LG ThinQ Reviews

LG ThinQ Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-11

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LG ThinQ Reviews

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    Missed opportunity

    This all has some serious issues design wise. Very odd stuff like I have the ability to start a wash from the app, but not being able to start the drying cycle killing the convenience a smart app provides by making pretty useless since I have to get back home to finish the wash/dry cycle. The app is in Spanish for some reason and no option to change language (set up was in English though). There are many options in the app that reflect the actual buttons and function I can use on my washer/dryer combo, but about 90% of them are greyed out in the app without explaining why (it only lets me start a regular washing cycle which is just one of about 15 washing modes the machine has). Another dumb thing is that I need to physically push a button on the machine called remote mode to be able to use the app to set up a load and even dumber is the fact that while this remote mode is enabled I can’t monitor the was/dry cycle, it’s set up in a way where you can either control the machine with the app or monitor the wash/dry cycle with the app, but never both unless I walk to the machine and switch modes. The only nice thing is that I get a push notification when the laundry load is done. Please get your act together LG.

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    One issue with Setup on our Fridge

    I had one small issue with setup on our new Fridge; when our downloaded the app and followed the instructions, everything was going great at first. I was able to connect to the Fridge’s WiFi link, and when it asked for it’s password, I entered to one the app told me to enter, and the Fridge kept rejecting it, saying it was the incorrect password for my Fridge. I tried numerous times with this password after resetting my phone, the app, and my network, and each time, I kept getting the same error, so I contacted these the manufacturer and was told the password for my Fridge was totally different than the one the app was saying, so I started the setup again, with the new password this time, and it was accepted first try. I was then asked to connect the Fridge to my Home Network, which was no issue, and then the Fridge went through all of it’s updates and other connections, and I was good-to-go.

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    Turns out my laundry load was too small and so the moisture sensor thought the load was dry. Even though that’s not a system malfunction I appreciated that the tips right after the test suggested this happens normally with small loads and suggested I use a timed dry. I think it was helpful to run the diagnostic right after the issue, it’s programmed well enough to troubleshoot the contextual situation apparently and suggest appropriately for it! The only reason I didn’t give it a five was that the last time I had an issue, the heat wasn’t working at all but it still said all was well, even though it was being powered, eventually I reset all the circuit breakers and cleaned lint that was lodging under the lint trap. I think the circuit breaker reset was the trick that time. Overall I’m thankful for the system!

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    It works, but is limited and buggy

    I’m giving this a 2 because it really should be better coming from LG. First off, when you switch modes, the temp resets, usually down to 60. So if you have the temp set at 70for cool and then you want to change it to energy saver mode, you have to reset the temp. The other big mistake is the scheduling. It only turns on and off the unit based on the last mode. So you can’t really schedule it. Since I have one of the AC units in my home office, I would really like to be able to set it to dry during the weekends and then schedule it to energy saver at a specific temp for the morning and then to cool at a different temp during heat mid day and then back to energy saver at one temp from say 5pm till 9pm and then back to dry overnight. NOPE! Also, it would be great if this app could control the lighting on the unit. We have one of the new dual inverter window AC units in our bedroom and we have to cover the temp readout because it lights up the room. Since there isn’t a way to control it on the unit, it’s not really an app problem... but it should be configurable! I also don’t like the fact that it requires internet access. If the controller and the unit are on WiFi, the app should be able to make connection without requiring internet. When you purchase a new router you can discover it from any computer. And it’s NOT HomeKit compatible! Come on LG, improve your technology!

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    Please fix schedule function for AIr Conditioner

    This is a revised review. Some of the bugs have been fixed but this app still needs a lot of improvement for air conditioner control of the new dual inverter window units. Please pass this suggestion to the developers!! The dual inverter is amazing quiet technology but the app is limited. The schedule function does not make sense and does not work properly- only one schedule can be set. Then it only lets you set a time on and off but can not define temperature, mode or fan speed. This is useless. The timer function basically does the same thing. Why bother with a single schedule with no ability to define any other setting? Like any of the other competing apps for ACs, when creating a schedule you should be able to define the following for each schedule: 1) date and time 2) on or off(not both) 3) mode (cool, fan, dry, sleep - if sleep then how many hours) 4) fan speed (F1, F2, F3 or disabled if sleep is mode) 5) temperature set point. You should be able to create multiple schedules!! If you did this then people who are suffering from the sleep timer turning the unit off during their sleep could set a schedule to turn the unit back on in the sleep mode! I can’t understand why this unit does not allow you to turn the unit on a continuous sleep mode instead of it turning off after a max of 7 hours! Please help! Make this app do what it’s supposed to do!

