SimpliSafe Home Security App Reviews

SimpliSafe Home Security App Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

The SimpliSafe Home Security iPhone and iPad app lets you control your
SimpliSafe security system from anywhere in the world. Arm and disarm the
system, set instant notifications and keep track of everything in an up to the
minute timeline. You can even watch and capture live video if y...

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SimpliSafe Home Security App Reviews

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    Peace of Mind at 800 Miles and Under My Control

    Read my success story below, but why only 4 stars? After each power outage both cameras would be inactive. My house watcher had to go and cycle power to get them to work again. This needs to be fixed. I had one camera viewing the central area inside, and another set on a window sill watching the three feet of snow in the yard! Last year we bought a winter home in the desert. I was very concerned about leaving our northern home totally unprotected. I had a company install a system in another home seven years ago, and it worked perfectly, but it was all hard-wired and expensive. Searched this time for wireless systems, and found SimpliSafe. Having experience with the other system, I realized SimpliSafe checked all the important boxes like dual WiFi/cellular, safe from physical destruction, etc. Look at all those features carefully. And the sensors! Just what I needed to leave a house in very cold winter conditions. Water leak sensors for broken pipes. Temperature sensor to confirm the heating was working. Glass break sensors. Perfect! I installed it and had great peace of mind from 800 miles away for the seven months we were gone. Only one alarm, when a double-hung window popped open on it's own. They called me, the house was checked. Easily installed and set up. What a great system. We are now moving to the desert. I can easily remove the system and take it with us!

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    Easy to Install and Works good.

    I installed the system last week. It was very easy to install if you follow the instructions. I did call customer support for a couple of questions to help finish the installation and make sure I had it correct. I was VERY impress with the willingness and knowledge she had. What great customer service! I have had no issues with the APP so far. We use the IPhone X and it works fine. I see in other post people have issues with the APP. We have door and window sensors, 2 motion detectors, 3 smoke alarms, the Base, two keypads (up and down), and two panic alarms. All working good and all verified by customer service. We are using the deluxe call back service for $25/ month and we entered the SimpliSafe phone number into each phone so we can tell it is SimpliSafe that is calling, Because it is an 800#. The only negative feedback I can give is the Doorbell alarm has such a delay with video and voice communication that it is not very useful in real time. If I say “who is at the door” it takes 10-20 seconds to see or here on your phone. My WiFi is 100 mps. It is not the WiFi at issue. So this needs improvement and is why I give 4 Stars and not 5 stars. I say to SimpliSafe, if you do fix this one issue, I will give you 5 Stars. I will report back later if I have any issue, but as of today All is good with the entire system. (Except the doorbell communication delay)

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    Good start

    System works very well. Everything it does, it does it well, reliably and easy. There is a very short delay in arming and disarming the system from the phone, never have issues changing device settings and works fast. One big improvement for me would be an improved camera viewing system. The timeline is nice, but it would be nice to be able to search for specific events and days. It would also be good to be able to view the camera footage from multiple events at the same time, so if I am skimming through looking for something in particular, but wasn’t necessarily an alarm trigger, I can go through and find it. I would also like to have a “Night” mode for arming. Currently, I actually use my “Home” mode when I am away, because we have a big dog and I have certain motion sensors turn off when she is home alone. It just so happens that the same sensors are active when we sleep as when we are gone and our dog is with us. It does get a bit confusing though arming “home” when nobody is there. So adding more modes, or even customized modes, would be a useful ability. Overall, 4 stars, but improve the camera viewing and add in a Night mode and I’d be happy with that as is, and 5 stars be coming from me! :)

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    Exceptional security system and app

    I installed a Simplisafe system over one year ago and couldn’t be happier. Not one false alarm. Testing the system generates a fast phone call from the monitoring center confirming the test signal. I feel safer at night and when away comfortable knowing that my home is protected. The system has been trouble free and interactive monitoring is very reasonably priced. The app has been flawless. Initial installation went well with 2 exceptions. The base station had intermittent connection using T Mobile sim card. I was sent a Verizon sim card/circuit board which took just a few minutes to install...and that solved that issue. I also was advised to relocate the base station as it was not consistently receiving signals from all modules...and that solved that problem. Tech support, once you get a person, has been very helpful. Update: Just upgraded to the new system and couldn’t be happier. Setup and sensor installation was simple, activating and switching to new from old was seamless and a test signal was responded to immediately with both a text message and a call from monitoring. I appreciate having both cell and WiFi connections. Great job Simplisafe! Additionally i find the app to be very useful, responsive and stable.

