Moleskine Journey Reviews

Moleskine Journey Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-26

Designed for creative minds, independent workers, audacious backpackers, and
free spirits, Moleskine Journey uniquely combines the best features from
productivity applications, like calendars, reminders, and notes, with tools for
personal development, such as diaries and habit tracking....

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Moleskine Journey Reviews

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    This is it!!

    Truly the app I’ve been dreaming about. This is a wonderful app that centralizes so many once scattered functions, like calendar, notes, reminders, project planning etc. As long as the app continues to develop and update I could really see it becoming integrated with my day to day life and an essential tool for keeping things organized and stress free. So excited to see where the app goes. A few things: please integrate attachments into tasks more efficiently. Why should you have to edit the task in order to see your attachments? It’s really counter productive and defeats the purpose of adding attachments in the first place. Also, if you link a project to a date that date should be visible either on the projects homepage or at least once you click into a project. Not being able to view and sort your projects by date is silly and once again counterproductive. Hoping these things can get fixed and giving 5 stars because this app is still light years ahead of everyone else in terms of innovation, creativity and design. THANK YOU

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    Thanks and requests

    Journey is one of those magical apps that provides what I’ve been looking for for years, even though I had never quite figured out for myself what I needed. (My search for good task management started with a Palm Pilot.) This turns out to be the customizable My Day view, which shows my tasks for the day, calendars (four of them, from various sources), habits that I’m working on, and ongoing projects, all in a single view. One major thing missing, which cost the app a star, is the ability to integrate with my existing Reminders. Although Reminders has never worked for me for daily task management, I do use it for tracking long-term tasks, like changing the heater filter half-way through winter every year. Because these are long-term tasks, it’s important to me to keep them in a shared location that follows me wherever my task and calendar management wander. In the “would be nice” category, I would like the ability to exclude specific Planner events from the My Day view. Since most of my calendars are shared, they include some events that are there for other people - *I* don’t need to be reminded when my work day begins and ends each day, for example.

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    Oh how excellent!

    “Oh how excellent!”... that’s what slipped out from me when I realized what all this app does! And that’s not usual language for me! This definitely replaces my paper planner I loved and depended on for so long. It lists appointments from your calendar (or calendars...configurable) pleasingly with your reminders & tasks you set for the day. By default, this is preceded by an overarching goal or goals for the day. (I titled mine “Goals and Aspirations”’s all configurable.) Scrolling vertically I then see challenges (basically like a habit tracker, things like “Do the workouts”). What about Diary / Work Record you say? Next comes a text area for that with an ingenious Time-Stamp shortcut to begin your entries. You can plant Tasks and Events on future days (just like with a paper planner)! Oh, and it’s searchable!!! You’ll have to explore a little to get the hang of all of it, but it’s worth it. I sure don’t mind paying for this app. It doesn’t cost any more than my paper planners used to. I plan to depend on this one. I hope it never goes away!

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    Ultimate Solution for Planner and Diary

    I have been searching an app like this for years from the app store and finally I got this one. Such a perfect and ultimate solution as an all-in-one app! What I really like is that I can use a planner with to-do-list, habit tracker, diary, and note everything that I want in one app, not using several apps to do that. That’s what exactly I’ve done it with my paper planner like Francklin Planner but I really needed the digital version working and synchronizing on all my devices, Mac , iPad and iPhone. That’s why I could not use Moleskin Timepage as they only have a planner or calendar but not tasks or to-do but I am so thrilled to finally find this app. I’ve explored a lot of other apps but no others have satisfied all my needs only in one app. Greatly appreciate the team for this wonderful work and am looking forward to this app to be further developed. I will also make suggestions while using.

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    Very cool and unique, lots of options

    I’m updating my review now that I’ve been using this app for a few months. It has really changed my life. At first I thought it would just be cool for journaling, but instead I ended up using it as a to-do app, planner, and habit and goal tracker. I’ve never managed to stick to a to-do app for this long. One reason is that it’s so visually pleasing and it gives you SO many options about how you want it to look. It’s great for a creative and/or visually-oriented person. It has so many possibilities because it’s so customizable. It really lets you set up your own system. I love that you can put a task, a link, a picture, or text, because there’s so much more you can do with it than the average to-do app. There are a few small things I wish were different, but they’re not a big enough deal to affect my rating. I wish you could attach a project to Today indefinitely, so it’ll show up every day on your list without you having to attach it manually every day. And I wish you could give a task subtasks. That’s about it. Overall great app. I hope it never goes away.

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    Ecstatic to have everything under one roof

    I am so happy to be able to sit with my coffee in the morning and get an overview of what I am doing, what I need to do, what I’d like to do and jot down how I feel about it all! I don’t need a complicated system and this is not. Taking awhile to figure out how to use options within Groups. I also asked the developer for a printing functionality. I like to keep a hard paper journal and would like this option. The best ever for me! Can’t wait for upgrades. Oh and I never subscribe right out of the gate. I did for Moleskin!

