myQ Garage & Access Control Reviews

myQ Garage & Access Control Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-08

About: The myQ smart access app allows you to easily open, close or check the status of
your garage door, commercial door, gate or myQ home lighting from anywhere using
your mobile device. The myQ app supports myQ-enabled products from Chamberlain,

About myQ Garage Access Control

The myQ smart access app allows you to easily open, close or check the status of your garage door, commercial door, gate or myQ home lighting from anywhere using your mobile device.

To upgrade your existing garage opener with smartphone control, visit for smart technology accessory options.

The myQ app supports myQ-enabled products from Chamberlain, LiftMaster.


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Key Benefits of myQ Garage Access Control

- Easy installation and programming

- Mesh network for excellent connectivity

- Motion sensor activated camera for verification

21 myQ Garage Access Control Reviews

4.8 out of 5


After a couple of months this still works flawlessly.

I read all of the negative reviews on this MyQ wifi sensor and garage door opener. I set up a mesh network to assure excellent connectivity. I set up a motion sensor activated camera in my garage to verify proper operation. I installed the sensor top center of my garage door. I installed the wifi sensor/operator within the required range of my garage door opener and followed the set up requirements step by step.
I do not use this with a whole house network as that takes another step and monthly payments for some company to make my phone have one less app (lame).
Since install I have had zero issues. We have lost power and had several brown outs during a couple of tropical storms with no issue.
My son is 10 and the last to leave in the morning, so I had to set something up to assure that my garage door was closed after the little dude rolled out to school. It turns out that he always remembers to close the garage door, but my 14 year old daughter....not so much.
Buy this thing and remember, without suitable wifi and correct instillation, it is your fault that this doesn’t work.


It’s great as an additional remote but...

The MyQ smart system is very helpful because I only have the two keychain remotes that came with Chamberlin’s kit. I had no physical switch outside the garage door to open it and I have no doorway access from inside the house. That meant some unneeded exercise if I forgot to hit the remote inside my house (the other one of course, is in the car). I would have to climb back up two flights to hit the button. So it’s handy as an additional remote by using the MyQ app on my phone. But I found out the hard way that myQGarageAccessControl sometimes freezes once it leaves your home wifi and before it picks up your cell network. In one case, I was riding in my wife’s car and when we drove away, myQGarageAccessControl indicated that the garage door was open. However, myQGarageAccessControl was frozen and I couldn’t close the garage from 3 blocks away (and even the physical remote wouldn’t have worked that far away). We had to circle back(and it turned out the door was open). I got out and hit the button inside the garage. When I got back in the car I looked at myQGarageAccessControl . It was working again since my phone was picking up my home WiFi. This is something that needs to be addressed in a future software update. myQGarageAccessControl will be useless if it only operates in the same proximity as a push button remote. I do appreciate that it indicated that the door was open so I could return to close it. But, I shouldn’t have had to do that, right?


You must start over if you change your password - app needs better instructions

My initial installation worked just fine so I know I have everything set up correctly. However, after I changed my wifi password and tried to update my app to the new password, it would never connect. I expected myQGarageAccessControl to find my wifi signals because I have 4 strong signals. In fact, there are dozens of wifi signals in my neighborhood, and none of them were visible in this application, except the My Q wifi signal, during the connect phase of the installation process. 19 Feb 20 update: I have discovered that whenever you change your wifi password, you must use the Black Adjustment Button on the motor housing to erase your wifi network and start over as if it is a brand new installation. In other words, once you connect to a wifi network for the first time, you will never see any other wifi networks in myQGarageAccessControl . The application should include a note with this key piece of information for people who routinely change their wifi passwords for security reasons. It probably also applies if they upgrade their routers. The instruction manual should also be updated to inform customers that you must erase your wifi network from the garage door opener and start over if you change your password or router. I thought you could just enter ‘learn’ mode, re-select your wifi network and update the password. You can’t.