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    First let me say, I have brand loyalty but to brands that make good products and are consistent. It’s amazing how an app can make you lose confidence in a brand. A business that’s supposedly trying to lead in technologies should have an app that works, right? I downloaded this app when I got my InstaView fridge. Seemingly it worked fine, since August. For the past however many weeks, all I see now in the app is a welcome screen that says “Network Instability” and “Can’t connect to the network. Check your phone’s internet connection and try again.” What kind of foolishness is this? My phone’s internet connection is fine. I have strong WiFi and cellular signals and have no other difficulty with any other app. And I can’t even get past that lousy welcome screen to figure out what else might be going on. Maybe it’s a iOS update thing or a ThinQ update thing but it needs to be fixed. Makes me not want to buy any more LG products if I can’t use an app to monitor them.

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    Love the app!

    I now know when both the washer and dryer done! Can’t wait to explore all the bells and whistles! Setting up the app was a pain. The wording is confusing. It asked if I had a touch screen.. I do, that ‘yes’ path ended in nothing being activated. If you have a ‘nub’ you that chooses the cycle setting than the answer to ‘touch screen’. Is no. The password at the next level is 1/2 point tall, and the password instructions need to be read completely. Otherwise you think you’re password is everything in the quote marks when actually it is just the last four numbers twice. AND at the end it thanks you for registering... that just facilitates the app talking to your machines. To register you still need to go online or return the postcards! Arrugh!

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    Good app - needs an editor

    The app is pretty decent, but it might be worthwhile to have someone with better English skills edit the descriptions and status messages. Under both of my TVs, it says “Disconnect”. Does that mean if I tap it they will disconnect from the app, or does it mean they are currently “Disconnected”? And if I do tap the TV while it’s off, I see this message “TV connection in disconnected. Turn on the power of the device. If it powering on, check Wi-Fi status.” (sic) These aren’t my typos, this is how it’s worded. I did lose connectivity to both TVs and my washer and dryer, and the only fix was to delete the app and start over. Other than that, it’s got nice controls.

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    App is 95% Useless

    It took three tries to register my air conditioner. Which was annoying, but I could have made my peace with that if the app worked. The app says signal strength of the WiFi is “excellent.” The air conditioner seems to know it’s hooked up to WiFi. And subsequent setup processes fly by. However, there is a 95% chance the app will tell me my air conditioner is off/not connected to WiFi. So I’m left using the physical remote. Very frustrating given WiFi control was one of the big reasons I go this air conditioner. Also, would like a more robust app. I’d like up update my account info from the app. I’d like to set temperature schedules, where the air conditioner is at 73 degrees during the day and 68 at night, etc. I’d like to define the time it switches from one temp to another have the option to have many such time-related temperatures changes, based on the day of the week for varied schedules. Basically, just give me more useful features.

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    App isn’t great, but not terrible.

    The app works alright. The directions for connecting the appliances wasn’t super clear. But once I understood it, the other appliances were super easy to connect. Features are limited, but nice to get notifications on my phone in case I don’t hear the appliance chime. Being able to monitor in real time is nice as well. The app is a little clunky and keeps popping up with Tips, even though I check the “font show me again” box... however, one of my biggest gripes is with the App’s UI... I don’t understand why I can change the order of the appliances... it seems order them with most recently added at the top and appliances first installed at the bottom. Super annoying, because I installed washer/dryer first so I have to scroll down to see an update. If there is a way to rearrange them, it’s not intuitive at all. Please fix!!!