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    Journal window needs to expand

    I really love this application. After trying so many different apps, I was looking for one that combines everything (task, planner, notes, journalizing etc) and this has it all! One recommendation would be that for journalizing and creative writing, the notes window needs to expand. Right now it appears in the middle and I’m distracted by the other features of the app while taking notes (calendar, sidebar). When journalizing and creating writing, the note window should be the only thing visible on the screen so that you can think and write without any distractions on the screen. Journalizing, creative writing, note taking; would be a better experience once this feature has been updated :)

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    I really want to love it

    I love the concept behind this entire app. I love the idea of having so much functionality and organization in one, central place. However, the amount of glitching is driving me crazy. Maybe this is just a temporary thing, and I’ll try to stick it out, but it definitely needs to be fixed. Another issue I’ve had is that some of the functionality of the features is kind of unclear. It took me embarrassingly long to figure out that the challenges were habit trackers, and I would much prefer it if they could all be grouped together. Also it’d be nice to have a bit more options with it, like to set specific days or amount of times you want to complete it in certain time frames. And for some real icing on the cake, I’d love to have the option to track my water and have it add data to the health app. As for the tasks, I think I’d like it better if it was combined with projects, and I really wish it had a working option to set some tasks to be recurring. On another note, I’m not 100% sure what to use the goals for, and I’d appreciate some clarify on that. Finally, please please please make a watch app! It really would make my day.

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    Promising combination, but several pitfalls

    I really like the concept and design of Moleskine Journey and wish I could keep using it, but I won’t for the following reasons: - subscription-only: I see that the developers need to earn their money, but a business model as employed in Agenda (you pay every 12 months but get to keep the features you paid for if you stop paying) would be great; also, the subscription price is too high for what it is - the subscription-only model becomes even more problematic because Journey effectively locks your data in the app - the export functions don’t cover a lot of ground and it is virtually impossible to bulk-export your entries. Imagine the situation you’re in if you ever decide to abandon the app after entering a lot of information into it! - internet-only: iCloud-syncing is nice, but it’s problematic that you need internet access to both write and read any of you entries; makes it impossible to edit on trips abroad without internet or in the countryside Overall, I like it a lot but feel locked in a business-model and data-format that does not seem future-proof to me.

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    So far so good!

    I was looking for different apps to maintain a mood journal, daily tasks, to dos, and notes. Then I found this app, and it has everything I need. It’s the 1st and last app I use everyday. So far I’ve noticed a few things that aren’t as intuitive, like the planner in vertical view should be sorted by time. Also I’m not finding the task tab very useful, it’s only showing me old tasks for some reason (might be user error). Overall this is a solid app, I look forward to the updates and fixes along the way. Cheers to the dev squad!

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    Great All In One Solution

    I don’t normally write app reviews, but this app has simplified my life, it’s worth my time to write one. I can easily capture my agenda, handwritten notes, photos and attachments in one place. I can keep tasks for each project I’m working on separated by color but still together in one place. I’ve been using this app to track several freelance projects and my family’s schedule all while adding a photo of the day. I can’t see myself spending money on any other time management OR personal reflection app.

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    THIS IS THE ONE! ✨💖✨

    I love this app so much! I signed up for the pro subscription the first day. I can’t wait to see how it grows and updates. There is some lag when saving/syncing changes, but then again my internet operates at the speed of smell on a good day. 😁 I’d like to see more modules to add to the trackers page, maybe one to add custom tags to a date which would be handy for health tracking? There is so much room for growth with this framework. Thank you guys so much for this gem!

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    Needs integration with Timepage etc, export, better faq

    I normally subscribe annually to DayOne for journaling and so far Journey just doesn’t hold up. It feels clunky to add links to my post, for example. It doesn’t integrate with other moleskin apps like actions or Timepage, and I didn’t see enough info about how it syncs posts or how to export my data all at once. You can’t create multiple journals and the todo lists are kind of sub-list based which means a lot of clicking through to get to the meat. It feels like moleskine is trying too hard to get the yoga mom crowd and putting functionality second. I’ll give it a miss.

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    Another great app from Moleskin!

    Today’s update for the iPad makes an already great app even more of pleasure to use! I love how this app can track my moods, habits, various journals, to dos and projects all in one convenient and beautiful app. I know people may not like having to pay for the app, but the developers are incredibly responsive. They listen to customer feedback and are constantly updating the app (check out the change log is you doubt me). Each update brings this closer to the masterpiece I know it can become. Keep up the great work!

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    No More Paper Planners

    I finally found the perfect app to replace my paper planner! I love the ability to track my habits alongside my calendar and my notes. Big plus is that it works with my iPad and MacBook so I can consistently check, add, or edit items regardless of the device I’m on. Submitted feedback to them and their team was very responsive. Overall, very pleased with this purchase.

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Is Moleskine Journey Safe?

Yes. Moleskine Journey is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 696 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Moleskine Journey Is 76.2/100.

Is Moleskine Journey Legit?

Yes. Moleskine Journey is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 696 Moleskine Journey User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Moleskine Journey Is 76.2/100.

Is Moleskine Journey not working?

Moleskine Journey works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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