Motion alert notification. Camera goes black

Just purchased the GDO 6765T. Installation was simple, as long as you follow directions. Programming was very easy. Camera issues were very bad . Customer service sent me out new camera, with no issues. I receive approximately 40 to 50 false motion alerts on my phone app. When I play back the motion alert the camera flickers to a black screen and then back on, followed by a. Clicking noise. The false alert lasts about 1 to 2 seconds. I spoke to customer service about 15 times numerous case report numbers and still not fixed. They escalated the issue to more knowledgeable tech and still not fixed. Sent them a sample of the video/ false alert and they says it’s odd.. Want to return the system but was a Christmas present and no receipts. I will not buy this products again I payed over 500 dollars for this unit and I’m very upset. No one helps me out therefore I’ll be in contact with supervisor..and that didn’t even happy. If you don’t mind getting 20 motion alerts daily have fun

I recently received a call back, they stated that when the camera goes from dawn to dusk teh camera switch to night vision and day vision, which is fair. I thought it gets dark and dusk once a day not 30 times a day. I have home cameras and not one camera out of 10 receive a false motion alert. The camera also makes a click noise followed by a black out.

Has anyone been having this problem. … no call backs to return emails.


when it works, it's good - just don't ever change anything with it afterword - EVER!

Had to replace the garage door opener last year. Bought a Liftmaster with this wifi control through MyQ. It set up easy and worked well. Then, had to change our router. The support was awful, finally figured out on my own how to change it the new router. They've updated (changed) myQGarageAccessControl since then. I again had to change routers (ISP issues) and now the stupid thing won't connect to the new router. The developer changed myQGarageAccessControl to make it easier (apparently) to change the wifi settings, and it goes through the motions but still fails to register with their server. It does connect to the router, but just gets stuck after that. It is NOT a firewall issue - while trying to set this up I have defaulted the router to factory settings, and ensured it is completely open, nothing blocked, and no password or VPN. (It is a plain-jane Belkin.)This product is just garbage.

Update: the very latest app update from yesterday worked. I hope I don't have to change routers again...

Update2: So much for that - one day later (a little less actually) it has now not been able to connect to MyQ's server. The garagedoor opener's LED is flashing green, which means that it is connected to the router, but is still trying to connect to their server. It worked for a while, but then stopped. Fail.


Great app, but needs some fine tuning.

Overall it’s a great app and does what it’s supposed to, but there are some things that need to be addressed.
I’ll only focus on my major gripe.
When I set a schedule for the garage door to close at a certain time, like, let’s say 9pm. The door needs to be fully open (in myQGarageAccessControl ’s technical terms, for it to work) not “stopped”. Anyone in the warmer parts of the country will understand that we vent (opening the garage door about 6” to get the cooler air in) the garage door, and doing so requires you to stop it at a certain height. The problem is, myQGarageAccessControl sees it as a “stop”, and will not close it at your set time, because it’s not fully “open”. The programmers need to fix this so no matter what, it closes the door at your set time. Life gets in the way and sometimes we forget that it’s open. I don’t want to worry about forgetting to close it, no matter what. You set a close time, close the door! Don’t care if it’s all the way open, half open, or any other mathematical equation. Just set it, and walk away.


Does what it's supposed to. App could use some feature enhancements

App does what it's designed to do. Opens and closes doors and provides a visual status when myQGarageAccessControl is open. Nothing more useful than that.

Currently you can send an alert based on time only. ... (I.e. if door is opened or closed for x time send an alert). There is no way to send an alert based on a condition... (when the door is open send an alert every hour...IMO it would be significantly more useful). If you want to be notified every hour the door is open, you need to create one rule for every hour, for each door. (No way to copy rules from one door to another). If you want to be notified every hour the door is opened for the next 8 hours you'll need 8 rules for each door, and have to manually create all 24 rules, One at a time.

There is also guest access that allows you to provide a limited number of guest users access to myQGarageAccessControl . Currently, there is no way to receive an alert if one of the guests opens or closes a door. I don't need an alert every time I open a door, but it would be nice if I were notified that someone with guest access opened the door. Even the history does not indicate how (or who) opened the door. It just indicates "opened."


Alert when garage door left open

This would be an EASY 5 star review *IF* there were an alert function when the garage door is left open. If someone forgets to close the garage door when leaving, the only way to know is to have notifications set for every time the garage door is both opened *and* closed, and to check every time the door is opened to confirm it’s closed, and if the door doesn’t alert closed after it was opened then you know it wasn’t closed. This is a design flaw in my opinion. There should be an option to set an alert to receive a notification after the door has been open for a specific amount of time. I’m dinging myQGarageAccessControl review down to 3 stars because I think this is a pretty big flaw. I will change my review to 5 stars if the alert issue is corrected.

Other than the lack of notification when the garage door is left open, myQGarageAccessControl is easy to use, installation was a breeze (after realizing the “learn” setting on my Liftmaster required a double tap of the learn button), and I even added a second door sensor so both my bays are covered. Functionality and performance are excellent. Overall I highly recommend this product/app.


