when I don’t have a printer option. Which seems to be most the time. I will also say signNow works flawlessly. I’ve never had any issues.

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You can now contact signNow: e-Signature app customer service directly
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Is signNow Safe?

Yes. signNow: e-Signature app is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,983 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for signNow: e-Signature app Is 33.2/100.

Is signNow Legit?

Yes. signNow: e-Signature app is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,983 signNow: e-Signature app User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for signNow: e-Signature app Is 33.2/100.

Is signNow: e-Signature app not working?

signNow: e-Signature app works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of signNow: e-Signature app to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a signNow: e-Signature app customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using signNow: e-Signature app.

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