Freedom - Block Distractions Reviews

Freedom - Block Distractions Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-22

Freedom is the world’s best app and website blocker. Our one-of-a-kind
platform enables you to block distractions on all your devices – phone,
tablet, and computer. If you work from home, want to study more efficiently, or
want to focus on your writing – Freedom can help. With Freedom...

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Freedom - Block Distractions Reviews

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    Seriously, it doesn’t work

    In response to the developer’s response: No, the apps I tested were still fully functional. I guess it might work on an app that *must* connect to the internet to work, if that’s what you mean by refresh, but it certainly doesn’t stop me from using any apps that don’t need to be “refreshed” to work, like self-contained games or apps with previously downloaded content that I could still peruse. Suggestion: instead of saying it “blocks apps”, give a more accurate description of what your product actually does and which types of apps are likely to be affected. There are scores of reviews on here saying the app blocking function doesn’t work on iPhones. The developers say “make sure you have the freedom app open in the background.” Check! “Make sure you’ve installed the app blocker.” Check, vpn running! And yet I have an app blocking session running and I can still access all my apps. So what am I missing? If you want to claim you have good customer service then actually check out these complaints further. And if the complaints are due to people missing a step during installation then you should improve your user interface.

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    Freedom App Review

    This app has done wonders for helping with my productivity. It blocks websites efficiently, comes with several pre-built block lists, has a strong notification system, and while it may not block apps effectively, I understand this to be a fault with the AppStore generally, as opposed to Freedom specifically. Blocking websites is a core feature, and is very simple to implement. You can either choose from the aforementioned prebuilt block lists or create your own by typing in the website address. Once that’s done, you select a length of time, a block list, and the device/s you want the app to run on. Once you set it, it goes until it’s done with no exceptions. The caveat here being, of course, that Freedom can be disabled via deleting the app from your phone, or killing the functionality on a laptop. That said, it’s a simple, effective system that will work as long as you do.

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    The app I’ve been looking for!

    This is the only app I have found that allows you to lock yourself out of distracting apps and websites. Others that lock down are aimed at parents or they are aimed at adults but don’t actually lock things down. A feature I would love to see is the ability to set a time limit on use regardless of the time of day. For example, I could allow myself a total of 30 mins a day on social media and get locked out after 30mins is up, whether that was 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins in the evening, or 30mins all at one time. A step component could be an interesting feature as well. Walk a certain number of steps and ‘earn’ access to blocked sites and apps.

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    This app is a great idea and I was so excited to try it, but it really needs some work. I have a distraction list which has the only websites they are supposed to block, but it started to block tons of other ones too. And i had to keep refreshing till it worked. Same thing with the app store, i saw another comment say it blocked them from using it and the developer replied that that isn’t possible, but It happened to me now. As soon as I uninstalled it i was able to open the app store immediately and my phone stopped randomly blocking websites that weren't on the list. Chrome stay focused has a timer for each website and its in the corner only letting you be on each website like 20 or 30 min a day and it works amazingly, wish this had that too

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    Would be great if it worked right

    The idea of this app is a good one, but it has way too many frustrating flaws. For one, even though iI turned on background app refresh, I still have to open the app for the blocking to work. I also made my own blocklist in order to block apps that weren’t blocked automatically, but whenever I put those blocklists into my schedule, it never stays. For example, I have a blocklist called other Apps. I make a schedule for myself, and in the blocklist tab, I clicked on my custom blocklist, and there was a little checkmark that indicated that it was selected. After I saved it, I would reopen the schedule and that blocklist would no longer be part of it. This happened repeatedly. I’m upset to have spent money on an app that is so clearly glitchy and unfinished.

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    Does not work as advertised

    I was a Premium user of a few years - simply let my subscription expire but the pp was basically 'as advertsed'. I recently suggested it to a pair of friends who then found out the ONLY app it blocks are individual website on Safari. None on Chrome. No apps. Not Facebook. Not Instagram. Not even the app store (which could be a nice workaround). Who is addicted to using Safari on their cell phone? I feel terrible that I suggested such a misleading app. I suppose that it doesn't promise to block apps, simply websites but really? Really? Really? Edit - I've left another review for this app recently that is five stars. Not sure why it let me leave that instead of updating here but the app has improved much through the years (with customer service along with it). I probably will delete this review id possible.

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    Helpful with technology addiction but could use some work

    This app has been very helpful when it comes to decreasing how much I aimlessly waste my time online. One problem I have is that there isn't an “allowed” list which would be very beneficial in narrowing down the priorities you need to focus on. I also found a way how to curb the app on my phone which was easy to figure out. I am going back to using screen time for these reasons. Overall, the app is very useful if you get premium. You even get special discounts for other productivity tools. Even though the app has no use for me in terms of blocking distractions, I won’t be trying to get a refund for this reason.

