Nike Training Club Reviews

Nike Training Club Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-03

EXPERT GUIDANCE AT HOME The Nike Training Club app is designed to help you
reach your fitness goals — no matter what they are — by giving you the
tools, the motivation, and accountability you need to feel successful and
confident. Made for everybody and every body, NTC offers 185+ free...

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Nike Training Club Reviews

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    used to love it but am disappointed

    I’ve been using NTC club for around 4-5 years and it’s been my holy grail for working out. It got me started on a new lifestyle, and it’s helped me stay active even on days where I feel like I don’t have the time. The problem I have now though is with the most recent update where it takes the training programs and makes them premium only. Although I understand that the app still has all the old workouts I loved for free, what I’m upset about is that they completely scraped the free version of the plan system. The only reason I used the app in the first place was to have that customized plan in place and as we speak I was in the middle of a plan, and to have it taken away from me days before finishing when I was planning on moving to the next one, is a huge let down. I’ve always had a problem knowing which workouts to do in order, and the structure that came from the free plans is what helped me want to workout everyday. NTC updates have let me down before and they usually come back around, but in this case, I’m more disappointed than usual. I love this app and the workouts and as a college student, I can’t afford the premium plans. I’ve depended on the plan systems for years now and now it feels like my personal use for the app has greatly diminished. I’m probably still going to use NTC because it’s all I’ve ever known, but if there could be some re-implementation of the free training plan system I’d make my rating much higher.

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    I fell in love with this app when I first started using it. It was helpful to see the plan laid out in front of me. I also really enjoyed the feature where if a workout one day was too easy for me they would up the intensity next week. Unfortunately, I took a break from working out after experiencing the worst break up. It was only supposed to last a week but then it turned into months. When I finally felt ready to workout again I logged into my app to see that things have changed. I was freaking out. I have now been on a search for a similar app that is also free but I can’t find one. Because I have so much trouble trying to put a workout together because there is way to much information out there, I have yet to workout anywhere close to the way I used to. And my consistency is lacking. I can’t tell you how many people I recommended to get this app. Now I will have to tell people I have stopped using it because they don’t have this feature anymore. UPDATE: so when I had first logged into my app it said you guys would not be offering this feature anymore. Now it is a premium feature, which upsets me even more. Nike makes so much money as a company. You want me to pay $15 per month for a feature that used to be free. Nike promotes fitness but when it comes to money they don’t mind taking away features and making things less accessible to others. I AM SO THROUGH WITH SUPPORTING NIKE.

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    This used to be the best app ever made but...

    I’ve been using this app for many years and it was the perfect training companion. There were some minor hiccups in the past (some interferences with Apple Music app while exercising or sometimes the training would freeze if you were mirroring it on a tv..) but it was by far the best app ever developed. Sadly developers decided to remove the planning feature which was the huge plus over all the others apps. The app was able to support the definition of a specific training and support the weekly schedule, adjusting based on participation and feedback. I can’t tell if the app was really able to adjust the training over time, but it definitely provided the feeling of being followed and supported during sessions. Especially for those (like me) that have little time for training and want a product that is doing all the preparation, improving efficiency. Even if this app contains a lot of outstanding material, I’m giving it just one star because without the plan feature this is just a average confusing app, that makes it even harder to identify how to exercise in the little available time. Defining what to do is just a nightmare. BRING THE PLAN FEATURE BACK..I’m going to stop using it for now and transition to a easier app..for the first time in many years I even bought a pair of shoes from a different brand since Nike is not my favorite brand anymore...

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    Bring build my workout back!

    I’ve always gone to the gym but never really knew “how” to workout. I never really knew what muscle groups to do together and when to add in cardio. I felt like I was working out for hours at the gym with results taking what felt like forever! Then I stumbled upon this app and absolutely loved it! Not only were there videos of how to properly do each workout but there was a “build my plan” option where a workout plan was created for you! You’d simply answer questions based on your health and goals and boom a whole entire workout plan was right at your fingertips! I finally saw the results I had been looking for when working out and I owed it all to NTC! But then one dreadful day I went in to open the app to find that the best feature of this app, build my plan was GONE! I searched and searched and even tried replicating past workouts only to find myself sore and agitated. Nike, my question to you is WHY? Why take such a precious and greatly loved option away from loyal users? Isn’t your goal as a large corporation to help your customers be the best version of themselves? Please consider bringing it back! My workouts haven’t been the same since.

