Peak - Brain Training Reviews

Peak - Brain Training Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-01

Maximize your full potential by challenging yourself with Peak, designed to help
you expand your mental skills with 45+ fun and rewarding games. Peak has 45+
games covering six categories, carefully developed with you in mind. Choose from
our catalog of games or challenge yourself with...

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Peak - Brain Training Reviews

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    Thank you Peak!

    Wow... I’m so glad I found this app. I was in a bad car accident a year and a half ago and my brain got seriously smashed up. As a result my memory (mostly short term) and math skills disappeared. I’ve been using Peak for about 2 months and I see significant changes in my memory abilities. Just a few weeks ago I was still telling any new person I talked to that I might lose my train of thought and I always felt self-conscious about my memory skills because it was so apparent when you spoke with me that they still hadn’t recovered. And just yesterday I realized that I haven’t had to excuse my poor memory to anyone lately, and in fact I go days where I don’t remember it’s an issue (not because my memory is bad but because it’s no longer such a problem!). And because of this app I actually learned that my math skills disappeared. I always just thought my mind was being lazy but when I saw it first hand how hard it was for me to do simple math on this app I saw the problem. It was really troubling and embarrassing when I realized - I used to be good at math - but I’ve been slowly getting better. So essentially this app has been my brain rehab! And I couldn’t be more happy about my progress! Thank you!!!

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    I’m not going to lie, the game is super fun to tease your brain and allows you to do something actually more productive than scrolling fake news. But the customer service is a little crooked, I subscribed for a monthly subscription then I got this error saying only one Peak account can be associated with one Apple ID/ credit card method, well I did subscribe for a different account before so it makes sense (though it bugs me a little that they should have warned the customer before they charged them and alerted only afterwards) I logged in the other account to check and the Pro version wasn’t there either so I had to contact them. In the response they said they hung both accounts in idle because they didn’t know which one to officially put into the system, when my email came they put the Pro version into the old account (it bugs me for a second time because even though they solved my problem, they should had asked me which account I would like to make as a primary). I want the new account to be my primary so I ask them maybe, just maybe if they can change it, I would totally understand if they cannot, I just want an answer. Now I’m really irritated that my email went unanswered for days (the other email was answered within hours, so they possibly had to have read this one too). I did not demand to have my account changed. I just ask if they could do it, why do they have to avoid giving an answer?

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    I think what really pushes people away from this app is the subscription which do very depending if there’s a sell going on. I upgraded to pro and am now paying 1.37 a month and don’t mind that price. There are issues here and there (LIKE EVERY APP) because nothing in this world is perfect. But I gotta give it to the developers. These games work. You’re giving your brain a daily workout which will help you throughout your day and your future. I think it’s worth the monthly subscription for me. Because I can’t remember the last time my brain got a workout like this. And you instantly feel the difference after playing and that’s MIND BLOWING! I feel if people give the game a chance, pay for the subscription, if it’s worth it for you (If money does play a roll I would wait for some sell), keep writing reviews to help the developer fix the few issues the app DOES HAVE, maybe the developer will listen to the fan base and make the right improvements and the app will become even better than it already is. All I’m saying is that the Human brain is a STATE OF THE ART WEAPON. Why not keep it sharp and active in all areas. Help the app grow. I know I will.

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    Games are fun, but difficult to determine if worth paying for pro

    The games are certainly very fun and interesting, but you only get to play a set of 3 games once per day, unless you pay for the pro version (which is a monthly payment). No redos or anything. That would be fine normally, but they then give you a summary of your overall performance which I feel isn’t accurate if you missed something on the instructions or if someone interrupts you while playing and something goes wrong. Also the instructions for the games can be complicated and/or slow going. There were some games with instructions that were too long or went through too slow for me so I skimmed them, but then messed up on an aspect of the game so my overall performance summary shot down on certain skills. The summary is actually very cool, but it kind of threw me off with how skewed my results became when I messed up on one game. I was actually considering paying for the game, but by not allowing me to replay the games for the day and having complicated/long game instructions makes it hard for me to determine its worth so I ultimately decided to just delete it. I was hoping this app would be fun while simultaneously training my brain, but it feels more like a daily pop quiz from high school with daily report cards based only on the pop quiz performance. I’m not interested in doing high school over again.

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    Games are so addicting good for you!

    It's important to exercise your brain in many different ways! I can tell the days I don't do my workouts before work. When I don't, It's seems like I'm not as focused or awake and tend be more groggy. Also, (as embarrassing as it is) I've always struggled with words due to my dyslexia, and this has helped me get over the "pressures" of finding/spelling words. Turns out I'm actually quite good at them (better than my husband and it drives him crazy!) I guess I've lived my whole life telling myself I'm not good with words, so I wasn't. But now Peak helped me see that's not entirely true. Some/most games are so much fun too! To spend one on one interactive time together, my husband and I will pull out my phone and take turns playing games to challenge each other. I only wish we could select a "guest" button when he is playing so he doesn't effect my mental progression charts. I only bought into it because I got it on cyber Monday for $.99 a month. Worth the $.99 but I would never have signed up for $3!