Won’t stay connected

Didn’t buy the unit because of the wireless ability, but after the unit was installed I figured the connection would be handy. Installed a router extension device to insure good signal strength. Confirmed wireless signal was good, with both my iPhone as well as an Alexa unit; both indicate strong signal. So I follow the menu instructions, get the garage door opener connected to the wireless and everything looks fine. Open the garage door from the smart phone app and thought, yeah this is pretty cool. Then suddenly the signal on myQGarageAccessControl shows no connection to the wireless and the garage door no longer responds. I repeat the install procedure several more times, each time with the same result;the wireless will stay connected for maybe up to one minute and then disconnects.

So I call the garage door company that installed the LiftMaster unit and they have a technician come out. After he tries and gets the same result several times he tells me that, “the wireless devices in these openers really aren’t very good, the technology is way behind the times, and you’re just not gonna be able to use the wireless feature”. End of story. WTH?? I needed a garage door opener capability for my H-D bike, so spent another 40 bucks and bought a small profile remote opener. While I don’t really absolutely need this MyQ feature, it still pisses me off that it doesn’t work.


Works 98% of the time!

I really like it since I live in a town home and the neighbors garage is under no bedroom and so it sometimes makes it hard to decipher whose garage it is so it gives me the ease of mind that it’s not my house and I have been able to open it from work one day when someone was dropping stuff off at the house and that was awesome! I love that it was a timer and everything, there have been a few times now that forever reason it had to think about whether or not there was an internet connection with it and it couldn’t connect so I had to unplug it and reply it back I and that worked, I also reset my one garage opener for my parents house for it to do my house and their house and so now I have that as a back up, next I just need to find something similar for the front door lock with being that I like to go on walks and my car doesn’t take a key I don’t always think about my keys and I’m soon going to be a first time mom and I’m sure there will be many times that I run out the garage to walk the baby and it will be super nice to not have to worry about anything other then my phone, definitely would recommend it!


Not always reliable

I own the LiftMaster garage door opener for approximately 8 months, and it works fine. However, myQGarageAccessControl is the problem.

In theory, the concept is amazing — to open your garage door remotely. However, if it would be more reliable, then it would be worthy of more stars. There is a glitch that doesn’t always alert you when the door has either opened or closed, causing you to panic if you are away from your home and see one alert without the other. The second glitch causes an error message that doesn’t allow you to close the door and forces you to “reset” it by manually pushing the Liftmaster button. Well, if you are remote, there is no way to manually reset it, so your garage door remains open while you are not home. The third glitch keeps you waiting in permanent hourglass mode until myQGarageAccessControl times out so you are unable to open or close the door.

Please update myQGarageAccessControl to fix these bugs. It needs to be more reliable > 60% of the time. The 40% of the failures can be detrimental if you are not home to do the fixes that are required.


Notifications used to work perfectly, not so much now

As mentioned in above, notifications used to work, but they don’t work like they used to. For example, I have 2 notifications set up, 1 to alert me if my garage door has been opened for an hour, the other is to alert me if it has been opened for 2 hrs. So if I open the door at 8am, and close the door at 8:30am and reopen the door at 8:45am and leave it open. I would get an alert at 9am saying my garage door has been opened for an hour even though I’m reality it only has been opened for 15mins. And if my garage door is still open at 10am, I would get the alert that my door has been opened for 2 hours at 10am, I should only get the alert at 10:45am. They somehow removed the logic to reset the timer when there is a close for these alerts. The closing at 8:30am should reset the timer to 0, but it doesn’t anymore, it would mistakenly always use the 8am as the start time and ignore any closes to reset the timer. Please fix this.


Most recent update is a train wreck...

I really hate it when an app gets updated, and they don’t actually post a functionality change, so thanks for updating the information on this update Unfortunately, with one step forward, we’ve taken two backwards. Rather than the normal press and hold to open the garage door, you now have to tap on it, wait for the ‘open’ dialogue to show up, then tap it again. It’s totally unnerving to add extra steps for no particular reason. Next, if I open myQGarageAccessControl , it’ll ask me for my touch/face ID, but only once. After that, it wants me to input my password—unless I force close myQGarageAccessControl , and then open it back up. More needless steps. Finally, and probably the most annoying, myQGarageAccessControl all of a sudden takes FOREVER to notify me of openings/closings—-and it’s doing it in reverse order. I drove all the way to my work (20 miles) before the close notification showed (I hadn’t noticed that there wasn’t an open notification), and then got an open notification a little over a minute later, which caused me to panic, as there was nobody else at my house to open it. I did not enjoy that. Luckily, I have a camera in the garage, so I was able to at least confirm that nobody was accessing my home...