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    Switched to SimpliSafe

    I switched my outdated equipment and overpriced monitoring from a competitor recently after I discovered that I was not actually being monitored by accident. Thankfully it was not a true emergency. My system had been down for at least two months and when I tried to resolve the issue it was like dealing with the cable and cell phone companies. I was a super platinum customer so they wanted to rebuild the entire system and upgrade my bill in order to make me happy. I had heard SimpliSafe commercials and thought it was time to check on the new guy in the market. The equipment prices were super, customer service was friendly and knowledgeable, set up was easier than removing the competitors system, and I have more features at a lower price. I now have the most advanced monitoring capabilities and features like a doorbell camera for $11 less than the competition monthly. The back-up and redundancy systems used by SimpliSafe assure users that the system is working properly at all times. In the event of failure I will be notified immediately. Also, SimpliSafe runs system analysis once a week to assure that the individual sensors are working properly.

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    App is difficult to use if you have it on more than one device

    I love SimpliSafe, had it for years. I recently got the camera doorbell and indoor security camera. It’s pretty good, but could be better. It is especially frustrating that you can’t stay logged in on multiple devices to view the live video stream. I have two devices I use it on and my mom has one, so that is 3 total and we’re continually kicking each other off. How it seems to work is when you log on on one device it logs off the previous device. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or supposed to work like that because there does seem to be some variation.... but whatever it is it’s very frustrating. So say, I’m using my phone and someone rings the doorbell, but I was last logged in on my iPad, it sends the notification to my phone (which is good) but when I open the app I have to type the email and password in before I can see who’s at the door. I’d like to add the app can be quite slow while doing this so the person at the door may have given up and walked away before I even get logged on to see who it is. I hope someone reads this and can fix this. Other than that I love SimpliSafe in general, just the app could be a bit better (and faster).

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    User Friendly, Professional Security

    We bought our system years ago and it has always worked as described. Even though there is a new update, the original works incredibly well. When our first child was born, we relocated out of state taking our system and adding any additional components to adjust to our new home. It’s was so easy to expand and setup. I was surprised at how quickly the SimpliSafe staff responded to test signals and false alarms. They were always courteous and professional confirming that our system was monitoring and working well. The cameras are inexpensive and feature high DEF qualities so we can always see what’s going on at home or away. Before hooking our system up, we had some shady characters knocking on our door. When they saw me at the window I felt obligated to open the door. With our cameras up, I no longer need to open the door or look out the window. We feel extra safe being closer to a busier street. But with all the monitoring and sensors we know that we will be alerted if anything happens whether it be flooding, glass breaking, gas leaks or anything breaching our safety.

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    If I could give zero stars, I would.

    I tried talking to someone in sales because no one is picking up the phone in customer service/tech support. The second time I called, the tech went silent and didnt come back on the line. We just got our new system and set it up but we are not able to log in to our account on either the app or the website. We keep getting "Unexpected Error." We already tried using different browsers, clearing the cache, and resetting the base station. I turned the wifi off on the base station and now it is not connected to the monitoring station. This tells me something is wrong with the cellular network. The tech support agent said the sim card was not fully activated but it still didn't fix the issue. This all occurred last Friday. After numerous emails, I was finally contacted by tech support around noon in which I advised them to call me at 5pm due to being at work. They didn’t call me back at 5, they called at 4 and left no call back number. I was still working. I called support again (6th time since getting my system) waited for 45 mins and was told that the issue is with the app and that their engineers are working on it. Why not provide an announcement regarding the app and website issues if it’s know. Why do I have to call 6 times. This is ridiculous. This has been the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

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    Repeat Customer

    It's hard to summarize just how good this system is. I was initially attracted to the low cost / no contact model, but I've learned to appreciate that this is a very sophisticated system with multiple layers of protection. If you have even the slightest amount of energy and aptitude, you can install even the largest system in under a half day. Based on a very positive experience in my vacation home, I installed this in my primary residence. The app is designed so that you can see and monitor multiple properties using the same login ID. Not every vendor has the vision to design their app this way! My only quibble has been with the doorbell. It's not bad, but it's not especially good either. Nighttime vision isn't very good in my application (landscape lighting seems to mess it up), and while a wedge is included to adjust the up/down angle, there isn't any way to adjust side to side angle. As a result, my camera catches a brick wall to the side of the camera so that a third of the frame is useless. But this is the only device I've been disappointed in, and I believe I own every device they make!

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    New user

    We are still in the process of deciding if we want to leave CPI and switch over. So far the setup for SimpliSafe was a breeze. It is annoying that you can’t have multiple users on one account, and that you get kicked off of being logged in, if another user logs in. I do understand the security aspect of allowing multiple users per account, however that is one option we do enjoy with CPI. My wife can access with her login and info and I can have my own. I was mislead regarding the monthly pricing when I signed up. The promo was 1 month free trial and $14/month after. That does NOT include access on the app, it does NOT include 30 day recording for the “free” camera that was included in the package we purchased, and it would NOT include the 1 month free trial. If we want key fobs, those have to be purchased separately, along with the smoke detector and carbon monoxide monitoring devices (which I was told today are on back order) Overall I am a little disappointed but am still giving SimpliSafe a Chance. There is a 60 day money back guarantee, or a 120 day but that money is refunded to you via a paper check once they received all material back.

