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Published by on 2022-09-22

Spark brings the best email experience for professionals and their
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By Jemma
Sep 14 2022

Continuously stating loading message error.

Very annoying - need to work

By Clive Poole
Jul 01 2022

We have constant problems with Spark. Snoozed emails become unsnoozed and moved to archive. And now, an entire folder and its contents has just disappeared. I am hoping everything will still be in the archive but I will have to go though it to find them again.
Seriously we need to consider moving to another provider and I am sure you will refund us our subscription if we need to do that?

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About this app

Spark lets you handle an inbox together with multiple people, assign emails just like tasks, set deadlines, and track progress.  Modern design, fast, intuitive, collaborative, seeing what’s important, automation, and truly personal experience that you love - this is what Spark stands for.  Spark brings the best email experience for professionals and their teams.  Smart Notifications filter out the noise, letting you know when an email is important, saving you from notification overload.  Powerful, natural language search makes it easy to find that email you're looking for.  No email will slip through the cracks! This feature is invaluable for small teams like [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]  A full-featured calendar works right in your email to help you always be on top of your schedule.  For the first time ever, collaborate with your teammates using a real-time editor to compose professional emails.  Create secure links to a specific email or conversation.  Before you send an email, quickly swipe to choose the right signature for the occasion.  Smart Inbox lets you quickly see what's important in your inbox and clean up the rest.  Love, like or acknowledge an email in an instant.  Invite teammates to discuss specific emails and threads.  All new emails are smartly categorized into Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters.  Snooze an email and get back to it when the time is right.  Schedule emails to be sent when your recipient is most likely to read them.  We are building the future of email.  That terrible mess in your inbox is now replaced it with a beautiful, threaded message design.  Integrate Spark into your workflow and take productivity to the next level.  You decide which swipes do what, what cards are shown, and how many emails you want to see.  Just search the way you think and let Spark do the rest.  It’s available for all iOS Spark users.  Customize Spark to work as you do.  Create events easily using natural language.  Share the link on Slack, Skype, CRM, or any other medium so your team can see it and collaborate around it.  We've carefully selected the colors to help you work better at night and save battery life.  Select the Dark or a truly Black mode in Personalization settings > Appearance.  Snoozing works across all your Apple devices.  It works even if your device is turned off.  Supports Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, and more.  Ask questions, get answers, and keep everyone in the loop. 

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