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    Not working correctly even after latest software maintenance. Useless

    Prior to the recent scheduled app maintenance I was able to see info about my washer AND dryer AT THE SAME TIME, while they were on and in operation. Now, I can only see the info for the washer. For example, my dryer is on and operating; the app shows that it is off. I called customer service (the day before the scheduled app maintenance) to tell them about the issue. They said to wait until the app maintenance is completed to see if it makes a difference. It did not. Plus, they didn’t even know that it had been possible to see more than one item’s operation status at the same time. It would be more helpful to have the ability to talk to someone who is specifically a troubleshooter for this app. The diagnostic isn’t showing any issues; my WiFi is connected. It has to be an app issue. Very frustrating that I can’t use it.

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    Lots of “fixes” but I see NO improvement. I was so excited to get my new LG front-load washer with WiFi because that meant I wouldn’t have to traipse down two flights of stairs to check if the washer was done. Well, that excitement was short-lived. The WiFi worked great for awhile and now for the past, at least 2 months, the app has shown the washer as disconnected more times than not. And online instructions are non-existent, so I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app (several times) thinking I could follow those instructions again like it was a new device. I eventually got it working for a short time. I recently got a new modem so I again had to try to reconnect my washer to the WiFi. Again had to uninstall and reinstall (several times like before), and after much frustration and cussing, got it to connect to the app. That was two days ago and I just started my washer today and saw the app shows it as disconnected again. I switched to an LG product because of great reviews, friends recommending LG, and I was sick of Whirlpool washing machines being complete junk. I could have and I guess, should have, paid considerably less for a non-WiFi LG washer. This washer still works great but the annoyance I’ve suffered with this WiFi/app nonsense is making me rethink this brand for any future appliance purchases.

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    Reinstall needed with update

    App didn’t work for several days, apparently since the last update. It would only show “checking product status” and no buttons worked. Closing and restarting the app made no difference. After deleting the app from my iPhone (hold icon down until it shakes and an “x” appears, which you push to delete) and redownloading the app from the App Store, it works. Well, I did have to reset the password too. For whatever reason this time it didn’t take several seconds to go to my single appliance, so perhaps they fixed that annoyance. We’ll see. It hasn’t been a very useful app but I do occasionally look at the room temperature and setting on the air conditioner. It doesn’t keep a usage history which would a very be useful feature.

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    Convenient app when appliances are not easy access.

    I didn’t think that having my appliances connected to the Internet would be a big deal, but I really do enjoy this feature. I had problems keeping the washer connected to my home Internet, but this seems to be working now. My washer and dryer are in the basement; my main floor is kitchen and living room, and all of my bedrooms are upstairs. Bottom line, I get a whole lot of exercise going up and down stairs when it comes time to wash the laundry for the week. Knowing when a lot of laundry is going to be complete or is finished really is a nice feature and a major selling point. I would definitely look for it again if I ever had to replace these units, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon as I love both washer and dryer. Thanks LG!

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    Inconsistent and mostly useless

    Edited November 2018 - after some time on the phone with LG customer service, we were informed that “sometimes the WiFi connectivity doesn’t work with iPhones.” Ah. I see. As my spouse and I both possess iPhones, I guess we are just out of luck unless we would like to purchase other phones. What an absolute disappointment and shame. Please do not bother to buy LG appliances...obviously it is a false bill of goods. ——— Sometimes, I can connect my oven to the app and use the remote start feature, other times I cannot. If I have to reconnect after a power outage, etc, sometimes I get lucky, but mostly I’m wasting a bunch of time hunched over my oven with my phone, getting frustrated as the app crashes or freezes repeatedly. I have other smart appliances that have their own apps, and they are head and shoulders above LG in function and connectivity. This one is really a shame.

A better way to Contact apps

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Is LG ThinQ Safe?

No. LG ThinQ does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 16,805 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LG ThinQ Is 15.3/100.

Is LG ThinQ Legit?

No. LG ThinQ does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 16,805 LG ThinQ User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LG ThinQ Is 15.3/100.

Is LG ThinQ not working?

LG ThinQ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Cynthia Armstrong
Mar 26 2021

I bought this LG dryer with turbo steam and wifi. I needed the notification that my dryer was completed as I have severe memory loss and need reminders, this app so far does not tell me or notify me when it is completed. If I look at the app on my phone it will tell me how many minutes are left. I could set a timer on my phone for this and save myself $1300. I was also under the understanding I could restart the dryer remotely, that also is not possible. LG, I am very disappointed! I sure hope I am mistaken and there is something I am missing and these functions actually do work.

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