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    This isn’t what it says it is

    They claim your brain trains itself and you become smarter the more you use the app. Then they have these 50 different games you play that focus on different things to show you your progress and make you think you are making progress. The issue I have with it is you only play 5 games a day, and sometimes I forget what the purpose of the game is and it takes a couple seconds to figure out what you are supposed to do. When you play everyday you are more likely to remember the object of the games and therefore you score higher because you are prepared for how to play, not because you are improving your brain function but simply because you know what to do when the game starts. They offer tutorials before the game but I often forget to click on them and there were a couple that even after watching I didn’t fully get. I’m an engineer, I fancy myself to be above average intelligence, but it’s certainly not because of this app. I deleted the app today seeing little to no value. I would have kept it but the ads in between each of the mini games take as long as the game itself almost. I get you need ads, but do one before you start playing and one after, not one in between each mini game (there are 5).

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    amazing but few problems

    This app is honestly amazing! I mean, with all it’s games, it’s a great app. But, there are a few problems. To begin with, whenever I want to play one of the games, but I have to watch an ad to play it, I watch the ad, but then everything glitches out! For example, I can’t click on anything and nothing would work, so I have to refresh the app, which is quite annoying because I wasted my time watching an ad to get no reward. And yes, this happened multiple times, each time I tried to watch something to play a game. However, it works on the daily workout section, but other than that, it glitches out on the other sections. To add on, why do we have to be a member to look at our stats. Yes, we can look at how we increased or decreased in the last month or week, but to look it our stats for 3 months, 6 months, and a life time? I don’t think it’s necessary for us to be a member to look at our progress. I get that we have to be a member to get better games for our brain, but just for our stats? It makes no sense to me to be honest. This is an overall great app with a few problems.

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    Great app. False progress.

    This app is great for training your brain, and improving your overall mental health. I have one complaint though: the progress you see is not entirely accurate. The score you receive is entirely based on the level of difficulty you’re playing at, and you don’t unlock the more difficult levels without having to grind out the beginner stuff. Some of the games at beginner & novice are a cake walk. It’s easy to perform perfectly, but scoring perfectly on a beginner or novice puzzle will sometimes give you a peak score of less than 400. As you unlock the harder levels, you’re able to score higher because that restriction is gone. This falsifies the results a bit, so it’s not reflective of your actual progress. Don’t get me wrong; this app is extremely beneficial, and tons of fun. It could just use one fix. Developers: if you’re reading this, please remove the restriction on the higher difficulties for new users. It’s pretty boring to breeze through the easy puzzles to get scores that aren’t reflective of one’s mental ability. Not only is it misleading, it may deter new users who don’t feel like grinding out the beginner puzzles. 3/5.

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    enhances essential skills and VERY FUN!!

    Peak is probably the best app I have ever encountered in the sense that you’re phone isn’t killing your brain cells but actually strengthening them. Peak creates personalized “daily workouts” customized for your brain. These workouts consist of a variety of games that not only make your brain healthier and stronger but are also very enjoyable and fun. You can also do a series of workouts designed for you (even one with the games you need to improve on). With the Pro Package, if you don’t feel like following a guideline, you can choose any of the many games they have to do on their own. Each game is designed to build upon a certain area of your brain. For example, there are games that focus on emotion, memory, coordination, etc. Some of the games are designed specifically do encourage positivity within you. There are also a few games for relaxation or fun without a time limit or a score. I highly recommend this app if you enjoy apps that don’t kill your brain cells, but are also extremely fun.

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    This app is tied with Words With Friends in my opinion, both being two of the greatest apps of all time, & my personal faves...My only complaints are that I wish there were some sort of listings of Record Scores for each game, as well as some way to see the highest overall peak brain scores. The addition of those would really get my competitive fire burning hot...I also wish you could upload a pic to your profile, as that option kinda seems like it would be a given, and yet it's not. It would also be nice if new games were added a bit more frequently because each time one has been added, my excitement goes through the roof and I get motivated to hit legendary status as quick as possible. These are less "complaints" and more just the wants of a spoiled Brain Train Loving Brat... KUDOS to the creators, and Thnxx so much! The days I'm able to include some peak into my schedule are, more often than not, better days overall than the days I'm unable to fit a workout into. Keep up the good work!