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    Useful but flawed - Devs address this please!

    (Disclaimer: I have the premium version). This app works largely as intended: you can block out distracting websites and apps, and I haven’t figured a way around it once it’s in “locked” mode (although I haven’t tried super hard). You can even schedule recurring sessions ahead of time. Great. However, those scheduled sessions don’t start until the app has been opened recently! So I can wake up in the a.m. and mess around on social media for a long time before realizing I’m supposed to be in a scheduled locked session. The app then HAS to be opened for the (pre-scheduled) session to begin. Even if the session started an hour or two prior. I know its just a small step, but if I had that much self-control I wouldn’t need the premium version of the app! Devs could make the app perfect if it auto-locked whenever a scheduled session began without the need of “activating” it by opening the app. Because once I realized I could be on social media all day as long as I never open the app it rendered the thing almost useless.

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    Focus on What I Should

    Sure, I've experienced some glitches with this app from time to time over the last two years - but, it's mainly been due to iOS updates, to which the app updates solve any problems I may be facing in time good enough for me. After I learned I had adult ADHD, I went searching for strategies to help me stay on task; especially since I run my own business. This app has it's place as the first app on my desktop dock and on my iPhone dock. It's the first app I turn on when I get to my desk. It's worked well for me and it continues to be a resource that keeps me focused everyday.

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    Improved and totally effective!

    I tried this app a while ago when it only blocked your browser and stopped using it. With the new improvements and app blocking it’s exactly what I wanted and 100% effective. I have had zero problems with it and am soooooo glad it’s available! I use my phone for work so having black out times is extremely helpful! It also doesn’t have a lot of the drawback that other app blocking tools have, like having to reset your notifications every time you block them. So pleased with this app!

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    This app was great. Then Apple killed it.

    This app was wonderful for the first few months I had it: I could delete distracting apps and block access to the App Store, which made it impossible to reinstall them. Also could block any website I wanted in Chrome, my preferred browser. But I after I installed the latest iOS update, Freedom ceased to work entirely. Even when a session is supposedly running, I can still access my list of blocked sites in Chrome and Safari, and it seems impossible to block the App Store as well. So disappointing.

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    Poor customer service, glitchy app

    Minus one HUGE star for their customer service rep Daniel not refunding me a couple hours after I purchased this product once I figured out the app didn’t have the functions I needed. Minus another star for the trial version not giving you access to all of the app features so that you can verify if it’s what you’re looking for. Minus another star for the app not having a pomodoro function like FocusMe. Minus another star for the app being glitchy and not always blocking websites/apps on each device. Minus another star for the app blocking all apps instead of allowing you choose specific apps in the way that you can choose specific websites. Plus one star for the app be accessible on iPhones, iPads, and Apple laptops. All in all, 1/5 star rating.

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    Blocks distracting websites in Safari

    I use it to block distracting websites during work. I really like the desktop version where it blocks apps and any type of distraction during work. But this version only blocks websites. I learned that it used to block apps on iOS. But Apple removed that version from the app store. As a work around I deleted distracting apps (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) and Safari now is my only option to check these websites and this app simply blocks them during the day. I’m still waiting for the blocking feature on iOS.

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    So far so good

    I found this app after trying to use Apple’s Screen Time features to block myself from Instagram. I felt it was an unhealthy addiction after a bad breakup and wanted to cut myself off from checking in. While it took 3-4 tries to understand how the app worked and properly set up the blocks, I finally decided to purchase the premium version. I appreciate the app developers making this type of block for adults, not just kids.

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    Helpful, but not perfect

    I would like to give this a higher rating, but I got it to block Facebook and it only works about 1/3 of the time for that. It’s been great for blocking online shopping though! I just wish it were better at blocking Facebook on mobile. I’d give anything to quit my Facebook addiction. EDIT: The developer responded that they are working on stability, I have noticed an improvement with every upgrade! In fairness to Freedom, I’m pretty sure Facebook works to actively keep people from using productivity apps against it. I definitely think the app is worth the money, especially for blocking mindless online shopping!

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Is Freedom - Block Distractions Safe?

Yes. Freedom - Block Distractions is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 720 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Freedom - Block Distractions Is 49.0/100.

Is Freedom - Block Distractions Legit?

Yes. Freedom - Block Distractions is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 720 Freedom - Block Distractions User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Freedom - Block Distractions Is 49.0/100.

Is Freedom - Block Distractions not working?

Freedom - Block Distractions works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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