Jump Rope Training | Crossrope Reviews

Jump Rope Training | Crossrope Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-27

Are you looking for a fun new way to get fit? The new jump rope workout app
from Crossrope gives you access to quick and effective workouts that fit your
busy schedule. Experience a fun new way to get a full-body workout, anywhere.
*Thousands of 5-star reviews* App Features: - Daily...

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Jump Rope Training | Crossrope Reviews

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    People out of work; app charges for use.

    It’s disheartening to see a company make a cash grab during these times. As a corporate business owner in a luxury service myself, I understand that hard decisions are being made by founders and CEO’s. My husband and I have supported Crossrope by spending upwards of $400 on their jump rope sets; we have promoted them on social media, spending time convincing our friends that, yes, they really do need a $100 jump rope. We comment on their paid ads with positive reviews and praise. We have loved the brand, their affiliation with the Jump Rope Dudes, and learning the jump rope life. At the peak of people being out of work due to the global pandemic and mass layoffs, we think it’s in poor taste to launch a paid version of the app and limit access to content. We’ve seen such generosity from the fitness community in helping inspire people to be active at home, and it’s sad to see that Crossrope has decided to use this time to turn a profit. While this wouldn’t be a financial barrier for us, many people are not so fortunate. Obviously I don’t know the financial pulse of this company, and I sincerely wish them the best, but we are disappointed in the timing of paid access to the app and will likely result in long term distaste for the brand for us.

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    What’s the loading bar?

    I have to put my phone into airplane mode every time I want to load the app, otherwise, a loading bar of some sort appears at the bottom of the screen, but never finishes. Once I get past that and into the app, it’s fine. I’ve noticed some of the challenges that have been sent out by email in the past are not present, such as the jump rope kettlebell challenge, it would be nice if they were all available. I also don’t see the point in separating the old system from the infinity system. The ropes are the same weights, just different colors. Changing the font size on the challenge timers so that both the rope weight and exercise are visible would be more helpful because I’m not buying the infinity ropes, for the sake of an app, when my legacy ropes are just fine. Putting all of the challenges on one page but adding a toggle to change the colors between infinity and legacy would probably work better, and reduce the amount of navigation needed. I understand infinity is the new product, but it feels like anybody using the legacy ropes is being left behind with the guesswork needed when doing the newer challenges.

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    Crossrope App Review

    You do not need their ropes to enjoy the app. Any ropes will do. This is a free app with no pushing for money and it’s definitely worth it. It’s a clean interface. Sleek and simple. The routines are killer and they are always mixing up. Many of them have the same concepts and exercises, but ropes, exercise order, and time may vary. I really only have two criticisms. First is that they don’t actually provide any description or definition of what the exercise is. They provide a moving picture of it, but that’s all. Freestyle Jump, for example, shows a moving image of jumping side to side like moguls on skis. I understand freestyle as “do whatever you want,” but have no clear indication on if I’m right or if it’s an actual style of jump. Second, and this is where I subtract a star from the rating, is that their internal calorie estimates are highly inflated and overstated. Upwards to about double what you are actually burning. I wear a HRM for any exercise I do. There is no way you are burning 500 calories in 20 minutes by jumping rope. I couldn’t achieve that level of burn in an intense spin session which is much more strenuous than jumping rope. I’m not taking anything away from jumping rope as exercise. It’s a fun, fantastic way of exercising. I love doing it and I really enjoy this app and would 100% recommend. Need to fix the calorie algorithm used to be a bit more accurate.

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    From free & good, to paid & bad

    Started using this app in January when I bought my first Crossrope set, and immediately loved how simple and effective it was along with the wide variety of workouts available. The only thing missing was that you couldn’t repeat your favorites workouts whenever you wanted. You could only rate them (which is pointless if you can’t utilize the rating in some way). BUT NOW after the recent update, the app took a nosedive. For one thing, it keeps getting stuck on landscape mode even though I don’t use it in that view. Also the free workouts are no longer as varied (or as good), and they want $10 a month to access the rest! That’s steep for ONLY jump rope routines (especially during a time such as this) and there’s not even a trial offer. I’m not sure if the remaining free workouts still rotate/refresh (it doesn’t seem so, and they all used to) but two that I’ve tried so far aren't even properly timed, giving rest periods of 5 seconds instead of the usual 20-30... also ending abruptly despite indicating that there are more exercises to do. I don’t know if that’s a scripting issue or what, but whoever put those routines together wasn’t paying attention. I’m quite frustrated with the update and with Crossrope. They should consider a lower price tier, and at the very least fix the bugs. Otherwise I will likely move to a different app which I can buy ONCE and enter my own workouts/timers, rather than pay an overpriced monthly sub.