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    Best app of its kind that I’ve come across

    I downloaded two or three of the highest ranking brain-training apps for a week or two because I feel as though my attention span hasn’t been the best lately, and Peak is the only one that’s still on my phone. I genuinely look forward to the snappy, engaging workouts each day, and they’ve become an enjoyable part of my daily routine. What sets this app apart from competitors is that it allows non-paying users to track their progress in much more detail, by showing you % improvements in each sector each day, as well as letting you compare your brain map to different age groups. Love that! I will say though, that the type of games I receive each day is quite skewed. I NEVER get any Emotion games, and Coordination and Problem-Solving ones are also few and far in between. If this were to be fixed, I’d definitely amend this review to add another star. All in all, I’ll be recommending this to my friends and family.

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    I have many problems

    This app can be a good idea but there are many flaws. I understand why the point of having ads is important to have a game and it gives you a reason to buy the premium then and also ads=money but my problem lies with the constant ads like after every game another ad! Like calm yourself I’m not going to pay $35 a year just to probably delete the app in a month anyway. Also why do I have to buy the premium to replay a game once. I understand if u want to play the same game twice so you can’t constantly spam to get a higher score. Also one day by accident I held the play button and all my games were completed for me and my score decreased by 25%. Like I this is when I got like 3 weeks into the game and my scores were fairly high so I stopped playing the game for 2 weeks because of it then I recently got back into the game and i was mostly annoyed because I knew i couldn’t get it back anymore because I needed to spam play which I can’t obviously do because I have to pay for the premium. And you may be like then just buy the premium but $35 is a lot for a person who can’t get a job. Also it’s a mobile game which they are only addicting for about a month or so and they get boring.

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    Standardized testing in an app

    It is set up so there is a daily quiz. There is a set time of 30 seconds or so for each question and then it just ends, so if you have a streak going it’s broken and if your struggling you’ll never figure it out. You can’t go on the app and focus on the areas and problem you struggle with you can only do the set daily quiz. It doesn’t allow you to personalize it so that you can focus on what you struggle with. It might be that you’re not bad with that area of skill but the way that question is designed like you need to color in blocks in a certain manor but they use three or four shades of the same color so because it’s all a matter of shades you take longer double checking the shades to make sure it’s marked correctly than if they would have used different colors vs shades, that makes you struggle but just like a standardized test it’s one size fits all test. The “statistics” they give you about the capability of the “average” mind in an age group is a complete lie. I’ve talked to teachers and psychologists and neurologists and they all say that nobody, absolutely nobody has a perfect balance of medium skill level in all subjects. Everyone does better in some and worse in others by comparison.

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    I guess everyone is a genius

    Well everyone in my age group is a genius according to my brain map. The main thing that bothers me with this app is the opaque way you are scored in each category. My overall percentile is 61 percent, in language I’m at 85 memory I’m at 80. But in every other category well. 99 percent of the population is better at problem solving than I am I guess. No matter how much my scores improve in these categories, the percentile never moves which is irksome to say the least. What else bothers me? I absolutely hate the vibration when I get an incorrect answer, it totally throws me off track. I also despise a few games, happy river, is just really stupid and jump control could easily cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Despite these grievances, all in all, it seems to be a more productive distraction than say, candy crush, and some games are really enjoyable. Pixel logic is my absolute favorite. I’m still uncertain as to whether ones mental faculties are actually expanded by playing these games. I’m fairly certain the juries still out on that one.

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    Some games are great, but the data is thoroughly diluted

    To put it simply: the best games in Peak are some of the most dynamic, brain-stretching and FUN games I’ve played in any brain trainer. Low-Pop, Pixel Logic, Tunnel Trance, Rush Back and Rush Back+ are some of my favorites. On the other hand, some of the games make little to no sense for their category and are limited by whichever hand you get with the game’s procedural generation whenever you launch. I’m talking about games like Happy River which rely thoroughly on RNG to generate a landscape where your luck can completely change the opportunities you have to score higher or lower, which have 0 business dictating the average score for something like “Emotion”. Games like Word-A-Like ask for very specific word combinations (which you’ll memorize with repetition anyhow) and yet that game affects your “Language” category. With Peak, you’re definitely giving your brain a workout, but take your recorded peak score with a grain of salt!

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Is Peak - Brain Training Safe?

Yes. Peak - Brain Training is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 132,658 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Peak - Brain Training Is 35.6/100.

Is Peak - Brain Training Legit?

Yes. Peak - Brain Training is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 132,658 Peak - Brain Training User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Peak - Brain Training Is 35.6/100.

Is Peak - Brain Training not working?

Peak - Brain Training works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Christine McKenna
Mar 30 2021

I have been playing Peak for 2 years now and really love it. Unfortunately lately it only allows me to have one attempt on each of the 4 selected games of the day. This is so frustrating as I endeavour to improve my scores hence my brain capacity. I am 64 year old retiree and thoroughly recommend this App if you want to improve your brain capacity. My score is Currently 889/1000. Thank you for your attention and hopefully response.

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