Canary Mail Reviews

Canary Mail Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-16

**Universal** Canary supports all your Gmail, iCloud, Office365, Yahoo, IMAP &
Exchange accounts. **Contact Profiles** Access all your Contacts’ emails,
files & even social media profiles in one place. **End-To-End
Encryption** Encrypt emails seamlessly with Canary’s zero-setup encrypt...

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Canary Mail Reviews

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    What new features??

    I’ve been requesting basic features from canary for months that are found in other email apps, and this “new” version includes none of them. In fact, I can see nothing new in the design, settings, or appearance of the app. Looks like a ridiculous excuse to charge loyal users again. What a crock of **it. In response to the developer's boilerplate answer to my review, the app has basically the same exact features as before with some minor vague "redesign", but basic features such as an instant undelete feature and the ability to see more than first names in the headers of email threads are still missing despite being requested repeatedly by users and being found on almost all other email apps. So to the developer, stop posting BS boilerplate excuses and start delivering done actual new useful features. To the developer: you completely miss the point. Yes, you have gussied up the interface a little and put a few new features in place that nobody needs, but your app is woefully behind other email apps in basic features that you continue to ignore. People keep requesting these basic features, and you ignore them. So yes, there are some new features and yes each screen looks a little different, but basically you have added nothing of any practical value. Try adding a few features that people actually need and request and maybe people will be willing to pay for them.

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    Version 3.0 is perfection

    A year ago I needed a new email client after I found out Newton has major privacy concerns and violations. I settled on Canary. A small payment for an email app that respects your privacy. While it was overall fairly good, it had its issues and felt like a downgrade at the time. That all changed with version 3.0. The new update makes it visually exactly what I want out of an email app. Everything is thoughtfully places and naturally follows the design of an iPhone. It’s packed with many little features I enjoy like the ability to change the icon color as well as adjusting to dark mode based on the iPhone system settings. This update was more than I ever expected and made the in-app purchase for all of the features well worth it – not only for their added usefulness, but also to support the developers. I really appreciate the developer’s respect of my privacy and am quite content with the most recent update. Keep up the great work!

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    Too many bugs

    The good thing: the PGP encryption and decryption works indeed like a charm! The bad thing: the app is too buggy for everyday use. The starred messages do not correspond to the starred messages in the email account (unstarred messages appear, even after refresh). The email address is not always shown when you write to someone. You cannot edit text between the incoming text lines when replying. Search only searches locally on the device (and hangs beyond that). Choosing an addressee is painfully slow. When you get a notification for a new email, that email has most likely not yet downloaded. It usually takes several refreshes to get it on the phone, and often some more refreshes to also get the *content* of the email on the phone (even with good internet connection). Sometimes the app just crashes. Writing a draft on the phone, and then opening it on the email provider Web page fortunately no longer erases the email (as it was before), but the email is not in draft mode (need to copy paste it out into a new draft). In short, too much pain... That is unfortunate, because the idea is great!

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    Searching for Newton alternative

    I’m very picky about email apps and Newton has spoiled me for the past three years. When they told us they’re closing shop, I went through more than a dozen third party email apps to find one that suits my preferences. I am a firm believer that premium features are worth paying for if done it’s done right. Canary, though relatively new, has a lot of key features all email apps should have: color coded email by account, email tracking, and EXCELLENT tech support just to name a few. Though not quite up to Newton standards, this app seems promising and I look forward to future features and releases. There are small nuisances like the inability to sort accounts after you create them, and the ability to pick notification sounds but these are trivial next to the functionality and the security provided by Canary. It’s also a bit slower to load emails than Newton. But for now, it seems I will stick by Canary and see what it becomes!

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    Refreshing but inconsistent

    I've tried them all; Edison, Spark, Airmail, Outlook, Newton. Canary looked to be the endgame for me since it had everything the stock Mail app offered plus some bonuses. And it is/was. The UX is clean and easy to use, WatchOS notifications work well, and I love the color ID option per account. However it's also plagued by sync issues, especially across multiple platforms, and erratic content formatting. I found myself repeating actions on both my iPhone and iPad (also cellular) which can be painstaking. Viewing emails is really a big hit or miss. Some load perfectly fine, some only load halfway or skew the content, and others don't even load at all. This is a fundamental function and after almost 6 months I'm convinced it's the coding that either refuses to be fixed or really is just the way it is. Which leaves me no choice but to dump the app and return to the native option. Thanks for the time. Maybe I'll revisit in a year and see where things are.