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    It’s a great app

    I love this app I have there jump rope and I use it almost every day. I can feel the work out and it’s great at first it took a minute to get use to the jump rope but I’m good with it now I have the weighted ones and the lean ones and there great I can feel the burn and sweat so much more I love that it connect to my Apple Watch as well and it help track with the health app on my phone. Jump roping has always been a thing I liked but I never really got a good workout till I started using this app it gives you different things you can do different challenges to do and I like how the have the sets 5 minutes a set so when I get really out of it I just say 5 more minutes and I’m good it helps a lot mindset wise. I’m probably gonna upgrade to the full version soon to get more workouts!

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    Its Decent, Definitely Worth a Try

    Crossropes are a great tool and are the best jump ropes Ive ever had. Ive found Count mode to be sufficiently accurate. The app has about all you’d need in a jump rope app, but could use a few more creative, well thought-out features including 1) custom/freestyle workout modes and tracking for these (time, date, duration, calories burned, count) 2) Let the user tap a button to select the rope being used between pauses in a freestyle mode. 3) Calculate calories based on count numbers and/or time spent using a certain rope. (Currently calories are an average based on whatever is typical for completing prerecorded workouts.) 4) notify yesterday’s count to challenge the user and motivate throughout the day. Like a good step counter would. 5) make count available and working during any workout All the above would blend together nicely and actually be worth paying for a premium app. I’d absolutely buy this. As for now I won’t be continuing my subscription after this month. CONS: 1) there is no Activity tracking for Count mode, which is completely separate from workouts. No freestyle or custom feature. 2) I cannot complete an hour-long calibration for Count mode without the app crashing. 3) all audio output is terribly choppy while using (including with Bluetooth). 4) NO ACTIVITY DATA IS SAVED IF THE APP CRASHES. (Or in count/calibration mode at all, where it’s likely to crash) 🥂

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    New to jump rope Crossrope

    After much investigation, I decided to go with the Crossrope. I couldn’t tell you if at this point or not that this is the rope for me. What I can say is that the Crossrope seams to be very well constructed. So far it is beyond my abilities, but I’m hoping that will change for the better. I think I’m going to love the work out routine on the app. My daughter and I killed it last night on the first workout. Well ok maybe I didn’t kill it, but we had a blast trying, and man it a workout. This is something I can do in the hotel while I’m gone on business without leaving the hotel room. I’m a 38-year-old Man weighing 250 pounds standing 5‘6“ tall. I have high cholesterol and low Drive. My knees Hurt from the work that I do every day, and basically I have to do this to survive. Wish me luck. Thanks, Charles L.

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    51 yrs. old newbie

    From a 51 yrs. old newbie to jump roping. I love the “Beginning 14 Day Challenge.” It’s been a challenge for me the first few days mentally and physically. I have always been a very active person prior to owning businesses. I was not able to balance my fitness and work life. I knew that my stamina had decreased over the last few years. That being said, I was on the hunt for a mind and body transformation with a big impact with minimal time. Who has hours to spend at the gym? Not me. So ...I found an amazing fitness program thru CROSSROPE JUMP ROPING! I started this week with the ‘Beginning 14 Day Challenge.” Day three, I found that I was more fluent with my form and breathing. I love the way each day challenge is planned and mapped out for the user; the scheduled timing per unit of jump roping, stretches, low impact squats and rests, etc... I will say, preview the challenge for the day before starting the challenge. There are stretches and low impact exercises that you may not know that are mixed within the jump rope challenges. I also love the jump rope community on FB. Motivators from every day folks are great mind feeders! GREAT PROGRAM!!! Thanks for sharing your love for the sport! ~ Charleston, SC

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    This app was decent until....