Remote Access Very Useful

We have 2 garage door openers and a gate opener. When we first installed these about 6 months ago I was just looking for reliable equipment and thought the remote control through the AP feature was a joke. I was thinking “come on, does your garage opener really need to be hooked up to the internet “. What will they think of next - a toilet you can flush from a 1,000 miles away.
Well, was I wrong. About a month after installing this equipment I decided to get the AP going. It turns out to be a very useful feature. We travel a lot and for the last 3 months we have been doing a lot of remodeling at that house. I can’t tell you how many times I have opened the gate and garage doors for workmen from 300 miles away. Every night I can check to see if everything has been closed and locked up. The AP also alerts me if I forget to close the gate or garage doors at night. A really nice safety feature. Bottom line is that it works reliably and has turned out to be one of the most useful pieces of home automation that we have.


Old door upgrade

Had a 16 year old garage door that worked fine. Saw the MyQ at the big box store checked to see if my door door was compatible and it was.
Took my time following the instructions at all steps. The most important piece of the install is that you have strong WiFi signal in your garage. I didn’t so I had an extra WIFI extender device and I put in in the garage then I had full signal strength. Once that was completed the remainder of completing the MyQ install was about 45 minutes.
The open close log is great to see the times the door was opened and closed. By date and time. I also set up an end of day schedule to close the door each night by 10pm if it was left open. Notifications are on your phone.
Another convenient feature is you can share the door operator with friends or in my case the trash service I use to in the past had to leave the side door open or pull the cans outside in front of my door. So as they say “ you can teach and old door new tricks” 😊


Poorly designed App not reliable

I originally gave myQGarageAccessControl 4 stars but I’m down grading to 1 star since myQGarageAccessControl works maybe 25% of the time. I keep getting close error and according to the instructions, I’m supposed to hit the manual close to reset the system. OK, that worked the first time when my cleaning staff arrived. But then it happened again after they left. I’ve had this situation 3 times since it was installed 3 weeks ago. I ended up leaving the garage door open all night last night. myQGarageAccessControl said it was open but I had a close error when I tried to close it. Also had no confidence in myQGarageAccessControl since my cleaning staff confirmed they closed the door. I Figured myQGarageAccessControl was wrong and since I couldn’t open and close due to the error I left it alone. I still think something went wrong and the door opened on it’s own since the cleaning staff were adamant they closed the door. At this point, I have no confidence in the system and am seriously considering removing it altogether. Causing more pain than help.


Saved me at my Apartment!!!

Every month somebody new moves into the apartment complex and they seem to always get a garage door remote that has the same frequency as mine. I store valuables in my garage and Many times I Have returned home only to see that my garage door has opened and been like that all day long. I bought this device and it is wonderful because it tells me on my phone as soon as my garage door is opened or closed. At least three times a week my garage door will open without me being home and I have the ability to now close the garage from my phone. I have also Lost my garage remote and or the battery has died on me. This is the only way I can get into my apartment, through the garage. My apartment complex people charge a $50 fee to let me in and now I can open the garage door from my phone if my battery dies or I lose the remote. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Simply an amazing device!!!


Garage Camera Feature Doesn’t Work

For opening garage doors remotely and adding the module for my house that has an older door opener - MAGNIFICENT! I would give 5 stars. However, i added the camera to my shop with the 2 new liftmaster openers, the notifications come every 2 seconds night and day regardless of the sensitivity setting, next i will try repositioning the camera but I need the angle that covers the shop well for security. The major camera issue is trying to see the live feed when you receive the notification for movement. Forget it, the thieves will have taken everything by the time the live feed decides to show you an active image you could interact with, constant error pop-ups and the rotating circles of death while it’s thinking. I have disabled the notifications and stop trying to use it. Added note, if you can’t get the camera in live feed mode, you can’t turn off notifications! My neighbor is having a good laugh at me too... The bugs in the camera software so big you could make a science fiction movie about them. Please correct soon, I would love to update my rating and have it working, thank you.