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    Nice new update but more needed

    The new update looks nice and new but is lacking and buggy. For example, it still takes a long time to download new messages from the server. Sent messages don’t show up in outbox until much later and when composing a new message it will include all of my contacts in the email as opposed to the one I specifically chose. You have to them click down to the body or subject to actually erase your entire contacts from being accidentally cc’d on the email. This is rather annoying. Also when I sent an email last, it’s displaying someone else’s name in place of their contact. For example, will send an email to my mom - let’s call her “Jennifer” for the purposes of this review - and once sent, it will be renamed to “Richard” in the outbox. Really strange. In addition, the app continues to freeze. I’ll leave an email to open up another app and when I go back to Canary, I’ll have to wait 5 seconds for it to be clickable otherwise nothing opens. Takes too long to load.

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    Good, but has annoying quirks

    I downloaded the desktop and iPad versions of this app almost a year ago. I wasn’t happy about paying $10 for each, but I needed a solution that allowed me to save & use templates across devices, and I really liked the open tracking. I’ve since deleted this app from my desktop & iPad roughly 5-6 times...only to reinstall it. Why? It has quirks. It’s like that slightly racist grandmother that’s given you fond memories of cookies and milk...and racial slurs. For starters, the iPad & iPhone doesn’t save your signature. You can create it, and save it; however, they forget that you saved it as soon as you close the app. It’s Uber annoying to open Canary mail on my iPad or phone, start an email, then have to save the draft or delete it so I can go into the settings and re-save my signature. ...then go back to writing your email. Another quirk it still has is the templates don’t sync between devices. You have to re-write them on each device. I don’t understand the purpose of having an iCloud sync across devices if it can’t carry over templates. There are also other little bugs here and there; however, I’ll digress. The app has gotten better over time. There used to be far more bugs. I simply wish they could just get it right once and for all...especially since I paid for both versions.

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    Could not set up on iPad Pro

    I perform IT functions for Mac as part of my job, to provide some context. I purchased this software today because the interface for Apple’s Mail for iOS is not that great and I’m looking for alternatives. The software stalled out on an IMAP email account for my musical group’s website. Hmm, I know all of the required information and checked it closely to make sure the entry was correct - not impressive at all. OK, let’s try something dead simple - iCloud. Ouch, it stalled out on that too, referring to the need for two-factor identification but not actually initiating that process the way almost all software that requires this would. So now I have purchased this software but it will not install any email addresses at all and is therefore useless and a financial loss, albeit a small one. I’m sure that with enough time and tinkering I can force this software to set up these email accounts - but the claim is made for ‘effortless’ email and in that regard it is clearly a failure right out of the gate.

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    I liked it until...

    I like until I realized that when you leave the app then come back (I’m not talking close the app, just put it in the background) it sometimes opens with the logo... as if it’s opening for the first time. A few times I have written a portion of an email, went to grab or take an image, and come back, only to have lost what I was writing. This can also be annoying if you click a link in an email then want to go back to being within that email. For example, I wanted to click 4 links in an email. I clicked 1, then went back to canary to click the second, clicked the second, then went back to click the third, and it started with the logo. I don’t want to find that email again. Why would it work the first time but not the Second. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason.

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    Sound of frustration

    So far, so good… or OK. There are some features I'd like to see here that I've seen in other clients that are useful… export to EML, undo doesn't undo anything, message filtering to folders, single price for iOS and desktop … though the thing that gets me most is the inability to turn of the the sent mail 'swoosh' sound. Which is baffling since there's no sound for new mail even when on. It may seem trivial, but that annoying take-off 'swoosh' makes me regret my purchase. Support has told me that's not an 'option' which makes me nervous about what else wont be after more use is under my belt. It's my own fault for getting excited something actually worked and not diving in deeper with the trial version, but I assumed turning sound off/on would be a given at any level. It's a dealbreaker for me unfortunately though there's a lot to like here.