    Crossrope required a premium membership to access all of the challenges and workouts that I previously had access to for free. I just spent over $200 on jump ropes that were advertised as coming with a free workout app with challenges and workouts. That was only true for less than a month of my purchase. After the sneaky upgrade, a basic (i.e. free) membership only includes access to a limited number of workouts and challenges. Despite the reassurance that member still have complete access to the free workouts of the past, this is untrue. There are a number of workouts I completed prior to this change that are now locked under the premium membership. I was very pleased with this company until its latest bait and switch tactic to capitalize off of increased pandemic sales. I still love my ropes, but this move leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Unfortunately, I did not experience the app long enough to determine whether it is worth a paid subscription.

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    Great workout!

    I received my rope a few weeks ago, but ordered the wrong size. Crossrope made it super easy to exchange for a better length. Now that I have the right length, I have used this rope every single day and was addicted after just one workout. I also love their app that comes with the rope. So far I’ve only done the 14 day Beginner’s Challenge, but I love it and how it gets you used to the ropes and long workouts. I also love that it implements other exercises and not just jumping rope. I’m on day 8 and already seeing results in how I look, feel, and how long I can jump for. I also love the training videos offered on all the different steps/exercises for jumping rope. There’s even a really great video for people who are just getting started.

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    Say goodbye to boring Cardio

    Don’t get me wrong I love a good run or bike ride. But as someone that played sports competitively, I found it really difficult to get that same high intensity, challenging experience from textbook cardio workouts. The different weighted cross ropes along with the in-app interactive workouts has completely changed the way I approach cardio. Everytime I pickup the crossrope for a workout I find myself increasing my tempo, skill, and eagerness to improve and learn more techniques. The rate at which you can improve and compete against your previous skill level is insane. The crossrope workouts provided get my heart rate going and calories burning way faster/stronger than any other cardio workout I’ve tried (plus they’re way more fun).

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    Complete guide to jumping rope and great workouts

    Great app. Just upgraded to unlock more features and get the counter. Maybe I’m missing it but I wish the counter would also come with a timer so I can see how many jumps I can do in a minute. In response to the luxury CEO who gave 1star because they can’t afford to upgrade I say this...Everyone has a choice. Simple. To give a single star just because you think nobody should pay for an upgrade due to the current global situation is ridiculous. There enough content on the app to get a great workout .. I mean give me a break. It sounds like you have deeper issues and need to get yourself checked. I bet you still use their ropes too👍🏼

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    Makes it too hard to not workout!

    This app solves one of the major issues with jump rope workouts, the timer. You literally grab your ropes, hit start and you’re on your way to fitness. The timer is custom for every workout, it tells you what is coming up next and tells gives you a countdown to the start and end of the set. It makes it too hard to not workout. I love how you get preloaded workouts and challenges too, you don’t even have to think about what you’re gonna do, just choose a workout or challenge and get it done. Highly recommend this app. Crossrope makes the best ropes and it’s nice to see they kept the quality high with this app.

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    Amazing Results!!!

    I’m a 52 year old woman who loves working out but alas, inconsistently. I’m trying to lose weight, & build muscle. I have been eating clean & non-processed food, upped my boxing 3x a week, and started doing weights. Scale hasn’t moved (or move as fast as I want it too) but since I started the SPRING challenge, I have dropped 5lbs and I’m only on my 4th day. I’m sure it’s a combination of everything I’m doing (plus water loss) but I feel that with the addition of skipping rope, I’m seeing results quicker. My belly fat is definitely melting faster. It’s great that I can pick up my jump rope and just do it without having to drive to the gym. When I’m done with this challenge, I just might purchase the 1&2 lb ropes!

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    Love the app and love how it has evolved

    I have been using the Crossrope app since day one and giving my feedback along the way. I am happy to see that some changes that I -and I’m sure others- have recommended have been listened to and applied. I would say there is two other feature that would be a nice addition: 1) An optional warm-up and cool-down with every exercise. 2) Small text that shows which exercise is next once you are almost finished with an exercise for those who would prefer not to use the voice feature but receive the same functionality. Again, great job and I appreciate how much you guys have been open to user feedback.

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Is Jump Rope Training | Crossrope Safe?

Yes. Jump Rope Training | Crossrope is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,603 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Jump Rope Training | Crossrope Is 50.1/100.

Is Jump Rope Training | Crossrope Legit?

Yes. Jump Rope Training | Crossrope is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,603 Jump Rope Training | Crossrope User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Jump Rope Training | Crossrope Is 50.1/100.

Is Jump Rope Training | Crossrope not working?

Jump Rope Training | Crossrope works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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