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    So much opportunity to make this App amazing

    Great App, but feels like there is so much more potential. Admittedly, I may represent a smaller user-base but I find myself wishing you had a library of exercises that I could pull from to create my own workouts, setting the respective timers and breaks, etc. Currently using an App called SecondsPro that allows me (and the group I work out with) to build our own workouts, but it's all manual and there is no audio or video helping explain or show proper form. Also, the interface is terrible, it would be so easy to design a really simple, intuitive UI that allows me to select the exercises I want from a library, tagged properly (muscle-group, etc) and quickly generate new workouts. You (Nike) would be controlling the audio and video so you can still brand it accordingly and help reinforce the amazing Nike brand. You could also consider other sponsors or advertisers and introduce them in tactful ways and people would still use the App so much more. That's my 2 cents, happy to talk more if you're interested in picking my brain. Equally happy to just see some of these features introduced into the App. Thanks, Mike

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    Premium service is 1 bound forward 2 bounds back

    The premium service is disappointing. The workout formats are a regression from the current “free” format. The whiteboard format is particularly bad. The burden of pacing, timing, and tracking is placed on the user. There is no watch integration. The “free“ workouts that are available seem to be more featured with ongoing instructions, motivation, time tracking + progress updates, and watch integration with haptic nudging so the user can concentrate on form and mental strength (instead of a clock). While the “class” format is interesting + interactive, there can be a lot of waiting and instruction upfront and throughout making the work out feel slow and sometimes non-energetic—plus no vitals information (no heart rate or calories) and no watch integration. Honestly I would rather pay the premium price to bring back the plans that were removed a while back. Please hint to me I’m wrong, or to stay tuned for updates to the service. I was a huge NTC user but i don’t think I’m going to make it past the free trial. I’m really happy that the previous feature set is still available—but I do think those workouts are getting pretty stale. Bring back plans please.

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    Bring back the Plans!

    This app was amazing and I was kind shocked that I found it so late. The best part of this app: the plans. These were based on your schedule and the equipment that you had available to you. Enter that info and it spit out a schedule. . It really helped give me some guidance and structure without paying for a trainer at the gym. I did realize more tone and definition to my body. The workouts were solid and varied enough that you didn’t get bored. I probably did 4 plans in a row with different lengths. However, someone or some team at Nike has decided to remove the plans. That alone set this workout app apart from all the others. It’s just a run of the mill app now. It went backwards and does what other apps do now and has nothing that makes it stand out. I recommended this app to people all the time based on the plans, I wouldn’t recommend it now. Funny this is, the Nike Running Club app still has plans. Guess it couldn’t be supported in two places.

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    Great app but bring back the plans!

    I started using NTC (& NRC - also great!)last July and immediately fell in love! I was just getting back into working out and the 4 week Get Started Plan was perfect. I then completed the Lean Fit Plan 3 times before the most recent update that removed the Training Plans. Since July I dropped 12 pounds and significantly increased my strength and endurance and was really excited to continue my progress into the new year! However, although I have continued using NTC just as frequently, it’s just not the same without the plans! I loved getting the alert on my phone the night before telling me what I had “coming up” the next day and I never felt over or undertrained - it was the perfect mix of workouts! I fully realize that I should just be able to follow the Collection and it should be the same but it just isn’t! Keep the Collections but reinstate the old Plans! Anyway, it’s a great app - I am continually in awe that it’s free - and I will certainly continue to use it but please, please, please bring back the training plans!!!!

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    Great workout library, but tons of app bugs

    I’ve been a user of this app on and off again through the years and I keep coming back to it because it motivates me and pushes me to get a sweat in, without being intimidating like a personal trainer or finding workout buddies. But, recently I have started again and been wanting to get “wedding ready”; but every time I start a workout plan and I choose the six week plan, after completing three workouts of that plan, the plan disappears from the “my plan” section and I have to start the six week plan from scratch. Maybe Nike is finding a way to reset my start date and make me get more workouts in, like when a trainer says “one more rep” but they end up lying and start your set all over again? But it’s becoming frustrating and I might give up on sticking to a “plan” and just manually select a single workout when my little chubby heart desires. If the app stability and the bugs from the plans can get fixed, I would scream from the top of the Salesforce building about how great this app is.

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    Best Workout App!!

    I love this app so much! I’ve tried other workout apps, and unsurprisingly, they don’t even come close to touching the excellence of NTC. I’ve been using this app since 2014 & it continues to get better with each update! It’s like having a pocket personal trainer with the guided workouts & especially with the training plans. My only issue: I have incurred two knee injuries since downloading this app & there is no pause button on workout plans. It’s very discouraging when you’re on track for 5 weeks & the app continues processing your last weeks like you just gave up. I also wish that modified plans / exercises were available for people who have dealt with common injuries (such as modified moves for squats/lunges). These preferences have not affected the rating I’d give this app as they are personal requests that I have as a result of injury (despite my opinion that injury is a thing that most athletic people experience at some point of their life, even if it’s just a pulled muscle).

