Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes Reviews

Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-10

When searching for a new home, the more you know about the home and
neighborhood, the more you know it’s right. Trulia helps you discover the
perfect home AND neighborhood for your lifestyle to buy or rent. Get a genuine
feel of what it’s like to live there before you buy with 34 neighbo...

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Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes Reviews

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    OK, but some annoying glitches

    I get email alerts of properties that may interest me, and downloaded this app thinking it would be easier to view them on my iPhone than opening in my browser. It’s not really. The email links now open only in the app, no choice. When I go through an email I may click on several properties so I can then delete the email. The properties stack up in the app, and there appears to be no choice but to see them in that order. To see the next property I must close the one I’m looking at, and can’t go back unless I favorite it. I don’t want all those favorites, just an ability to move between three or four properties. There also seems to be no way to get a link to send without starting a false text and then copying the link. Even starting a false email does not give a copyable link. Yes, I can send a direct email to someone through the app, but that is usually not what I want to do. I want a link I can paste into an email or text I am writing outside the app. If there are solutions to these issues they are ones I have not been able to find in way too much time spent looking, which reflects on the usability of the app. These issues are annoying enough that I am going back to using my browser, and since there’s no choice where things open that means deleting the app entirely.

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    I like it and I don't

    Like I'm sure others have said, you c ant clear recommended, and sometimes the recommendations are no where near what you're interested in, or can even afford (as much as I'd like to be able to afford a quarter million dollar home, throwing it in my face doesn't help :)). Another issue I have is the FEED. It started out being a good thing. But now, houses I've no interest in (maybe saved them at one point but are no longer) pop on and off the market DAILY, and fill the entire feed. There has to be away to report listings that are constantly on and off the market (possible fake listings) or at least remove them permanently. I don't want to see the same two houses 24 times on my feed jumping on and off he market. However, the positives are that typically I find more houses on this app than I do others. I call them "Hidden" listings, because living in a woodsy and farmsy Midwestern state, a lot of listings in these areas don't get listed on other apps, from what I can tell at least. With the last update I thought it was easier to "unsave" listings, but with them popping up a hundred times in my feed, I'm not so sure it worked haha. I still use the app, just think it could be better. N

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    App/Listings don’t follow filters

    I used to really enjoy using Trulia. The interface was cleaner and more user friendly than some of the other apps (layout, ability to swipe through pictures). However, I’m assuming to some changes, searching for properties that fit my specifications has become annoying and cumbersome: 1) Lot size is very important to me but I can’t sort my search results by lot size. 2) I’m not interested in condos, apartments, lots/land, or auctions but those properties frequently show up in my results, no matter what filters I apply to my search. This wouldn’t have been a problem in the past, however 3) there is no longer an option to hide properties that I don’t care for. This was always a great option to have because I know that there are some properties that I won’t change my mind on, however I have to see them and scroll past a ton of them without the option to hide. I used to love what Trulia does, now I just get so frustrated with the fact that it’s not allowing a personalized search that I’m going to have to delete it.

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    Too engrossing!

    Since I’ve downloaded this app, initially looking for coastal retirement home in an area of the country I’m not terribly familiar with, I’ve lost days and days of my time. I open the app, I begin searching, and the next thing I know 10 hours have gone by and I want to keep looking! Searching for a home, naturally, takes a lot of time. But this app has allowed me to become so familiar with home trends in places I never thought to look that I’ve expanded my search to pretty much the entire country. I’ve tried other real estate listing searches and none of them compare to the information this app brings to my searching finger tips, on a whim. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 is because it does not allow my search to expand outside the USA. I mean if I’m looking for a coastal home, why wouldn’t I also consider the Caribbean, Mexico, South America? Why doesn’t Trulia provide those listings? Get to work folks!

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    Trulia the truth

    The option of circling the area you want covered to narrow your search is one of the best options granted on the trulia app. That gives you exactly how far where your search is from where you currently are. The mortgage and tax history is laid out for you and most of the properties has a good amount of pictures to help narrow your search. After you circle your scrub area you can choose from map by clicking the green price tag on the map or what I like to do is switch to the map view and scroll through the listings that way. All in all for house hunting and I’m sure for apartment hunting just the same Trulia helps you get the job done. Now idk if Trulia excludes certain listings or provides some that other apps don’t have, that might be based on bank and realtor agreements with the app itself but like I said this app to me is a wave. Easy and convenient. Helpful app so go and cop that you heard! Happy hunting.

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    Wonderful App

    I use this app on the daily to look at houses and have used this app to move into a home before. I like that it asks residents their opinions on the area they live in as well as information on parking, how festive the neighborhood is, etc., and that it shows the crime rate in the area of a particular house. It answers most of the questions you have for a realtor before your actual appointment with them! Well thought out and easy to navigate! The only problem I have with this app is with the houses I have saved that are no longer available or off market. I can’t remove them from my saved list. I have tried over and over but I can’t get the houses to fall off of my saved list which is irritating because then my saved houses that are currently available get buried under houses that haven’t been available for months. Other than that, I love the app!

