Actions by Moleskine Studio Reviews

Actions by Moleskine Studio Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-22

Keep on top of everything in your head, whether it’s movies to watch or the
details of your next big project. Designed for busy people who live by making
lists to stay on track at work and home, the digital card based design is a
clutter-free way to visualise everything that needs doing....

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Actions by Moleskine Studio Reviews

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    I cannot put into words how much I enjoy this app! I have NEVER purchased an app until now; there are just too many that are free and I am a cheapo. This app, however, cannot be compared to any other. As a manager with hundreds of little things to keep up with, on top of having ADHD, the actions app is truly life changing! I’m also easily frustrated with complex technology; even though scheduling/customizing recurring reminders/tasks took a minute to figure out, the actions app is extremely easy to use! I used to just make lists in my notes app on my iPhone; now, I put EVERYTHING in my actions app!! You can make lists for anything, add notes to each task if needed, and you don’t have to schedule them until you’re ready. Speaking of scheduling, you can set a custom day for each task/reminder. You can also set reminders on the day of and head of time! I set recurring reminders that repeat monthly/weekly/yearly for bills, appointments, birthdays, etc. My lists are: Grocery, Order, To Do ASAP, To Do Later, Goals, Miscellaneous, & Work. It has been so beneficial to my personal life that I decided to purchase it for all of the company phones at work! For the price of one meal at a cheap restaurant, you can have mind blowing organization and productivity. Why would you not, at the very least, test out the free trial??? (Ps. Sorry for the novel. Lol)

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    Solid app to keep on track(kinda rhymes too)

    I never grew up being organized. This app has helped keep me on track. Especially when people want to plan something I can take out my phone and type it quickly in the task app and then schedule for later. I love being to see the bigger picture of what I need to do for the week on the Timepage (calendar portion). Moleskin did a phenomenal job with ease of moving tasks to different days. I really like being able to move a task around to create priorities. It’s just easier seeing the list then having to write which is supper important. If I need to change the task or add to it, it’s super easy. It’s worth the annual subscription. Seriously worth the value to get all three apps in the bundle. There is a free drawing app for people who like to doodle. I don’t but that’s not to take anything away from Moleskin. You guys are doing it right. Thanks from a more organized dude.

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    Going good so far!

    I like this better than the Todoist app. I love seeing what I’ve accomplished (crossed off) on my list which is a plus for goal oriented people. I am still in the trial and will post again when I purchase which I think I will do. I also really appreciate the 7 day trial so I can get a feel for how often and the ease at which I interact with the app thru out my day. I also really like the syncing of a calendar option. It’s great to see both my day at a glance plus my todo list. My only issue is that I use pocket life calendar to organize my entire family. There are specific color codes I give to events specific to that family member not just specific calendar as I use a family calendar. With the ACTIONS app you must use their TIMEFRAME calendar system (& pay again for that app) to sync the calendar u use to the App. Its more helpful to me to like to see my colors of the events rather than those of my specific calendars on the ACTIONS schedule page. Is there a way it can sync to just the calendar I use or is it a platform thing that I have to get TIMEFRAME too? I wouldn’t mind paying an in app charge to use just my calendar if that’s possible.

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    I use this thing every day

    It’s a great little to-do/list-making app. I use it to keep track of pretty much anything I need or want to do (home improvements, chores, things I want to read later, etc). You also have the ability to set up repeat tasks, which is nice, and I can use it to remind myself to check the mail or take meds, or anything that might easily slip my mind. The only things I kind of wish were available are things like sub-tasks (I don’t want to make a separate item for everything I need to do to do to clean the kitchen, but it would be nice to be able to make a checklist) and being able to hide certain tasks from what ends up being a massive to-do list. I use the app to remind myself and keep track of taking medications (I can easily look back and make sure I took them when I was supposed to), but it would be nice if I could hide those, and other little things like it, until the reminder time so that they don’t clutter up the list throughout the day. Overall a great little app, just a couple of small quality of life things I would like to see someday lol

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    Won’t allow me to subscribe!

    I downloaded this app last week and started the free trial. As a high schools AP student, I find that this app was very helpful and kept me organized so when the trial was up, I signed up for the monthly subscription. On the subscription screen, when I pressed continue, a pop up read that I needed to verify my credit card info in my settings. When I pressed continued on the pop up, it directed me to the app store asking for my credit card info. It then redirected me to my settings, and then to the apple ID website. I saw that none of these methods were working. Typing in my credit card info multiple times, my subscription was unsuccessful. I tried to re-enter my credit card info more than 3 times and kept taking me through the same process. I am though, very aware that this could be an issue with apple as well. But I really like this app and I’m highly disappointed that my subscription isn’t processing. I certainly hope that I am not being scammed (of my hard earned money), due to the numerous amount of times I was asked for my credit card info. I really hope that this can be fixed.