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    I can count on one hand the number of apps I’ve reviewed on here but...

    I can’t stop telling people about the NTC premium content so I figured maybe I should tell the Internets. I have had NTC for years and have always appreciated what was on there (for free) but they were never my “go to”. I am currently on my 6th time through the Burn program with KG and let me tell you, it has changed my life. Might sound dramatic but honestly- 7 months ago I was in constant pain (lower back and sciatic), couldn’t sleep because of it and was starting to consider the possibility of surgery. 3 weeks into the program I felt more relief than I had in years. KG works the heck out of your core- giving you the same cues and instruction you would from a personal trainer (or even physical therapy in my case!) and tones the rest of your body as well. I am pain free for the most part, a whole size smaller and the healthiest I have felt in a long time. Premium content is worth EVERY PENNY. Sign up for it. Just do it. 😉

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    “Premium” workouts left me feeling lost, frustrated, and negative about wanting to go back to the gym. This app was the reason I finally started working out, and the free content is still great, but the “premium” content is the epitome of what I hate about gyms in general - if you don’t already know what you’re doing or have a personal trainer with you, you just feel like an outsider with no chance of accomplishing anything. Even more frustrating, and more devastating to the entire experience, the app now has a 90% failure rate on my Watch where it either won’t track the workout at all, or even worse it gets stuck in some kind of error loop where in addition to not tracking the workout, the app forces the HR tracker to stay on uncommanded, even after uninstalling the app from the Watch and forcing it to reboot, meaning it has to be commanded from the phone app!! Until this gets fixed, NTC is coming off my phone. This app was my muse, it got me working out when nothing else did, and I’m sad to see it go because it worked so well for me. But between feeling excluded by the new premium content, and the infuriating experience on my Nike+ Watch, I’ll feel even worse trying to use it.

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    I love this app so far!! I am a highly competitive high school basketball player, and am used to very intense workouts and/or conditioning sessions. This is a great app for working out during the off season. It offers motivating commentary (often annoying, sometimes encouraging), and easy-hard workouts. It has many short work outs, giving me no excuse to skip one, and always making sure I have time for one. Whether it’s midday, at night, early morning, or all three! I will continue to use this app, as it serves me well. I only wish they added more basketball stars (such as Lebron James, The King 👑) or added an easier way to message the experts. My father works with the military, so I travel a lot. Currently I am in japan, and can sadly not send messages to the experts on the Nike team. However, those are my only complaints. Overall, this is a nice, quality app with a great music feature, and an even greater easy to use layout. I rate this 5/5.

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    Update is ok...ish

    NTC has always been my #1 fitness app and have used it for years (practically forever) so I was super hyped for the new update. But it’s already problematic and it’s been two days. The premium features are good, the workouts look cool and the tips are ok but tracking activity is garbage. Before, it would track on my Apple Watch and show up both on my Health App and NTC; the app showing activity and buzzing on my watch as the workout progressed. With premium, it doesn’t do that. At all. My watch will say Let’s Start Training and not move past that screen for the entire workout. Not tracking anything. When I used it yesterday, after completing the workout, it said I burned zero calories and worked out for zero minutes (mind you, it was 30 minute workout). This morning, the app crashed and didn’t count the workout towards the program. Nike need to get it together if they plan on charging $15 a month. It’s totally not worth it, if people are paying for something that doesn’t track activity properly (or at all). The app performed better when it was free.

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    I’ve been using this app for 2 years now and I cannot express myself enough on how happy I am that NTC exists. To begin with, workouts are hands down p e r f e c t! You have plenty of them to choose from, you can have a decent training in 15 minutes or less(not to mention that you can/should mix it with NRC), most of them are free and after all, they are kinda fun. I’m not the biggest fan of the new premium version to be honest, but that shouldn’t stop you from exercising. You don’t have to waste time and money at the gym if your goal is to stay fit. I can say for myself that I’ve developed my body(mostly abs, legs and arms) extremely good only by doing bodyweight workouts from Nike. 2 months ago I went to the gym with my friend and didn’t fall behind at all- I even leg pressed 300kg that day! In conclusion, this app is out of this world and I gladly suggest anyone to click that download button. Train, stay healthy and enjoy the process!

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Is Nike Training Club Safe?

Yes. Nike Training Club is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 241,928 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Nike Training Club Is 26.1/100.

Is Nike Training Club Legit?

Yes. Nike Training Club is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 241,928 Nike Training Club User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Nike Training Club Is 26.1/100.

Is Nike Training Club not working?

Nike Training Club works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Nike Training Club to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Nike Training Club customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Nike Training Club.

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