Will not connect to network

I am a tech savvy millennial and cannot for the life of me get myQGarageAccessControl to connect the opener to my router. It’s a smaller house (1600sf) and I have full bars in the garage, but I tried bringing the router closer to the opener anyway. I tried bypassing myQGarageAccessControl and using the unsecured web page version to connect, both on my phone and laptop. I tried resetting and replugging the opener. I see my network on the list, I enter the wifi password, and then it times out because it never connects. Only help the webpage offers is “make sure you’re entering the right password!” It is a brand new router and modem that are rated for speeds much higher than what I have so that can’t be the issue. Only the 2.4Ghz networks show up on the list so I’m not inadvertently trying to connect to 5Ghz. I refuse to add an access point router to the garage just for the stupid opener. Called Chamberlain and was connected to a real person who suggested I try changing some router settings, and if that didn’t work it might need a new part. Replied to his email after it didn’t help and never got a response. Replied again and never got a response. Don’t have the energy to call again. App and customer support are useless!!


Not everything I had hoped for

Setting up the MyQ hub was easy. Setting up the home bridge for Siri support has been a nightmare. Chamberlain is trying to do the Apple approach: bundle everything you need in one place (myQGarageAccessControl ) and don’t include any documentation with the hardware that you order. So, no explanation is given on indicator lights, buttons, or setup other than, ‘download our app’. That would be great if myQGarageAccessControl actually explained everything and how to set it up. For the home bridge that simply doesn’t exist in myQGarageAccessControl and I was directed by their support staff to perform steps totally not included in myQGarageAccessControl and STILL I get hit or miss on my garage door actually reporting correctly whether it is open or closed. They are sending out a new sensor so hopefully this will correct my issues there. Oh, one more thing, when their support staff say that they will email you something, don’t believe them. I’ve had to call back twice for things they said that they would send me in email and haven’t.


The app is broken..

Every time I try to connect the MyQ device, myQGarageAccessControl keeps wanting to create a network using MyQ then because the network IS NOT MyQ but the network here is MY Network. myQGarageAccessControl keeps disconnecting my iPhone from my home network so it cannot link to the internet which is the ONLY network available here. There is NO cellular service so this phone ONLY works when connected to my network. I could not be connected to myQGarageAccessControl Store without my network. Your app needs to be fixed.

Update: apparently myQGarageAccessControl and its setup components cannot be used when the business is closed, ie. “after their business hours”. This morning everything worked. The only difference was the time of day that I tried to set this system up. Read above for my opinions of late night installs. It was like their network was down because nothing worked. Today, everything worked perfectly. I have Gigabit Fiber so it was not my network, and never was.


The old app worked more reliably but this one has more features

I’ve been using myQGarageAccessControl for a couple of years and found the previous version of myQGarageAccessControl easier to get to and open the door from than the current version. I like the ability to set notifications. But they are less reliable than the last version. Sometimes I don’t get door open or door close or either one and that’s sitting in the driveway. There is one improvement I’d like to see in notifications and that is beam broken when the door is left open. Sometimes I might be in my backyard working and leave the door open and would be nice to know if something has entered the garage. I wouldn’t expect it to be a full burglar alarm since it would be so easily defeated but sometimes the simpler things are missed by criminals. It would also be nice to have the notification for door open fire every 30 min when it’s left open. Sometimes you miss the first one or it doesn’t make it to your phone. This is a good app and I’d like to see it get better.


Better than an old garage door opener and more secure

We originally got this because the old garage door opener in our vehicles were not working any longer. I tried switching out batteries and just could not get them to work. So we went to Menards and I saw this on the shelf. If we had gotten the old garage door opener‘s because we have four people living in the house, it would’ve cost over $100. So this was definitely a smarter way to go. But the biggest feature I love of this is I feel it’s more safe and secure. Before Christmas there were a lot of break-ins in our neighborhood. And I worried about them getting into our cars and opening our garage door with the old garage door opener. Now that we have this I feel a lot more secure and I don’t have to worry about to my breaking into my car and opening the garage door and get into the house


2 garage doors

For most people this is a great app—lots of 5 star reviews. However, for someone with multiple garage doors there is a huge flaw—you have to enter the password and user name whenever you drive up to the second (or more) garage door. That can be a problem for two types of people: Someone with 2 doors at the same house who wants to open one (or the other) depending on which car he (or she) is driving. OR Someone who has a garage door at home and one at work. The one at work may have multiple users.