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    Absolutely NEEDS location reminders and priority

    For the most part, the greatest reason I chose the $12 subscription for Moleskine Actions over the free Reminders app by Apple, is because of the alluring aesthetics. That’s enough for me in all honesty. My biggest problem with Moleskine Actions, though, is how there are fewer options for customising the reminders. The thing that I love about Apple’s app is how there are options to add location reminding and various priority settings. Along with that, I also very much like the extensive “theme” customisation offered in the Timepage app, and syncing themes would be very nice. If these options could be added to the program, that would be greatly appreciated and likely increase the quality value of the app. P.S. whenever I schedule an overly-complicated task such as “Work on Novel every Wednesday Thursday and Friday from December 22 to January 8”, the app crashes.

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    Getting worse instead of better

    Most recent update was supposed to “improve performance” of the app. Instead, it has almost completely bricked it. I run Actions on a brand new iPad Pro, and the performance is worse after the update; the app now lags for almost 60 seconds before updating simple task changes like a reminder time change. Moleskine has been promising for a YEAR that a version for Mac OS/Web is coming so we can actually see our tasks across all devices, and they have gone radio-silent and that version is still not released. And, Actions STILL cannot sync with iCloud reminders. So, while I think there are some apps that can ethically-justify charging a subscription fee to defray the costs of continuously-improving the app, Actions is NOT one of them. I would discourage anyone not already using this buggy app from starting to use it now. I hope Moleskine gets their act together because the app has a lot of potential, but it just doesn’t work well now.

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    Still Unreliable

    Customer service has stopped responding to requests for support and they refuse to address known bugs. Nice app when it works but it often does not work. This app continues to disappoint with a very significant bug. Reminders do not work consistently with recurring tasks. Several times I have missed deadlines due to Actions not reminding me to complete a task when I had scheduled the reminder to occur. This happens often enough that the app is completely unreliable. I have contacted the developer numerous times and we even had a phone conversation about this issue last summer. Updates have come out since then, but this issue has still not been addressed. Whenever I email the developer to remind them I get a response that they are aware of the issue and hope to address it in a future release - it’s been several months and there is still no solution. For an app that expects the user to pay an ongoing subscription, this is unacceptable. After numerous disappointments and no action taken by the developer to resolve a significant bug I would not recommend this app.

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    A M A Z I N G

    i love this app more than words can say. i have struggled my whole life with productivity and motivation ESPECIALLY during quarantine but holy cow this app has been a lifesaver. i’m a minimalist and this app definitely meets my minimalist standards and it is sooo easy to use. not to mention that it is only $12 a YEAR. most productivity apps around around $40 and this was by far my favorite i have tried (even before i knew the price.) you also get a 7-day free trial without having to put in any information or worrying about cancelling before your subscription starts. you get to control whether you want to set specific times for things with reminders, or just use it as a check off list!! i cannot recommend this enough it has honestly CHANGED MY LIFE. (also you can literally change the app icon color - how cool is that!??)

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    Obviously they are developing, and while I still use Todoist I’m definitely excited to follow the development of this app as I am an avid fan of Timepage. I hope one day I can use this app over Todoist, but currently the app does not live up to my expectations of a todo list app. However, it is also very disappointing that the creators of the refined Timepage didn’t create a more polished app before going live— it’s not like you’re doing something new, there’s plenty of good todo list apps to work ideas from, my favorite example being Todoist. Obviously, if you want users you need to work with the crowd who enjoy the brand, and the only way you’ll do that successfully is if you provide a equivalent experience as other apps such as Todoist. I think the possibility of a desktop app will bring great improvement, but otherwise it’s still a work in progress. Also, taking money before having a finished product? I’ll ignore it because of Timepage, but that’s a little... distasteful.

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    Useful for limited purposes

    I’m not a big fan of the “tile” interface in general, it uses a lot of space for very little information, and this app uses it exclusively. If you just want to track a couple of especially critical tasks per day and be able to easily track when they’re done, and easily reschedule the ones you missed, this is a nice simple way to do that and integrates with the TimePage app, so it is especially useful if you rely on that routinely to view your integrated schedule. As a general task tracking app though, it is very weak. The views and reporting are very limited, and the interface quickly gets overwhelmed if you have a lot to do or want to plan more than a couple of days ahead. This is a good app for keeping yourself on track for a few focused tasks over a brief period of time. I used it very successfully for example to track my medications and pt sessions every day while recovering from surgery, by planning my routine a week at a time.

