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Published by on 2022-09-22

This app is the remote control for all Lovense wearable toys. Designed for: 1.

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Reported Issues: 21 Comments

By C
Sep 22 2022

Just bought a lush 3 today and I can’t add anyone. When I try to add them it tells me I have to login but when I do the app force closes.

By Kyle
Sep 22 2022

Just downloaded the most recent update for iphone update 5.6.6 and my girlfriend just disappeared off my friends list and my playlists have disappeared, I tried logging back in but the app kept crashing

By Daniel
Sep 01 2022

I’m having issues with the app. I use iPhone have the latest update though when I try to use like g distance controls my partners signals do not pick up on the toy. The toy still vibrates when getting chat notifications and when a playlist is sent by them but live control is not working for me which is the big reason why I got the toy

By Marx Jones
Aug 17 2022

I cant see any friends or friend request but can recieve chat notifications outside of the app. I am on the most recent Iphone update.

By Sam
Jul 25 2022

The Lovense App keeps turning off and I have to open it every 5 mins to let the vibrations going. Otherwise it turns off every 2 mins . The connection is really bad and if I don’t use it for 10 mins, the app restarts. I adjusted all the setting on my phone for background apps but the problem still occurs. Please help

By Nick
Jul 19 2022

Updated app juli 19. Chat works but messages are gone when leaving chat.

By Hilla
Jul 19 2022

We noticed lovense long distance is not working properly in iPhone. My boyfriend's message makes it vibrate twice for each message but live control is not coming through. We tried removing app and installing it again, everything but no. Chat worked though. Finally I installed it to my android phone and it works 100% as it should. If you have similar problems, try android :-)

By Jodie Robinson
Jul 11 2022

Mine won't let me login in to the app through 4g which makes it unusable unless on a WiFi connection. Just says can't connect to server

By Anonymous
Jun 23 2022

Can anyone help me, I got the Lovense toy however it connects for me but dose not let me log in probiley and I can’t add my partner as it’s saying disconnected when trying to add people any help would be appreciated.

By D
Jun 19 2022

Just received my new toy however it won’t let me login to the app. I keep getting an error message “Service Error. Please try again. (L#3840)[A007]-4. Tried deleting app and reinstalling but to no avail. Any support would be helpful !! If not I will be asking for a refund !!!

By Jennifer
Jun 19 2022

Hi the app has signed me out and says ‘service error please try again. (L#3840) [A007] -4

I have now been trying to log back in for 34 min and still keep getting the same error

By Tiffani scharder
Jun 19 2022

i cant log into lovenase on my phone it says unable to connect to the server [A007}

By Ffion Owens
Jun 19 2022

Hi the app has signed me out and says ‘service error please try again. (L#3840) [A007] -4
Also the website won’t let me enter the chat room is says ‘undefined’.

By D
Jun 13 2022

The app signed me out and won’t
Let me log back in - it just says server error. I’m not sure how to fix it but this is very disappointing

By Thomas
Jun 10 2022

My partner and I were using long distance but suddenly it said poor network connection and made them sign in. When they go to sign in it says unable to connect as if the server is down

By amberspanks
May 28 2022

the tip vibe hasnt connected worked in weeks on streamate and lots of other models have same problem

By Joe
May 19 2022

Cannot create and account because of an error which i cannot solve A007

By R
May 04 2022

App will not log in just gives me error codes. Trying to use it over long distance

By Mandee
Apr 12 2022

Lovense remite app will not let me log in giving me the spinning circle of death and error message “service error. Please try again (L1124) [A004]-5” and when I login to the Lovense connect is gives me the error message “Network Disconnected. For developer use only”

By B
Apr 11 2022

Toys won't connect to the app. Worked prior to updating. Updated and now won't connect. Rebooted phone, deleted toys and re-added them. They show up fine in the search list, but still never connect.

By Drew Daglish
Feb 23 2022

The device keeps diconnecting for lue tooth every 30 seconds

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About this app

Use one smartphone for close range control, syncing vibrations to music, and sound activated vibrations (uses your phone's microphone).  Simply connect with your partner's phone within LovenseRemote and give up control! The person with a toy should have their smartphone within 3-5 feet of them at all times.  LovenseRemote can run in the background, so it can be in your purse or pocket while your partner has complete control via their smartphone.  Range for close range control is up to 30 feet when you have a direct line of sight.  Use two smartphones to drastically increase your partner's control range.  LovenseRemote is the remote control for all Lovense wearable toys.  Our fun tap and slide control interface makes it easy to make unique patterns.  360° range is between 5-10 feet, based on your surroundings.  Our powerful vibration motor allows a large range of possibilities.  Not seeing a feature you would like? Contact us at [email protected]! Our full time development team would love to incorporate your suggestions into our app.  This is perfect for those wanting discreet public play within larger spaces.  You also have the ability to create your own vibration patterns.  This feature is also great for long distance couples.  After creating a pattern, you can share it (anonymously) with the world. 

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