It would be so simple for the software authors to add the ability to store different accounts (multiple, for example, for someone who has doors on many rental properties that he needs to get in to). But myQGarageAccessControl is crippled so that it can’t do that.

In the old system, there were three different apps that you could use for different doors. No more—two of them have died, never to be resurrected. Under that system I could put door “A” on Merlin, door “B” on Chamberlain, and door “C” on Liftmaster. No more. Darn. Please guys, you haven’t listened as I’ve talked about this with you on the phone, but please supply a workaround.


Well thought out app

myQGarageAccessControl is well thought out and easy to use and best of all they offer a feature where if the garage is open for more than a (user specified period of time) it will send an email and give an app notification. Also when the MyQ hub opens or closes it makes an audible alarm in the garage with a flashing light to notify anyone in or around that the garage door is about be in motion.

Con, there were several issues using myQGarageAccessControl to set up the hub but after being on hold for a little while during the week, a call to tech support quickly got it up and running using a web interface. After myQGarageAccessControl and hub worked great. Really easy to set up with some phone help. I’ve set up Nest thermostats and other smart devices too. This is a good product and a good app.


Was great in the past

I’ve used myQGarageAccessControl for over a year and have been very happy with its design and reliability. Unfortunately, there are several issues with the recent redesign of the interface. First, the status takes forever to refresh, where it used to be very quick. Second, it takes much more time after a command is issue for it to take place. Lastly, it now takes two clicks to open or close, where it used to take one. So, in the past, I would close the door, come back few minutes later, open myQGarageAccessControl , and the status would immediately say that it is closed for the last x minutes. I would choose open, and it would open. Now, when I return, it says opening for x minutes. After about 30 seconds, it will refresh to closed for x minutes. Then, after I click twice, it will open about 10 seconds later. Please change it back to the way it has been for the last year!!!


Laggy, unreliable & frustrating.

I continue to use myQGarageAccessControl only because it’s the only option. If there was an alternative, I’d use it. I regularly swear at myQGarageAccessControl- nearly every morning as I’m waiting for it to load on my phone or Apple Watch, sitting in my driveway. Yes, I know- i should be grateful that technology exists that allows me to open and monitor my garage door from an app on my phone or watch. If it worked with the simplicity of a garage door opener, I’d agree. When was the last time you waited for your garage door opener to appear and then waited for it to find the door and then waited again for it to do its job? Garage door openers are simple minded creatures and I wish myQGarageAccessControl was as singular in its approach to the job. It seems to lose track of the goal- to open my door- and gets lost in thought- like a teenager staring at homework while IM’ing friends. Just do your job and I’ll be happy. Maybe you’d even get a passing grade.


Great idea but doesn’t work consistently

As an idea, I love myQGarageAccessControl. I always forget if I closed my garage door (even though I have never left it open), so myQGarageAccessControl is a lifesaver. It also is great when I’m driving a different car and haven’t programmed my homelink. However, that’s where it falls short. If you open the garage door with myQGarageAccessControl , and then go to close it a few minutes later by clicking close on the door in myQGarageAccessControl , it just sits there and thinks. Forever. You have to force close myQGarageAccessControl and then when you open it the second time, it works. I thought this was a background app refresh issue, but there is no option to have the MyQ app refresh in the background. If this problem were fixed I’d give myQGarageAccessControl 5 stars. For the time being it’s only good to check and see if the door is open or closed. I was hoping with this new MyQ app the issue would be fixed, but no such luck.

noel   3 months ago

So, I still cannot get my camera to connect using the app on iphone 12. When you check the four boxes and hit "ready" the app crashes. I have contacted support and they keep trying different things (to include sending new cameras) but alas it just won't work. I've tried using another phone, an Ipad, a fire tablet, to no success. I have tried everything I could find on the Internet and still no luck. I will give support credit for at least trying something but is their "team" just not capable of figuring this out? Very, very, very frustrating.

Is myQ Garage Access Control Safe?

No. myQ Garage & Access Control does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,525,929 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for myQ Garage Access Control Is 16.6/100.

Is myQ Garage Access Control Legit?

No. myQ Garage & Access Control does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,525,929 myQ Garage & Access Control User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for myQ Garage Access Control Is 55.2/100..

Is myQ Garage & Access Control not working?

myQ Garage & Access Control works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Duration Amount (USD)
Billed Once $60.00
Monthly Subscription $50.00

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