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    13 entry sensors, 1 glass breaking sensor, 2 motions detectors, 1 panic button, 1 audio alarm, 1 video camera and 1 control pad. All installed in about 2 hours. The tricky part for me was trying to find to little button to activate the sensor. It’s was hard to see as it blends in so well. After a couple weeks of usage, I decided to buy a second control pad and a new video door bell. I love this product. From the packaging to the customer service and tech support. They are always so helpful and personable on the phone. The tech support crew is very helpful and knowledgeable. The non long term contract is a great feature. We had a potential faulty panic button which one night started the process of sending the cops. The SimpliSafe monitoring staff contacted us, and quickly we (they) informed the cops of a possible false alarm. I spoke with their tech support, and they sent me a new panic button and an RGA to send back the faulty one at no change. I am so pleased and satisfied with this company and product. It’s simple and your safe.

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    Bought the system and it took way too long to arrive. Part of it was on backorder as well. Set the system up spending about 3 hours as I had 20 contact sensors so it took a while. Directions were pretty straight forward. However upon completion I installed the app and was immediately shut out of my account. I could not sign in online or on the app. I could not monitor anything. I called SimpliSafe and spent 1:45 on one call. The next day I spent 1:30 with a supervisor. She said she would get back with me in 2 days with a solution. 3 days passed and they did not call me back (as was the plan). I called them, held for 22 minutes and was told “they were working on it”. They had no idea how long it would take to fix the issue as they had yet to determine what was causing the problem. At that point I decided a security company that was the inept had no business monitoring my belongings. Therefore I had to spend another hour removing and repackaging all the equipment and returned the entire system to Simplisafe. Now a week later the back ordered item showed up so now I have to call them again (and wait on hold) to return the back ordered item that should have never been shipped. I estimate I have over 10 hours invested in this and have zero to show for it. Buyer Beware!

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    Not intuitive and confusing phone numbers.

    This app isn’t really easy to get around. Where you think things will be- they are not there! Also the number listed for tech support doesn’t work! Even this is confusing. I emailed them and told them that the number for tech-support as listed on the app is incorrect and doesn’t work. They disregarded what I was telling them and said that the number was different on the app. Per their direction, I made sure that my app was updated and I logged in and logged out, made sure that my app was updated again a second time, and logged in and log back out again. Nope. Still not the right number to contact them. The only other number offered in the app is the number to call monitoring. On a sidenote, I emailed them and told them I was moving and they said that they would send me more Command strips for my system and they sent me six! LOL that doesn’t quite cut it, but thanks. They also don’t have an outdoor camera but I offered to send me a weatherproof case for $100 in addition to the $100 camera cost. Also I moved from Arizona to Northern California and my base station wouldn’t work here. They are going to send me a work around. We’ll see what happens with that.

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    Easy self install

    I ordered a custom Simplisafe system when it was on sale and got a great price. I installed the system myself, rather quickly. I had one issue during install and called the 800 number for assistance. I had a short wait time and the customer service rep talked me through my set up issue and got it resolved quickly. During our 3 day test cycle, we did have to move our motion detector three times due to alarming on Away mode. We have 2 small dogs, 11 and 13 pounds, and they set it off. We had to use the advice for 30 pound dogs and above and it resolved the motion sensor alarm issue. We got a free indoor camera during the sale period and it’s picture/video is crystal clear. We have it in an inconspicuous space and it will take video inside the house when alarm is set or if it alarms. I can also check on the house when we are away through the phone app! So easy to use. My only wish would be to have the ability to erase the videos from the phone app myself and not have to wait 30 days. Maybe that will be added at a later date. We are very happy with our system.

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    So far so good

    Just invested in SimpliSafe about a week ago. So far, everything is great. The app itself runs smoothly (on iPhone X) and I can arm/disarm my system remotely, check my cameras, and get text notifications when my tenants arm the system. The app UI can of course improve, it looks like the developers are a bit confused of what they want to do with it. The Dashboard could have more information and the Timeline could use a revamp in appearance. But the important thing is everything is functional and I haven't had a hiccup yet (knock on wood). **Make sure if you're new to SS to go through all the App settings right away, there was a ton of settings I changed that SS didn't really mention in setup. That's the only thing I'd recommend for SS - the set up is easy and painless but maybe include a tutorial overview of the system/settings (perhaps a link on the setup manual that comes in the box). I also called in to customer support and spoke to a live agent fairly quickly - the gentleman was very helpful.

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Is SimpliSafe Home Security App Safe?

No. SimpliSafe Home Security App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 210,488 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SimpliSafe Home Security App Is 19.3/100.

Is SimpliSafe Home Security App Legit?

No. SimpliSafe Home Security App does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 210,488 SimpliSafe Home Security App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SimpliSafe Home Security App Is 19.3/100.

Is SimpliSafe Home Security App not working?

SimpliSafe Home Security App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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