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    Interesting model but needs to improve

    I like that you are able to try the tool for 5 days. Unfortunately 5 days is not enough to stick to a new email client from a previous experience, specially when there are limitations and bugs. I contacted the chat business support which I have to say is quite neat and works fine, with replies next day. They answered my questions and were interested in things that were not supposed to be wrong but indeed where in an iPad Pro with Apple Keyboard. Some of these bugs apparently got resolved in an update but since the trial period was over I updated the app and couldn’t verify this. I suggest that the trial period is zeroed with each new version. This would eventually attract new customers that are seeking for bugs to be fixed or new functionality implemented (to me, being able to load external images on a message by message basis). Otherwise the app will be deleted and forgotten.

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    I’ve finally found my one

    I’m an IT professional. Much of my life, a lot of people’s lives, revolves around email. I’ve been surprised with how hard it is to find a good email client for iOS. The default mail app is too basic, the “free” apps have shady business models, most paid apps are either clunky, unstable, subscription based, and/or also have shady business models. Canary is the first mail app I’ve found that does what I want in a streamlined package that isn’t from a company that’s keeping my emails or my passwords. I’ve bought or tried almost every email app for iPhone and Canary is the best of the bunch. Hoping for a unified inbox for WatchOS and maybe some tool-tips for icons, but otherwise, this is close to perfect and a steal at $4.99

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    Great Email App

    I have been playing with all the email apps today. This was the last one I tried. I wish I started with it. All the other email apps did something good or had the something about the appearance I liked. Unfortunately , they all had some problem. Push notifications didn’t work, accounts were not colored , no unified box, etc. Then I came across this. Everything works so far. All my email is pushed from yahoo, iCloud, and gmail almost instantly. Interface is crisp and clean. Pro trial is 30 days, which is a good trail length. I will definitely pay my 20 bucks after thirty days as long they keep this app as is or better. Very pleased. Thanks Canary , whoever you are.

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    Now I gotta pay ANOTHER $10?

    I was looking for another email client when Airmail decided to recharge their customer base. I found Canary and ended up buying version 2 only a couple months ago for $10 because they said 3 would be a free upgrade for people who bought prior. Now they come back and basically say well not really. They expect us to pay ANOTHER $10 for the new features... so its not really a free upgrade. Never mind that 3.0 seems like a bit of a downgrade to me. I loved the ability when reading an email to be able to swipe right from anywhere on the screen to get back to the email list. Now you have to stretch your hand all the way to the far left edge of the screen to get this to work. It’s very awkward and not convenient at all. Also, in 2.0 you used to be able to set long swipe to nothing and it would make the short swipe work immediately. Now if you set the long swipes to none, the short swipe will STILL pause with a default menu option along with the short swipe option or, going the other way, the short swipe will only function as a long swipe. I’m also not a fan of the new design either. While 2.0’s UI needed work, it was unique. Now it looks generic, like Apple Mail. Sorry folks but between the NOT free upgrade and the somewhat of a downgrade that 3.0 is, you’ve lost me. Time to move on.

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    Major Things Don’t Work

    After latest update I lost ability to move emails to folders as I did before. Major setback. Contacted support and nothing but a runaround and no help nor answers. Worst of all I lost a spellcheck! Contacting support with questions and screenshot proof was a-waste of time and they completely ignored me. So they either know of issues and don’t want to admit or they just don’t care. But wait that is not all. Their first response was a claim that it’s not working because I did pay extra for pro on iPhone but I have to pay double extra if I want the desktop update too! So I paid double extra and got worse product that is nothing short of a scam or a sabotage. They charged extra for app that is worse that it was before. I see their ratings decline as others are not happy neither. Shame. It was a good email before. “support” # 2567 and # 3087

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Is Canary Mail Safe?

Yes. Canary Mail is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,990 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Canary Mail Is 42.3/100.

Is Canary Mail Legit?

Yes. Canary Mail is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,990 Canary Mail User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Canary Mail Is 42.3/100.

Is Canary Mail not working?

Canary Mail works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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