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    The most beautiful app I’ve ever used

    I was looking for an app that I can use on my new Apple Watch as a school homework planner mixed with reminders for other stuff (buy groceries, go to the gym, etc) I stumbled upon this and at first I almost deleted it immediately because I never buy apps (especially subscription apps, and at $12!) but I’m so glad I didn’t delete it, because after giving it a shot with the free trial I bought it after like 10 minutes. It’s honestly perfect for what I want but more than that the app design is, just, wow. I’m a Computer Science major and I aspire to be able to make applications as user-friendly, clean, and just overall well-designed as this. Only thing I’d like to see is the ability to add times to tasks, not just dates. Other than that, it’s an A+!

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    Good app but NOT comprehensive

    It’s a great to-do list app with good functionality and personalization. I really like how well it works with Timepage app and the rollover function. This app’s schedule function is quite intuitive and i find it to be helpful and effective. I find that once I put my tasks in and set the due date and reminders it does really well at making sure my task isn’t forgotten about but also isn’t annoying and causing me to be less productive as other apps do. There are things about this app that I am not as fond of such as bottom task bar. The bottom bar is awkward because the icon you press for the settings is in the bottom left hand corner and the settings menu appears on the right side of the page when you click on it along with various other oddly placed icons. Also the list function is very separated and the transition takes away functionality from the lists. My last negative is that I have trouble with setting the reminders. I want to set my self like every other day reminders in advance of the task and it’s time consuming to do. Also I found that this app was not capable of functioning as a homework assignment list and as a life planner. Overall it works well for helping you get things done on a time schedule but I wouldn’t call it an all in one. I would be really interested in a academic comprehensive version from this developer!

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    Gorgeous, but...

    The team at Molskine have done another superb job of making information feel simple and approachable, and easy to see *and understand* at a glance. That’s no small task, and the work they’ve done here with Actions (and earlier with Timepage) is absolutely superb. However... The interaction between Lists and Tasks is identical to what’s in iOS’ Reminders, but they don’t just access that iCloud data (as they do with Calendars in Timepage), they make their own. When making your own that point would be to create a better information organization model, but it’s identical. You can’t create a multi-step Task that you want to do today, you have to make a List and then put every Task in that List into your day. There’s no better way to create a slightly more complex task (“make food for the week” could have 7-8 steps you might want to keep order of, but that has to be a List). If there were a slightly more detailed data footprint vs Reminders, I’d love that. Or integration with Reminders, so I could connect to that information in other places too. But lack of both is ... well, it’s really odd. Also, while swiping to mark done is the method on the phone, for some odd reason it’s a long-hold to make the line slide to the side to reveal the Done marker. Swiping to the side to make the line slide to the side would make MUCH more sense - that’s a small detail, yet utterly baffling.

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    Why would anyone use this?

    I am a huge fan and original adopter of Moleskine’s wonderful Timepage app. The key to Timepage being useful, however, is that it integrates seamlessly with iCloud so things to enter on your iPhone or iPad also appear on your laptop or desktop Mac calendar (I use Fantastical 2, and Timepage integrates perfectly). This is ESSENTIAL for any scheduling, reminder, or organizational App used for productivity. It is a huge and mind-boggling disappointment that ACTIONS does not do the same thing. Plus, Moleskine expects us, even their own loyal Timepage subscribers, to pay an additional subscription fee for ACTIONS when it is not able to be use across platforms. Why would anyone subscribe for a To Do list app that does not show your To Do events/tasks on your laptop or desktop, but only on your mobile devices? It screams out disorganization and will result in confusion and missed tasks/appointments. I will gladly pay for ACTIONS, and WANT to do so, but not until it works with Apple Reminders or they offer an MacOS version. Come on Moleskine, you are better than this!

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Yes. Actions by Moleskine Studio is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,663 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Actions by Moleskine Studio Is 78.4/100.

Is Actions by Moleskine Studio Legit?

Yes. Actions by Moleskine Studio is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,663 Actions by Moleskine Studio User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Actions by Moleskine Studio Is 78.4/100.

Is Actions by Moleskine Studio not working?

Actions by Moleskine Studio works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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