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    Trulia? More like bestia!!❤️😁

    This app is amazing! Honestly, it has helped me find houses so many times it saved my time!. So if you’re looking for a house I definitely recommend Trulia! It’s an awesome app where you can choose you’re prices for houses and you’re location of course, I feel like Trulia doesn’t need anything extra, it’s even the most recent app I use although I’m addicted to snapchat😂🤫| ANYWAY, if you’re looking for a house that’s amazing, family house, fun, cheap and your choice, just make it easy and download Trulia now!! I hope my review helped you to make a better choice on downloading Trulia! Thank you very much!🙏💛

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    Useful app

    It’s useful and easier to navigate compared to other apps. The listings go up a bit later but if you aren’t looking in a super hot zone where days matter, it’s a pretty good app. There needs to be a cancel for request information and the DTI meter I think is backwards too. There definitely need to be some fixes but like I said, it’s easier to navigate. Also, foreclosures, more are listed on this app than the other apps I use, and they more often than not, they pan out to still be up for sale. I actually type the addresses into Zillow, as they sometimes provide pictures inside. Trulia provides a street view always so you can get a rough feeling on how the neighborhood is and if the house needs a lot of TLC on the outside or not. Trulia’s maps of disaster, crime and what not are extremely useful and accurate thus far. It has its flaws but it also provides some aspects other apps don’t.

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    Decent app, one major flaw

    I like this app because it has a lot of options, especially viewing neighborhood data like schools and crime etc... However there is a huge problem of moron jerk faces posting “lot” or “land” that “would be great to build on” and crap like that on home listings. Additionally when builders list “not yet built” but list “plans and a lot”. This is so frustrating and these listings should be pulled. They should have their own section for people who actually are interested in that. This app would be 5 miles ahead of all other platforms if they would add the ability to “report” those listings, to be pulled so that everyone doesn’t have their time wasted by lying manipulative jerks. Perhaps if a certain user gets 3 or more flags in a given time they should have their account suspended. This is an ongoing problem lately and I’m sure I’m not the only prospective buyer getting mad about this.

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    Updates are bad

    A lot of changes were made to the app in the most recent update that weren’t that great. I regret applying the update to the point I don’t even want to use the app anymore. When I search for a specific address now I get a map boundary of the area the house could be. It’s like a game which green oval on the map is the house I was looking for. Before I could search an address and it would pull up the exact listing. The history of what you have viewed is gone. Previously you could click on a house it would turn grey and remain grey even after closing the app and reopening it. Now the app only maintains that history until it’s closed. I used this feature every time I used the app. It was helpful in knowing that anything green was new. Now I have to click through everything looking at 100 houses I’ve already looked at. The amount of detail for each listing is gone. Before you could tell the exact type of heat and air conditioning a house had, central, forced air, radiant, etc. now I get a yes or a no whether the house has heat or ac. Along with this you have two categories cooling system and air conditioning, what’s the difference? Cooling system is always yes whether a house has central air or not from what I’ve seen. Cooling system can be yes and air conditioning can be no, it doesn’t make sense.

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    Looking for a home is always a struggle and it only gets harder when you have pets. Being able to specify more on what your looking for would be really helpful. I am constantly waisting time on homes that wont accept my pet due to size or breed. Im unsure why the renters are able to specify small or large dogs but as someone looking for a home i only get the dog or cat option. We should be able to filter more options or maybe a more advanced profile where i can put in who would live in the household, what breed and size pets i have as well as the types of homes and areas im looking for... Theres alot of areas in our city i would t want to live and it would be nice to be able to highlight areas your interest in or uninterested in. That way you only see properties that match what your looking for.

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    Notification Spam

    The app overall is of a pretty good quality. But ultimately, I had to uninstall it. It sends me too too many notifications. Trulia Prosuct team calls these “alerts”. I even gave it a second chance, and bothered to try and reduce the notification spam by toggling settings/preferences. But, that wasn’t enough. The app continued to show a notification indicator with 18 new notifications the next day, even after I had adjusted settings and cleared the existing “alerts”. I don’t know how to make that stop, and I don’t have all day to figure it out. Completely ceasing my engagement with the product and brand was a much easier option. Maybe I will engage again someday? But for now, I’m all about that Zillow and Redfin lifestyle.

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    Inaccurate and out of date

    Do not waste your time on this app if you are seriously looking for a home. This app is always late to post new listings or update existing listings. I am constantly getting notifications for new listings from other home apps and then I get them from Trulia like weeks later. My notifications are set up correctly on Trulia too so this isn’t user error. My husband and I put an offer on a home in the first week of January and it was pending several days later. I JUST got the notification from Trulia this morning saying the home was pending and we are closing on the home tomorrow. Redfin had that weeks ago. That’s almost a month late, Trulia. The only reason I still have this app is for the heat map that shows the crime reports. That’s super helpful and the only reason it got two stars.

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    Stop hijacking my search with begging

    I’m in the middle of a search. I’m looking at a house. Suddenly! As if on cue! The app whisks me out of my view screen and asks, “do you like Trulia?” Uh, no, no I don’t! And if you click YES it sends you to the iTunes Store to leave a review. If you click NO it shunts you into a feedback form to force communication with their developers. If you take me out of my flow to demand feedback, I will give it to you. And you won’t like it. I don’t like the Trulia app. I hate it for its inappropriately-timed begging for feedback. I dislike the fact that you can’t clear or escape the Recommended properties. I think the crime view is fairly inaccurate based on downplaying crime wherever you’re searching, but I could be wrong about this aspect. Aren’t you glad you pushed me to leave feedback, Trulia?

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    Error with Feed tab

    The app had been working great, now all of a sudden I keep getting message that says, “please check your internet connection and try again,” in the Feed tab. I can still search, but that’s all. My internet is working just fine and I’m not having problems with any of my other apps that use internet. I’ve tried swiping down to refresh as suggested, but still not working. It’s been like this for about the last 8 hours. I’ve also rebooted my iPad to see if that was the problem and same error message. Please fix!

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Is Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes Safe?

Yes. Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,099,148 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes Is 28.9/100.

Is Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes Legit?

Yes. Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,099,148 Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes Is 28.9/100.

Is Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes not working?

Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Trulia Real Estate: Find Homes.

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